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Amy Winehouse cancels whole European tour; that means Sziget, too

UPDATE!: Sziget confirms it on Facebook.

Bad news for those coming to Sziget 2011 to see Amy Winehouse. According to Reuters, quoting a spokespoerson for the troubled singer, she has cancelled the whole European tour.

She had serious problems performing in Belgrade a few days ago, and looking intoxicated.

Everyone involved wishes to do everything they can to help her return to her best and she will be given as long as it takes for this to happen.

the spokesperson for her said.

We’re wondering who the Sziget organizers will replace her with.


74 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse cancels whole European tour; that means Sziget, too

  1. it all looks rather strange. second artist to cancel their Sziget show.. although i hope that the Offspring will come instead of Amy, the whole thing makes me wonder – why is it happening??

  2. It’s pretty usual that at festivals with 100+ artists some will cancel their appearance – usually because they didn’t get good followup gigs or they have to move release dates.

    I’m sure that the organizers were aware that there was a risk to book Amy, but her first show in London was sober and amazing… I’m pretty sure there would have been a good chance to perform at Sziget, even after the disasterous Belgrade show, but with such media coverage after the show she will not get up again soon (if ever). (Yeah: she definitely deserved it, because she was such unprofessional, but imagine her trying to cope with her fault).

    There are already heaps of people commenting all over the Sziget facebook sites “I don’t like her anyway and now we’ll get a good headliner”. Please be aware that Amy is an amazing artist and to have had the chance to see her at Sziget was quite exceptionel – now we pretty surely will get another second class headliner like White Lies or Kaiser Chiefs will become a headliner!

  3. Its no big deal, just as in 2009 when The Kills, Digitalism and Vive La Fete had to cancel their concerts. I think they will replace her with someone really great.
    The Offspring replacing Amy is like eating chips instead of a steak. Bjork would be, in my opinion, the best replacement of Amy. We will see.

  4. @dragonfly, what’s strange? I find it rather logical that smash mouth cancelled (the reason the site gave for there cancellation made sense). And this with amy doesn’t surprise me either.

    I’m not disappointed, I just hope for a good replacement act! Amy was one headliner I was willing to miss, so I don’t mind it.

  5. so the sziget site states that amy winehouse her label will help sziget to provide another (suitable) headliner.. If this means another artist from the Universal Music Group there’s a chance that we get a headliner like Rihanna, QOTSA, Coldplay, Kanye West, Incubus, Eminem or Black Eyed Peas .. I’d place my bets on Rihanna, since she’s most similar to Amy Winehouse. But i hope we’ll get a better one.

  6. Never saw that coming! 🙂

    I love her songs and would like to see her, although her Szeget gig would have been crappy. But still, there are many other cool band I’d see on the same day. It’s different than paying 50 EUR for a solo concert and then she shows up completely stones.

    Maybe they could bring Lykke Li or Adele.

  7. QOTSA and Incubus aren’t in Europe in August, Coldplay will be too expensive, Kanye West is in Scandinavia and Black Eyed Peas do have their last show in Europe on July 17th.

    There is a tiny chance that Eminem might come, but his first european show is on August 19th.

    Ozzy Osbourne is definitely a possibility!

  8. Editors and Kooks are both possible, but both bands are too small to replace Amy Winehouse properly (The Kooks already were a last minute headliner solution, because they couldn’t get someone else!).

  9. Regarding their tour schedules, dEUS, The Offspring, Editors
    or Ozzy Osbourne are the most realistic. But even Elbow, OMD or Iron Maiden could be possible…

  10. btw: Eminem’s show at Pukkelpop (august, Belgium) is an exclusive European show, so little chance he comes to Sziget.

  11. 30 Seconds to Mars would be an (even more awfull than The Offspring) possibility, too! 😉

  12. Also possible:
    – Plan B (12.08. Bucharest)
    – Leftfield (12.08. Panensky festival)
    – Duran Duran (12.08. MTV / Ibiza)
    – Aloe Blacc (european offtime)

  13. Also possible:
    – Aphex Twin (10.08. Oya, 12.08. La Route Du Rock)
    – Prince (12.08. Way Out West)

  14. wowh, did it really take 27 comments before Foo Fighters were mentioned?

    Out of all these possibilities nothing but Prince and Ozzy would seem quite big enough to be a worthy replacement. Isn’t Ozzy a metalstage name?

  15. Prince will be too expensive, but Ozzy could be a good compromise.

    Actually I’d prefer all of the other mentioned (plausible) bands to The Offspring, 30STM and The Kooks, but this is just personal taste… 😉

  16. I don’t think we should expect a huge name willing to take Amy’s place. I don’t know Prince personally, but he doesn’t seem like a guy that is likely to play ‘replacement act’.

    We should probably search for a somewhat smaller band that takes the opportunity to headline this big festival: dEUS, Aloe Blacc or an older band that isn’t the ‘hottest’ thing currently (like the mentioned Incubus, Kooks or Cypress Hill). I would rule out big bands like The Offspring, Prince, Editors, Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas and surely not Foo Fighters :-D. Those acts can headline wherever they go, so being replacement act doesn’t fit.

    Someone mentioned Adele too. Forget it. She doesn’t do festivals.

    I saw on the Universal artist list that Duffy is contracted to them as well. No idea about her schedule but qua style and name-value she would be a nice substituion for Amy Winehouse, I guess

  17. I hope that 30STM wont come. their concert at Sziget was the shittiest thing I have ever seen + they are set to play at sziget production´s VOLT festival…
    Adele hates festivals, she says it many times, that she is afraid that she wont ever do a festival gig, she is too scared…
    Rihanna at Sziget :DDD I would laugh way too hard. Well, lets hope they will bring a quality band

  18. That would be AWESOME 😀

    altough not very likely, last european show is july 9th.. and they’re playing in canada july 14th and 16th.

  19. Metallica on Day 0 would be an insult to all those European visitors who only have tickets for the ‘regular’ days.

    As a festival organizer, you can’t put a band on a ‘pre-day’ that’s bigger then all other bands the next days. That would be stupid.

    if Sziget actually puts Metallica on Day 0, I think a lot of people (including me) would be very upset with their current tickets.

  20. Okay, I wouldn’t say it isn’t possible, because three years ago, when Iron Maiden were performing at Day Zero, the Sziget people initially were hoping to get Metallica and AFTER they confirmed Iron Maiden Metallica became availble to them (if I remember it rightly). So they might be in discussion with Metallica since several years…

    Also it wouldn’t be a huge problem to fly them in from the states, because Metallica are one of the bands who can easily rock 60.000 people without a big stage show.

    I’m sorry, but are you out of your mind?

    Day Zero always was something special and it doesn’t matter if there is an amazing ska and reaggae festival (as last year), Iron Maiden performing (as in 2008) or Metallica possibly performing this year.

    Everyone visiting Sziget should know that the festival starts at least at Day Zero and should consider the possibility to find something very interesting that day.

    BUT: don’t complain about the ticket prices – the tickets for Day Zero did cost around 23 Euros in the last years so that it will still be cheaper to have a festival pass without camping plus a Day Zero ticket then buying a festival pass with camping – and you have the choice if you want to buy the additional Day Zero ticket!

    Also it makes sense to have “the biggest act” at Day Zero, because this way the Sziget festival can cover the costs by selling the additional (usually cheap) day tickets!

  21. I’m not talking about the festival ticket…. but about the flight tickets. And the hotel we’ve booked. And the fact that I booked my holidays.

    I would be very disappointed if Metallica actually would come on Day 0 as I’ve always wanted to see them and I booked the normal Festival days (there is already 5 days… how much more does one need?)

    Interpol, White Lies, The National, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Kasabian are all great… but if I miss Metallica it’s going to be a tough pill to swallow.

  22. Mumford and Sons seems to me like a possible replacement, although I don’t know whether they are big enough…

  23. @gorlamiman: I’m sorry – I didn’t get the core of your “complain” and can totaly relate to it. In the frist two years of me visiting Sziget I picked 5 of the 7 then regular festival days and was always bummed about missing some of the bands I would have liked to see most… 😉

  24. OMG you guys really think that a band like METALLICA would be like: ‘ow did AW cancell her gig @ sziget? Waaw it would be such a great honour to replace her!’

    A replacement band is ALWAYS smaller than the band/artist it replaces. To think Metallica would do that is just very very stupid

  25. @Peter: You’re right: Metallica would NEVER EVER be a replacement for Amy Winehouse, but we are discussing the possibility of Metallica performing on Day Zero! 😉

    …but to be honest: even though it is not completely impossible, chances are very low! (Even though Metallica did nearly play on Day Zero in 2008)

  26. @ peter please read the comments before you comment.. John Doe pt the idea forward.

    But I think it would be possible that Metellica would come back, because it would be pretty special, just like the organisers said it would be. I am glad I am going with the train, it’s longer, but I will arrive at day -1 (at around 09.00) so I can enjoy the entire week of festival!

  27. In a way they will always be a replacement for AW because of she wouldn’t have cancelled her show no one would take about tellica.

  28. I think that the most possible replacement for Amy are Scissor Sisters. They are free for these date, they are also play pop music, and they was a sziget-headliner some years ago.

  29. Manu chao offspring dropkick murpheys strokes aloe blac raddiohead

    these are the people I wanna see that arnt here and i think theres a plausible replacement in there somewhere

  30. I’m not sure, but I think the initial “the record company will help to find a replacement” was a misinterpretation: it was said that the booking agency will try to help and they don’t have a proper headliner (which might be possible) they could offer…! I’d love to see Muse again (same agency), but this is very unrealistic…

  31. Well I’ve checked their artist and it looks like Florence + The Machine the act who can replace AW as a proper headliner.

    I haven’t find their tour dates in august anyway…

    They also have Jessie J 🙂

    please note: It IS a speculation! We’re guessing here talking about act we want to see!
    Please don’t say to me STFU when I put my ideas down.

    Nobody knows who will come – not even you Peter.

  32. My guess is:
    – there will be no replacement act
    – Kaiser Chiefs will headline, and all acts on that day play one slot later
    – they put in some band from wan2/a38 to the opening slot

  33. Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Pearl Jam!!!

  34. @tool06: I’m sure they will try to get a proper replacement – but it might be possible that they can’t get a good one and might do what you suggested. In the last years some of the last minute additions/replacements were Mika, The Kooks and Manu Chao – so not always bad ones! 😉

    @liSERGIcO: 19 entertainment is the company of Simon Fuller, who is host and producer of shows as American Idol and own the rights to most of the performers of these shows. Why do you ask?

  35. How about Mumford and Sons? Would be a nice addition to the line up so far..

    If they can put The prodigy on stage AGAIN surely they can get Pendulum again too..?

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