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A lot of new names official today

UPDATE: The official Sziget France Facebook also posted the acts for the Gipsy, Meduza, Circus, as well as the Ambient Tent. We’ve posted it in the Sziget 2011 line up page.

A lot of new names have been announced a few minutes ago on the official Hungarian site. Probably the most important are Manic Street Preachers and White Lies (we already told you about the latter a while ago)

Let’s see all the new names, then.

The Main Stage now also features Manic Street Preachers, White Lies, La Roux, Mariachi El Bronx, Batucada Sound Machine and Ben l’Oncle Soul.

The World Music Stage will also have performances by Cowboy Junkies, Sly & Robbie feat. Jr. Reid, Magnifico, Shetl Superstars, Ska Cubano, Csik Zenekar, Lajko Felix, Muzsikas, Oi Va Voi and LaBrassBanda.

On the A38/WAN2, the organizers have added Bomb The Bass, Kode9, Digital Mystikz, Gaslamp Killer, Suicidal Tendencies, Xiu Xiu, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, DeWolff (both announced here) , Kees van Hondt (but you knew about him from Szigetnews) , Selah Sue, Terry Poison and Buraka Som Systema Live.

For the Party Arena, here’s what’s new: Trentemøller, Zombie Nation, 2manydjs, Above & Beyond, Group Therapyt, Cristian Varela, Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, Marc Houle, Kevin McHugh and Technasia.

As for the Europe Stage, here’s the new acts: Wallace Vanborn, Ismo Alanko & Teho, For a Minor Reflection, Elvis Jackson, Puding Pani Elvisovej, Skyline, Gravity Co., Francis International Airport and The Mono Jacks.

How about all of that?



53 thoughts on “A lot of new names official today



    And shit, i’m disappointed about the mainstage line up this year. The electro line up is absolutely first class, i guess the metal one too, but the mainstage… White Lies and Amy Winehouse headlining Sziget sounds like a joke.

  2. Where are the metal bands ?

    …I hoped Foo fighters, Nofx, Dropkick murphy’s, Cypress hill, Beastie boys….and we have Kasabian, La roux, Ben l’oncle soul. Shit !!

  3. FIFI, im not a huge metal fan so i dont know…
    But i think

    Motorhead – August 10

    Judas Priest – August 11

    Deftones – August 12

    Sonata Arctica – August 14

    Within Temptation – August 10

    Lostprophets – August 13

    are not bad at all!

  4. I can’t find the article but last year they said they wanted a big concert on day zero…

  5. I think there is not coming more BIG names 🙁 ….some really good hungarian names comes and than can come august. 😀

  6. Where is written that White Lies will be headliners? At the peak of their success they played in the A38/WAN2 tent and now after a pretty successless album they shall headline?

    BUT I guess at least one of the following bands has to be a headliner: Kasabian and Manic Street Preachers, because there are too many bands suitable for the co-headliner slots (which would suck, because both bands were co-headliners last time they performed at Sziget).

    The biggest part of the line-up is confirmed! Only four bands for the mainstage and another four bands for the Metalstage are missing!

  7. 2 Mellowmaniac
    Why are you thinking that it is so many bands to co-headline? I think Interpol (10.08), Kasabian and MST (11-13), and The National or White Lies on 14.08.
    I think (hope) that it will be 2 headliners and 1 co-headliner.

  8. I think first slot on main Stage will play:
    The Maccabees
    Batucada Sound Machine
    Ben l’Onlce Soul
    Smash Mouth
    Mariachi El Bronx

    Flogging Molly
    Gogol Bordello

    Rise Against
    La Roux
    Skunk Anansie
    Dizee Rascal (or second)
    White Lies

    Good Charlotte
    Manic Street Preachers
    The National

    The Chemical Brothers
    Amy Winehouse

  9. I asked Sziget Italia if its true or not that White Lies are gonna be headliners and they said that maybe WL are a bit confused about what headlining means.

    They also said: “Mancano 2 Headliner. Avremo belle sorprese ancora… sul main stage ci saranno 5 gruppi per giornata e quindi significa ancora 7 gruppi in totale + il giorno zero ;)”

    Translated: “2 Headliners are missing. We’re gonna have nice surprices… on the mainstage 5 bands/day are going to play which means other 7 bands + day zero ;)”

    I hope White Lies are wrong and not Sziget Italia…

  10. @Dulco: you just made my day: I simply couldn’t believe it!

    – Headliner: Chemical Brothers, Amy Winehouse & Pulp
    – possible co-headliner: Kasabian, Manic Street Preachers, Interpol, Skunk Anansie, Dizzee Rascal
    – possible co-co-headliner: Rise Against, La Roux, Gogol Bordello, The National, White Lies

    …but, it’s just speculation on some parts – we will see pretty soon with the first version of the schedule! 😉

  11. @Dulco: you just made my day: I simply couldn’t believe it! (2)

    Good Charlotte aren’t headlining?

  12. @King of Spain:
    I guess Good Charlotte will play as second or latest third band on the 11th (Hadouken as opener, then Good Charlotte, LaRoux, a co-headliner (perhaps Dizzee Rascal) and than a headliner (probably The Chemical Brothers).

  13. Two more headliners? I hope it’s true. They wrote that 7 bands are missing from the mainstage, but actually it’s only 4.

  14. The dance line-up is excellent this year!!
    Richie Hawtin, Chemical Brothers, Technasia!!!!
    Does anybody know if trentemøller is playing a live set with band or a dj set? I hope live cause is dj sets ain’t that exciting!

  15. He should play live…!

    Party Arena live acts:
    – Zombie Nation
    – The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77
    – Trentemøller
    – 2manydjs
    – Kid Cudi

    Party Arena DJ acts:
    – Above & Beyond
    – Cristian Varela
    – Dubfire & Carlo Lio
    – Richie Hawtin, Marc Houle & Ambivalent
    – Technasia

  16. Sziget Italia still talks about 2 Headliners and 4/5 names on the mainstage. But he said hes not 100% sure about it. Let’s hope he’s right.

  17. tsss, decided sziget for de 2nd time after last year instead of pinkpop and werchter…. sziget on its own is great but hoping still hoping for a real headliner…

  18. No Kings of Leon this year. They will be in the USA in August.
    Sziget needs a really big name like U2 or some other world class band.. Red hot Chilli Peppers would be great!!

  19. @kieran. A Hungarian musician, Geszti Peter will have his concert with some guests on -1st day…

  20. mikor lesznek kiírva a programok napi bontásban?
    20 hours ago · Like ·
    Károly Kugler likes this.

    Sziget Festival Official egy-két héten belül!
    20 hours ago · Like

    A week or two till the daily line up is announced will the announce it fully or will they just put what has all ready been announced into a schedule?

  21. If I get Sziget Italy’s Facebook message right these bands are also confirmed (probably for the Europe Stage):

    Dorian Concept (A)
    Hudson Mohawke (UK)
    Baskerville (NL)
    Overflow (CRO)

    Hudson Mohawke is amazing!

  22. Eminem and the offspring on sziget? They will play on Pukkelpop 18,19,20 aug just after sziget 🙂

  23. And Foo fighters will play there to, it looks like they cant miss the plane to sziget

  24. Mellowmaniac, how do you know about White Lies playing at 16:30? Are you sure or did you jsut guess?

  25. @Dulco: it’s definitely a guess!

    On the overview of the stages the confirmed dates are as announced by the bands and the slots are temporarily placed, based on international popularity and sometimes guessing. The headliner and openening slots are pretty sure, but quite everything else is exchangeable…

    So far the only “definitive” schedule is the one of the Worldmusic-Stage which was sent to me from an insider!

    But the schedule on the bestdayz board is the most complete and accurate and updated daily (even though minor stages will only be listed after the official spread and schedule is released). 😉

  26. Once the full lineup of the Eurostage is announced I’d love to have a thread where people from the countries of the bands performing on this stage introduce these bands to everyone else (with infos like: how big are they in their countries, are they good live bands, what kind of music are they playing,…)!

  27. We’ll do an article so everyone can comment on that and tell us about them.

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