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Announcement: Hardwell, Manu Chao, Kaiser Chiefs & More @ Sziget 2016

Sziget Festival has just made its Easter surprise announcement: Hardwell will perform the festival’s end show on the Main Stage. The other names announced, in no particular order:

  • Manu Chao
  • Kaiser Chiefs
  • Boys Noise
  • Dillon Francis
  • Movits!
  • Vinai
  • DJ Sliink

Hardwell to perform Sziget 2016’s End Show

Hardwell surely doesn’t need any introduction for EDM lovers. His performances are spectacular, and his mixes are packed with the latest and greatest hits. The Dutch progressive / electro-house DJ has millions of fans around the world. Despite his frail age, he was named the best DJ in the world by DJ Mag twice already.

Manu Chao is also returning to Sziget this year. His music is a combination of styles from all over the world. Expect another great, atmospheric performance on the Main Stage on the 12th.

The Kaiser Chiefs has made its debut in 2005, and what a debut – a five-time platinum! The band represents one of the most authentic indie rock sound in the United Kingdom, and in many other parts of the world, for sure. Ricky Wilson is considered one of the most entertaining live performers – hopefully, he will continue this tradition at Sziget 2016 – on the 15th.

FIDLAR is one of the most popular skate punk/garage punk bands in LA, partly because their songs have been used in a number of video games and TV series. They will show their worth to Szitizens on the 16th.

Boys Noize comes to Sziget from Germany, where he has received a series of awards for his work. The electronic music artist plays a suggestive, liberal techno and electro. He was rewarded with the award for the best electro act at Beatport three times in a row. We’ll have the chance to see (hear) fo ourselves on the 12th.

Dillon Francis is a 28-year-old American electronic musician, producer and DJ from LA – the second act to come all the way from the East Coast to Central Europe. His tunes are perfect for killing brain cells (Sziget’s words), so expect an insane party when he performs on stage (at a yet undisclosed date).

Swing and hip-hop mixed with jazz – this is the sound you can expect from Sweden’s sleaziest and most exciting band, Movits! They are currently on tour with their fourth album. Expect a crazy, funny and “dancy” party on the 11th.

Vinai is another EDM act, consisting of two young Italian brothers, Alessandro and Andrea. Their music is grandiose, ecstatic and immersive, as you will be able to see on the 12th.

Last, but not least, let us mention DJ Sliink, the 24-year-old jersey club performer. Among his fans, we find prominent names like Diplo and Skrillex. His performance is expected to be dynamic and exciting – on the 11th.

368 thoughts on “Announcement: Hardwell, Manu Chao, Kaiser Chiefs & More @ Sziget 2016

  1. Kaiser Chiefs! good suprise!
    will skip End Show like every year – there will be someone at A38 as usual.

  2. copy-paste from the article before, with an emphasis on Manu Chao!

    Hardwell for the end show is the worse thing that could’ve happened… especially with David Guetta being the other main stage DJ! That leaves no room for The Chemical Brothers (except above Sia and Noel?
    Manu Chao is a great addition though, will he headline above Bastille?
    Fidlar will be a good gig too, and same for Boys Noize and Kaiser Chiefs.

  3. I think that The Chemical Brothers can be the Day 1 headliners & the Day -1 headliner will be something bigger. That’s my feeling.

  4. Ok, it s far from what the most of us expected (as always, since Sziget seems to have forgotten how to impress people with big names – only exception: Muse, other names made our people impress in a bad way), but still we have to take a look to few things:

    – Maybe for the first time time in three year they called someone who won’t make me slit my wrist for the closing party (maybe I said, back in 2013 Hardwell was a good artist – but even Tiesto were, so, ok, no big expectation)

    – Manu Chao is overall a brilliant performer, it’s not the Ska P, maybe it’s not even like Gogol Bordello, but it’s a really good band live, if you say that’s not true, you are a liar.
    If you (not you, camper, anyone, I mean) find this boring, you are lucky because they will perform at World Stage or in Main Stage in early time.

    – Fidlar and Boyz Noize are EXCELLENT added: punk and acid house must be welcome at sziget

    – Kaiser Chiefs is a waste of Main Stage spot (they will play there, uh?), maybe they would have been a news back in 2010, probably I will give ’em a listen but I dont know really.

    – Movits! make me ask myself: “have we f***in done with nordic-hip hop? Ok, they are cool because it mix jazz-swing and hip hop, happy, ok, but jesus christ, stop! 3 out of 4 hip hop artists sings in German or Sweden (?) and the other one is that… well it’s Travis Scott! Stop!

    – The other three names are for the Party Arena, good for them, better for me. Im just sad that Vinai are a representatives of Italy at Sziget outside of the Europe stage, til now, what a trash.

    – Oh yeah, and never forget about Punnany Massif which will steal this year too a place for a real band in the main stage!

  5. Mostly disappointing, Hardwell is okay as endshow, Kaiser Chiefs is Always good for a party, the rest is nothing.

    If you expect something like Chemical Brothers, RHCP, Biffy Clyro, Dua Lipa, Wolfmother and/or Circa Waves, this is hugely disappointing!

  6. … Hum … Just want to see Boys Noise and Manu Chao, Kaiser Chiefs is ok for Ruby 😛

    But no Chems, no RHCP, etc … 🙁

  7. Super happy with Manu Chao, Boys Noyze and Kaiser Chiefs.

    If Dillon Francis is at some good night time in party arena, while nobody else I care is playing I can go and rave to some trap sh*t, so… not bad.

    Hardwell has the same importance as punnany massif on this announcement.

    @Noeliam: we have 2 headlining slot for sure (day 0 and day 1) don’t you think The Chemical Brothers can get one of this two? Having them after Sia and Noel would be ace, but is kinda too much.

  8. @bobo Bastille and Manu Chao for the two top spots don’t you think? The Chemicals already have a date on this day to add them 🙁
    day 0 is headlined by Rihanna; I think they will pull a big name for day -1

  9. Guys I don’t think we have free space on Main Stage on day 1 as we already have John Newman, Quimby, Bastille and Manu Chao.

    Anyway I think Kaiser Chiefs may be A38 material, just like Bloc Party are and Interpol were last year.

  10. How do you know Manu Chao will play the 12th? I found no news about em and Fidlar and Punnany Massif…

  11. So if Bastille/Manu Chao are headlining that only leaves 1 more headline spot? Hoping for RHCP but can’t see them being announced now.

  12. If Manu Chao plays the 12th, then they’ll get the Gogol Bordello spot, I guess. Bastille – subheadliners, then there would be enough spot for a headliner.

  13. @Sziget you have to add John Newman and Quimby. And Manu Chao headlined in 2007, I really don’t think he’ll get the same Gogol Bordello spot. Actually if he headlines again I’m fine. I saw him and La Ventura at a festival here in Barcelona in early October and he did a massive concert! He was supposed to play for 1 hour and a half but he left the stage only after a 3 hours 10 minutes concert! Huge!

  14. On the same day Glasto announces some truly fantastic acts…we get next to nothing. End Show will be fine. I like lasers and whatnot. Kaiser Chiefs are cool. From this whole lineup, I just don’t see where the headliners are. Disappointed by the lineup so far.

    On the positive note, I can’t wait to see this fest!

  15. Im sorry, I have some opinion about the line up, so long comment arriving down here:

    —10 AUGUST
    still nothing


    —11 AUGUST
    Jake Bugg – ? – ? – Rihanna

    Rico & Sticks – Movits (Early spot)
    MO – Travis Scott (Afternoon)
    Parov Stelar – Datsik (Night)


    —12 AUGUST
    John Newman – Manu Chao – Bastille – Quimby (*)

    Kovacs – Jain (Early Spot)
    K.I.Z. (Headliner 23.45 spot)
    Unkle – Boyz Noize (Night)


    Ministri – Brunettes Shoots Blondes

    *I feel weird about the Main Stage spot, I think that one between Manu Chao and Quimby will be World Stage material, or John Newman A38 material (in this case I put KIZ on Afternoon spot and Newman headlining)


    —13 AUGUST
    ? – Bring Me the Horizon – Sigur Ros – Muse

    Kodaline (Early spot) (*)
    Molotov – Roisin Murphy (Afternoon)
    Naughty Boy – Excision (Night) (*2)


    *Can potentially be the missing MS spot, I dont know how much they are appreciated in the rest of Europe
    *2Naughty Boy can be Party Arena materia in the same way Dyro can be A38 material


    —14 AUGUST
    Oscar & The Wolf – Sum 41 – ? – David Guetta (*)

    Bloc Party (Headliner)
    Wilkinson (Night)

    Brains (10.00)

    Queer Jane – Thunder & Co

    Groove Salvation

    * Since Sziget is trying to impress Germanic people (Dutch purposely) I think O&TW will be on MS, if not, probably an Early spot on A38


    —15 AUGUST
    Kaiser Chiefs – Years and Years – Sia – Noel Gallagher (*)

    The Neighboorhoods (Afternoon)
    CHVRCHES (Headliner)
    M83 – Tourist (Night)

    Dillon Francis – Nicky Romero

    The Zen Circus


    —16 AUGUST
    ? – The Last Shadow Muppets – The Lumineers – Hardwell

    Aurora – Jess Glynne (Early spot)
    Bullet for My Valentine (Afternoon)
    Parkway Drive (Headliner)
    Crystal Castles (Night)



    I dont have datas about Salmo, Fidler and Punnany Massif, but Im pretty sure the first will perform in Europe stage, the second on A38 and the third on Main Stage.

    If my analysis is quite correct we still have 10 spots on the main stage (9 if we count Punnany Massif, and takin in consideration that one between Quimby and Manu Chao will perform on World Stage) and 13 on the A38.
    There will probably be 5-6 Hungarian Bands on those two stages to be announced (this experience taught me, at least).

    Still we have half of the Party Arena and almost every part of the Colosseum and World stage TBA. There wont be Blues-Irish Stage this year (well, whatever…).

    I think we are not so far from the end of the lineup, and that’s no good, IMHO.

  16. @noeliam: sorry, of course I mean day -1 🙂

    I hope that some of the acts that Yelo put on the Main stage will be in A38 to leave space to some good sub/headliner to save the Main stage this year.

  17. I hope so too Bobo, but looking at how they have done the things this year I think we can have some opinions about John Newman, Quimby (I heard on eFestival that Manu Chao will be MS Material, can someone confirm this?) and Oscar and the Wolf, this would make not so big difference imho.

    Even if I love Manu Chao (I do love him, really) it would be a BIG shame if he headlines or co-headlines with Bastille. Manu Chao is history, but this is not a great news from 6 years or so, in a normal situation I would be impressed if he succeed to play on the major stage, but that’s Sziget (and this seems an excuse to do things like f**k tomorrow lately); meanwhile Bastille is lower than Ellie Goulding, they have 1 hits, 2 album and it would not be realistic even to have them coheadlining, but again ITS SZIGEETTTTTT

  18. Last year we didn’t have any Hungarian headliner on the Main Stage on Day 1, so I hope that Quimby won’t play the MS… this way we still can have 2 decent names as headliners.

  19. It always re-direct me to the italian Sziget page, since Im italian, but ok.

    I dont think they would announce Manu Chao AND Hardwell and make him play at the World Stage, it has its dignity, but still it is a secondary stage

  20. serious lols at this festival, and it’s gonna be sold out. biggest mistery of the 21th century.

  21. Just meh. If they have massive attack, chems and other big names what are they waiting for? It will sold out soon anyway, so i dont get the point… It started very well and getting worse and worse every announcement. I think i will head somewhere else this summer. Ok it’s not all about bands, but spending all that money and a week of holidays just for sigur ros, m83 and muse is kind of a waste for me

  22. @yelo According to the offical Sziget page, Naughty Boy is playing the 11th not the 13th. Also, I’ve read somewhere that both Sigur Ros and Bring Me The Horizon would be A38 (altough I also would have guessed them for MS, except for maybe Sigur Ros unless they got a late spot after dark)

    Otherwise I’m fairly ok with this as long as nothing is pretended to be headliners (although Hardwell kinda is). Kaiser Chiefs and Fidlar are great live and Manu Chao I haven’t seen before. Had hoped for Biffy, but I guess there is still room.

  23. If Naughty Boy plays the 11th (and he does, I mistaked indeed), I strongly believe he will play at party arena with only a dj set: Parov Stelar nor Datsik couldnt play anywhere else but A38 in the night time

    I knew BMTH and Sigur Ròs both were MS material. I really dont think they want to put a band like BMTH (very famous and yet violent – more famous and more violent than Enter Shikari) in A38; maybe, if something really has to happen, they will move Sigur Ros in A38, but they announced them for first like a big name (not an headliner, but the main name on that annoucement): I think they believe that their show will be highly followed and will give ’em the spot they deserve.
    Also, if the staff will be honest with themselves, they will comprehend that the acoustic in A38 would quite f**k up the sounds of Sigur Ros, compromising the full show (as last year happened to bands with less care for the sound like Selah Sue or SOJA).

  24. But Party Arena wasn’t opened on Day 0 last year, so it’s not a sure thing if Naughty Boy plays there or in A38…

  25. Reading a lot of comments of disappointed people here.
    On my side I am happy with this announcement:

    1) Hardwell will obviously provide a final party gathering a lot of people, I guess it will be fun

    2) Manu Chao songs are great, even if repetitive 😉

    3) Boys Noize : What else !

    4) I don’t know any of the other bands but looking at the current Sziget program I will almost run out of time between concerts, budapest spa, beach, chill, food, bars and Auchan parking lot ^^

    This is an eclectic program as always. Still missing a bit of metal and reggae though but if they add D.Marley and Rammstein it will be a perfect program 😉

  26. Is Eminem still a realistic potential headliner for day -1? I’m also still hoping for skrillex he was amazing in 2014

  27. @Camper: You are right… Well, we will have to wait for further news about Party Arena and Colosseum, I guess

    @Denis: Damian Marley won’t at 99% join the Sziget line up since he plays in Budapest few days later. Rammstein sounds so irrealistic right now, because of the shape the line up has taken lately and because they announced their tour months ago right now. Yes, Im sad too.

    @timfcsm: Yes I know, I consider them playing at the 01.30 spot, when Infected Mushrooms played last year, to give an idea.

    @Sziget: lower you’re expectation, you will be happier. Anyway I would find it massive and I would sell my soul (and not only) for a day with RHCP AND Chems

    @Szitizen: Nothing leads to Eminem; I wouldnt bet on him, but they said they are after a non-touring performer, and with the Day 1 in danger between Bastille, Quimby, Manu Chao and John Newman, we still have the full Day -1 to dream about!

  28. @Sziget: ahaha dreaming too big. We are lucky if we have them on different days.

    Anyway I agree with Denis, the announcement is not so bad (considering just today). Better DJs we could have had for end show are only Jack U and maybe Deadmau5(too alternative for the “modern end show”). But we know that Sziget wants a great edm party for the final MS spot so ok, Hardwell is not that bad(Calvin Harris, Avicii, Aoki would have been worse). It just needs a good sub and some good clash in A38 or Colosseum as always, it could work.

    -Manu Chao, you must be happy if you like festivals like Sziget! This is the spirit of Sziget, this is the music of freedom, dancing, craziness! Who cares if it’s repetitive.

    -Boys Noyze: super!

    -FIDLAR: very good A38 addition, some energetic punk.

    -Kaiser Chiefs: very good addition for A38/early Main

    -Dillon francis and DJ Sliink: maybe two of the few party arena acts I’ll see. Interesting and original.

    Vinai (party arena randoms to fill the lineup), Movits (the same but for some other stage)

    Except for the end show, I don’t know how can this (little) announcement be bad. By the way D. Marley won’t play at Sziget because he already has gig in Hungary, and yes we need some rock heads on the lineup.

  29. Hoping for Die Antwoord to subheadline Rihanna. Crystal fighters are also playing some festivals this summer they’re always a lot of fun.

  30. @miguel nice analysis. It’s a good announcement only masked by Hardwell and the fact that we’re in the blur concerning the headline spot of the day 1.
    Rihanna: big enough;
    Manu chao/Bastille is weak for Sziget, even as a co-headlining structure;
    Muse: big enough;
    David Guetta: meh, needs a good sub (Biffy);
    Sia/Noel: good-coheadlining structure;
    Hardwell: meh (could be nice as the end show depending on who is clashing with him), and needs a good sub (bigger than TLSP).

    + day-1 headliner, that leaves us with 3 normal headline days (Muse supported by Sigur Ros is just insane!!) and 3 pretty weak.
    If they put Jack U after Bastille/Manu Chao, Biffy before Guetta, x before Hardwell and a good day-1 headliner it’ll look pretty strong on the 7 days.
    Rihanna still needs a good sub too.

  31. Still waiting for announcement of Editors, Two Door Cinema Club, Crystal Fighters and The 1975.

    Don’t wanna see RHCP, Rammstein and Chemical Brothers, cause will see them this summer and 1 time of them is enough for me. A bit selfish but ????

  32. i’m a bit dissapointed . 🙁 i need some hip-hop 🙁 why we can’t get some good stuff like Dilated Peoples(they come to Electric Castle Festival in Romania) or KRS-One or Phryme(they come to Airfield in Romania <3)

  33. Sziget Italia commented on Facebook something like this, 1 hour ago: “Missing all Europe Stage, Party Arena, Colosseum, believe something on the Main Stage, or the day of the names on August 10, the Light Stage, the A38 Part, all the classical music, the Blues Stage, The World Stage, all part the theater and yet another. ;)”

    Could “Believe something on the Main Stage” mean that there is a chance for a Day 1 headliner, too? Or should it mean only the rest of the other subheadline empty spots?

  34. An italian minor stage organized buy the Alternativa’s guys which let small italian bands to perform

  35. This is probably the worse Sziget lineup in many years, but I think that some of theese suggested acts could make it a lot better. They are all touring this summer, and it looks like they are available in the period between the 10th and 17th of august.
    Does anybody know how many major acts we could expect? Looks like 80% of the lineup for main stage and A38 is already settled.

    Last headliner: Rammstein or Red hot chili peppers.
    Co-heads: Biffy Clyro, LCD Soundsystem, Tame Impala & Kendric Lamar
    Other touring acts: Two door cinema club, Disclosure & The Vaccines, James Blake & The 1975.

  36. I thought Sziget moved to Wednesday to Wednesday to not clash with other festivals and therefore allow them to have a bigger choice of acts to choose from?

    I feel like we’ve all be duped, how this is selling out is beyond me!

    @Robbsi I would love for The Vaccines to be there however they have a huge break in their schedule from the middle of July to the end of August – not sure why they haven’t filled this yet??

  37. I’m kinda disappointed in the line up so far. It will be the first time sziget for me and my friends (I follow you since I bought my ticket) and if we are confident about the “Sziget experience” and all the fun we know we’ll have, we expected a bit more for the line up.
    When I look at the lowlands line up I can’t help but think that all the good stuff for Sziget are there too and somme more like Wolfmother, LCD, EODM, Foals, Disclosure and many other.
    We choose Sziget over lowlands cause Sziget is supposed to be “better” but at the moment I don’t see it.

  38. So when / which day do Punnany Massif play, this is the only one I haven’t figured out yet?

    The Hungarian Sziget site seems to provide that info for all bands, the Dutch has some lacks in that regard!

  39. Meanwhile Lowlands adds another 25 names to their line-up.

    The Kills, Pumarosa, Causes and especially Highly Suspect would be welcome additions to Sziget for me!

  40. I love this prog because:
    – Big rock are back (muse, Sum 41, Fidlar, Parkaway drive….)
    – We have perfect bands for a festival: Molotov and Manu chao (beers,sun, fun, crazy and girls dancing)
    – Excellent techno acts with Excision (the album “codename x”….f**king good), Dillon Francis or Boys noize and we always had the colloseum
    – EDM is always here: I don’t like Guetta and the new hardwell (to big room for me and In don’t like tunning music) but some Dj are good like Nicky Romero or Dyro

    It’s my 7 sziget in a row and i don’t except anything special with the prog beacause me too, i would like to see At the drive in, Maximum the Hormone, Laurent Garnier, chocolate puma, Chemical brothers or Metallica…but i content myself.

    @fifidouste we are not sensitive to the F-Word, but our comment filter is. Please use ** when necessary 🙂

  41. again? year after year is the same “the worst line up ever”
    even Muse aren’t good enough now for you
    everyone were fighting with Art and actually you all are moaning as he was doing

  42. I don’t understand, why you are always complaining about sziget line-up.
    As for now, I see 3 big line-up festivals – Rock Werchter, mainly for RHCP and Rammstein + other solid headliners ; Glastonbury – Muse, Coldplay and Adele(which for me is very strange festival choice) and Sziget already with Muse, Rihanna, Hardwell and similar mix of other bands.
    Sziget line-up is not as weak as you think, and with addition of RHCP or Rammstein plus couple of midlevel rock bands it is gonna be the strongest, imho.
    I also don’t understand complains about lack of metal bands and the presence of pop and dj headliners. Better check download or other festivals for metal. Sziget is about diversity, and I see it in the line-up.

  43. The real deal:

    Day -1 – ? Possible better name than Robbie Williams
    Day 0 – Rihanna – more popular than Florence Welch, that’s for sure
    Day 1 – still unclear to me, maybe alt-J are better than Bastille / Manu Chao, but I still hope for a Day 1 headliner
    Day 2 – Muse way better than Kings of Leon
    Day 3 – Sia way better than Ellie Goulding
    Day 4 – David Guetta same as Avicii to me
    Day 5 – Hardwell anyway is better than Martin Garrix.

    So we have a minus (Day1), a draw (Day 4) and all the other days are better in terms of headliners, except Day -1. I hope that Day -1 will have a rock band at least as popular as Robbie Williams. Overall, the headliners look better than last year, that’s for sure.

  44. About day -1, I don’t wanna sound defeatist but in my opinion they tried to book Rihanna for -1 but for some reason were not able to. This is why I guess Day -1 headliner will not be as big as Robbie Williams (cause it will be a Day 0 like headliner)

  45. A good line up isn’t just headliners I think. And as for me, I never said that the line up was bad. It’s a good line up but it isn’t as good as other festival who aren’t as big as Sziget.
    There is a lot of sub MS or A38 group touring this summer (Iggy Pop, Warpaint, Wolfmother, Savages, Tame Impala, ..) and we get Kaiser Chiefs wich was good … 5 years ago. (oh and yeah, obviously I’m a indie music guy but I think it’s the same for DJs)
    If I was looking only for headliners, Werchter is above all (McCartney, Rammstein, RHCP .. it’s heavy !) but it’s all there is. Big names and nothing else.

  46. Sziget España wrote that “the line-up usually is fully announced in May”. Last year we had a KoL announcement in June, so maybe that was an exception. I have a feeling that in 2-3 weeks we’ll know the Day -1 headliner at least.

  47. Sziget España is wrong. Sziget’s lineup is never full in May. Usually we don’t even have all the headliners in May!

    2015 King Of Leon -> June
    2014 KoRN -> June
    2013 Quimby in Wonderland for Day 0 ->June
    2011 The Prodigy -> late May
    2011 Prince -> July

  48. Well, maybe this year they will handle the situation in other (more professional/respectful) way

    [When I say that Sziget is not professional or at least respectful of the goers, I actually mean it: because this trend is symbol of incapacity of organize a fully line-up in normal times.
    On other hand, if this is only a mere marketing action, it’s a total lack of respect for the goers, since they have to wait long time for a clear idea of the line-up, time that not only makes the prices increase, but create situations when it comes to discuss about the travel’s option, the camping, the facilities and also the risk of other festivals go in sold out in the meantime.
    Just my view of things]

  49. @Sziget: so you say that this year lineup is better than last year just because:

    -Rihanna is more popular than Florence (are you serious? man, even Bieber and One Direction are more popular than Florence, doesn’t mean they’re better. Did you ever ask yourself why Florence headlined or subbed like every festival in the world last year? She was one of the best headliners of the year worldwide. And I was not a big fan of her)

    -Muse is better than KoL (personal taste, they play at the same level of festivals)

    -Sia is better than Ellie (personal taste, they both sing the same genre of radio friendly tunes, same spots at festivals)

    -Hardewell is better than Garrix based on your personal taste (they kinda play the same bigroom setlist, can’t see big differences).

    But you forgot to say that we had KASABIAN before Avicii, now at the moment we have Sum41 before Guetta. So not so strong at the moment. Also we had Rudimental and Limp Bizkit before Garrix, now we have TLSP (or seems so) a good band, but still a band that plays in clubs.
    And by the way: Manu Chao is very good, but Alt J were ten times better than Bastille. Bastille is like The Script of this year. Hope we’ll have something better over them.

    And yeah, I am waiting to see the final headliner like everybody, but for now this year is not as good as last one.

  50. Rhianna although not my first choice is much better than Florence.
    Muse are much better than KoL.
    Sia is much better than Ellie G.
    Finally a DJ is only a DJ so the end show really doesn’t bother me.

    It’s just my own opinion but this years line up is much better than last years! And it’s still growing!

  51. @miguel: I didn’t say anything about the overall line-up.

    Rihanna – by popular I meant that she will sell more tickets than Florence did.

    Muse – same thing like Rihanna + last year, when KoL were announced, almost everyone hoped for Muse and were disappointed with KoL. Anyway, Muse were voted #1 on the Sziget Wishlist app (after the Arctic Monkeys, but they are on hiatus, so we’ll have TLSP), I guess that says it all. They bring you a more entertaining live show than KoL, that’s for sure.

    Sia – maybe this is the only one based on personal taste, but I don’t believe that she’ll be as boring as Ellie last year.

    Hardwell – it was based on Dj Mag Top 100. I know that the top is crap, but some EDM fans will buy lots of tickets only for that.

    So that’s why the headliners are “selling”. I’m sure that there are some subheadliners to be announced on the Main Stage, too. We’ll see if they’re good enough or not in the following weeks.

  52. Sziget’s Facebook post pretty much confirms that Manu Chao La Ventura is headlining as he is ordered with the other confirmed headliners. So that just leaves 1 more headline spot?

  53. Cypress hill would be really nice . but i accept any small hip-hop names.. as i mentioned.. Dilated peoples ar on tour.. Prhyme on tour .. many many small but good (not mainstream shit) artists are on tour . what we have now a few artists who sing on their own language . ^^ and travis scott.. as an oldschool hiphop fan . travis scott is unlistenable.. i dont even care if he will come or not or anything :))

  54. so .. Sziget just posted right now.. and as you see . they put the headliners befor Hardwell’s end show.. that means we have only the -1 day headline spot free 🙁

  55. Even if I like Manu Chao a lot, I find him an even weaker headliner than Sia is. I hope there will be some change about it, it is no longer 2007

  56. Prices are increased but we have less headliners than last years 🙂

    Manu Chao is super good but you can see him even at 10€ events.

    You all say Sia is better than Ellie etc… but Sia never really toured….. AHAH and she is headlining Sziget.

    And just want to remember that last year we also had Major Lazer subbing KoL (not only Kasabian+Avicii). All of them have been headliners in world festivals in these years

  57. Or we can remember 2014: Blink182 subbed by 1975, Deadmau5+Queens of the stone Age (omfg), Placebo+Skrillex (subbed by Imagine Dragons), Macklemore subbed by Lily Allen and Bastille (and Stromae in A38), Calvin Harris+ Outkast subbed by The Kooks, and obviously we had also the crazy Korn and Prodigy.

    Of course I’m NOT comparing artists, I like to change, I like diversity, BUT at least give us the same for the same price, or rather… for a bigger price now.

    @yelo, thank you for the support, porcaccia la madonna
    if you know what I mean

  58. I want to cry when I see the 2014’s line-up … I wasn’t here but for me it was one of the best festival line-up …

  59. Pizza. 🙂

    I also knew about the 2014 line-up and I also wasn’t there, but it wasn’t a decissive reason to buy the tickets for the 2015 edition. Maybe the fact that I don’t have to travel too much to get to Budapest was and this year is the same to me. I am sure that we’ll have fun anyway. I hope for a big name on Day -1 and I hope that Manu Chao is headliner on Day 1 because they wanted to bring a big name for big money on -1.

    Do you guys know how much they payed for Rihanna and the other headliners and what is the remaining budget? And maybe how much they have to pay for RHCP or Rammstein? That would be interesting to see.

  60. Lol k, stop this OT right now.

    Goin back in-topic, I might say that the only improvement I saw last year was the Fuerza Bruta. ‘Cept for that I appreciated just the enlargment of the A38. On the other hands they took away the Sziget Eye and put a barriquade in the middle of the Main Stage and the line up fell off a bit (the main stage was pitiful in comparison to the one of the 2014, meanwhile the A38 was very very better) and, ok, they put another EDM stage, which brought the number to 2,5 (Party, Colosseum, the night in A38), which was a good idea for the selling of the ticket, but it killed a little the variety and quality of the lineup.

    Right now we have no confirmed improvement in terms of logistic, they removed a minor stage, the Alternativa set a fund raising to put the Light Stage on, I dont see the Sziget Eye on the map and the lineup is getting more variety maybe (punk and metal, even if this year are rapresented with really few bands, were totally absent the last year with the only exception of Enter Shikari) but less quality on 2 different points of view:
    1- “how much would I pay to watch those bands performing stand-alone”? I think that right now there are less than 6 performers for which one may pay more than 50 € to watch them (and yes, that’s a thing I care about, takin in consideration I spend more or less 750 € for this festival, which is a lot of money)
    2- Objective performances, in terms of critical acclaiming – which is by far for me the only criterion one can take when speaking of quality to art, since art is mostly subjective.

    The thing I want to take to the attention of everyone is that the last year the lineup “sucked” because there were not so many bands in touring. This year they have no excuses, I repeat.

  61. I can’t believe that Muse is only 100k. I’d say that they request at least 500k for a concert… And maybe Rihanna 1.5M, as they payed Robbie Williams 1.3M.

  62. @Sziget I don’t know the actual price for any particular artist this year but I used to work for a medium sized festival in Belgium and what I’ve learned there was surprising. For example a lazy ass DJ who come hands in his pocket with his USB drive can isn’t cheaper than a full band with a truck full of equipement. The kind of thing that piss me off.
    As for headliners this year, if nothing has changed in the last 3-4 years, Rihanna is by far the most expensive artist (even compared to Muse). Rammstein was still a “cheap” band a few years ago while RHCP was kinda expensive but RHCP haven’t done anything good since a long time so maybe they adapt the price.
    And no idea about the total budget so no more about the remaining !

  63. Rihanna surely didn’t cost 1.5m. The artist that will cost this will play the day -1 with a more expensive day ticket.
    The “Transe Express” replaced the Fuerza Bruta show (which I missed, what shame!)

  64. I think that Muse takes a lot more now. This list of price (if correct wich we can’t be sure) is 3 or 4 years old. And with their drones sh*t on stage, it’s gonna be more expensive.

  65. I hope then that Denis was wrong when he said that the initial plan was to put Rihanna on Day -1 and we won’t get something big.

  66. Yes probably Muse will cost more today, it sounded weird to me too.
    Hope they found out something great for the -1, like I say evertime

    and Noeliam, big loss, the Fuerza Bruta last year was sick!

  67. best scenario for me at the moment (regarding Main Stage):

    -we get 1 good act for -1Day (Rammstein 1st position for me, but I think not for Sziget. RHCP could be good for the audience, not so good live, and anyway seems less likely to me. The Stone Roses? why not. Something like Mumford&Sons can also do the job).
    -we also get Chemical Brothers after Sia or Manu Chao
    – we get something like Biffy Clyro or similar before Guetta or Hardewell

    IF that’s the case I have nothing to say about main stage artistic direction.

    Otherwise I start thinking they are just waiting to see if they can sell enough tickets without spending too much in the lineup.

  68. his tour finishes in june.. and usually legends of music don’t do exceptions or changes in their schedules

  69. I wonder if it’s still true that they are searching for a big artist or a huge band which is not on tour. I would spend some big money for the Foo Fighters, because they would fit in, but I think it’s no chance to see them.

  70. I think they mean artists that are touring but not in europe in august, or artists that have some free time in august, or artists that do just few gigs during the year (like The Strokes for example or like Kings of Leon last year). Not artists that are not touring at all. Foos are doing no live activity at all, they won’t plat anywhere.

    No more fuerza bruta this year, there was another super show on the official map which I found out to be very good… but now I can’t find it anymore and I can’t remember the name ahah

  71. I just discovered “Refused” while watching last Doom cinematic trailer. They are touring this summer and might be in Europe during Sziget. Would be a great addition IMHO 🙂

  72. They’re Glastonbury exclusive in Europe. Radiohead may also have a slight chance, though. The Strokes are not big enough for me, even if I like them.

    The Killers are also an option, I guess. Axl said recently that GnR will do a world tour, so it’s a chance to see if they’re the secret Day -1 headliners, as well.

    Evanescence? Big enough to headline Day -1?

    I hope that something it won’t a smaller headliner than Mumford and Sons.

  73. Coldplay are Glastonbury exclusive, not Refused.* 🙂

    Refused would be nice, but definitely not as a headliner!

  74. It seems so! 😀 They have 3 concerts in the US in May, but I wouldn’t be excited if they’re playing Sziget.

  75. I think we will get a “normal” headliner for day -1 because I also think that Rihanna should have been that…

    So i think we will get a good known band.. but not VERY big.. RHCP could be but I dont think so..

    Eminem would be the best.. but TO BIG..

    They are waiting VERY long this year with the day -1 head.. I think this is because its not a very big name.

  76. Yeah, I guess that The Killers would be the best option to have an exclusive headliner in Europe as a festival, like Coldplay at Glastonbury.

  77. @Sziget: Yeah I was not thinking one moment they could headline 😉

    I already picture the announcement for The Killers, this is so Sziget style headliner: “Somebody told me…”

  78. Someone stole my name! Hahaha. I didn’t say anything about Queen + Adam Lambert. What about AC/DC + Axl Rose then? 😀

    @Denis: You’re right that they’re Sziget style headliners and to be honest I would enjoy them more than last year’s KoL concert, because they’re more energic on stage and they also have some more energic songs. 😉

  79. Definitely not, but you never know with Sziget and how they planned the line-up… maybe they wanted Muse for the weekend. I don’t really feel that we’ll get something bigger than them, because I don’t want to get dissapointed. I think that Rammstein is the only touring band which can be compared to them.

  80. They should bring jack Ü as a day -1 headliner. Skrillex in 2014 was by far the best show of that year”s sziget

  81. All I just want are some great rock bands like Biffy Clyro, Tenacious D, Wolfmother or The Hives, some hip-hop act like Die Antwoord, G-Eazy, Boy Better Know (or Skepta solo) or Stormzy, and some better electro acts than we already got, for example DVBBS (their Ultra set was massive!), Modestep or Noisia 🙂

    There is not probably space for Jack Ü…sad 🙁

  82. Tenacious D and die antwoord would save the line up. Dj carnage”s ultra set was crazy he could be a great addition to the A38 or party arena

  83. I think in April we will get one more announcement and also the day -1 headliner.. but I think we should not think of to big names… we will be dissapointed i am sure …

    Last year Robbie Williams costs 1.3 million !!! … now you can expect how much Rihanna will cost….. i think between 1,2 – 1,5 million

    And Robbie needs nearly 50% of the line up budget in 2015! So there is not much room for another big headliners cause of the money .. :/

  84. For this years Sziget teen festival we need Justin Bieber for day -1 to make headliners perfect (except for Moose but oldies are like people too and should have a guettar band to enjoy.:) 🙂 🙂

  85. April’s Fool. 🙂

    The Killers or Mumford and Sons for Day -1 and some quality subheadliners as camper said would be fine by me!

  86. I dont like Justin Bieber.. but if he would come, there would be thousands of nice looking girls at his show… so it would be not bad for everyone 😀

  87. Yeah, 10-12 years old girls. In that case, maybe we’ll have to take a look on their moms instead! ????

  88. Justin Bieber’s fans are not really the type of girls that drink and rave all night on the island and then ask you to take them in the tent to bang them. So I wouldn’t change typical sziget girls with some bielebers. Anyway there is no lack of beautiful girls at sziget

  89. Well, if David Guetta won’t be headliner (like Major Lazer were the last year), this leaves an open window for hope…

    Manu Chao headliner doesn’t piss me off so badly as long as they put proper headliners in the remaining spots, ’cause right now Manu Chao and Sia are very weak headliner.
    I’m open to everything, since it looks like they took inspiration from my best nightmare to build part of the MS lineup this year.

  90. Noel Gallager going to be a headliner? Means we still only have one spot left?

  91. Noel is on the Sia day, not Guetta one. Day -1 and Guetta can still suffer some changes.

  92. Ah right so that poster doesn’t exactly show who the headliners are based on their position

  93. Hi, i’m new on this forum but i’m following you since last year when i had the pleasure to partecipate at 2015 sziget edition.
    To be honest i wouldnt give too much importance to the poster..last year Alt-j was in the third/fourth line of the poster and they were headliners on day 1

  94. I think that the order of artists on the posters will be different for every country, depending on interests. I think that Muse, Rihanna and Manu Chao are on the first row because that’s what mainly attract the Sziget Italia fans. Maybe Guetta will appear on the first raw on another poster and I think that they did the same last year with Martin Garrix or Avicii, I don’t remember exactly.

  95. Exactly. The order in the poster means nearly nothing because:
    -it’s not the only poster around, every country has it’s own order of importance for artists (for example sziget Italia announced firstly Manu Chao and secondly Hardwell, other sziget pages didn’t do the same).
    -there are more artists to be announced, so the poster can be updated with some names after Rihanna for example.

    I wouldn’t take this as a schedule information. Definitely

  96. For example: on this poster I Ministri (italian band playing afternoon at europe stage I suppose) is written before Bring me the Horizon, which is almost subheadliner material (or nearly) everywhere in europe ahah.

  97. It is a poster made for italians, so yes, the italian bands come first. This been said, it’s not rapresentative of anything, y’all know this. Just wait silently (or do what we know best: to moan about the line up) til they’ll give signs of life, and hope for something good but not so good (lol)

  98. Sziget Italia also commented that they can’t wait to have the final line-up in May or June. Does this mean that there is a chance to know the last headliner in June, as last year? I guess so! That would be so wrong at so many levels…

  99. Who are the most likely artist to subheadline? Maybe biffy Clyro, Die antwoord or someone else?

  100. One thing is sure… no Guns N’ Roses on Day -1! They are still in the US on the 9th of August and they have 2 more dates on the 12th, 15th and 22nd of August!

  101. I’m praying for any of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foals, Tame Impala, Jamie XX, Two Door Cinema Club.

  102. @Szitizen tell me about it, the lineup is amazing! Sziget always has a strong lineup, I think it’s still pretty strong this year but I’m just not a fan of the majority i,e Sia, David Guetta, Rihanna. I know there’s more to Sziget than just the music so hopefully there’ll be other things to do!

  103. @daliam: Two door cinema club, Foals, Tame Impala & Red hot Chili peppers would make the lineup much more interessting. Those are actually the four bands that I am hoping for myself, along with The Killers (very unlikely) and Disclosure.

    Could anyone estimate how many of the already 67 confirmed acts will perform on either Main stage or A38? I just went through last years lineup, and saw that 62 artist performed on either Main stage or A38. Just to make a clue of how many medium to large acts we have left on the Sziget 2016 poster.

  104. Excellent.. Thanks! That was very helpfull.
    Anyways, if this is estimated correctly, there will be no space for bands such as Two Door cinema club, Tame Impala, Disclosure and Foals, since they are all evening/night main stage material. Too bad.

    Hoping for a miracle.

  105. Daliam I dont know if it is yours, but that is totally unaccurate:
    – MO aint subheadliner material
    – Quimby aint A38 material
    – Dyro aint A38 material (at least not in that spot)
    – Bloc Party were confirmed for A38
    – Brains are confirmed for Petofi
    – M83 are confiremed for A38
    – Tourist and CHVRCHES are night time material, Dillon Francis Party Arena material
    – Crystal Castles are night time material in the A38

  106. @yelo it’s not mine. I agree it’s not accurate but it gives an estimation as to who will be on the 2 main stages. I don’t think there are many slots for ‘big bands’ on the main stage though.

  107. How can they go from the kooks and outkast or rudimental and limb bizkit to the lumineers and TLSP 🙁

  108. I don’t think travis Scott will play the same time as Rihanna I think he will play at the same time Tyler the creator did last year

  109. The Last Shadow Muppets… LOL.

    TLSP are also a Glastonbury act, so they deserve to subheadline, IMO, if there won’t be something better before Hardwell. Almost every band when starts touring, they start in a club. You can see their 2008 concert from Liverpool, in the Philharmonic Hall, it was class:

    I hope for Biffy Clyro on the 14th, The Killers / Mumford & Sons to headline Day -1, something good before Rihanna and for the rest of the empty spots and I’ll be pleased with the line-up. 🙂

  110. LOL one of my nicknames on the web was “Iwannabeamuppet” so I often mistake puppet and muppet, I will correct it ahah

    Travis Scott headliner of the A38? I seriously hope not and doubt it, it’s not as famous as Tyler, imho

  111. Is it confirmed K.I.Z. will play in A38? I remember seeing them in front of Main Stage in 2010 during the afternoon, there was not that much crowd so that may be the reason but eyh they were quite good!

  112. Friday the 12th look very bad… also 14th with Guetta.. meh..
    Saturday is good.. but we defenitly need 1 more good headliner.. and 1 – 2 subheads 🙂

  113. The most of the spot assigned are my expectation, only few are certain. I think that the 12th and 15th are kind of solid I guess, for what concern the Main Stage

  114. Is it 100% sure that Manu Chao is headliner?.. that would be… hm..
    He is a funny and good singer of course.. but as headliner for a big festival like Sziget it is on a FRIDAY.. I think he can sub-headline, but not more.. I really hope for a good band on friday (RHCP, Rammstein).. and a good day -1 head.. like The Killers etc

  115. Anyway guys remember: Sziget is a 7 days festival (5 days for someone), you can’t have a REAL Headliner for each night at the same price of a 3 days festival. Some nights is normal to have a subheadliner size act.

    The problem for me is what actually are the headliners they have chosen for the main (except Muse). Having some smaller acts in headlining spots is not a problem if they are good and various.

  116. Snoop Dogg would be a funny hip hop act… I think he will come to Balaton or to Sziget this year :D..

    I think they don’t will sell a lot of Day -1 tickets this year, because most people who wanted to go the 7 days already have their ticket… they have to present a good known headliner for this day, or they will not sell lot of tickets for day -1…

  117. I was looking at T in the Park lineup from 2011, which I find definitely impressing for a festival that wants to be various and “popular”. That year their lineup was definitely too big for quantity and budget (so I’m not saying I dream of a lineup which is that “rich”), but in general I think it can be a good example of what a festival like Sziget should try to do to make everybody happy.

    In three days there were: Arctic Monkeys – Coldplay – Foo Fighter (the 3 headliners), and also Pulp, Beyonce, The Strokes, Slash, Weezer, The Script, Manic Street Preachers, White lies, Tom Jones, Beady Eyes, Primal Scream, Crystal Castles, Vaccines, My chemical Romance, Jimmy eat world, EELS, Everything Everything, Noah and the Whale, etc… and also the incredibly bad Kesha, Jessy J etc..

    On electronic side there was: Pendulum, Deadmau5, Chase and Status, Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris, 2manydjs and a techno/electronic stage with an impressive lineup (tiga, liebing, vitalic, bloody beetroots, diplo, etc..)

    All this to say that this is an example of a lineup which is of course Mainstream (like sziget and every other big festival) with a lot of good music of every genre, also some very sh*tty prefabricated music for someone’s taste maybe, but this is good because all the genres are represented, indies, hipster, ravers, pussyes, teenagers, dads, toxics, everybody is happy.

  118. don’t undervalue Jessie J, great voice on the stage.
    For the rest, totally agree: Sziget is trying to reach everyone – which is good if they want to become big – but they are taking the short walk, like V Festival did. And everyone knows who the sterotype of the V’s goer is.

    You find a target to focus on and you want to milk the hell out of it, good, perfect. Still you dont have to forget about the rest, if you want to become big.
    Glastonbury is not the most famous festival ever because it was the first true real european festival…

  119. I also think that the line up is to much pop now… i dont want to have more woman singers!! Enough now..
    If they bring Rammstein, RHCP or a band like this I think most of people would be agree with it.
    But now we have Rihanna, Guetta, Hardwell, Sia.. and yes, Muse.. but Muse is not same like Rammstein..

    I hope they dont spend all their money on Rihanna this year… please just 1 more good band and i think line up is oke 🙂

  120. Is there more bands to be announced then? Hoping for someone big and a few good smaller bands e.g beartooth

  121. There’s still loads to be announced. I’m looking forward to the world music stage announcement. That stage is always brilliant.

  122. Anyone got their tickets already? Also does anyone know what the weather will be like? Respect to all those camping for 7 days!

  123. I guess I have to change my username. :)) Nero DJ set, Quimby and Ruzsa Magdolna were announced at VOLT. I guess we won’t get any other names.

  124. Im about to buy the Alternativa camping… Im not gonna buy the ticket since I am a promoter.
    About the weather, I think it is a little soon to get some proper forecast, maybe we will have to wait til may or june

    I dint get the meaning of “we wont get any other names”, what do you mean? 🙂

  125. When does everything think the next announcement will be? Kings of Leon were announced in June last year

  126. Aaah Sziget, now I get you ahah
    Anyway, Im sad there wont be a coming back to the island of Nero, they were amazong last year!

    About the next announcement, I dont expect a thing until late-april, unless they’re gonna release a bomb with the last (?) headliner. In their opinion we had enough stuff with the latest announcements; in my opinion they throw the lineup away in kind of every announcement apart from the one with Muse BFMV and TLSP, but hey, I m old maybe – and I m just 22…

  127. @Sziget I’m camping 10 days wih my friends 🙂 the moving-in is really important I think!
    At this point I’d like to have the stage split before any further name but it’ still incomplete!

  128. Pharell Williams would be nice 🙂 My favourite band would be Greenday.. but they have no tour this year.. so I think unrealistic :(.. on the official Sziget map there is a new “Blues pub”.. 🙂

  129. Guys, lower your expectation…
    If they come out with a decent DJ name for subheadlining a day I would be fairly happy with myself

  130. The Killers as day 1 headliner,
    LCD Soundsystem & Tame Impala (or Biffy Clyro) subheads before Rihanna.
    Dislosure and Two door cinema club before Guetta.
    In addition to: Wombats, James Blake & Pendulum (live)to A38 on different days.

    100% unrealistic, but these names would make this lineup world class.Hoping to see at least two of them on this years Sziget poster.

  131. Why is it too much to except? It shouldn’t be. Sziget was voted for having the best lineup last year, and in 2014 they had artists like Queens of the stone age, Prodigy, Placebo, Skrillex, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Outkast, Madness +++. Why should this year be any different?

    Foals as a headliner on the opening day!? Ain’t gonna happen!

  132. > they deserved that nonination for the best line up…

    Guys, I repeat, lower your expectations

  133. What are they waiting with the day -1 headliner. It’s time!

    I think the Day -1 won’t be a very big and good known name.. because if it would be they would have present it a few months ago I think…

    It would be sad if we only would get 1 more headliner.. i agree with Guetta, he can headline for sure.

    But Manu Chao and Bastille for Friday is really bad in my opinion.. we need RHCP or the Chemical Brothers for Friday and Eminem for day -1 😀

  134. @Daniel Heit : I’m sure Day -1 headliner isn’t booked yet.

    Last year line-up was modified before the festival because there was 2 or 3 empty MS slots so they move the Tings Tings who had to play at the A38 ans were very lucky for Rudimental.

    I’m sure Sziget always announces all the performers already booked !

  135. As some of you may know, Sziget is often late with announcements not only because it’s kind of a “style” choice, but mostly because it’s an independent festival.

    So it’s not related to big labels of the music industry. That’s why a lot of artists have to schedule and to announce before the gigs in the festivals controlled by big music labels (which nowadays are great part of the mainstream festivals) and only after that they can announce independent festivals gigs.

    That’s not all. Some artists are not even allowed to play in festivals that are not controlled by their music labels, for obvious economic reasons. And this thing is becoming more diffused.

    Anyway, Sziget tries always to get even artists that are not completely “free” to do what they want, but the negotiations are often very long and hard, as you can imagine. That’s another reason for late announcements.

  136. I think also acts become cheaper as the festival comes closer, because they can choose to perform and make some money, or to not perform and not make money. I think lot of acts then choose to perform drop their prices. I always thought this is why Sziget announces late and is still able to put up a good lineup.

    Maybe it could also be that festivals have to pay more to acts if they announce early, because they use the bands in their marketing for longer time and maybe therefore management of acts think they should receive more?

    Anyway, I don’t mind when Sziget announces. If they announce all acts in July and have a good lineup, I think that’s better than announcing all acts very early and having a mediocre lineup.

  137. Mando Diao were anounced for a festival in Berlin at 12-13 august I think there is a big chance they will also be at sziget

  138. Added the dates of Fidlar, DJ Slink and Punnany Massif: The first the 16th (and I guess they will open the MS), the others the 11th, so I think Punnany will fill MS as usual…
    Also added few bands to Europe Stage lineup, will give em a ear tomorrow.

  139. I really hope for jack ü. Maybe the day -1 headliner or a subheadine spot for them would be nice to

  140. So with the addiction of Dj Slink the A38 is full on Day 0 (cos on Day 0 there’s no Party Arena).

    I’d say:

    16:45 Movits!
    18:30 Naughty Boy
    20:15 Travis Scott
    22:00 Rico & Sticks
    23:45 Mø
    01:30 Parov Stelar Band
    03:00 Datsik
    Last Slot: Dj Slink

  141. I dont know Bender, I keep on dreamin that Party Arena will be available on Day 0… Naught Boy and DJ Sliink are material for that: poorly-made house, commercial trap and edm are that kind of sh*t should disappear from the A38, since they have a stage totally dedicated to that kind of music and those 2 artists in particular are no where near to be famous enough to play on the second stage of one festival as Sziget is.

  142. Pukklepop names means Sziget is not so far to do an announcement, if Pukklepop will release a fairly big number of names – usually (they are competitors…).

    Anyway, I’ve taken a look to the Europe Stage lineup and it looks brilliant, this year: seems like only the direction of MS went totally pop – there is lot of good rock among the Europe lineup. I suggest everybody to try I Ministri, Bombay, En.Dru, Zen Circus, Salmo, Satellites and Die Nerven, really good!

  143. The Home Festival (italian festival bonded somehow to Sziget by the italian organization) released new names today; between the internationals’: 2manydjs, Pendulum, Enter Shikari, DubFX and Editors.

    This festival usually shares few names with Sziget: last year they shared Interpol, in 2014 The Bloody Beetroots and Clean Bandit.

    I dont know if this is in anyway relevant, but still I like to dream that Sziget could share some name like DubFX, Editors or Pendulum…

  144. Dub FX already has a festival in Hungary I think!
    I’m already seeing 2manydj’s at nos alive so i’ll take Editors and Pendulum in a heartbeat 🙂 especially Editors. Before Rihanna? or before the end show?

  145. Maybe Sziget will be now allowed to announce some names of the Pukkelpop lineup (like happened with Rihanna’s announcement; Sziget made it only after Pukkelpop announced some other names).

    Hope for Chemicals, Biffy, Die Antwoord, Chase and Status, Wolfmother, Mastodon, EODM.

    Very confident for Pendulum DjSet in A38, because they’re at both Pukkelpop and Home Festival, it would be a great party.

  146. I think everyone is giving Hardwell a bit too much slack, he’s a decent DJ not one everyone wanted but there’s nothing we can do about it. I think were still gonna get a couple of good artists from 3/4 different genres of music, EDM/Rock/Rap/Hip-Hop/maybe even Grime.

  147. We’ll see on friday but I think it’s not gonna be small names for Pukkelpop so I expect a fair reaction on Sziget side !
    As someone already said, Sziget is a 7 days fest and Pukkelpop is 3 day only for the same price as the 5 day pass. So obviously we’ll have less attractive days.

    And as a first timer Sziget, I have a question a bit off topic. My friends and I have a 5 day pass and we are going in the Apero camping. And I was wondering if it’s not gonna be too hard to find a good spot in the camping since we won’t be there the full fest ? :-/

  148. @Rzn : For the Apero Camping it’s difficult to find THE good spot since the Day-1. 😛
    But for sure you’ll find a better place than the “regular” camping.

    En plus y’a des gens qui font des massages contre des bières ou de la bouffe <3

  149. @Langoustine : Thanks ! I guess we’ll need some luck then :p

    Et je vais prendre plein de bières du coup ! 😀

  150. If you camping inside this year I suggest to take the 7 days ticket if not also the moving in, to find spots for the tents will be a pain in the as*…

  151. Yeah I can imagine and if we could it’s what we wanted to do ! But stupid work :p Some of us can’t leave sooner…

  152. Do you think that is reliable? You can search for an artist at the Talent Library and you can see how much they ask, in average, for a concert! Noel Gallagher asks for 150-300k dollars. The prices are shown for the US dates only, though.

  153. Die Antwoord are missing since 2010, it’s time for them to come back! A 23:45/01:00 spot in A38 tent is waiting for them!

  154. Hmm, I’m hoping for a new stage. I like the idea of an acoustic stage or late night indie/Rock pub.

    Artists I’m hoping for are chemical brothers, massive attack, nick cave, Joanna newson, Sufjan Stevens, smashing pumpkins, skunk anansie, pixies, empire of the sun, Marilyn Manson, a Bowie tribute concert:), nirvana tribute concert, placebo, Patrick wolf, st Vincent, John grant, and many more. Not really interested in the dance stuff. From a world music point of view, previous concerts I loved were calexico, brassabanda, the no smoking orchester,

  155. A38 is missing some key artists compared to last year, dropkick murphyes and subways were amazing..

  156. Die Antwoord ar announced ina romanian festival (Delahoya) and i also want to see Pendulum but not the DJ Set version 😀

  157. Cage the elephant would be a great adition for the A38 or an early spot on the mainstage

  158. @Ben I doubt Nick Cave would tour soon after the death of his son last year. Anyway it would be a dream to have him back. His concert at Sziget 2013 is definitely in the top3 concerts of my “Sziget Life” with Faith No More in 2009 and Muse in 2010.

  159. I know this isn’t lineup related, but as a first time szigizen, I was curious how the move in worked. We are doing Siesta Camping, and will be there on Day -1, but how early should we arrive in order to get a decent campsite? We have to drive from Salzburg, so we won’t be there too early (we are hoping to be there by 14:00).

    How does this work? Is there someone there telling people where to go, or is it just a first come first served? Any tips or tricks on what we should be looking for in terms of campsite? I know we’ll all be packt together like sardines (still hoping for Radiohead, natch!), but any tips or tricks would be hugely appreciated.


  160. I know nick cave is unlikely:(. Such a sad story.
    I think my top sziget moments were nick cave, muse/kasbian in 2010, wood kid, calexico and la brassabanda. Ohh pulp were also amazing, so we’re blur.

    Agree radio head would be epic.

  161. JeffK > First come first served, so the earlier you come the better it is. Priority is to find tree shade otherwise your nights will be short because of the heat.

  162. @JeffK: as Pierre said, and day light comes early, around 5.30am! given the fact that we’ll be partying until 5am at the very least it gives little time to fall asleep while it’s stil dark and cool

  163. Thanks for the help there @spyfx and Pierre. So the 5 day people get pretty screwed by the selection. We’ll do what we can to be there as early as possible. Can’t wait!

  164. New names for Le Cabaret Vert yesterday. Wolfmother are now in every festival in august except for Sziget 😀
    And Nas confirmed. That could be a nice hip-hop name !

  165. Pemberton Music Festival in Canada (14-17 july) just announced The Killers. Along with some already interesting names like Pearl Jam (unfortunately not possible, they have american tour), Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and others…

    In their lineup there are also a few artists doing Europe music festivals in august, like Noel Gallagher, Die Antwoord, Mastodon, Datsik, Dj Snake.

    This make me think that we could have The Killers as last headliner, because they already played at Sziget, it’s some years now that they don’t come back, and because Sziget did a booking like this with Kings of leon last year

  166. New names for Pukklepop announced.. im not so excited about them :)) Ice Cube / Cypress Hill / Nas would be really nice for Sziget . we need more hip-hop (english hip-hop pls )

  167. I know it won’t happen but if Thrice and GoGo Penguin will come I’m the happiest man!

  168. Ahahah guys, festivals are not only made of big acts. How the hell do you think that only headliners and subs can be good news or worth the waiting?

    I think Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, Local Natives, Eric Prydz, Jack Garratt, Cage the elephant are brilliant announcements for undercard.

  169. Im sad ’cause Im not going to Pukklepop this year: just with the previous announcement I would have had like 15 shows per day to watch. If a Festival release 90 names like the ones P.P. announced, it is a good thing if they release some undercard names too, so one does not have to suffer all the clashes in the world…

  170. The best announcements of Pukkelpop in this batch were Vant and especially Battles, that would be great and not to expensive additions for Sziget.

  171. that’s the difference between sziget and pukkelpop, they share all the crappy headliners, but they still manage to get awesome underground bands. Thrice and neurosis + the previously announced bands, that’s what sziget lacks of. Quality.

  172. It is not only quality, it is variety. Rihanna and Opeth, Battles and Die Antwoord, Clutch and Nina Kraviz, and than also quality, big fu*king quality.

    Okay, Pukkelpop may have a better budget to spend but it’s really in the way you spend it that makes the difference.

    Right now, in my opinion, Werchter and Pukkelpop are totally nailing with the line-up, and Sziget should take inspiration from it. The EDM era is about to decline, Avicii in retirement, tropical house/deep house artists taking the scene – and yet Sziget dedicates a full stage and several headliner spots to the genre, and it’s one of the few festivals doing this.
    Sziget has to change or will lose this record in terms of turnout that is having in the lastest years.

  173. @yelo

    you are 100% right and accurate.

    I wouldn’t think pukkelpop has bigger budget all together, maybe bigger booking budget, but yet again, I could live without the chesstent/hanging umbrellas aka the so called sziget feeling, if we could get better musical programme. Man could hope, but it’s sadly never gonna happen.

  174. I’ve been to Pukkelpop in 2013. Headliners were Eminem, Nine Inch Nails, The Prodigy, Neil Young who canceled 8 days before the festival and The XX with a very strong undercard. But you know what? I’d never change Sziget to Pukkelpop. If you count all the things both festival offer Sziget is really on another planet compared to Pukkelpop. Said that, Pkp’s lineup this year is so much better than Sziget’s one, no doubt about that. But Sziget remains a so much better festival.

  175. If you remove the chesstent/hanging umbrellas it just becomes another festival 🙂
    I’ll also be happy for The Killers! Love them on record.

  176. @fsffs
    I don’t think that the pukkel budget is higher. In fact it’s probably lower but it’s a 3 day festival so there is a lot less slot to fill. But that doesn’t change the fact that Sziget spend money very poorly just to have “big” names (try not to think too hard about Guetta).
    Like Bobo said, there is no need for all headliners or sub on a line up. For someone who go often in festival it’s not too hard to see almost every HL, a next year if not this one.

    But I think that music isn’t all. That’s why i’m going to Sziget this year. I could have go to Pukkelpop, it’s litteraly 15km from my home but there is nothing else and well .. that’s a bit sad sometimes. There is no friendly feeling, no place to chill or to just look. The worst is Werchter. It’s like I’m a cow in a very big farm, ready to be milked. But the line up is top notch.
    So I think that Sziget and Werchter or Pukkelpop doesn’t target the same people.

  177. @Bender
    I was there too in 2013! Eminem gave a very bad performance, Prodigy was sick but the crowd awful and NIN that was .. well I’m a big fan and it was my third time sseing them and it wasn’t as good as before. The only good headline was The XX so in short … Headliner are overrated 😀
    (And I don’t recall a lot of very good show even in the small ones. So that was my last Pukkelpop)

  178. @Rzn tu es belge alors! Tu vas à Sziget avec des amis? 🙂 essaie de t’enregistrer sur l’event facebook on a prévu un petit meeting, je t’offrirai une bière!

  179. @Noeliam Yep 😀 Près de Liège ! On y va à 4 mais en pass 5 jours seulement 🙁
    Je regarde pour l’event ce soir (pas d’accès FB depuis le boulot ^^)

  180. @Rzn Eminem’s performance was not bad, was just the same performance he delivers when he does live concerts (with the pre-recorded vocals under his vocals in fast tracks). NIN, Trent Reznor in particular, were very pi**ed off by the crowd because it was full of people waiting for Eminem without giving a f*ck about them. The Prodigy yes, were sick. The XX were brilliant to me. And the undercard was not that strong? Paul Kalkbrenner closing the Marquee on the last day, Eels, Deftones, Fallout Boy, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, James Blake, Skunk Anansie, The Knife, Chase & Status live, Foals, Alabama Shakes, Bonobo live, Crystal Castles, Parov Stelar Band, Kendrick Lamar, Major Lazer, Knife Party, Jamie XX, Imagine Dragons, Opeth, Killswitch Engage, Sbtrkt, Local Natives, Low, Noisia, Mr. Oizo, Zeds Dead, Bat For Lashes, Nero, !!!, Mount Kimbie, Franz Ferdinand, Triggerfinger, Johnny Marr, Mark Ronson, Miles Kane, Crystal Fighters, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Chvrches, Cult Of Luna, Alkaline Trio…if this is a bad undercard I really hope to always find bad undercards in festivals I go!

  181. @Rzn on vient du Liban mais je ne sais pas encore combien on sera! ça sera ta première fois? si c’est encore possible je vous recommande vivement de prendre le pass 7 jours au moins (on campera 10 jours nous) sinon ça sera galère de trouver des places pour vos tentes (surtout que vous êtes 4.

    L’event s’appelle Sziget Meeting, je t’enverrai le lien au besoin.

  182. @fsffs:
    unlike you I would never change the chesstent/umbrellas/chilloutgarden/artzone/circus/ability park/labirinth/art and various performances/all the Siget Feeling… for better or bigger acts. I definitely could live with just subheadliner acts and midcard and undercard and only 2 (or 3) big acts per year, but I can’t imagine sziget without atmosphere and vibe.

  183. @Bender
    I didn’t mean that the names were bad ! Just that none of them gave a performance to remember. I’m not into any kind of electronic kind of music so i wouldn’t know if any of them were good but for most of the rock act it wasn’t my first time seeing them and I just think that I’ve seen better (except maybe Franz Ferdianand and Triggerfinger). And I’ve miss some cause I was sooooo hangover the last day so my bad for that :p

    Malheureusement 2 de mes potes travaillent encore le 10 donc on ne peut démarrer que le 11 au plus tôt

  184. Now they are anounced for pukkelpop cage the elephant has to come to sziget this year :):)

  185. @bobo
    I don’t need bigger acts, I need actual, quality acts (which are most of the times cheaper than outdated lame headliners). Vibe-wise it’s already fxcked up that you need the atmosphere create the feeling, and not music create the atpmosphere. If there is good music which creates it’s fantastic atmosphere, you don’t need it to be created by fake things.

  186. The things that I mentioned are definitely NOT FAKE for me, they are super real, and genuine, super fun and original. Of course I agree with you, I like quality, good live music. But go to Werchter or some other festival with super lineup but nothing else but stages, and then tell me it’s fun and special like sziget (or glasto) experience. For me it’s not, at all

  187. well, for me a music festival is about music. So the best festivals are when you have to run between stages to catch your favorite bands, and not the ones where there is daily 1 must see band and the rest of the day is wondering around and “vibing” because there is not a single worthy band to see.

  188. @camper I already see him at Sónar but would gladly double with a concert at Sziget so I’m sure I see him at least once cos at Sónar by night that day clashes will be nightmare, I think. Some quality rap/hip hop would be very welcome in the A38 tent. Not only Skepta but also somebody like Sleaford Mods, Action Bronson, Vince Staples, Pusha T, Tyler again (but he’s already at Balaton Sound). For now the best rappin’ thing we have is Salmo on the Europe Stage.

    @KKFHGR sorry man, wrong festival.

  189. I think it is also a matter of compromise: maybe a little less “Sziget vibe” (everytime I hear about this I think of a vibrator and thats funny) and a little more “MUSIC festival”. Otherwise jump the obstacle, call yourself an “art and music festival” let’s get rid of the big names and ciao ciao.

    It’s all about focus on who you wanna be. Right now Sziget wants to be the V Festival for people who want the vibe; back in the day I assume it wanted to be a big festival. Shift of focus, you know.


  190. They changed the position of the artists on the ticket (or however it is called, you know, the line up list lol).

    Lookin at those, I assume David Guetta will be headliner (21.30 spot), so no chance to (not) watch him sub-headlining something better.
    Manu Chao in that spot screams from every side “headliner! headliner!”, same for Sia. So we have left the only -1 Headliner which I guess will be a big one – I seriously doubt they will sell a festival with major headliner David Guetta (hope they have still some dignity).

    I have the impression (and the hope) that both Quimby and Punnany Massif won’t play on the Main Stage, at least Quimby. It is okay they placed the hungarian bands in the bottom of the list, right before the Europe stage material, but Quimby is something quite known also outside of Hungary (far more than Vinai for sure, for example).

    Truth to be honest (Im writing on stream), I think they put the MS names until Kaiser Chiefs, than they put the “other” names, than the Hungarian, then the ones from Europe Stage.
    If this would be likely this reveals a huge numbers of empty spots for MS and the A38 close to be complete. This would mean moving Kodaline, BMTH and Jake Bugg from the MS to the A38, which is unlikely but not even unbelievable.

  191. Sziget updated the program page adding the stage where the artists are officially going to play and I found out that we have 3 days where the Main Stage is full:

    11 Aug with Rihanna, Parov Stelar, Jake Bugg, Punnany Massiff
    12 Aug with Manu Chao, Bastille, Quimby, John Newman
    15 Aug with Sia, Noel Gallagher, Kaiser Chiefs, Years & Years

    That’s it.

  192. Ah, and Boys Noize is now playing the 11th, not the 12th. So also the A38 program is complete for that day.

  193. And also Brains (hungarian band) is playing in the A38 tent the 15th.

    Now I really don’t understand why putting Quimby on 12th where you don’t have a strong MS lineup instead of the 13th where they already have such a strong lineup with Bring Me The Horizon, Sigur Ros and Muse that can easily be the last 3 bands on the MS of festivals like Glasto or Werchter.

  194. I will be really disapointed if Parkway Drive and Fidlar play at the same time 🙁

  195. Is it possible they succeed in fu*k sh*t up everytime?

    There are so many wrong things it this schedule I dont even know where to start.

  196. Ok, after a moment of anger, there I am again.

    A part from the -1 day, which is the really last chance for them to redeem themselves from this atrocity exhibition they are trying to do, we have:

    DAY 0
    – Cant understand Parov Stelar during the sunset, but okay, it is a good subheadliner anyway (still not a strong one, imho).
    – Hope Naughty Boy in the A38 will clash with Rihanna, so I will have 2 things to moan about at the same time.
    – Why the flying fuc*in fu*k they moved Boyz Noize to the 0? He was one of the more solid DJ in the line up and he will probably get the 1 hour slot… Also, I hope that DJ Sliink will support Datsik and not viceversa.
    – Probably will go to Budapest or will visit the island, ’cause this day is really no use until sunset.

    DAY 1
    – The Main Stage is like a good joke. There is no position which I consider solid in any way possible.
    – Fingers are crossed for the night time in the A38, because til now I see nothing really interesting there, ‘cept for Unkle, which I sadly dislike.

    DAY 2
    – Probably the best Main Stage day, talkin about quality and solid performances: the only real headliner til now (along with Rihanna), with an iconic band and a metal-ish band (and metal, even if -ish is always welcome)
    – About the A38, the more important spots (at least to me) are in my view of things still TBA, so – again – wishing well.
    – Surprised they didnt put Dyro on the A38, considered they put Dillon Francis and DJ Sliink into it…

    DAY 3
    – MS is half TBA, hope for a good sub-headliner, because to have only Sum41 would be a downer, and also it is the last sub-headliner spot left open, a part from day -1
    – A38 is meh, Brains in A38 is a surprise (the app told they would have played in the Petofi at 22.00), but for as long as they dont let them clash with something decent in the Main Stage I will be happy: it’s 2 years I look forward to see them and never succeed.
    – Bloc Party and Wilkinson may save the day, but not alone.

    DAY 4
    – No big surprise on the MS schedule
    – Dillon Francis in the A38 when you have THE WHOLE F*KIN TELEKOM ARENA dedicated to that genre is laughable. Such a shame they will let a good Dj as Tourist to support that guy.

    DAY 5
    – I can already imagine people moshing and screaming and sweating and pushing themselves while Parkway Drive plays, and than switch to a sense of calmness and relax and chill 30 minutes later while The Lumineers will perform. Seriously WTF.
    – Big hopes for the night time in the A38, along with Crystal Castles (which I fell in love with).

  197. Noel Gallagher & CHVRCHES clash?
    Fidlar & Parkway Drive clash?
    TLSP & BFMV clash?
    Rihanna & MO clash?
    The Neighbourhood & Kaiser Chiefs clash?

    This is a total mess!!! I’m dissapointed.

    The only clash I like is Guetta & Bloc Party. I’ll be in A38 then.

  198. I think they put Parov Stelar on the Main Stage because in 2013 (the edition with less people since 2003) he managed to fulfill the A38 tent to the point the security had to close the entrance. Makes sense.

  199. So there’s still 3 spot on the main stage including one sub (David Guetta) and two 16:00 spots (13th + 14th), and 4 spots for day -1 (maybe only the headliner will be worthy).

    + 18 spots on the A38.

  200. -day0 is OK if you like Rihanna. Kinda Headliner-centric day. Jake bugg is a decent undercard for the main stage (I totally dislike him but he is quite successful), and Parov Stelar is weak for a sub but is very good live and a lot of fun. Punnany is typical good hungarian act 🙂 Boys Noize and Dj Sliink in A38 are good dj sets.

    -Day 1 is super weak if you look at the level of Sziget. Only thing that consoles me is that Manu Chao will get the audience crazy. But I was hoping for a bigger and not too expensive head over him, like faithless or chemicals.

    -Day2 on the Main is impressive, nothing to say about that. Plus Molotov in A38 after all of that main stage… I won’t be able to see them. I’ll need to rest to party the night. Hoping for good Colosseum of course.

    -day3 has some potential. Sum 41 will be very good moshpit and singing at the main. Bloc Party, Wilkinson and Oscar and The Wolf are good acts for A38, but this have to be improved with a worthy sub before guetta (biffy?), and also I dream little improvement in the night lineup of A38 (and good Colosseum)

    -Day4 it’s all good on the main with Years and Years opening, Kaiser, Noel… and then Sia ruins the night with another poppy crap headlining concert. So the day at the main is ok for me. The 21.30 spot ruins it all. M83, Churches, Neighborhood are good A38 material. Nothing incredible but all good.

    -Day5 on the main it’s a disaster, this day makes me understand that they waited to see if the selling was going good and when they saw it was they decided to not spend too much money on the lineup. A38 lineup is good.

    Anyway the prices increased are now totally not justified, with the lineup being more poor than last years and with a lot of artists in europe in that period not booked. Day-1 Head (or head+sub) and world+colosseum can only make me change my mind partially. This is very bad by Sziget. I don’t care so much about main stage, but main and A38 are more poor than last year and I don’t like when festivals play with peoples money.

  201. Hmmm.. when i look at the line up how it stands now.. I am a little bit dissapointed.. the friday is very bad in my opinion, for a big festival like Sziget…

    They have to bring a VERY good day -1 head and a good sub for Guetta, this will rescue the whole line up maybe..

    The line up is not bad now, but it could be much better.. please a good name for day -1..

  202. Was talking with Noeliam on fb about a combo The National/Massive Attack for day -1. That would be a real dream to me!

  203. Yes I wouldn’t mind a strong co-headline if they failed to secure the big headliner they wanted.
    RHCP + Biffy is what everyone expects… and I agree.

  204. Just noticed that Biffy Clyro headlined in 2013 so surely they wont sub-headline Guetta?

  205. They also headlined Reading in 2013 and this year they will co-headline with Fall Out Boy…so I think it’s not impossible 😉

  206. @camper that’s true but I feel going from headlining to co-headlining is very different to going from headlining to sub-headlining. I’m now very doubtful..

  207. @Daliam Sia and Noel are also “co-headlining” and Noel will be playing at 19:30…time which Biffy could play too. It’s just playing with words 🙂

  208. And if we look in the history…Placebo headlined Sziget in 2012 and two years later they “sub-headlined” or “co-headlined” with Skrillex 🙂 So I really really think it can happen.

  209. @camper I hope you’re right! Guetta also headlined in 2013 so it would make sense. Have Sia and Noel Gallagher officially been advertised as ‘co-headlining’?

  210. @Daliam: nobody needs to say that officially, because at sziget (as you know) the 19.30 spot and the 21.30 spot are both of 90 minutes. Maybe here on the blog we use to call them subs, but the spot is very often equivalent (not always, of course).

    That’s the reason why both the acts are considered on the same level (except for acts of VERY DIFFERENT size)

    Placebo were headliner in 2014, but they were at 19.30. Skrillex after them was headliner too, but very different genre, it works as formula.

    Queens of Stone Age were headliners and they played at 19.30. Deadmau5 at 21.30 headliner too

    Outkast headliner too, same spot of 19.30

    Kasabian 19.30 in 2015

    I was hoping for the same formula this year before the djs. Let’s hope we have an headliner before guetta, because before hardwell we have 2 bands smaller than Rudimental and Limp bizkit playing before Garrix last year ahah

  211. Before Guetta will play Sum 41 . thats already confirmed on the official page 🙂

  212. said that the Black Eyed Peas will reunite shortly, but he didn’t say exactly when. It would be cool for them to be the Day -1 headliners. 😀

  213. Jesus christ, hell no, stop with those suggestion THEY CAN HEAR YOU THROUGH WALLS lol
    For real, we need a really strong artist. Takin in consideration the tradition assumed in the last two years, we still have to wait for the third electro artist (skrillex+deadmau5+calvin harris / avicii+garrix+major lazer); if this can be a speculation, I would assume a big electro name for -1 (chemical brothers – massive attack – deadmau5, anyone?)

  214. The Killers have some rock, electronic and alternative stuff in their music. They would be perfect for me. 😉

  215. In the hungarian site they said Sum41 will take the sunset spot like limp bizkit last year

  216. I bet on chemicals too for day -1. With biffy clyro if sziget wants to spend some money. Or without a good artist if sziget has just gone for a cheap lineup.

  217. Well day 0, the main is O.K. except for Punnany Massif, I probably won’t be in the A38, maybe if my friends want to check Boys Noize.

    Day 1: Manu Chao is an opening act for the main at best (at this time), Quimby is like I stated about Punnany Massif (make a Hungarian stage), John Newman is no main stage material, Bastille is O.K. Nothing decent in the A38, this day is a disaster!

    Day 2: the 3 main acts are a fit (although I personally dislike Sigur Ros, and they are better in the dark I heard). Roisin Murphy & Kodaline are reasonable A38 acts, the rest mwaah.

    Day 3: We need something good between Guetta & Sum 41, like Biffy Clyro, Foals, Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Haim, Garbage …. Bloc Party during or after Guetta would be nice, Oscar and The Wolf I will probably check out.

    Day 4: Main is good, please be sure to put Chvrches on after Noel Gallagher, this is very important!

    Day 5: The Lumineers is absolutely no main stage material, I saw them once in a tent on Werchter, they have 1 good song, and the crowd also immediately left after they played it early in the set. The only real good act is The Last Shadow Puppets and perhaps a bit of Jess Glynne, she is an OK pop-act!

    We really need a smashing headliner on day -1 (Rammstein, Chemical Bros) and hopefully a decent sub too. Also would like some decent alternative rock acts somewhere, the Europe stage so far has nothing at all for me. Where are bands like Highly Suspect, Dua Lipa, Wolfmother, The 1975, Battles, Vant, Circa Waves, Sunset Sons, Causes, Pumarosa, In Extremo, Royal Republic, Airbourne?

    All of these bands, including the mentioned subheadliners are touring in Europe in August.

  218. at the News when they announced Sum41 with other artist they said “A banda a Nagyszínpad koraesti el?adója lesz.” in hungarian they said the band will perform on the MS at early nigh or sunset or i dunno really how to translate :))

  219. TLSP/Fidlar – clash
    Molotov/BMTH – clash
    The Neighbourhood & Kaiser Chiefs – clash

  220. You’ve got to be kidding me, you have 2 really decent British bands at your festival with Noel Gallagher & Chvrches and than you put them on at the same time, and leave people with no alternative during pop queen Sia?

    The same thing happens, maybe this one’s more me personally, on the last day, there are 2 (British) acts I really wanted to see: The Last Shadow Puppets & Jess Glynne, why don’t we let them play at the same time?

    Very annoying, Sziget, a great way to make a not terrific line-up even worse!

  221. And hungarian band Brains plays during David Guetta… it looks like sick joke…

  222. during guetta’s set who’s with me ? we buy a lot of beer at the Auchan and we stay out at the parking zone and having some fun :))

  223. This is a total mess, if the schedule will remain the same at the end!

    If they won’t have a class line-up for the next year, I won’t buy any tickets for 2017 and I bet I won’t be the only one!

  224. I love the way everybody is stating their opinion as fact.. Don’t like the line-up? Nobody is forcing you to go!

  225. I would be okay with this schedule, the only big clash I would suffer would be CHVRCHES – Noel Gallagher, Fidlar – Jess Glynne.

    Still, on the timfcsm timetable I find hard to understand the times of the nighttime at the A38.

    Day 0 will be travel to Budapest, than LAWL, fml.

  226. The fact is that they bought the ticket before the lineup was out, so they have the right to complain. But everyone will have fun in the end as usual ^^

  227. Noeliam is right, I bought the tickets in the first 24 hours, because I felt that the line-up will be at least as good as last year. Well, I won’t do that mistake once again this winter, I will wait until spring at least.

    I am also losing trust in the fact that we won’t get a good headliner for Day -1 and I start to believe that Sum 41 will be the subheadliners before Guetta.

    Except Muse, Noel Gallagher and TLSP there is nothing really special on the Main Stage. There are also some names I like, as Parov Stelar, John Newman, Bastille, Sum 41 or Kaiser Chiefs – but all these name would have been A38 material for last year’s festival and I am not really excited to see them on the MS.

  228. @Sziget, and think that the last year’s line up was no where close to the ’14 one…
    I smell a great gap between incomes and expenses for Sziget this year. The festival keep on growing in terms of costs for the consumers and the quality of the offer they made is gettin worse year after year. The last year they took away the Sziget Eye, which was kind of a symbol, this year they seems to have spent (at least til now) way lesser than the last year for the lineup.
    I dont know for how long this policy will favorite them. The Sziget vibe is cool, but it doesnt worth the 750 € I usually spent in a week by their own – 400 € this year truth to be told.

  229. I feel that next year will be the same. One reason can be the fact that in 2018 Sziget will have its 25 years anniversary of existence, so maybe they also save up some money for a special “25 years of Sziget” edition, so I think that in 2018 we will get a much better line-up than 2015-2017.

  230. How can they place parov stelar on the main stage and kodaline in the A38 🙁

  231. @timfcsm: The first edition was in 1993 and it was called Diáksziget (Students’ Island). So, in 2018 it will be a 25 years old festival.

  232. Last year (2015) was the 23th edition, this one is the 24th and next year (2017) is the 25th

  233. You’re right, I don’t know why I started to count from 0, LOL. The weaker line-up sounds even more understandable, if they put aside some money for the 25th edition.

  234. Day -1 I think the headliner on this day won’t be really big.. i would be happy with a good electro act like Jack Ü, The Chemicals or Deadmau5.. or also with Killers.. i hope for Rammstein or RHCP, would be awesome!

    Day 0: I think this day is ok, i like some songs if Rihanna and she is a big name, and she has lot of fans and i think she can headline for sure

    Day 1: Just wtf… Newman main stage?? A hungarian act i never hear before.. Bastille is good ok, but not sooo good.. and Manu Chao is funny, but as FRIDAY headliner.. no words. For a friday it is a really shame for Sziget! Very bad day

    Day 2: I am excited for Muse.. dont like Sigur Ros because i dont like this kind of music. But this day is good for many people and there are good names

    Day 3: i hope for 1 more cool band on this day.. Guetta is ok but he is not a very good Dj, but it will be nice to see him for me. All in all this day can be ok or good when they bring 1 another good act at this day!

    Day 4: i like to see Sia, because i want to hear her voice life.. Years and years also good.. this day is ok

    Day 5: hmm.. i think Hardwell is oke for endshow.. but only TLSP as sub head.. meh. Also not very good day

    Everything will be decided by day -1 and the Sunday!
    If they bring a very good headliner for this day and a good band for day 3, line up is not bad. But friday is SO bad .. i dont understand how they can do this…

  235. I also miss german bands this year!!! There is no german band on the main stage now! There is only K.I.Z for A38, but i dont lime them..

    I want to see Seeed, Die Ärzte, Die Toten Hosen etc… 2013 they was there, all 3!!

    Last year Kraftklub was mainstage.. where are some german bands this year (ok Parov Stelar is from my countrie Austria.. but i look for some german bands )

  236. Please, we really have way enough german/germanic bands on the A38 this year…

    Also, I remember that Sziget Italy promised (or so) an Italian Band on MS or A38… I think Alborosie will appear in the line-up one day or so

  237. @yelo
    When did sziget italy promise that? Alborosie would be a great addiction in the early MS spot before Sum 41…

  238. They made a pool in late 2015 asking what artist italian would have liked to watch on a major stage.
    I remember the first ones were Caparezza and Negrita. I dont know if this thing is still goin or what

  239. Are you person who wrote here before that Oscar and The Wolf are German band? Well, they are from Belgium…

  240. No I am the one who moans about the fact the 3 out of 4 hip hop acts on the major stages are performed by germanic-speaking artists. Not xenophobe, it’s just I dont like to hear lyrics I cant understand 🙂

  241. We have only 1 “bigger” german band with K.I.Z.. there are no other quality german bands… there are lot of german, austrian and switzerland people at Sziget so i wanted to have a german band for mainstage too!
    Rammstein as example 😉

  242. As for me, Rammstein and Limp Bizkit is kinda the same level bands (favourite rock music of my childhood). It sound crazy, but last year we had LB + Garrix, why we can’t have Rammstein + Guetta… 🙂

  243. Because Rammstein are very expensive!! And maybe too expensive enven for the -1 day. I wouldn’t mind if Limp Bizkit come back this year 🙂

    I hope they’ll anounce the collosseum lineup soon. Pukkepop has a lot of good dj’s (kink, âme, cassius, hvob, joris voorn, kaytranada, loco dice, nina kravitz, seth troxler, tale of us).

    I still hope for biffy clyro on the guetta day!!!

  244. Hi Sziget News – I have a quick question I hope you can answer. Its my first Sziget. Seems like the tentspace is limited to 2mx2m, but my tent is 230cm x 200cm. Are they super strict on this? I can’t get a straight answer from them. Maybe you can answer?

  245. So same price for Day -1 ticket… i dont have a good feeling about that!

    I have a feeling that Day -1 headliner wont be a big name.. if it would be the price would be not same like other days i think… :/

  246. Also what is with X mas wish 12? They wrote it will be a special wish and it will be released shortly… this was in februar.. and we never hear of it again

  247. @JeffK don’t worry they don’t check the size!
    So same price… really didn’t expected that!
    The headliner should be announced soon then! This week?

  248. Actually as the price are increased the “normal ticket prize” is this year like Robbie William’s ticket prize. Maybe that’s why. Anyway if it’s the same size of Muse and Rihanna is a huge headliner. Let’s hope so. And let’s hope for some rock!

  249. Rammstein or RHCP would be the best headliners for Day -1, but i think they are to big.. 🙁

    Maybe we just will get some electro act (Chemical Brothers, Jack Ü, Deadmau5, Tiesto) for Day -1 headliner.
    I would agree with some of that names, but please not just a hungarian band no one knows..

  250. Jack U is out, Skrillex is somewhere in america around 10 august!
    I wouldn’t say no to Deadmau5 but I also want some rock!

  251. A good rockband for sunday before Guetta and Deadmau5/Tiesto would be very oke for me 🙂 i am very excited 🙂

  252. @Sziget I also bought mine in the first 24 hours. You are entitled to your opinion with regards the lineup. But for you to say it’s nowhere near as good as any year is just your opinion. Personally i’m a big fan of parov stelar, tourist, jake bugg, mo, m83 etc. It doesn’t bother me what stage they play on, I don’t see why that is such a big deal? Although i’ve never been before so I could be missing something?

  253. @Orangejuicer not at all! Some of my best concerts have been on the second stage (NOFX, The Bloody Beetroots, Stromae, Bonobo, Kavinsky (the last three back to back! and Infected Mushroom this year).
    + It’s your first time so you will have a lot of activities to do during the time you don’t have anything to watch 🙂

  254. @Rzn don’t get carried away. We really don’t mind foul language, but our comment system does. /SzN/

    You’re right and at the same time you’re not. I agree with you on the different people/different choice but I still think that in term of money / popularity / “hype”, this line up isn’t on the level with some major european festival.
    Manu Chao is fun and I’m gonna enjoy his show but in the year 2016 … who is he ? It’s fun cause he had a major hit in the 90’s but that doesn’t make him headliner material (and same for the booking fee).
    Same for the A38 or the afternoon MS act. There isn’t a single name on this line up that say “waw ! Sziget did that ? F*ck the others”. And that’s what people blame on this line up who is supposed to be one of the very best in europe.
    I’m no fan of her but Adele is in Glasto, that’s an exclu.
    Muse is a very good headline but you can see them at least 6 or 7 times this summer.
    As for middle act we heave Noel Gallagher wich I like but his album is out since mars 2015, Sigur Ros it was 2013!, Kaiser Chiefs haven’t done a good thing since 5 years.
    And at the same time you can have EODM, Wolfmother, Iggy Pop or At the drive in who have all fresh and good news.
    It’s like second choice!

  255. @Daniel Heit how can Rammstein be too big for day -1 when we already have Muse for a normal day? Muse fulfill stadiums, Rammstein arenas. Muse are definitely a bigger act than Rammstein in terms of popularity. Said that, I really want day -1 headliner to be Rammstein. REALLY!

  256. Sorry for the F word ! It was so natural in this situation that I didn’t pay attention 😀

  257. Hey sorry I know this is unrelated, I’m planning on arriving in Budapest on the 3rd. Ive heard Auchen is a good place to buy cheap camping gear I was wondering if they’d still have plenty of tents and other camping essential available this close to the start of the festival. or if I should try an arrange something else.
    any other tips would be awesome thanks.

  258. Rammstein in terms of budget won’t cost more than Sia+Manu Chao (way less than Rihanna, David Guetta/Hardwell and Muse for sure). I dont know if Sziget can afford their show in terms of security because lot of flames and stuff – still, considered the increase of budget they MUST have, they could have them. As they could had all the f- lineup of Pukklepop which is totally SMASHING the Sziget, but they preferred to focus on DJs who costs a lot and dont get called anywhere ‘cept for Ultra and Tomorrowland, or artists who drains half the budget by themselves (like Rihanna).

    They can call whoever they want for -1 day, still the lineup is compromised right now (“Oh, but I like *artist X*” k, go takin a look at the lineup of 2014, than come over here and let’s have a talk, takin in consideration the price of those artists and the budget sziget had back in the day), there are very few things they can do to save the lineup and, by the trend of the announcements, we all know in the deep they won’t do what they have to do.
    About the -1 headliner, I assume there will be a surprise, like KoL were last year: someone not in tour, as they said quietly months ago. The problem is that there are many people (not only among us: I am a promoter and people who knows Sziget from years and had not the chance to come previously, are very upset by the line up) with very different tastes disappointed by this work and one name cant make anyone happy about this lineup: who wants the heavy, who wants the serious EDM, who wants the hip hop.

    I know about the Sziget feeling, I dont think that umbrellas on the trees (and sculptures and the island itself) are useless, but I cant think that because of that I have to pay for a poor lineup, since those kind of decoration have always been there and the lineup was in any terms better (variety, quality, cost).
    And when I talk about poor line up I look at other festivals in the same week, but also other festivals with the same fame of Sziget and the Sziget itself in the latest years. Dont lie to yourselves, you know I am speakin no bulls**t, no excuses.

  259. It’s been on my mind since a while and I didn’t say anything cause it’s more or less my choice (or rather my friend’s but whatever) but since we are talking money I’ll go for it.
    Rihanna is probably the most expensive artist this year and I think it isn’t fair for the 5 day pass (like me). 35€ cheaper but we lost the major money act (I don’t care about Rihanna, it just doesn’t seem fair).
    I’m not really complaining about the price. 215€ for a 5 day pass is still cheaper than most european festival but if they did spend a big part of the budget for Rihanna I feel like I pay for those who are there. (And it’s not that I don’t want to be there, it’s that I can’t, thank you work !)

  260. If they are going to anounce a band which isn’t touring I really hope for KISS. I also think there is a very big chance cage the elephant is going to be anounced for the A38

  261. Rammstein is more expensive than David Guetta or Hardwell. Guetta costs about 300 – 350tk, Hardwell 250 – 300tk.

    What i hear Rammstein costs over 800tk.. so they are very expensive (cause of their fireshows etc.)

    Rihanna costs over 1 million euro of course (Robbie Williams costs 1,3 million!!!)….

    I dont know the price of Manu Chao or Sia..

    But i think there is no big place for very expensive bands ..

  262. @noeliam Where did you read that those are released tomorrow? Can’t find anything on the official FB-page…7

  263. The Sziget communication will never stop to amaze me.. With all the critic they have received around this, why on earth wouldn’t they want to announce all news about their line-up (and other issues) on their main FB-page? There’s a lot of bands on smaller stages that never gets announced, which shows a lack of respect both for the bands and their customers. It’s like they’re saying that only the bands they consider large are the ones worthy of mentioning and that everything is just “festival filling” which probably no one likes anyway.. Not all bands are even represented on the “artist” pages on the home page.

    Instead of announcing something once every second month like now (which also raises expectations), they could have done it weekly if they included everything. No one would expect big names in every announcement , and it would give ever attandee the chance of checking out new artist more regularly.

    My biggest wish right now isn’t a new headliner or a major band, it is Sziget getting a totally new PR-team.

  264. @Sziget: they are back, but they are back in studio man, it will take a long time until they finish the work. Maybe next year 🙂

  265. Damon already said last year that they were already working on the album and everything is going pretty fast. 😉 + the fact the nobody knew about last year’s Blur album until it was released, so this is giving me a little bit of hope. 😀

  266. Yeah, that’s the difference. This time they’re going for some hype. They’re showing us the producing process (or some very little part of it) to play with the fans and create hype. I can’t see them returning with a late announcement in festivals that already have their mainstage lineups 80% done.

    And definitely I can’t see Sziget doing something THAT exclusive (based on the choices Sziget staff made with the lineup). They don’t need, they don’t care.

  267. World Stage brilliant as always. I was hoping so strong for Goran to come back but I didn’t believe that would happen…
    but he’s back 🙂 and hope he will not clash with Muse or Manu (it’s incredible that this year we have only 1 worthy headliner + manu chao, wich is kind of a good but still cheap headliner).

  268. Gorillaz are back since a long time, Damon has already announced that an album will come this year.
    And we know since yesterday that they are recording in Paris and Jean Michel Jarre is also in the monkey business ! We already knew that they were on a featuring with David Bowie (don’t know if it has been recorded before his death).

    They may have to be on tour before the end of the year (like Damon did with Blur last year) but for the summer… Too close I think.

  269. I’m very happy for Goran Bregovic and Enzo Avitabile. The World Stage lineup looks very good and solid (at least for the names I know). I’m happy! 🙂

  270. I couldn’t care less about the world music stage, I have no affiliation with this type of music. In my 8 visits to Sziget the only band I ever watched there were The Pogues and never in any other year was there something in that category.

    Artists like Manu Chao or Punnany Massif would be great candidates for this stage imho, so we could have the space on the main stage for contemporary pop/rock artists!

  271. Why do you people still care about Gorillaz? It’s pretty obvious they won’t tour this year or at least they won’t play summer music festivals…

  272. @Bube: if you don’t watch, how do you know a performance is not interesting? The acts that surprise me the most are at the World Music Stage every year.

  273. I thought my comment was self-explanatory, I don’t like the types of music played at the world music stage, I don’t know nor want to know these bands, I did know and like The Pogues, good world music for me would be bands like Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, The Levellers, Clannad, In Extremo, some country artists, Johnny Clegg, Santana, something like that. But I know that it usually means some sort of gypsy / Eastern European sort of music, so I don’t expect any bands I actually like or even know on this stage. The only thing I find strange is the description ‘world music’, it’s a very small world! Manu Chao, Punnany Massif are world music to me, non-traditional pop/rock music, mostly non-english, so put them on this stage and as I stated, save the main stage for pop/rook or even big EDM-acts, but the latter I would also prefer to be in ‘their’ Arena!

  274. How very narrow minded! You’re not even checking the acts and judging them already. Be open for music you don’t know and you’ll have a much better time at Sziget!
    With the acts you mention, I recommend you to have a look at Kultur Shock and Malasaners. Will you let me know what you think about them after listening to them? Also acts like Buika, Rachid Taha, Aziza Brahim, Systema Solar and La Dame Blanche are all but gypsy / Eastern European sort of music, but maybe not for your taste.

  275. I suspect the acts you mentioned are some sort of sort of African or Arab music not my thing either, maybe narrow minded, but I also wouldn’t go to a stage with classical or jam jjazz music, while there maybe the best musicians there, it’s just not my thing. I like rock, indie, alternative, pop, good country, blues and I know a lot of music/bands in that frame. I visited Sziget 8 times, but I rarely go for a band outside the main or A38, not entirely true, I remember the old metal stage or the time when they put bands like The Joy Formidable & Nero in afternoon slots in the Arena. Ofcourse i enjoy the parties in the bars after the closing of the main stage, the Chuck Norris bar, in the past the Volt bar, last year the Jack Daniels, also the Tribute Stage, if the band is decent, that’s my thing. I visit other major festivals like Pinkpop, Rock am Ring and Rock Werchter regurlarly, There i go if they have a good line-up, which is more the case than at Sziget, Sziget has the atmosphere and the party all night long, but the line-up has become worse through the years.

  276. Now even more I think you should have a look at Kultur Shock and Malasaners. Just do it and then tell me if it’s gypsy, Eastern-European, Arab or African or more like rock, indie, alternative, pop, country or blues.

  277. If they don’t collide with a known band, I want to go and listen to, I’ll give them a go!

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