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808 State live at Sziget 2009

British electronic legends 808 State will play at this year’s Sziget Festival. 808 State are one of the electronic music outfits in Britain with the longest activity – the band has started making music in 1988, taking its name from the legendary Roland TR-808 Drum Machine. 808 State will play Sziget’s Party Arena.

4 thoughts on “808 State live at Sziget 2009

  1. 808 State just announced on their website, that they will play on the 13th definitely LIVE. This should be THE highlight for all electrolovers!!!

    But: if they play on the 13th they have to play at Meduza or the organizers have to change the schedule, so that they fit…

  2. Let’s hope for Meduza then so that they’ll play at a more decent time than 19:30…

  3. I just received a mail from the Sziget press office:

    808 State will perform on the 13th as headliner in the Party Arena (should be the 19:30h slot)… Unfortunately at the same time as Bloc Party! 🙁

    They hope to have the complete lineup (including international acts on Day Zero) till mid July…

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