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A word from the organizers

The Sziget organizers have posted quite an interesting announcement on the Sziget Festival UK Facebook page.

We’ve decided to post it because it says a few very interesting things, both regarding the lineup and the Sziget spirit.

Without further ado, here’s what it says:

We’re sorry for keeping you waiting for yesterday’s announcement. It wasn’t our plan to do so, but there was a problem with one of the acts that was planned to be announced. As soon as we (Sziget UK crew) were informed about the postponements, we informed you too.
At the same time we would like to remind you Sziget is not a British festival and some things work differently. We believe in many ways that works out positive for Sziget: Sziget has retained its good, old-fashioned festival values with a laid back atmosphere; a vast range of good quality, cheap food; inexpensive beer and no camping restrictions/cattle herding. The way acts are announced is a little different too (unlike many British festivals not all headliners are announced months before the festival and sometimes announcements may be postponed), but as many of you who’ve been before know: in the end Sziget always has a great, quirky, eclectic line-up. Just look at last year’s line-up and remember that at this time last year not one single act had been announced! 😉 And even if in the end there wouldn’t be much you want to see (of course we don’t expect that will be the case), we’re sure you would have a great week with the less well-known acts you can discover, with all other entertainment available at the festival and of course with all the people coming from all over Europe!

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10 thoughts on “A word from the organizers

  1. @edward or people should just learn to chill out and not judge a festival until all acts have been announced…. for gods sake there are only 2 of the 5 or 6 main stage headliners announced

  2. Tge thing is there is people waiting to hear so they can plan there summers….. At the end of the day it is al about the line up and this will be my first time at your festival as soon as we all know the line up!! It’s interesting to know if u keep to the promise that it will be the best line up ever….. Bestival is announced a superb line up and so has benicassim all me and my friends are waiting for is your line up!!!! Can’t wait to see this amazing line up……..

  3. And when flights are now over £200 from england and only going up, it would be nice to hear some of the bigger names. I’ve already bought mine cause its my 10th year at sziget and i go for the people more than the bands. but for newbies the lineup is what they decide on, and when the organisers said it was going to be the best line up ever and thats why the ticket prices were going up it seems a tad of a let down what has actually been announced. Anyho…..ITS GOING TO BE FUN IF ONLY JUSTIN BIEBER WAS THERE AND I SPENT ALL WEEK GETTING PISSED AT THE BAR!

  4. Stop whining people! Nobody is obliged to buy tickets, the line up will be good, as it is every year. The names that are presented yesterday are not the bands i’d like to see, but i’m sure sziget will blow us away with the best line up ever, just as they’d promised!!! Already bought my tickets! Sziget = Partytime!!!

  5. Don’t worry, every year people are whining and every year sziget is announcing performers with delay compared with other festivals. I will drive 1800 km in august from home and back, and I’m sure, the lineup will be good!:)

  6. don’t forget one thing.sziget has different price levels as time goes forward,they are always calculating,and shut up about the bigger names till the higher price period.i think its phony thing to do,but thats what happening each year in Sziget
    so more headliners in May:)

  7. Well, let’s be honest with ourselves as in the end we’ll all buy tickets because we are addicted to Sziget, its atmosphere, people, music, not tasty beer, many absinths and drugs. Btw I think the line-up is getting worse each year….

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