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Amazon Sziget Festival 2011 store

Here’s a cool page we’ve stumbled across today. There is an Amazon Sziget Festival 2011 music store, where you can purchase music by the artists playing Sziget 2011. Click the link to check it out!

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20 thoughts on “Amazon Sziget Festival 2011 store

  1. They are playing july 30th 2011 in Los Angeles… damn that would be awesome, but i think there’s almost 0 chance.

  2. Rise Against is also playing at the same event in LA as Rage Against the Machine…

    Would be great if they played at Sziget!

  3. In an article about the booking of bands at Pinkpop, I read some interesting theories about band bookings by festivals. It was suggested that sometimes a festival needs to book certain bands, because they have the same record label or booking agency as the headliner they want to play at their festival. That’s what I already expected, therefore no big news to me…

    But now the interesting thing: it was also suggested that sometimes bands are booked because they do some shows together with the headliner they want to have. If a band tells good stories about a festival to the headliner, the headliner might be willing to play at this festival too. However, this is a process that could take a few years and does not always work.

    Now let’s take a look at the tour schedule of Foo’s. On August 17th they’ll be performing at the opening of a Euro 2012 soccer stadium in Poland together with Interpol, Good Charlotte, Skunk Anansie and Eliades Ochoa. These four are all on the bill for Sziget. In September the Foo’s will do a tour in the US with Rise Against and Mariachi El Bronx as support acts. Those are on the bill for Sziget too.

    My conclusion: the programmers are trying to get the Foo’s, although it will probably be on the long term and nothing is sure yet…

  4. @Rascal: interesting theory..!

    I don’t think that any of these bands were booked so that they can talk good about Sziget to the Foo Fighters, but if these bands do enjoy the festival they might talk about it!

    But don’t forget: bands usually don’t see much more from a festival than the backstage-area and the stage they are playing on and in the past bands did complain about how they were “treated” backstage when not playing on the mainstage. (But I think the situation got much better in the last few years!)

  5. Foo Fighters in Poland? Its not confirmed anywhere… is not a reliable source.
    They play in Canada on the 10th of august. The only headliner spot left on sziget is on the 12th. So I guess there is really no chance.

  6. @Mellowmaniac: That’s what I mean. I don’t think any festival would oblige a band to talk good about them, but they might be hoping for it anyway. And if it’s not the band talking about Sziget, it could also be the management talking to the other band’s management, or the roadies talking to the other band’s roadies, or whoever…
    I don’t know how it is backstage and I have no idea how it was a few years ago, but I heard last year they had a chief cook with Michelin star backstage, cooking for the artists. So I guess it has become much better in the last years 😉

    @tool06 You’re right, my source was and it’s not reliable. Would someone have made this event to feed speculations about Sziget? In that case it worked, as I have seen it and mentioned it 🙁

  7. @pepper rabbit:

    Do you know if the source is trustworthy? I don’t understand hungarian… 😉

    It would be strange to have 4 DJ “headliner” at one night at the party arena (and none at the 14th yet)…

  8. Deadcode Production have been organized the large part of the program in the party arena.

  9. By the way, there is no mention of RATM on the Amazon Sziget Festival 2011 store anymore. 🙁

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