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30 Seconds to Mars to replace Amy Winehouse at Sziget 2011?

UPDATE: Some more good (or bad) news, depending on the way you see it. 🙂 Our friend Island was at VOLT and, according to him, Jared Leto’s exact words were

I have a surprise for you. We’ll be back. Don’t tell anyone but we’ll be headlining Sziget Festival later this year!

This is a speculation that, if confirmed, will make a lot of people happy. And it will also annoy a lot of people, since 30 Seconds To Mars do seem to generate mixed reactions…

Our friend festivalfreak tells us that 30STM lead singer Jared Leto said at VOLT Festival (a Festival that has the same organizers as Sziget) something like

we´re coming back this year and we´ll be headliners!

Now, that could easily mean that they will replace Amy Winehouse for Sziget 2011. Let’s wait and see what happens. It would be their second year in a row at Sziget.


11 thoughts on “30 Seconds to Mars to replace Amy Winehouse at Sziget 2011?

  1. Don’t worry, there will be GORAN BREGOVIC at the same time… You can bring also My Chemical Romance, or some others teenage things, I don’t really care, at all 🙂

  2. I was there and he said that “i have a surprise for you. we’ll be back. don’t tell anyone but we’ll be headlining sziget festival later this year!”
    so I would say, they’ll play instead of amy winehouse. which very dissapointing. 🙁

  3. gurkeyy, one of our bestdayz contributers did find this message from Jared Leto:!/jaredleto

    I hopüe everyone screaming “Amy is shit anyway, anyone else will be better!” will be happy now!

    But you have to be realistic: with five weeks to find a replacement this is a proper choice, because it’s difficult to make a deal with a headlining band, and last year at least the girls were more than ecstatic to see Jared!

    …but I would have prefered Amy 100 times! 🙁

  4. That would really be disappointing indeed. I’ve seen them live and Leto can barely sing.

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