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808 State at the same time as Bloc Party!

Not a lot to tell you about in the past few days. Some interesting and maybe not so good news comes from our friend Mellowmaniac, quoting an e-mail from the Sziget press office. It seems that, if you wanted to see Bloc Party and 808 State, you won’t be able to. They’re both playing at the same time.

808 State is set to play sas the headliner of the Party Arena on August 13 (which means around 19:30), so it’s about the same time as Bloc Party.

Quoting the same source, our friend says they hope to have the complete lineup (including international acts on Day Zero) until the middle of July.

17 thoughts on “808 State at the same time as Bloc Party!

  1. Shit, I was kind of hoping that they would decide to program 808 state at the Meduza stage on a more decent time… Will have to make sure that I get to see Bloc Party at Melt! festival in two weeks then. 🙂

  2. BTW, Jose Padilla was already programmed as the headliner for the party arena on that day. Somehow I still have a tiny sparkle of hope for 808 state playing @ Meduza… 🙂

  3. The reply from the press office stated pretty clearly that 808 State will be headliner in the Party Arena on the 13th…

    Perhaps they’ll move Padilla to the Meduza tent (because he would be the only DJ on the headline spot in the Arena, while all other artists are “bands”) or move him to the 12th where the headliner isn’t announced yet.

    If you have no idea what to expect from an 808 State live show take a look here:

  4. Im am 90% confident that the headliners for the party arena will not be playing at 19:30. I know we have been told that they will, and the official sziget site says thats their time – but I dont believe the organisers are that stupid. Just lame at giving correct times….. The headliners will not be on till gone 11pm, and exact times will not be known till days before – thats my feeling. If im wrong Ill buy you all a pint.

  5. @Jon: Cool – I always love beer for free!!!

    The reason for having the band-headliners of the Party Arena playing early is that the organizers hope to fill the tent early this way and to keep people there for the early DJs before the headlining DJs take over (at 01:00h)…

    It also gives the bands the chance to have an easy and proper soundcheck right before the tent opens and the stagemanager the opportunity to clear the stage of all live euqipment before the DJs take over!

  6. looking forward to day zero announcements!
    are you saying there will be some decent internationals?
    (by saying (including international acts on day zero)) hope so!

    there’s still a sparcle in me thinking of big names like blur or something:P just hoping!

  7. I’m pretty sure that there will be some UK bands, but I’m also sure that the chances for big names are close to none… (even though Blur would be amazing!!!) 😉

  8. that’s fuck*n bullsh*t opening the party arena earlier. Much people want to see headliners on other stages before going to party arena, and it’s fuck*n ridiculous programing pendulum at the same time as BNN, or 808 during bloc party.

  9. Hehehe, I very much agree with MATT on this… Whatever happened to the A38 stage btw?

  10. Hey Mellowmaniac. I do see your point, and this means we are saying there are two headliners for the party arena, a band one on early, then a Dj one on late. Does make sense for an easy life for the organisers….. but still a lame thing to do. See you there for that pint then!

  11. Yeah – I think it’s the most cruel scheduling decission of this year’s festival, because so many interesting bands are playing at this time (and then at 23:00h again) at the same time.

    00:00h for the live-headliner and 01:30h for the DJ-headliner would have been awsome for most of us…

  12. The cruelest scheduling decision is to put basically all of your rock acts on for sunday. Makes it a very interesting week long festival. If we would be making the decision (of going or not) based solely on the line-up, quess what would it be? This festival is moving in the wrong direction. Last one for us, had a blast though!

  13. Lots of my friends have decided to only go for the last day, saying it’s not worth it. I don’t know what to do, really.

  14. go anyway it’ll be a laugh, if you have no one to camp with come find everyone im with, loads of us going, all into dif things, always camp near the theatre and dance stage under the trees.


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