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Al Di Meola at Sziget 2009

It seems that the first huge jazz name for Sziget Festival 2009 is known – Al Di Meola New World Sinfonia, that will play at the Amfiteatrum, according to the Hungarian site. (thanks, Mellowmaniac)

14 thoughts on “Al Di Meola at Sziget 2009

  1. I think we have to be a little more patient, because there will be many more bands set for the “Rock”, “Wan2” and “Party Arena” stages.

    Actually “The Kills” and “Digitalism” were only listed on the dutch site, “Travis” only appeared on a (probably fake) poster on LastFM and “Crystal Method” are officially listed on the facebook site, but not on the hungarian Sziget site…

    So: perhaps those bands will disapear again, but perhaps they will be set later on one of the not-mainstage – AND there is still one spot left on the mainstage:

    Main Stage:


    1) ???
    2) ???


    1) IAMX
    2) Nouvelle Vague
    3) Ska-P
    4) Snow Patrol
    5) Lily Allen


    1) Miss Platnum
    2) The Ting Tings
    3) Die Toten Hosen
    4) Bloc Party
    5) Fatboy Slim


    1) Haydamaky
    2) Primal Scream
    3) ???
    4) Pendulum
    5) The Prodigy


    1) The Subways
    2) Editors
    3) Klaxons
    4) Manic Street Preachers
    5) Placebo


    1) Disco Ensemble
    2) Danko Jones
    3) Maximo Park
    4) The Offspring
    5) Faith No More

  2. Yeah I know they are confirmed there, but they have disappeared from the dutch site, and the hunrian site doesnt mention them either.

  3. The kils are mentioned as being cancelled on the Dutch site, Digitalism is till listed.

  4. Don’t get over-enthusiastic… Last FM has the same (usually inofficial) sources as this board (and many others). I think chances are pretty good, but it isn’t officially confirmed by the band or the organizers yet! (Remember: Last FM brought up the probably fake poster with Travis and still have The Kills listed which seem to be officially canceled!)

  5. True, although I have noticed that (with the obvious exceptions of Travis, the Kills etc…) seem to be fairly well informed.

    Nevertheless as you said it’s best not to get overly excited until official confirmation.

  6. The Kills are still on the french site, but have disappeared from the dutch one. So I really dont know what to believe… The Offspring also disappeared from the dutch site and then a few weeks later reappeared on the hungarian one. I really hope that the kills will come, and I think its no problem that there is no more place at the main stage – I think if they come they will play wan2 or the new Rock stage. The only problem is why wouldnt the hungarian site confirm them if they are coming?

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