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Sziget 2015 tickets on sale November 3

Sziget 2015 tickets

Sziget 2015 tickets go on sale November 3, if you like surprises and you don’t even need to know who’s playing, you’ll be able to get them. As far as prices go, they will depend, as always, on whether you want a 5 or 7 day pass. This year, the 5 day pass costs 189  [ Read More ]

Full Sziget 2014 Placebo show video


The full Sziget 2014 Placebo concert has been posted on the official account, so you can remember the great days of the summer, now that the cold weather is more and more present in Europe. Placebo have played a show of almost an hour and a half, including some of their most important tracks in  [ Read More ]

Bastille live at Sziget 2014 – full show


The full Bastille show at Sziget 2014 is now available to watch online. Thanks to the Sziget organizers, you can check out Bastille’s performance at this year’s festival in full. Whether you’ve missed them, weren’t able to get to Sziget, or you just want to remember how good it was, you can do so by  [ Read More ]

Sziget 2014 video playlist

Sziget 2014 video

A cool Sziget 2014 video playlist, filmed by our friend apis, can be viewed below. He has videos from a lot of the important acts at Sziget 2014, so you can remember the fantastic days on the island. Among the artists in it are: Queens of the Stone Age Korn Fink Deadmau5 Manic Street Preachers  [ Read More ]

Cool Sziget 2014 aftermovie from MINE TV

Sziget 2014 aftermovie

A cool Sziget 2014 aftermovie has been created by the folks at MINE TV. It includes images from the island (maybe you can see yourself on there), as well as from some of the performances. Among the artists you can see in it are deadmau5 and Skrillex. If we’ve captured your interest, you can check  [ Read More ]

Sziget 2015 date announced, so long Sziget 2014

Sziget 2015 date

The Sziget 2015 date has been announced, just as this huge party that was Sziget 2014 is over. According to a picture posted on the Sziget Festival Official Facebook account, the Sziget 2015 date will be August 10-17. So, if you have confidence that things will be just as good as this year, start booking  [ Read More ]

Sziget 2014 live streaming August 17: Triggerfinger & more!

Sziget 2014 live streaming august 17

The Sziget 2014 live streaming continues on the last day of the festival, too. For those missing all the fun at Sziget 2014, a few performances will be streamed today, too. However, you can’t stream the party that happens on the last night… Anyway, you can watch the performances Sziget 2014 live streaming here, on  [ Read More ]

Sziget 2014 live video schedule August 16

Sziget 2014 live video schedule

The Sziget 2014 live video schedule for August 16 includes, among others, Madness, a name that has graced the Sziget stage a few times. Here’s the full schedule of the acts you can watch on August 16, here. Channel 1 17:45 – 19:00 – Punnany Massif 19:00 – 19:20 – Color Party 19:30 – 21:00  [ Read More ]

Sziget 2014 video broadcast

The Sziget 2014 video broadcast continues today, with lots of great names on the menu. Remember that, even if you can’t be at the festival this year, a Sziget 2014 video broadcast is available for a lot of the acts, throughout the festival. Two channels, with different schedules, are available. So, let’s check out what’s  [ Read More ]

Sziget 2014 live video August 14: Lily Allen & more

Sziget 2014 live video

The Sziget 2014 live video streaming continues for those at home on August 14, too. Here’s what you can take a look at today, while trying to take in as much of the Sziget mood as you can. Remember that the video streams are broadcast on two channels and you can find them here. Without  [ Read More ]

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