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Afro-Latin Stage & Eastern-European Sideshow

Two interesting locations have their schedules announced today.

We’re talking about the Afro-Latin Stage and the Easter-European Sideshow.

The Afro-Latin Stage schedule has been fully announced today on the szigetfestival Facebook account. We’ve already added it to the Sziget 2012 line up page.

Also, the Eastern European sideshow will be a great location to visit. You can check out the activities there on the official site, here.

(thanks, Steven!)

7 thoughts on “Afro-Latin Stage & Eastern-European Sideshow

  1. The map looks good indeed!
    One question I have: Is there going to be another “Dreher in the sky” like two years ago? Or was it just a single ocasion? I really loved that though!

  2. Well, there is the Captain Morgan air bar at the same place as Dreher in the sky. So my guess is that it’s the same thing, with a different sponsor.

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