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Check out the Sziget 2014 map!

Sziget 2014 map

The Sziget 2014 map can be checked out below, courtesy of the guys at Fesztivalok Varosa, which have in turn received it from one of their readers. Click the image of the Sziget 2014 map to see the whole thing in full! Thanks go to SkaPanda!   If you want to book a hotel for your  [ Read More ]

Sziget getting back deserved popularity

Sziget Festival 2014

With less than a month until Sziget 2014, some very good news are coming from the organizers. According to an article quoting Sziget main man Karoly Gerendai, this year’s island extravaganza has a serious chance of setting new attendance records, after last year’s disappointing turnout. 362.000 people were at Szigte last year, but this year  [ Read More ]

Puncke at Sziget 2014


Croatian band Puncke is the latest addition to the Sziget 2014 lineup. Puncke have self-confirmed their presence at Sziget 2014 for August 11 on their official Facebook page. They are a Croatian all-girl indie band and they’ve opened for Queens of the Stone Age. (thanks go to apis!)  

Sziget City Pass 2014 details revealed in video

sziget city pass

The Sziget City Pass is back for Sziget 2014 and a video has been posted on the official channle, in order to explain what you can get with it. Namely, among the perks are:  Free public transport within Budapest city limits Free and discounted spa entrance: one entry is free, then you get a 20% discount  [ Read More ]

Punnany Massif and Mary PopKids at Sziget 2014

Punnany Massif

Punnany Massif and Mary PopKids, two Hungarian acts some of you have surely heard of, are the latest additions to the Sziget 2014 lineup. According to their official website, Punnany Massif will be playing Sziget 2014 on August 16, at 17:45. They will be playing the Main Stage. As for Mary PopKids, they will also  [ Read More ]

Vote in the Sziget 2014 lineup poll right now!

sziget 2014 lineup pol

The Sziget 2014 lineup poll is here! Like we do around this time every year, we’re starting a Sziget 2014 lineup poll, where you can vote and check everyone else’s opinion about the lineup of everyone’s favorite festival. And just like every year, the poll, which starts right now, will be available to vote in  [ Read More ]

Official: Korn and NOFX


Korn and NOFX are the announced names for today, so we were all right. If you remember, john doe has hinted NOFX and Korn has appeared last night on VKontakte. As far as dates go, the official site lists Korn for August 15 and NOFX for August 17. Also announced are The BossHoss and Angel  [ Read More ]

Korn @ Sziget 2014?


Korn is the latest addition to the Sziget 2014 lineup, if we are to believe what Sziget Russia says. According to the Sziget Russia page on Russian social network VKontakte, Korn will be playing Sziget 2014. The page has posted Korn’s video for the song “Never Ever”, saying that, while it may be hard to  [ Read More ]

Heavy names and schedule tomorrow

sziget 2014

According to a post on the official Facebook page, two names with heavy guitars are coming tomorrow. john doe seems to suggest one of them is NOFX, but you can join in on the speculation here in the comments. The same post says that the detailed schedule is also coming tomorrow. Good news all the way!

Stromae sends message to Sziget fans


Stromae has sent a video message to Sziget fans via the official Sziget YouTube channel. It is a short video message, which you can check out below.

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