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Announcement: Balaton Sound Adds New Names to its Lineup

In a surprise announcement made today (surprise because it was promised to be made on Monday), Balaton Sound added new names to its lineup:

  • Axwell /\ Ingrosso
  • Alesso
  • Oliver Heldens
  • Craig David presents TS5
  • Ella Eyre
  • Martin Solveig
  • Vini Vici
  • Carnage
  • Disciples
  • Princess Nokia
  • Night Lovell

They are a perfect fit for their already announced artists that include The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and the others listed here.

For those of you who don’t know, Balaton Sound is the EDM sister festival of Sziget, taking place between the 4th and the 8th of July in Zamárdi, a town in Somogy county, Hungary, next to the “Hungarian Sea” – Balaton. The event is one of the largest electronic music festivals in Central Europe, with an attendance that routinely exceeds 80,000 visitors in the recent years, with a record attendance of 157,000 in 2016.

balaton sound 2018

Promotional passes for the event can be acquired until February 15.

227 thoughts on “Announcement: Balaton Sound Adds New Names to its Lineup

  1. Quality festivals do not have DJ headliners on Main Stage, so if Kygo will be the only one this year, this edition could turn into the best Sziget of the last 5 years at least!

  2. Well wait, 2014’s edition had deadmau5, Skrillex and Calvin Harris djs closing the main stage but before them there were Queens Of The Stone Age, Placebo and Outkast playing. 2014’s lineup was really impressive.

  3. Anyway with Axwell & Ingrosso being announced for BS and Calvin Harris having no dates in 2018, Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren seem to be the only remaining options for other headlining djs. Anyway I really hope Kygo remains the only one.

  4. Franz Ferdinand just announced a gig in France on the 19th of August. They would make a good Main Stage undercard / subheadliners or A38 headliners at Sziget…

  5. Can see FF subbing the mainstage (Arctic Monkeys would be ace, even if usually Sziget doesn’t care about continuity of genre between the act – strongest examples: BMTH-Sigur Ros-Muse, Parkway Drive-The Lumineers in 2016).

    Wouldn’t mind Armin Van Bureen headlining even if it would be odd since he’s not so big to headline Sziget (although he’s big enough to headline a so-called minor festival as Balaton). Tiesto among the two is more likely IMHO, and that’s bad because the last 5 years of Tiesto has been shiet.

    Still hoping for Justice/Deadmau5 if I have to pick djs.

    Sad to delete from the list Ella Eyre because she delivered a huge show in 2015, Princess Nokia because she would have been a decent addition to A38 and Craig David – but only because I bet on him.

  6. I personally think that Sigur Ros would be a great act at the mainstage but we need more pop stars like Justin Bieber and the weekend, but please no more edm! it’s ruining my beautiful hometown Budapest!

  7. Above post was obviously not me. Someone went back to play in a kindergarten again. Suspecting fab1.

  8. Just saw that Chic feat. Nile Rodgers are in UK in late July… it would be nice if they’ll do some festivals in Europe between July & August, I would like to see them at Sziget. 😀

  9. Looks like Jessie J will also have some gigs in Europe in July. I guess she could be a good female headliner as well. I would like her more than Lana del Rey, but not more than Florence or Paramore. 😀

  10. @Lukas: Yes it’s confirmed, Above & Beyond, Ummet Ozcan, Sam Feldt, Jay Hardway and The Him will play there

  11. His tour seems to end at the end of July, so there were poor chances also before this news. Anyway great loss, he’s unique. His concert at Sziget 2013 it’s still my favorite Sziget concert ever alongside Faith No More’s one in 2009. Those times <3

  12. Authority Zero self-confirmed for Punk Rock Holiday (7-10 august) – would love to see them live in the A38 for some good punk

  13. From a festival like PRH we can only get bands that played at Sziget a lot during the years like Anti-Flag and Flogging Molly. These two addictions would be better than nothing.

  14. Still would appreciate, but yeah, AZ used to be one of my favorite bands ever back in the day…

    Anyway: Mad Cool released Underworld in its lineup. Meaning they are in tour. Meaning that I shall dream upon ’em. Should I?

  15. Ben Howard would be cool too from Mad Cool. They announced his first festival date since 2015.

  16. Justin Timberlake just announced his European tour and is around in August. A possible Sziget headliner?

  17. I would take Ed Sheeran over Timberlake as a pop headliner for the female part of my company 🙂

  18. I think as Pop headliners go, Justin Timberlake would be perfect. He sure knows how to put on a show, plays multiple instruments etc.

    Ed Sheeran is a bore. He can stay away please.

    Anyway when do you guys think we might get new names? I’m hoping for Justice in the next announcement as they seem to be near.

  19. They have the best start of a lineup since a few years, and price has just increased. I don’t see why they would announce soon would they?
    Unless a headliner announces a whole tour!

    From Mad Cool i’d happily take Underworld and Ben Howard as mentionned above. I think that Dua Lipa is spot on for subbing the pop headliner? She is co-headlining at Lowlands…

    Even with Pop Headliner and another DJ (if so, let it be Justice or Underworld) there is still one spot to take! Gorillaz would have been announced already, Arcade Fire are in Budapest in june, what other august headliner do we have?
    Maybe we’ll have to wait for R&L and Pukkelpop lineup!

  20. Please no to Timberlake, but THUMBS UP for GHOST. They’re at Wacken on the 3rd of August! A little bit of metal music in A38 would be nice…

  21. Paramore just released yesterday a new single and there are some rumours they’ll play R&L. Sziget female act headliner? 😀

  22. 2 things: why do you consider a “female act” a different “genre” all the time? it’s just bad use of it really.
    also, paramore is still a band with guys in it with hailey fronting the band

  23. I don’t consider it a different genre, but if there is no “diversity” between the headliners, someone like Halsey might bitch about the lineup as she did regarding Firefly Festival… so if there is a band with a female lead vocalist there will be no comments from that side.

  24. I don’t think at all that Sziget books bands or headliners depending on genre. No discrimination, only popularity. Florence was good, Rihanna “deserves” to headline but they also put Ellie Goulding as headliner..
    this year what female headliner or female-fronted band could headline? Florence has a couple of shows, I don’t see who else?

  25. Y Not Festival (a festival that takes place at the end of July in UK) announced the following acts tonight… we might see some of them at Sziget: The Libertines, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Jamiroquai, Kaiser Chiefs, Manic Street, Preachers, Seasick Steve, The Levellers, Circa Waves, The Amazons, Fat White Family, Buzzcocks, Moose Blood, Mallory Knox, The Sherlocks, Tom Grennan, Shame, Coasts, Mr Motivator, DJ Luck & MC Neat, Tom Walker, Pale Waves, Lucy Spraggan, Jaws, Sam Fender, The Lancashire Hotpots, Turbowolf, King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys, The Orielles, Mullally, Everly Pregnant Brothers, King No One, WhenYoung, Dead! and Bloody Knees.

  26. Just saw that Jessie J will play at EFOTT Festival in Hungary, but looking at Bestival’s lineup, we can replace her with M.I.A. as a candidate for a female headliner.

  27. Jessie J isn’t really headliner material is she? Would be a very weak headliner in my opinion.

  28. a perfect circle would be simply the best, all of the 3 new songs are just amazing! very unrealistic unfortunately 🙁

  29. Sorry but this sex based quotas are stupid book them to a festival because they are good, put them into a parlaiment because they deserve to be there not because they are women…

  30. MIA looks like a weak headliner too, IMHO
    The female quota sounds weak to me as well: if they gonna put a female headliner it is because it fits, not because Halsey would get mad, even if we are living if f**ked up days.

    From the Bestival I’d take right here right now: Grace Jones (Main) Mura Masa, London Grammar (heads in a38), Thundercat, Django Django, Kelela, Goldie (A38), Charlotte De Witte, Jaguar Skills, AMELIE LENS a.k.a. my soon to be wife, Bicep (Colosseum) .
    Of course Grace Jones and Kelela pair together with Gorillaz.

    From the Y NOT: The Libertines, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Jamiroquai, Manic Street, Preachers (Main, Jamiroquai even headliner) and Buzzcocks (A38).

    Anyway, just bought tickets for Mad Cool, that is going to be crazy indeed! Anybody going there as well?

  31. 3 Day Tickets.. 282 € – and thinking how I could have saved 100 € buying them back in the day if I knew about that festival makes me angry, but whatever, can’t escape from such a lineup

  32. @Yelo: that’s the spirit, maybe I should do the same instead of crying every day about it 😀 easily the best lineup i have ever seen

  33. Damn, actually think that Mad Cool line-up is so boring 🙂 But I’m in minority here, obviously.

  34. IMHO if you can deliver a festival where weakest day have Parl Jam Kasabian Justice and Tame Impala (so, 3 headliners and one sub in a sziget-like festival) at less than 300 € and you find that boring, either you have very sectorial tastes either you look for other things in a festival. Both are fine, not judging, but what live nation’s (aka the devil itself) has done with Mad Cool this year is something we will make comparison to for the next 5 years at least.

  35. As far as I remember Vlad was one of those who were whining about no more End Show this year… I guess he would rather spend 200 bucks to see a LAPTOP “live” rather than watching the greatest current acts LIVE.

  36. Don’t become fsfsfs, bro 😉

    I just want diversity. I’m coming with 3 guys and 8 girls this year and they don’t listen to punk/metal and not all of them like even Arctic Monkeys, Pearl Jam and QOTSA. And I’m not sure that they will go crazy with me at A38 nights. No, they don’t want Britney Spears and Justin Bieber, but something more mainstream. Bastille, Imagine Dragons or Ed Sheeran are great examples for them.
    For me music that I listen at home is different to that I would like to listen at festival. It should be more energetic (Prodigy, John Newman, Rammstein, Tyler the Creator, Kasabian, Bastille…) or it should have some positive “summer” vibes (Mumford&Suns, Ed Sheeran, Parov Stelar, Clean Bandit….) . As you see I gave you some very diverse examples. And I don’t listen to any of this guys (I did listen to some in my childhood), but I want to see them at festival scene. And also I think, what would be great for my company, not only for me.

  37. @Vlad: I am happy to buy one of your tickets, jut let me know

    Fleet Foxes + At the drive-in + Arctic monkeys, cannot really get better

  38. Weeeeeell, you can add to the count Nine Inch Nails, Jack White, Pearl Jam, QOTSA, Underworld and it goes on and on

  39. please go to mad cool’s forum and be and talk about that festival there. let the good vibes live on here!!!!! (obvious sarcasm)

  40. Look that he does, Noeliam does it as well and I do it too for other festivals we’ll be attending or we like. We all do this on the eFestivals forum. And you know what? We don’t partecipate in threads of festival we’re not attending just to throw some sh*it on em. 😀

  41. cool for you. I’ll stay here as long as I live in Budapest. Like it or not. Also this year i appluaded the line-up more than my usual so don’t really get the hate… but i can live with that.

  42. Dont worry Fsfsf, you’re a mascotte here, we couldn’t live this forum’s life without you.
    Looking more closely at szigetnews, you are like the good old hound that stinks and is half dead but some how succeeded in sneaking through years and everybody hates him because he’s just a waste of oxygen and time but I mean, house would not be the same without him, the good old stinky dog.

  43. @Yelo LOOOOOL

    @fsfsf I don’t hate you at all, even if sometimes I find you really annoying, I just don’t get why you’re here. I understand you’re from Budapest, but I don’t waste my time in forums of festivals in my city I don’t like or I don’t want to attend. Just this.

  44. Weird that after polluting a forum for almost three years, the usual followers start to throw sh*t at you, really unexpected.

    And anyway, nothing personal – I dont know you, it is all referred to you position here, that is totally unwelcomed by anybody and unnecessary and only tolerated by the lack of a ban policy from the site – since a lot of times you’ve been flaming, trolling and going off topic.

  45. “nothing personal”, but you were sooo personal, which i never was. that’s the difference.

  46. Bonobo has a separate gig in Budapest, of course he’s the only relevant there, as Prodigy are touring every year.

  47. Armin Van Buren and Diplo might be headliners.
    If they get Nina Kraviz or Loco Dice to the Colosseum I will be hugely happy.
    Dub FX, Flux Pavillon, Pendulum and Wilkinson are all well wellcome to the A38.

    For the standards of the Untold, this announcement ain’t even that bad…

  48. First major Boomtown Fair announcement comes today at 6pm (CET). We can expect some good reggae, world music, punk rock and drum & bass names

  49. Really hope Nina, Solomun and Loco Dice will be in the Colosseum’s lineup. Fingers crossed!


    Boomtown lineup

    I wont repeat myself. No, I will, I want Gorillaz.

    Also, I’d take Die Antwoord back (subbing), Sleaford Mods (A38), Goldie/Shy FX/Maribou Staet/Dub Pistols/Dillinja/Vandal/Radium (Night at A38), Romare, Charlotte De Witte – which I guess is soon to be confirmed – (Colosseum), Napalm Death – for the lol -, Idles, H99o9, Hacktivist (A38)

  51. Die Antwoord subbing is awesome.
    But who the hell are Goldie/Shy FX/Maribou Staet/Dub Pistols/Dillinja/Vandal/Radium? A38 nights should be fun, man.

  52. @Jack Daniels here someone has to take a tour in spotify, study and then come back to comment … copy and paste the names, it’s easy

  53. Did that already. They are boring.
    But don’t worry, in the end we will have some great trap and dubstep djs at a38 nights.

  54. Usually a38 is a mix of genres, no one excluded … each of the names above can end up in a night slot of the a38 …

  55. According to their websites WhoMadeWho and Lemaitre will play on August 9, Maribou State would be cool alongside them. Goldie and Shy Fx are legends of jungle music I would be very happy with a jungle night in A38 with other names like Benny Page or Congo Natty.

    Btw all dates we know so far:

    – August 8: Kendrick Lamar
    – August 9: WhoMadeWho, Lemaitre
    – August 10: The Kooks, Slaves, Perturbator
    – August 11: Mumford & Sons, Bastille
    – August 12: Liam Gallagher, Kaleo
    – Agusust 13: Kygo
    – August 14: Arctic Monkeys, Blossoms

  56. I adequate the clashfinder!

    My wet dream, anyway, would be to see Angerfist in A38. Never been in the gabber scene but I’d love to see what happens in such a f*cked up scenario brought to the island

  57. I want Ghost, Florence / Paramore, Die Antwoord, The Libertines, Gorillaz, Enter Shikari, The Streets / Mike Skinner, Plan B, Sundara Karma!

  58. My gf love major lazer, so went to that at sziget. Ive never felt more emberassed for the “artist” ever. That was the most fake gig ive ever witnessed. So im hoping for diplo as well.

  59. fsfsf, don’t understand what you are talking about, Major Lazer at 2015 was a fun and crazy party. And everyone really enjoyed that.
    But I saw one guy, he looked like Grinch (do you know that movie with Jim Carrey?). Probably it was you.

  60. I guess he’ll do a DJ set… Rihanna also played live in Rock in Rio, 2-3 years before Sziget, but at Sziget & at other European gigs she was lip-syncing badly.

  61. Anyone have any idea when the next announcement is coming? Just curious.

    Smashing Pumpkins would be great, but tbh, Billy Corgan is such a dick, not sure if I’d spend the time. Saw them couple years back and he ended show early, and just didn’t want to be there. And he’s a Trump supporter. So kind of f*ck him.

    I’m hoping for one cool legacy act. Doubt Elton John would do a festival like this (and that Sziget could afford him). Roger Waters would be epic. But already has a Budapest show. But someone good and old school would be really cool.

  62. This is not true. The thing is that in this kind of concerts second voices often are registered so sometimes, when a singer stops singing but the second voice still goes on and has the same lyrics, it looks like it’s a playback but in reality it’s not. Seriously, do you really think that a festival would pay 1 million € to an artist to come and sing in playback? C’mon…

    Oh, for the records, Eminem does exactly the same. I know it because I saw him.

  63. Oh, I didn’t see the band because I wasn’t in front of the stage. 😀 But this is even more pathetic, as the instrumentation of her tracks sounded as played from a tape.

  64. @Camper: but the voice you’re hearing in the clip is SZA’s, She’s the featured artist on the track Consideration.

    Rihanna actually never really lipsyncs, she just uses a lot of heavy backing tracks to support her. Loads of “pop stars” do that actually.

    I’m curious to see the R+L announcement. When do you guys think we expect a new Sziget announcement?

  65. Doing the same sh*t I do for any festival:
    I would take:
    The Blaze, Sum41, Brockhampton, Skepta (MS), Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy (Sub MS), Underoath, Papa Roach (A38), Netsky, Hannah Wants (A38 night)

    And I would never take: Post Malone, Kings of Leon or Diplo. Like NEVER

  66. I don’t think Fall Out Boy will headline. The news on R&L website says “Kendrick Lamar at the top of the bill”, “Kings of Leon headlining” but just talks about “main stage” for Fall Out Boy. So I think we can expect at least another big name.

    Anyway imho the lineup is really bad.

  67. About Die Antwoord sincerely I’m pretty happy about this news. I don’t like them at all. I understand their success and understand is a big loss for a lot of people, but personally they’re music makes me nervous.

  68. Ok, so wow. Officially a super weak year for R&L. And they’re a festival that usually has no problem in booking big bands. I’m super curious now to see how Sziget lineup will shape up.

  69. I saw The Blaze in December at I Love Techno Europe in Montpellier and they were very very good. They’d be a great addiction!

  70. Started going to reading festival in the mid 90s and they had awesome lineups, last few years they’ve steadily got worse. Although that is the case for UK festivals in general, that’s why I started going to festivals outside the Uk.

    Well that and the weather ????

  71. Yeah, Justice would definitely deserve a Main Stage spot. I really hope that if they book Armin and/or Diplo, they will play in the Party Arena and not on the Main Stage.

    I guess we’ll get another announcement at the beginning of March.

  72. Oh, and if they’ll announce some quality rock bands in the undercard (not necessarily headliners, as AM & Mumford could do the trick), they might attract some of the disappointed R+L fans.

  73. No chance Armin Van Buuren does not headline the Main Stage if he comes. For Diplo I think the most appropriate slot is 1:30am in A38, just like Flume last year.

  74. Well i wouldnt be mad to have full world music lineup! Then another batch of names including headliners, then full collosseum lineup!

  75. Prediction time!
    DJ Headliner: Justice
    other acts: jamie xx, the blaze, nekfeu/lomepal, sum 41, nofx
    Dream: childish gambino subbing kendrick lamar

  76. I would like Florence and/or Gorillaz, Brockhampton, Justice + some quality undercard rock bands.

  77. I’m hoping for Justice, Jamie xx, SZA and Dua Lipa.

    I guess The Wombats will be among the new names as well, as they’ve basically already self confirmed? Haven’t really been following them recently, but I kind of liked them back in 2008. So would be fun the see them at Sziget.

  78. The War on Drugs will also be part of the announcement, I guess. I hope SZA and Dua Lipa won’t play Sziget, but they booking acts like these is likely. I would prefer Florence more. For the undercard,Marmozets would be awesome!

  79. SZA could play on the 8th with kendrick!
    And obviously the war on drugs will be there!!! Almost forgot that!
    I add brockhampton to my wish list!

  80. My 2 cents:
    – Gorillaz (headliner Main Stage)
    – Dua Lipa (subhead Main Stage)
    – Bjork (subhead Main Stage)
    – Run the Jewels (subhead Main Stage)
    – Post Malone (early Main Stage)
    – Rag N Bone Man (early Main Stage)
    – The Wombats (early Main Stage)
    – Catfish & The Bottlemen (early Main Stage)
    – St Vincent (early Main Stage)
    – Patti Smith (early Main Stage)
    – Fleet Foxes (early Main Stage)
    – Dropkick Murphy (head A38)
    – The War on Drugs (head A38)
    – Casper (A38)
    – Sleaford Mods (A38)
    – Fever Ray (night A38)
    – Jon Hopkins (night A38)
    – Mura Masa (night A38)
    – Netsky (night A38)
    – Diplo (Party Arena)
    – Dillon Francis (Party Arena)
    – Timmy Trumpet / Lost Frequencies / Kungs (Party Arena)

    I mean not every of them but, I’d go with some between those, having to pick

  81. Better off that way, cant stand him for more than 5 minutes. Anyway, if anybody can “debunk” part of my list, would be great favor, I just did some rapid check on my list and that was it 🙂

  82. Looks like that Lollapalooza Berlin will also announce some names next week. Maybe Sziget will share some acts with them?

  83. If they have any sense they will announce as many of the rock and punk acts they can from the bill to draw the reading/Leeds crowd who were gutted at that recent announcement.

  84. There are some bands around for the dissapointed R+L fans: Ghost (Wacken)*, Marmozets*, Sleaford Mods (various festivals), Limp Bizkit, Tame Impala*, Snow Patrol* (Mad Cool), Patti Smith (Øya)*, Dropkick Murphys (gigs in Germany).

    I marked with * the acts I would like to be announced this week. 😀

    Of course that if Paramore and/or Royal Blood will announce a tour, Sziget should get them, as R+L fans really wanted these.

  85. Okay so 24h to go!
    I’ll stop with names but just say that with already The War on Drugs it would be a great announcement 🙂

  86. Can’t wait to see if it’s gorrillaz, if it is I’m saving the pounds and buying my sziget ticket asap

  87. NIN are rather impossible due to their festivals tour in japan in second part of august.

    But if it’s Gorillaz I’ll OMGing all day long on this forum.
    If it’s Gorillaz AND Nine Inch Nails be ready because I’ll fuc*ing go retarded and start flooding the hell out of me here

  88. Yeah I know but first gig in japan is 17th August so there is plently time to go from Budapest to Tokyo 🙂 it would be dream come true to have NIN, gorllaz, petrubator, and then Artic Monkeys for the end of the festival…could be one of the best Sziget ever :)….

  89. Gorillaz would be a great name. With them, Arctic Monkeys, Kendrick Lamar and Mumford & Sons as a european festival exclusive, Sziget 2018 could turn out to be one of the best Szigets ever on the lineup side. Fingers crossed for them.

    Anyway, most of all, I can’t wait to see if The War On Drugs will be in.

  90. ^ That’s the biggest bulls*it I ever read. Kendrick Lamar is arguably the best rapper today or at least in Top 3. Few more years and he’ll have more Grammys than Eminem.

    But… names like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike or Martin Garrix, who don’t even have any studio albums have ruined Sziget. Luckily the good days seem to be back!

  91. By the way if it’s really Gorillaz tomorrow, it’s a very good move. Even if they’re not rock headliners, they’re British, so I guess AM + Gorillaz combo will attract some disappointed R+L fans. And they also have the chance to see Kendrick Lamar, Reading’s only quality headliner this year.

  92. @Nowheretohide You may like it or not but Kendrick is one of the biggest headliners of Summer 2018. When we talk about the quality of an artist we should try to focus on the quality of his songs and his albums, not if we like him or not. That’s personal opinion, it’s not something objective. Music is art, you can’t say that a Picasso is shit just because you don’t like it or understand it. And I’m not even a fan of hip hop (except for some names like Tyler the Creator, Run The Jewels and a few more) but Kendrick is a world class artist. Not even one of his albums gets less than 8/10 on Pitchfork, 3/5 are even above 9/10. So please, stop with these bulls*its.

  93. now if you belive Eminem or Grammy awards are synoyim for for good music then I guess you should discuss it with your high school mates because anyone older then 15 have probably evolved to something more challenging…. unfortunately sziget have become too commercial and festival for underage……Sziget in his glory days was more festival like mad cool in madrid today or nos in lisabon…but everyting change read somewhere that sziget has change owners and hence more commercial music for underage mtv kids…shame because it was really great back then

  94. 11 May 1965 Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)
    23 March 1968 Damon Albarn (Gorillaz)
    22 August 1995 Dua Lipa
    23 July 1984 Matthew Murphy (The Wombats)

  95. I don’t get it, why NIN is a headliner, but Limp Bizkit was not. Quite weak head to me.
    I’m not sure they will have a sold-out this year. Quality is here, but popularity is not.

  96. Gorillaz would be the best!!!
    but understandable booking!
    Meanwhile NIN would be awesome and a real surprise considering the last few lineups!
    As Bender summarized:
    Kendrick, Arctic, (Gorillaz), Mumford exclusive is already strong
    + NIN is awesome
    + Dua Lipa and the War on Drugs not headliners when they are co-headlining Lowlands…

    let’s wait and see 😀

  97. please tell me why do you all love gorillaz, when you could have Blur instead??
    it’s just a great PR band, but the music…

  98. 1- I love Damon Albarn! Blur, Gorillaz, his solo project;
    2- Gorillaz are good! their music is good. people know their lyrics and will singalong. only problem is the last album but it’s ok.
    3- Gorillaz is touring, not Blur.
    Do you complain saying you want The Beatles if Paul Mc Cartney gets announced?

    It’s not even sure that Gorillaz will be announced

  99. “the you could have” meant you had blur a cult band, and gorillaz become more popular. obviously he won’t force blur.

  100. @SzigetNews usually it’s always 11 CET.
    Sziget Italia posted “you thought it was at 11, right? You have to wait a bit more, patience will be rewarded”.

  101. Dua Lipa, Gorillaz, Shawn Mendes, Stormzy, The War on Drugs, Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker, Lianne La Havas, Desiigner, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Gorgon City live, JP Cooper, Petit Biscuit, Borgore, Zhu, Yellow Days, The Living End, Sofi Tukker and My Baby

  102. If this turns out to be true I’m very happy for Gorillaz, TWOD, Nick Murphy and King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard (don’t miss em!)

  103. It’s official, they sent the names to the press a bit earlier. already wrote them!

  104. Shawn Mendes is a real disappointment!
    Dua Lipa coheadlining with Twod at Lowlands and we got both of them so can’t complain!
    that’s some time away from the main stage!

    The War on Drugs, Nick Murphy… awesome! King Gizzard, Petit Biscuit!!


    And yeah f*cking Nick Murphy, King Gizzard and Theiving End! HUUUUGE!
    Of course a lot of trash, but that is part of the plan, I guess.

    If Dua Lipa Headlining we have to forget about NIN and maybe also Justice IMO

  106. Don’t understand your hate to Shawn Mendes. In terms of a pop act and speaking with fsfsfs words, it is relevance and quality 🙂

    And the same for Dua Lipa.

    So it is great choice for pop music (much better then Britney Spears or Bieber)

    My only complain is headline spot… But I hope they are not headliners.

  107. Dua Lipa AND Stormzy headlining, according to Evening Standard. They deleted the article afterwards. Disappointing if they headline.

  108. According to Sziget Italia:

    8 AGOSTO
    KENDRICK LAMAR, Lykke Li, Stormzy, Clean Bandit

    9 AGOSTO
    GORILLAZ, Cigarettes After Sex, Seasick Steve, Lemaitre, Alle Farben, WhoMadeWho

    10 AGOSTO
    Parov Stelar, The Kooks, JP Cooper, Scarlxrd, Joe Goddard live, Ummet Ozcan, Sam Feldt live, Jay Hardway, The Him, Bilderbuch, Shame, Perturbator

    11 AGOSTO
    MUMFORD & SONS, Bastille, Lianne La Havas, Fink, Above & Beyond, Everything Everything, Borgore, Zhu, The Living End, Sofi Tukker

    12 AGOSTO
    DUA LIPA, Liam Gallagher, Kaleo, Wolf Alice, Desiigner, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Petit Biscuit, Slaves, KSHMR, Seven Lion

    13 AGOSTO
    KYGO, SHAWN MENDES, MØ, Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker, Milky Chance, Little Dragon, Goo Goo Dolls, La Femme, Yellow Days, My Baby

    14 AGOSTO
    ARCTIC MONKEYS, The War On Drugs, Zara Larsson, Gogol Bordello, Blossoms, Gorgon City live, Nothing But Thieves, Lewis Capaldi, Delta Heavy

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