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A new Sziget 2013 speculation round

As we wait for the Sziget 2013 line up to become complete, a new speculation round seems more than a good idea.

Even more so, since you guys have already posted a healthy does of possible last names to complete the line up for this year’s island extravaganza.

So, go ahead and do it in a comment below and let’s see what confirms!

45 thoughts on “A new Sziget 2013 speculation round

  1. Streetlight Manifesto (August 4, Anapa, Russia)
    The Skatalites (August 6, Wiesbaden, Germany)
    Toots & The Maytals (August 9, Landerneau, France)
    Irie Revoltes (August 9, Rothenburg, Germany)
    Pennywise (August 9, Rothenburg, Germany)
    Rammstein (August 1, Wacken, Germany)
    Dub Inc. (August 2, Brussels, Belgium)
    Mad Caddies (August 9, Villmar, Germany)

  2. I heard rumors that Iron Maiden will come to Sziget 2013. Source: “Confident”.


    Only in myrtsi

  3. Franz Ferdinand + Florence & The Machine?
    Both are playing in Poland on 9 & 10 August (as well as Biffy Clyro). As far as I know organizers of Sziget and Coke Live are in good relations and and I’ve heard that they were cooperating in the past in signing artists for both events.

  4. Hoping for (think they is still a possiblility) –
    Arctic Monkeys
    The Other Tribe
    SOAD – I know they are playing other nearby countries round the same dates
    Franz Ferdinand
    Knife Party

    And this is a fingers crossed and hope to die… But there was hope for Daft Punk earlier this year… PLEASE! 😀

  5. I think the headliners:

    Kings Of Leon
    Iron Maiden
    Nine Inch Nails

    I heard rumour about Kasabian.

    And these nearby bands will be awesome:

    Crystal Fighters
    Of MOnsters And Men

  6. I still dream of
    Bring Me The Horizon,
    Band of Skulls,
    Sigur Ros
    The mighty Iron Maiden!!!!!!!!!!
    – as part of the festival ‘proper’.

  7. @warre: Are you sure? Didn’t they just announce that there won’t be a metal stage @ Sziget? I don’t remember any announcements about metal day / day 0.

  8. Where did you take all of this rumors like Kasabian and Iron Maiden? We need a source!

  9. any of these and I might re consider going
    nine inch nails
    Arctic monkeys
    kings of leon

    .. not building my hopes up too much though, the line ups good but just doesn’t have any major pulling power that I like to have from a festival, mainly due to me seeing all the acts before (apart from blur)

  10. It’s not an official thing , but more than nothing 😀 scroll down until this
    Szigetbérlet féláron
    “Titkos forrásokból megtudtam hogy a KASABIAN is ott lesz a szigeten! Ti is ott lesztek? ;)”

    The point i: Kasabian will be there, he has a secret source who told that (But it could be anyone: Varys, Terminator, magic mushroom)

  11. There seems to have been an update on
    Mystery Jets on Main Stage
    Balthazar and Rubik in Arena
    Dry The River, Nneka and Emiliana Torrini in A38
    Parov Stelar Band and Deichkind from Arena to A38

  12. Bender: Well I can only say that the source for Iron Maiden arriving to Sziget is really confident. “Maiden family” some would say. So trust on this; Iron Maiden will play in Sziget 2013. Although we won’t have a special “metal day” on day zero, there will be metal acts.. And if the rumors are correct, Iron Maiden won’t be the only one. 😉

    Cheers and up the irons!


    Only in Myrtsi

  13. By “Maiden family”, here are the bands that are touring with Maiden:
    – Megadeth
    – Sabaton
    – Anthrax
    – Bulllet For My Valentine
    – Vodoo Six
    – Ghost

  14. Metal on day zero is a waste of time – it should be fully integrated into the festival as a whole.

  15. Snexe: Not sure of that mate. Hopefully Maiden will be part of the “proper” festival.

    I think Sziget will announce few names soon..? 😉 And one of those names miiiiight be a long-time rock’n’roll kicker. These guys now how to “Overkill” or catch the “Ace of Spades” …



  16. If they erase the 15.00 slots then the remaining open spots for the mainstage better be really good.

  17. Now, just a pure dream of mine would be Earth Wind and Fire who happen to be touring around that time. Do you guys think this is too big (or expensive) of a name for Sziget ?

  18. With this configuration we have still to be announced:
    – Day -1
    – Day 0
    – 3 names for main stage: 2 headliners missing + 1 co headliner
    – 3 more names for A38
    – 6 more names for Arena
    – eventually 4 names for World Music Stage

    so between 12 and 16 names to come

  19. Earth Wind and Fire is absolutly capable band, cause a few years ago they did a performance at VOLT festival.

  20. With this time-schedule, 17 acts will be playing on Main stage, A38 and Arena combined each day. Compared to the 22 acts of last year, 25 acts less will be playing Sziget this year..

  21. In that schedule night time is missing. Arena goes on until 5/6 and A38 until 5. Hope they add the 5th slot on Main Stage again.

  22. @Terry: Dude this Iron Maiden rumour is killing me, you seem very confident. Can you elaborate some more?

  23. I’m a little late with my wishes, but I would be completely satisfied, if Joss Stone and Jamiroquai would join the festival. Maybe I’m not the only one!?

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