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Announcement: Kasabian, Flume, The Kills & Others @ Sziget 2017

After a lot of speculation, as well as a few artists confirming their presence, Sziget has finally revealed a new batch of artists to perform at its stages. Some of them are returning names – think Kasabian, Interpol, Leningrad, and others. Without further ado, here is the list of the names that were freshly revealed through Sziget’s official Facebook page:

  • Kasabian
  • Flume
  • Interpol
  • Billy Talent
  • Jamie Cullum
  • Charli XCX
  • The Kills
  • Clean Bandit
  • Metronomy
  • The Pretty Reckless
  • Danny Brown
  • Crystal Fighters
  • Fritz Kalkbrenner
  • Leningrad
  • Cashmere Cat
  • Jagwar Ma
  • Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano
  • Maurice West

Kasabian needs no introduction: the band played at Sziget quite frequently in the last ten years. The band was expected to release a new album last year but apparently it didn’t – hopefully, this year’s performance will have fresh materials from it to show.

Electronica producer Flume (Australia) is at his first visit to Sziget. With two albums and two EPs, Flume is collected quite a few awards in the last few years, including two Grammy nominations.

Interpol needs no introduction, I guess. They will play on the A38 stage as part of their tour celebrating 15 years since the release of their first album, “Turn on the Bright Lights”.

Billy Talent is another returner. The band had a new album released in 2016.

Singer-songwriter Jamie Cullum is at his first performance at Sziget. With several albums under his belt, the jazz-pop artist has collected quite a few awards and nominations, including a Golden Globe nomination for the Best Original Song in 2007.

Charly XCX – born Charlotte Emma Aitchison – is a singer, songwriter, and actress from the UK. She debuted in 2008, performing at warehouse raves in London. Today she prepares for the release of her third studio album. Her music is a mix of various electronic pop genres, influenced by an incredible variety of performers ranging from Britney Spears to Björk and Quentin Tarantino.

The Kills almost made it to Sziget 2009 – they backed out then, hopefully, they won’t this time. The band has released a new album last year, so they will have quite a few fresh things to show in 2017.

Clean Bandit’s “Rockabye” was nominated for two BRIT Awards – the one for the best British single and the one for the best video of the year. By the time they take the stage at Sziget 2017, we’ll know whether they won them or lost them.

Metronomy is another UK act playing instrumental electronic music. The band has quite a nice list of festivals on its resume: Primavera Sound and Roch Werchter in 2014, and Festival No. 6 in 2015.

Detroit rapper Danny Brown returns to Sziget after a great performance in 2014. He also released a new album in 2016, so he’ll have enough fresh rhymes to tell.

Crystal Fighters were present at Sziget 2016 and two years before. Their new album was released last October, though, which means they’ll have fresh tunes for this year’s attendees.

The Pretty Reckless’ “Take Me Down” was nominated for the iHeartRadio Music Awards for the Best Rock Song in 2016.

Fritz Kalkbrenner is the younger brother of producer Paul Kalkbrenner, and a DJ on his own. This will be his first time at Sziget, although he already spun at VOLT (2013) and Balaton Sound (2012).

Leningrad needs no introduction, especially for those attending Sziget 2016. They will probably perform on the World Music Stage again.

Cashmere Cat, or Magnus August Høiberg by his real name, is a Norwegian DJ, producer, and musician. He released his debut album in 2016.

Jagwar Ma is an Australian psychedelic dance trio, consisting of Gabriel Winterfield (lead vocalist, guitarist), Jono Ma (guitar, beats, synths, production), and bass guitarist Jack Freeman. After a pretty busy festival season and some sold-out shows in various countries, they finally make it to Sziget this summer.

The Amsterdam DJ duo Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano has been producing remixes since 2012. S.O.T.U., their collaboration with Nicky Romero, was quite well received by the Dutch and Benelux party scene. This year they’ll get to show off their talent on the Island.

Last but not least, Maurice West, another artist at his first time at Sziget. A young DJ and producer, with a lot of inspiration (and support) from big EDM names like Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Hardwell, and others (under the same label), this youngster is ready to set the Sziget dancefloors on fire.

If you haven’t already, please vote on how do you like the Sziget lineup so far?

Update: according to the official Sziget Italia website, KasabianBilly TalentJamie CullumThe KillsClean Bandit and Metronomy will perform on the Main Stage, InterpolThe Pretty RecklessFritz KalkbrennerFlume, Crystal Fighters, Jagwar MaCharli XCXDanny Brown will play on A38, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Maurice West will mix in the Arena, while Leningrad will return to the World Music Stage.

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231 thoughts on “Announcement: Kasabian, Flume, The Kills & Others @ Sziget 2017

  1. Tragic. How the hell do they dare to come up with such crappy names after a huge price rise? Every small and cheap festival has a better line-up in central europe. I wonder how does Open Air or frequency or a small croatian festival manage to get better names then the biggest and most prize winning festival, for half the price. Pathetic

  2. Poor thing.
    Have you ever attended a concert of Crystal Fighters?

    Top names: Kasabian, Flume, Interpol, The Kills, Metronomy, Crystal Fighters, Fritz Kalkbrenner.
    Good names: Billy Talent, Jamie Cullum, Leningrad, Jagwar Ma

  3. After 10 years I’ve decided not to visit Sziget. Feel heartbreaking of course and still keep eye on announcements. What can I say: names are ok, but headliners are so predictable and nothing special for the 25th festival

  4. Lol, reactions are always the best part lately. People react like they are forced to go to Sziget, forced to pay the ticket and have fun there. LOL :°)

  5. @Ambassadeur I hope next announcement will make you change your mind. This year it’ll be my 9th in a row. I cannot imagine not to go to Sziget, but I always attend at least 2-3 other big festivals every summer, so I understand your point of view 🙂

  6. @Bender yeah… well i guessed i’m forced because it’s SO GOOD!!!

    @BDPST i’ll have paid 350e with the moving in for 10 days of Sziget. That’s 35e per day. For that, I have camping (10e, excellent), activities (10e, excellent), lineup (15e/day. Good enough for you?).
    that’s not counting the SZIGET VIBE which is priceless 😀 😀

  7. Decent names>vibe. I don’t understand why sould I pay almost as much as a hungarian minimum wage to get a good vibe. They should be able to create a good vibe and get decent names for this price

  8. @Noliem lol at your counting….

    at a festival I pay for the artists, the rest of it are just IN THE PRICE.
    also sziget feeling is worth like 1 Ft at best, because it’s an overhyped thing. At a good festival you don’t have creat a myth to sell tickets, the vibe is created by the music.

  9. Fffsf, sziget vibe is great.

    És csak magunk között: ne basszanak már, hogy hatmilliárdból kb fél milliárdot költenek nevekre, a többit meg arra, hogy karácsonyfadíszeket nyomassanak minden kurva fára

  10. There are a lot more factors. Sziget is really more international than a lot of major festivals. More independant as well (not anymore but it’s no Live Nation neither). blablabla

    I go to Sziget for the vacations, the lineup is just a bonus. The Sziget Vibe is overwhelming. AND I live in a shittier country than yours, with a shittier minimum.. oh wait we don’t even have a minimum wage. I work 2 part time jobs to be able to afford it, and I made some sacrifices. (and i’m still at university).
    NO excuse. If you want concerts Europe is so much closer for you. I can’t leave Lebanon by car or train so the only possibility is a plane, and it’s expensive. and your side shows are way better than anything in Lebanon. Last year the biggest name of our biggest festival was SIA!


    😀 😀

  11. You guys realize volt also has a great sziget vibe with much better line up for half the price? How can they manage to book better names than sziget?

  12. @Fffsffsfsartsfsfsfsf
    No, the rest is not a bonus. ‘cos Sziget has always marketed itself as more than just the music. It’s part of what you’re paying. So if you don’t want flowers and dolphins go to ?????.

  13. “the lineup is just a bonus”
    Dude you’re talking about a music festival 😀
    The only point of a music festival is the music acts, you know?

  14. Does it say Sziget Music Festival?
    Sziget Festival.

    When you go in programs, you see Music and all the other stuff like Luminarium.

  15. Noeliam, ok, i’m sorry. I’m mad about the line up cause its the only time i can go to a festival because of exams in june-july. And as a student i cant really afford to go to reading or leeds, or something like those

  16. You know it was, and is a music festival. The artsy bullsh*t started in the past few years, before that it was pure music and some smaller other activities. As it should be now

  17. Its a better announcement than the other but still not worth spending 600 euro’s to be part of it… they should really come up with something better than this. Otherwist ticketswap would bring a good solution…

    And Kasabian as headliner? Wtf. With major lazer and dramatic vegas and unlike mike how on earth is it possible people accept this…

  18. I understand no worry!
    They had to take this direction because they couldn’t compete with the june-july festivals. Really, they would’ve booked Radiohead and Arcade Fire if they were around.
    At least you can go for one day if you can’t afford a week.

    Here, we don’t have proper festivals with camping. it’s concerts separated by a few days, from july to august (that’s our biggest festival).

    Anyway, you’re mad because of your expectations. Sziget isn’t anymore what you want but it’s okay. look at my position. I didn’t watch a concert since John Digweed last night at Sziget!!!!

  19. @BDPST I’ve been to 8 Sziget and it was always presented as something “so much more than just music”. That’s why I went the first time and that’s why I keep on going every year. That’s it. Paying 250€ for a 3 day festival with huge lineup but where I have nothing more to do than going from a stage to another doesn’t attract me. I do it in other festivals but if I had the possibility to attend only one festival every summer I’d attend Sziget without any doubt. No Primavera Sound or Pukkelpop can give me what Sziget gives me every summer. It’s subjective, but for me that’s a fact. I love Sziget.

  20. Noelim, i also get your point, but i don’t think we can work out an agreement 😀

    Anyways, we Hungarians are mad about this, and I’m afraid thats not gonna change im the following years 🙁

  21. FWIW, I find these names to be far better than the initial release. Still though, it just seems like its coming together last year in terms of music. There is some good stuff here, and some really fun adds, but I think every festival needs to have headliners every night, but at least 1 of them must really stand out and be special. That’s what is lacking here. We need something to catch our interest (Radiohead, U2, Arcade Fire). Its so much easier to build a lineup when the top looks special. This, even though its good, doesn’t look special. That’s my opinion.

    Sziget vibes are a different story. I loved the festival and am considering going back just for that. Then again, since the lineup is not truly special, it might make sense to skip a year or two so as to not get bored with the same old stuff (luminarium and whatnot).

    Anyways, this is better, but still not great.

  22. Yeah but still 4 headliners to come, + many other subheadliners, and other stage headliners, + collosseum, world music……………

  23. Main Stage: Kasabian, Billy Talent, Jamie Cullum, The Kills, Clean Bandit and Metronomy
    A38: Interpol, The Pretty Reckless, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Flume, Crystal Fighters, Jagwar Ma, Charli XCX, Danny Brown
    Arena: Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Maurice West
    World Music Stage: Leningrad

  24. Many people bought tickets earlier when there was no name announced, but the others are waiting for the names to buy their tickets. This announcement may be decent but its not going to sell tickets

    Also price is higher and its 25 anniversary..

  25. For me there are a lot of good undercard acts. The only thing that makes me really disappointed is the fact that Kasabian and Major Lazer are more Headliner. I mean, ok, i’ve Just seen them in 2015 and you bring them back this year. But in 2015 they were both sub…

  26. @Vortix true! But maybe it’ll be the other way around and they’ll have good subs!

    @BDPST i’d rather have Clean Bandit taking a slot on main stage than have them take an A38 headline slot 🙂 (I won’t watch them)

  27. @Vortix I think that right now we can’t still say who’s headlining and whos’ subing. Kasabian may perfectly be followed by an electronic act. This electronic act may be someone we don’t know or somebody already announced like Major Lazer or DV & LM. I can easily see a day with Kasabian + Major Lazer co headlining. Because in 2015 Kasabian were co-headlining with Avicii, not subbing him.

    Anyway if Kasabian will turn out to be a proper headliner I’m fine. Kasabian actually are a proper headliner. They’ve been a Glasto headliner, they have headlined Reading & Leeds, Rock En Seine, Festival International de Benicassim (FIB) and many more “Sziget sized” festivals. In Italy they easily sell out arenas, in England they are huge. I’ve seen them 6 times already and every year I attend more than 150 concerts, but they always turn out to be among the best 3 live gigs of the year.

  28. After this announcement, i believe Sziget will share Eminem and Kasabian as headliners with Reading festival..
    IMO, Eminem would be the perfect solution for day -1

  29. Kasabian, Flume, Billy Talent, Crystal Fighters, Interpol, The Kills, The Pretty Reckless (true gnocca) and Metronomy are totally worth the announcement. The only thing I dont understand (and that’s for the whole lineup so far) is why picking so much among the 2015’s names and (and that’s the problem), put them in better positions. Sziget 2015 was “Best lineup” but everyone knows that in 2015 there was a lack of bands in tour, so competion was kinda little.
    Dont want to expect as a special guest The Script as headliner, just this.
    Also, I give a shat about recycled bands ’til they are good (Kasabian and Interpol for example) or they were at Sziget in 2013 or 2011 (Bad Religion and Billy Talent) – I mean, get a grip with reality, most of the goers didnt came in 2011.
    I’m also kind of lucky since most of the band they are takin from 2014-15 editions are ones that in those years I havent seen and that right now I really would enjoy!

    The other names are good, I dont need an announcement of 15 names which I want to see all at any cost, it makes no sense, and the undercards are good enough (no Naughty Boy, im fine).

    I can see the lineup takin a clear shape so far, and I kinda like it, since we are having more rock bands on MS in 2 announcement than on the previous years, but Im little confused about their slot.
    So, few questions:
    – So far I can see Kasabian, ML and DM&LM as headliner, and that’s okay(-ish). But than? Two Door Cinema Club, Billy Talent, Metronomy and The Kills are big enough to be sub-headliners (I dont know very well any of them and I would suppose 2DCC and The Kills, but…)?
    – Clean Bandit has a 17.45 spot granted, TRUE?!
    – What the hell is Jamie Cullum doin on the main stage when the A38 at evening is really a more reasonable venue for him?
    – Chali XCX aint gonna take a slot in the night time, yes? YES? Let’s put her at a shitty time, like, I dont know 22.00 on the main stage the day of Kasabian, like that, you know?
    – Why Sziget is so hard on hip hop?
    – Fritz Kalkbrenner belongs to Colosseum and GTA to Party Arena, don’t you think that A38’s night should belongs to something that is not so well rappresented on other stages?

  30. @Yelo
    – Yes, Kasabian, ML and DM&LM are probably headliners and I also think TDCC will be sub-headliner but the rest should be in the afternoon slots (I hope).
    – I hope too, but it’s Sziget you know 😀
    – I saw Jamie Cullum headline Colours of Ostrava in 2013 and he was closing the whole event in front of 35 000 people. It was wonderful show and everybody was singing but there is big difference between CoO crowd and Sziget crowd. So I don’t how it will work but he could possibly sub-headline…
    – Sziget is multi-genre music festival so there should be every genre represented 🙂
    – Fritz is too big for Colosseum, Dillon Francis and Carnage played in A38 last year too but I agree that they should bring 1:30 slot back at least and put there some live acts…

  31. Jamie Cullum as sub-headliner would be… ahm… a waste, no half measure, I’m sorry…
    Madness announced a date in late august in England. Since this seems the years of big returns, probably we can expect them to sub-headline a night, who knows?

  32. The Lineup for now lacks of big names on the mainstage, that’s for sure, we all expected a bigger announcement. But I’m super fine with great part of what they announced until now, A38 in particular is going to please me this year, and it can still improve.

    That’s because I go at Sziget, like @Noeliam and @Bender, mainly to have a week of vacation.
    I have the best time just hanging around (that might sound silly ahah but it’s the truth) and sometimes I even forget to attend concerts.

    BUT I can understand also the other points of view. In particular for us who have seen more than 5 editions, we feel like Sziget is a little bit “ours”, an important part of ourselves. So I can understand people feeling betrayed by rising prices or cheap names.

  33. What I don’t understand is, why don’t they put names that are too big for Colosseum into the Party Arena instead of A38 Stage? Do we really need to have EDM in Party Arena every night?

  34. I’d like to take an opportunity and share some thoughts that i have on my mind now.

    First of all, i’m not kind of festival expert and constant music events visitor. Yes, i like music very much, listen it every day and always try to find something new and different. At the end of 2013 i saw Sziget aftermovie and thought: “well, it’s cool i’d like to go there”. The ticket price was more affordable back then though i also needed to buy a ticket for my girlfriend but, well, that’s a different story.

    At the beginning of 2014 the already announced acts were quite good so i was just asking my friends whether some of them would like to join plus i’m a big blink-182 fan and i wanted to go to Sziget and their gig somewhere as well. The ticket price was 235 euros which were quite a lot in my eyes plus i had some financial issues so finally i decided to ignore Sziget and stay at home. Until the day i saw blink-182 will perform at Sziget so i bought the tickets almost immediately.

    What i want to say now is ticket prices in 2014 were more or less affordable (though they were already on the rise) and the line-up was straight fire in my eyes! I don’t want to go into names now but you can check and agree that it was the most balanced and representative music program of Sziget across the last 5 years (not because i was there or blink-182 performed).

    I absolutely enjoyed the festival! Literally, every single day was astonishing! I need to say that i’m not typical festival visitor. I always rent apartment because i expect some level of comfort during vacation and tent life isn’t for me for sure. It allowed me to explore the city in a more convenient way when the program wasn’t attractive to me. Every day i went to some sights or restaurants/bars of Budapest and enjoyed it a lot. It was my first festival experience at the age of 24 and i understood immediately that it’s my thing for sure. This is the reason why i decided to go to some festival in 2015 as well.

    In 2015 i went to Open’er which is mentioned a lot on this site as a comparison to Sziget. I’m from Belarus, so honestly Sziget and Open’er are two biggest affordable music festivals for me (Hungary and Poland are very welcoming in terms of rent price given the fact that i need an apartment to live in). They had Kasabian, Major Lazer as headliners among others plus Flume performed as well, but they had some huge names like Drake or Alabama Shakes plus Kendrick Lamar was expected but he had to cancel the show due to logistic issues. The ticket price was about 100 euros for 4 days without camping (camping costed additional 20-30 euros which more than ok). All in all, financially both Sziget and Open’er are in the same league (price per day, food and beverages, transportation, etc.), but and it’s a very big but Sziget is bigger and better than Open’er in every capacity. Sziget is more interesting and deep culturally, the mood is more positive, people are more polite, more options (and amount) of food, more thoughtful organization of event itself plus Sziget is in the city itself when Open’er is on the old airport of small town.

    I didn’t visit any music festival in 2016 so i decided i’ll go in 2017 for sure. I already mentioned that Sziget and Open’er are most affordable for me but i found Sziget a better option so i became a “Prime Szitizen” by buying a ticket without knowing a single name and having some big expectations for 25th edition. And i want to say that i’m really really disappointed today. Don’t get me wrong, the announcement itself is good (Kasabian and Flume are great even though i saw them already, Interpol and Metronomy are sort of undercards that make every festival goer happy). But when i look at Open’er line-up i feel myself a bit miserable 🙂

    Sziget is about fun, atmosphere and music, Open’er is more about music itself. But it’s really hard to value atmosphere so much when music itself is being pushed to a backseat. To go to Budapest i even need to go to another country to have a cheaper flight, to pay for accommodation in Budapest, to take 2 weeks vacation add 250 euros for a ticket and after all i can’t pretend i can be happy with the likes of Major Lazer and DV&LM as headliners?! Jamie Cullum, The Kills, Clean Bandit will be on the main stage – really?

    I’ll wait till next announcement to see if we can have some REAL BIG acts. But if all we receive is another disappointment i see “ticketswap” as the only alternative. Basically, i can switch Sziget ticket to Open’er ticket, it will save me extra 120 euros that i can spend on accommodation, transportation costs are basically the same for me between these 2 festivals and more important thing is i can take only 1` week vacation instead of 2.

    Let’s be honest, there’s no alternative universe where Major Lazer, Kasabian and Dimitri Vegas/Like Mike combo as headliners can be matched against Foo Fighters, Radiohead and The Weeknd. I don’t bring The xx to this comparison because i expect them at Sziget.

    I’ll be 27 this year, it’s really hard to sell me some product by saying that it’s cool, looks good, comes with great accessories when there’s an alternative that has better options but comes 2 times cheaper. At Sziget price you’re expecting more than is offered now and i’m really sorry and confused to say this.

    No offence to anybody, just wanted to express my opinion after all this conversation under the article.

  35. Yauhen: that’s how you properly criticize a festival! Great write-up. I’m disappointed with the names so far too, but like you, I’ll never say Sziget is a bad festival. It’s a premium festival that lacks a premium lineup some years. Honestly, it’s a risk you take going to Sziget, and anyone who has followed the festival should know that by now. There is no logic to their announcements and no logic to their lineup. Prime example: a few great metalcore bands announced early last year, some EXCELLENT dubstep from Canada too (Datsik, Snails, Excision, ect.), and nothing from either genre yet this year. No complaints, it just seems that some years it seriously looks like a completely different festival.

    But, I think Sziget has to have something up their sleeve. So we will see.

  36. @Yauhen THANK YOU!!

    the world (especially this website) needs more of the your kind. People shouldn’t be blindfolded and and congratulate for every awful announcement in he name of “but there is the sziget vibe” Bullshxt. Sziget needs to wake up that you can’t sell garbage, and the way it should be people would stop buying tickets on the lazy booking. And then sziget would need to drop in some effort in the music quality, until then they live off with awful bookings, the vibe, and the angry me every year. So yeah wake up people and demand quality for your money, nothing else.

    Ps. go to Open’r way better line up every year.

  37. I don’t really understand the love for Open’er’s lineup? Is my musical taste just shit? Radiohead and the Foos are both super respectable and legendary bands, understood. But The Weeknd? G-Eazy? The XX? Are these acts also considered game changers now? I feel like if Sziget announced G-Eazy and The Weeknd people on this forum would be angry and type up the classic “Sziget has gone too pop, where are the instruments???”. The grass is always greener, I guess! I think The XX will get announced at Sziget… I’m not a huge fan but I guess it’ll make the rest of you happy.

    In any event, people consistently fail to remember Sziget is a 7-day festival that runs until 6am for the majority of those days. Popular acts can take the stage anywhere from 4:00 pm – 1:00 am, even later, and can be on multiple stages simultaneously. There are so many spots to fill and so many announcements remaining, it’s simply too early to say Open’er’s lineup is better. I don’t even think Sziget has released any of their actual headlining acts with the exception of Kasabian (co-headliner in 2015, so maybe not a full-on headliner this year), and maybe Major Lazer (but they subbed KOL in 2015 if I recall, so there’s hope for another act before/after them).

    So, what we’re left with is a decent under-card so far.. It’s not incredible, it doesn’t have the WOW factor that the big names of Open’er provide, but it’s still not bad, and there’s still A TON OF MUSIC TO COME. If tickets are still selling well at the current price-point, then I think it makes sense for them to save some bigger names for later announcements to push people really on the fence to choose Sziget, and to push them to do so when tickets are more expensive.

  38. You are focusing on the wrong side of the line up, friend, they are talkin about Foos, Radiohead, Prophets and Mac Miller.
    The Weeknd all in all aint a bad headliner, if we really have to do the jump with another pop headliner and the name wont be Eminem (which is likely, all in all we dont have any data about it that is real but rumors about Reading), The Weeknd would probably do the trick – or Frank Ocean, if he’s around.
    The XX aint headliner material imo, I cant see why M83 last year were A38’s headliner and The XX should be MS’s headliner. But okay, they headline Primavera so that’s probably my bad.
    Talking about Open’er, if I had the chance to pick twoand only two names among the released so far, those names would be Mac Miller and James Blake, not Foos and Radiohead

  39. Those names sucks. Sziget has the poorest line-up in all europe as for right now.
    This is crappy.

  40. I think I’ve never seen a positive comment about Sziget in the last three years here on this blog, and that’s really funny.

    I have this dream of next announcements being about people like Eminem, Rolling Stones, U2 and this blog to become super positive and happy

  41. @bobo keep on dreaming!

    After the last edition of sziget there was an official statement where the organiser said the focus will be more on art and atmosphere instead of music. Well, the proved it with this announcements. I think every time we hope for something, we are liying to ourselfs… there will be no U2, the xx wil be the forth headliner and we will have shitty line up. Even worse than 2015… After that year i decided not to go the next edition. I regred i already bought a ticket for this year.

  42. Sincerly i care only about Billy Talent / The Pretty Recless and Danny Brown from this announcement but im not sad 🙂 i will enjoy the week … Usually i get only 1-2 headliners of 7 :))

  43. Why did you have big hopes and bought your tickets if they said that they were going to focus on atmosphere??
    Anyway I have a big group of friends and will be happy to buy each one of your tickets for those unhappy!

  44. this whole focus on the atmospere talk is biggest joke in the Universe. Like it’s some money created thing…. They should focus on booking good bands that create the atmosphere…

  45. this we are focusing on the atmospere crap is really: “We really don’t care about booking quality, you will come anyways” This is most disrespecting thing a management can do to ticket holders. In a normal world after this people would stop buying tickets… but no after 2016 all time low line-up they sell 25% of the tickets without names. So sad…

  46. Reading has Just announced Kasabian as Headliner and Tdcc ad Sub. No Eminem. Now i think that there is lack of big Acts in August, even if Kasabian are considered a big name in England.

  47. @vortix:
    kasabian and eminem were both “To Be Confirmed” on So we were sure they had to be announced, no surprise about that.

  48. Also, if we look at the placing on the website, TDCC are after Billy Talent, which I assume will have the sum 41 spot at 17h45, so TDCC could well play before Kasabian and a DJ or before two biggerish acts.

    @ffsfsf the thing is there’s a lot of great festivals with a great lineup and nothing else. Sziget offers something the other festivals don’t offer.
    I’d be keen to know the percentage of people going back 2, 3, 4 and more times at Sziget compared to other festivals.

  49. Recently I found this interview – – in which the CEO told in the concept of Sziget music and other contemporary arts are just as important, but the programming budget goes for 80-90% to music because getting big acts, headliners takes a lot of money.

    In my opinion the 10-20% spent on other contemporary arts is budget very well spent. Every edition I try to visit the circus, the theatre tent, the giant street theatre, the travelling funfair and the variete show in the magic mirror at least once, while I usually also enjoy several other non-musical performances and the art installations. These experiences definitely add a lot to my total experience of the festival, much more than the percentage of the budget they take. They are also one of the main reasons I keep going back to Sziget, as I don’t know any other festival in Europe that is combining such an amount of concerts with as much quality in other contemporary arts as Sziget.

    As I read some people on this website would love the concept of Sziget to be changed into one where the festival is only about music. I really wouldn’t want that to happen. I believe the 10-20% of the programming budget spent on other contemporary arts adds a lot more value to my festival experience than an increase of the budget for music would. Sziget has a unique mixture of music and other contemporary arts that a lot of people seem to love and I think the festival organisers should definitely not shift this concept more towards music only.

    This does not mean that a quality line up of music acts is not important. Of course it is a very important part of the festival. But with the 80-90% of the programming budget being spent on music I believe the organisers are spending a lot of money on trying to cater to everyone’s taste as much as they can. I really don’t think spending a bigger percentage of the programming budget on music would make Sziget a better festival. On the contrary, it would lose much of its charm.

    To those who think a concept of music only is much nicer than the current concept of Sziget I would like to say: I don’t have a problem with your way of wanting a festival to be, each may have his own taste, but please stop wanting Sziget to change its concept. There are many festivals that have a concept where it’s all about the music. Go to these festivals. If you decide to go to Sziget instead or as well, of course you’re still welcome to join, just accept that Sziget has a unique concept different to how you want it to be and that it is successful with that concept as many people love it. And please also consider that complaining all the time that the concept of Sziget should shift towards your personal liking, which would go at the costs of many thousands of people who love the current concept while also there are many other festivals you can attend that have a concept much closer to how you want it, is quite selfish.

    One more thing: I read someone wrote that Sziget used to be all about music and the art part came only in the past few years. Unfortunately I don’t really know how it was in the early editions, but other forms of arts have been at Sziget for at least the past 15 years already, which is more than half of its existence. Sure, it has become more present, but the amount of music performances by international acts has increased a lot as well during these years.

  50. Thank you Rascal, I didn’t know the number, I would have thoughts more like 60-40!! Very-well said, if they want to shift all the art for 2-3 big headliners it’s not Sziget anymore.

  51. Dates officially confirmed by bands so far:
    9th: Billy Talent
    10th: Jamie Cullum, Kensington, W&W, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano
    12th: Bad Religion
    14th: Major Lazer
    15th: End show with DV&LM, The Kills, Interpol, Leningrad

  52. Billy Talent on the 09th makes me think we’ll have another rock headliner for day -1. Unless they just put the first date of the festival!

  53. Let’s not forget that acts often put the first day of a festival on their website instead of the day they’ll actually perform, so it’s not unlikely that Billy Talent will perform on another day.

  54. Thanks Camper, really usefull!

    Anyway, on the current topic I want to strike a little blow for the haters here. The problem in Sziget’s lineup it’s not how the budget is divided, but it’s his variety and the focus on some genres that costs quite much but dont add value to the product (EDM, Commercial pop et cetera). Sziget 2014 didnt had the Party Arena and probably delivered the best lineup in the latest years.
    Sziget has Main, a38, Party, Colosseum, Europe, World, Irish and Chillout, Werchter (and Im takin in consideration that one ’cause IMO is the best in terms of constant valuable lineups offered years to years) has only 3 stages.
    Honestly I wouldnt give up to variety for nothing in the world (even tho there have been some years that the minor stages didnt provided not a single quality act in my POV), but the haters maybe should focus on some different facts to harrass the festival’s management more than art.
    Art is beautiful and that’s the primary reason of ANY festival in the world; if you lack in understanding this vital point, just give up the festivals and go to a fest in US, cause u lost the balance of what actually matters.

  55. yes art is beautiful, and at a music festival music is the main ART. Hanging umbrellas just pointless/meaningless decoration, which somehow strangely make people happy.

    about the 3 stages vs many stages, first fill the 3 stages with quality programs, wehen it’s done, then you can have 10 stages, but having 10 stages with hardly 1 day worth of quality artists at a week day long festival is pointless and money littering activity. You know QUALITY over QUANTITY. same goes for the number of days…

  56. Yelo, you shouldn’t be telling people what to do and where to go. I used to be able to see a lot of great bands in my city thanks top Sziget, and I want it back. It’s really sad that you’re all buying this art crap, a MUSIC festival is for MUSIC, and not some really cheap artsy installments (seriously guys, isn’t it weird that you think putting some 5 euro christmas lights on trees is art).

    This year’s attendance will be just as poor as it was 2013 (when it became clear that people don’t care about this so-called art, they justwant a good line-up)

  57. Main art but not only. You read the data: 80-90% vs 10-20%, it’s not that budget sucking, they just invest really well in arts and visual more than they do in lineup’s building, if you really want to argue about that.

    The number of days is sacred. I prefer Sziget to any other festival in first place because it’s 7 days, so I can call it a real vacation, and I have the chance to get really exhausted phisically and well relaxed mentally (I can actually tell that Sziget in the last year help me to get over a phase of depression).
    But okay, quality over quantity. I would like to have an A38 bis or a Main Stage 2 too, but you as hungarian more than anybody should understand the hungarian’s pride that is shown in the festival and it goes from the Petofi-World Stage to the World Stage (musically talkin’), and partially IMO to the Irish Stage. What I can agree with you eventually, is that they could sacrifice some slot in those stages to get more budgets to other stages, but Im pretty sure that the costs of Petofi-Volt, World and Irish summed is less than the cost of a real headliner.

  58. I think there wouldn’t be such attack on ‘arts’ or ‘Sziget vibe’ if the music programme wasn’t that disappointing for long-time Sziget goers.

    Though I personally think that this announcement was more than fine, a huge improvement over a rather disastrous first one.

  59. BDPST, fsfsf: you’ve made your point known, probably over 1000 times now. You don’t like art, you don’t think art belongs at a festival, you don’t think the 10%-20% of Sziget’s budget spent on art and scenery is well spent. We get it. We just don’t agree.

    Quite frankly you sound like awful people to be around, and I don’t think Sziget is trying to appeal to people like you. In fact, I believe it’s the exact opposite. Maybe Sziget has consciously said, “we don’t want depressing, pessimistic people to show up at our event, so let’s put lots of colors and lights to drive them away”. I hope that’s the case, and I hope you choose another festival.

    You really do not deserve such a globally respected festival in your city. Again, I welcome you to come to North America, Amnesia, Riot Fest, Osheaga… all great festivals for music, but don’t count on doing anything else at all. And also be ready to blow a month’s salary on a day worth of drinking.

    You don’t know how good you have it, and you won’t know until you branch out. Stop threatening to go to other festivals, because it’s moot! We (well, me, at least) do not want you at Sziget. We want you to go to another festival, so that YOU CAN ENJOY YOURSELF, and so that WE CAN ENJOY OURSELVES. People like you do not belong at Sziget.

  60. Sztigma, if you think pitting an umbrella or a christmas light on a tree is art, then i feel bad for you 😉

  61. Also I dont really care what you want, you are welcome to go to an art festival, and we will go to Sziget, which is a music festival (or at least it was, till they found out that cheap decorations cost less than decent bands)

  62. Your arguement (that i should go to a murican festival) is like saying I should leave the USSR cause Stalin sucks. I can’t. I can’t affard it. And you don’t really understand my main point : for a reasonable price, we user to get great bands (check out the 97 lineup), now we get crap for a minimum wage

  63. I love how you focus on X-mas lights and umbrellas when there is so much more going on. Live performances, circus, luminarium, the massive sports complex, I could go on. I saw the world-renowned Fuerza Bruta in 2015 (incredible experience that I could not have gotten at any other festival).

    Again, pessimism is your issue. I’m not talking about umbrellas or X-mas lights, that is blatantly obvious to anyone reading (except you, apparently).

    And, actually, I do go to an art festival when I go to Sziget. I also go to a music festival when I go to Sziget, since it is one of the few festivals that can really be considered both. You could go to Sziget for 7-days and not watch a single band and still have a lot of shit to do.. I know this going in, and I know this when I buy my tickets In fact, it’s the reason I buy my ticket. Sziget offers a unique experience among many cookie cutter festivals.

    And that’s great. Now you’re saying you want to go to Sziget, a “music festival” despite complaining about it being primarily art focused…. and you’re telling me to go to an art festival…. which Sziget is, according to your complaints.

    Are all Hungarians this backwards or is it just these two knobs?

  64. @Sztigma

    just a few things:
    you are telling me that they are purpusely booking awful bands to piss me off?
    or that-10-20% spending on “art” couldn’t be done while booking good artists?
    They booked clown Robbie Williams for the most expensive act in 2015/last year Rihanna, with that money they could have booked a stage loaded with quality artists. That is the main problem, they spend the artist money awfully stupid.

    Also I how like you overestimate my income, but Sziget pass cost me 1/2 month of salary, which is very much fxcked up if you ask me on that money I can travel to Belgium and have an awesome 2 days of great bands at groezrock, and can live without the “art” Because you know when you are spending your time watching your favourite bands, you don’t need side-events.

    for the haters: yeah I go abroad for festivals, thanks for the help. BUT ALSO I WANT a GOOD FESTIVAL in my hometown, I can’t belive why is that too hard to proceed sometimes…

  65. It’s not an argument. It’s my suggestion that you go and get yourself a worldview before you complain about what you have. If you can’t afford it, then there are multiple other festivals that are less expensive than Sziget. Go to those. You’re looking for a music festival but you’re complaining on the forum of a music/art festival. It’s not 1997 anymore, in fact, two entire decades have come and gone (FYI).

    So, stop living in the past. I’d also like to say that I think Sziget’s lineup so far is absolutely trash, and I am disappointed too, but the festival, the activities, and the people make Sziget worth the ticket price (it’s a 7-day vacation, after all).

    Plus, there are many more acts to come. Reading just made a disappointing announcement, Pukkelpop (who we normally share names with) hasn’t announced a single act yet.

    There’s still time. Chill the f*ck out.

  66. also, how you are so liberal, that you call us knobs, when our opinions dont clash, and im not welcome at the festival… typical , well done

  67. Again, you don’t understand my point. It’s originally a rock/inde music festival. The whole circus/art crap (though it started earier, but on a much smaller level) started in 2013, so people could complain about the lineup less.

    All you guys who talk about your non-existing art festival should realise that you are the minority.
    Check out the attendance numbers: crap line up, less visitors (2013: 360k, 2014: 450k).
    It’s your problem that you actally celebrate that you get less, when you pay more

  68. Great. If you expect a festival to stay the same for 25 years, that’s your disillusioned ideology. The rest of us shouldn’t have to listen to it.

  69. yeah you can’t afford, go elsewhere, seriously dude fxck your “wetern world” mentality…

  70. BDPST doesnt expect to stay the same, just expect to stay true it’s values, while your kinda can be sold on “art” side event crap, not everyone….

  71. Yeah man, you don’t really get what Sziget means to a Hungarian, especially to one who lives in Budapest. Seeing it becoming this way is very sad. Everyone in Hungary is mad about the line up. You know we don’t really get to see great bands without Sziget, only sh*t like Depeche mode or nickelback or good charlotte. So I dont really care if you like the changes, we Hungarians sure don’t. And I think we should matter more than you

  72. I used this metaphor earlier, but you are basically go to the movies for the popcorn not the movie? at least this is what you are telling us….

  73. @Yelo: Your point on behalf of the haters is a different discussion than the point I was trying to make. There are some changes in how much different genres are represented in the line up every year. I guess Sziget thinks some genres get more popular and others less, while it will also be different every year because of the artists that are available. This gives perfect food for discussion. But even if you take all these changes of many years together, there is a constant that makes Sziget unique: for at least the past 15 years (and I guess also before that) Sziget has not been only about music but other forms of arts have also played an important role. As I read some people on this website want to have a festival with just music, I felt I needed to give my opinion on that. Little changes to the concept, as in shifts from one genre to another, are acceptable to me. That way Sziget still remains Sziget. But if you skip the other arts, in my opinion Sziget wouldn’t be Sziget anymore. It would lose what is making it a unique festival and a lot of its charm as well.
    Besides that, I find it a bit strange you write that EDM and commercial pop music don’t add value to the festival. This may be the case for you personally, but this is definitely not the case for everyone. From these two genres, let’s take EDM. I’m not a fan of EDM as well and earlier on I questioned why there needs to be EDM in the Party Arena every night. I would love to see DJs in the Party Arena which are too big for the Colosseum but would otherwise fit their perfectly. This way there would be more space in A38 for hiphop, underground electronic and bass music, a change I would be happy with. But at the same time I wouldn’t want Sziget to get rid of all EDM, as there are many who enjoy this kind of music going to Sziget too. For them EDM definitely has a lot of added value. And for me it has added value as well, as while I otherwise would never book a ticket to an EDM show, Sziget offers me the chance to experience these kind of concerts as well. In for example the case of Martin Garrix this has surprised me positively.

  74. I’ve said time and time again that I understand Hungarian’s grievances with the direction of the festival. But it’s become a global festival. It’s sold out. That’s the reality. Making the same 3 remarks over and over again on an internet forum isn’t going to change it. But saying the atmosphere that Sziget creates doesn’t add to the “vibe” or feeling of the festival is dumb. It makes no sense. There are other festivals that are A) more affordable, B) offer a better lineup, and C) cater directly towards your ideals for a festival. Why not go to those? I understand that Sziget isn’t the festival it once was (for Hungarians), but why complain here? Why tell all of the people who clearly value the “Sziget vibe” that the “Sziget vibe” doesn’t exist, and it’s just some manufactured bullshit. It’s not. The fact that all of us feel it and enjoy it means that it’s REAL thing. Just because Hungarians can’t feel it apparently, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    And I don’t have a “western world” mentality. I just think it’s pointless to complain when you have a bunch of other cheaper alternatives close by, in fact, WAY more cheaper alternatives than I have here in Canada.

    Have some perspective is all I’m saying. Try to understand why people are drawn to the festival instead of insinuating that we are all being sold corporate garbage, because we’re not. If you can’t see the Sziget vibe that we all can, don’t come to Sziget. It really is as simple as that.

    Sziget gave you Hungarians 15 years of great concerts. It has now evolved into something else. Something more international, and something more immersive. Deal. With. It.

  75. Did you watch Robbie Williams? It was a quality show, far better than I was expecting it to be. I like to see acts that festivals where I’m interested to see their show, but I would never pay to go and see them myself, and Robbie falls into that bracket. For me, that was a superb booking.

    I agree completely with Sztigma – the additional stuff we get is only akin (and in some cases greater) than Glastonbury. At Glasto they don’t have the sports arena, for example. But the circus, theatre, Magic Mirror shows add a great deal of enjoyment for many people. It’s far more than watering cans or umbrellas.

    Personally I think the problem so far – and I reiterate SO FAR – is the headliners. Kasabian were good last time they were on the island and I will likely watch them, but they obviously aren’t a very fresh booking, same with Major Lazer who I thought were very underwhelming last time around. And I don’t think i particularly care for the guys doing the end party.

    But – and I might have greater pop sensibilities than you do, but there’s no description on who a Sziget fan should be – I am looking forward to/potentially interested in Two Door Cinema Club, Jamie Cullum, Charli XCX, Tom Odell, Clean Bandit, Metronomy, The Pretty Reckless, Mac Demarco, Crystal Fighters, Oliver Heldens, Leningrad, Oh Wonder..

    It’s not as if I am going to be going about the place bored out of my mind. And we are just two announcements in. Plus, bands play much longer sets here even if they are much lower down the bill than they would do at UK festivals. I’ve just paid in the region of £40 to see Two Door Cinema Club in the UK – for six times that I am getting to see them (my favourite band) again, as well as probably 27 other sets of the same length, PLUS circus, PLUS atmosphere (which sorry, I think is great), PLUS weather (hopefully!), PLUS all night tents… I really think it is pretty exceptional value for money,

    While I would like the line up to be stronger, particularly at the top, there’s no reason it won’t head that way with more announcements, and if it doesn’t, I wouldn’t be so ungrateful as some of you are seeming. It does seem like some of you are literally expecting them to call you up and book your 7 favourite bands of all time. It’s unrealistic. We get a lot of bang for our buck, in my opinion.

  76. > Depeche Mode
    > Shit
    I’m out of this conversation, it’s pointless and you are clearly using a bias to express yourselves – or even better, harrass who dont think alike you, thanks god you aren’t even close to rappresent the mindset of Hungarian people, otherwise it would be idealistic to think to have such a festival in such a country.

    Hope Camper or SkaPanda or whoever (even me if I got the chance) will have something interesting to share about the festival in terms of news and leaks, otherwise here there isn’t really much to talk about, you people succeed in making even this spot obnoxious, and it’s not even fun to talk and express one’s position, knowing that from any word one says there will be a discussion on those levels.

    I invite Sztigma and Noeliam (and myself as well) and whoever’s left to don’t feed those guys, trolls or not, ’cause that’s really ruining this place and that’s just sad.

  77. Its easy for you tell other pwoplw to go to another festival. Sziget is the only one I can go to (exams and financial reasons).

    Also, do you like paying more and more every year and getting less and less? Seems like a crappy deal for me

  78. So If your president destroys your coubtry, you say it was good while it lasted? What kind of logic is that?

  79. @BDPST: Ask America in 2 years! Haha

    But seriously. This has gotten heated. Apologies to BDPST and fsfsf… I just really don’t think you guys know how good you really have it. Then again, maybe Sziget’s new personality isn’t for you. That’s fine. Just let the rest of us enjoy the festival, and the discussion leading up to it, without suggesting we are buying into a money-grab. We are all aware of how much money we spent, and the product we purchased. There’s no point in bastardizing us for it.

  80. Szigets personality is okay for me, Ill still stay the week. The part that I still don’t get tho is how you guys don’t really recognise that its not really fair that the prices rise, the lineups the same or worse, and the art’s the same. Also I don’t get why’d you apologise

  81. @Rascal: I’m not happy about the trend of the festival either, Im still waiting for an edition that present a lineup strong as the 2014’s was, and Im not afraid to say such a thing. Because that was strong in any direction and anyone who has a little of brain will agree with me in this statement.
    Im not saying that Sziget should get rid of EDM or Pop, that would be suicidal for the business and stupid for the goers. The fact is that Main Stage in 2014 was Pop-Rock Main Stage (if I do recall well), and there was Pop-Rock music mainly, from Lily Allen to QOTSA stepping through Skrillex and Korn and Calvin Harris, and it well rappresented the variety of the festival; than on A38 you could find the more alternative music (ALTERNATIVE: Darkside, INVSN, Bonobo, Djaikovski, Fink, just saying names) and some minor names that didnt find place on Main Stage (London Grammar and than Clean Bandit, Axwell, Kelis…), then you had Colosseum for Techno, Irish for Folk-Blues and World for Gipsy and World Music; Europe and Petofi were minor stages and Lightstages didnt even existed. And that was perfect because everything was balanced: few pop, few rock, few EDM et cetera.
    Following year Party Arena, okay, fine, the A38’s night was FILLED TO THE BOTTOM with quality DnB, Dubstep and Experimental music and that was heaven, but on the Main Stage things started to get trumbled because pop started to become prevalent and on the A38’s day you could start to see that trend getting points over points, but okay.
    2016, what we had? Party Arena AND A38’s night fullfilled with Trap and EDM, with few exceptions. Main Stage dominated by pop-ish performers (some good some bad).
    That’s what I’m talkin about when I talk about getting rid of EDM and Pop: just bring things to the way they was; and when I’m talkin about EDM and Pop not bringing artistic value to the project Im referring to Rihanna, to Calvin Harris, not surely to Ella Eyre or MO.

  82. @BDPST: I don’t agree with your argument that the art is new at Sziget. It was there for a long while before 2013 already. As I remember from my visits in the 2000’s, I have seen Giant Street Theatre performances, there was the Luminarium, there were dance, opera and smaller street theatre performances, art installations and there were also comedy and literature in Hungarian, which I sadly couldn’t understand. I don’t know how it was in the 1990’s, but I do know that was another time in which musicians and their entourage did not have their primary income from performing but from record sales and there were also much less festivals that were competing with each other. Comparing Sziget now with the Sziget of that time therefore doesn’t really make sense.

  83. @BDPST: almost every festival I’ve attended more than once has been more expensive the second time than the first. In fact, all of them have been.

    I’m also coming from Canada, so when I factor in my flight and other costs associated with overseas travel, an extra 40 euros isn’t a huge deal to me. Clearly it’s worth the trek, so it’s definitely worth an extra 40 euros. But I understand that when you’re not making a massive trip out of it, an extra 40 euros can seriously cut into your drinking or food budget.

    I get the frustration. I just don’t think Sziget is different from any other festival in this regard. They all get more expensive every year.

    Plus, it’s the 25th anniversary, and it’s still too early to say that the music is going to be the same quality as 2015. It could be miles better, and if they get two or three massive headliners (ala Eminem / Radiohead / Chilis / Foos / ect.), then the price increase will be more than worth it. We also don’t know the art will be the same as previous years. They may put more effort into the island itself.

    There is way too much speculation here. Still lots to be announced and I personally think Sziget has to have something up their sleeve. Other festivals occurring at the same time in August have either announced less then Sziget, or haven’t announced at all. So, let’s wait and see.

  84. I have a guess for the Day -1 or Day 0 headliner announcement: the 14th of February or the 25th of February.

    99% Kasabian will headliner a day, but I don’t think they’ll headline Day -1 or Day 0.

  85. Is there normally big international acts on Day -1 (not that Billy Talent is that huge)?? For some reason I remember there being one single big headliner on the main stage, and then mostly Hungarian acts otherwise.

    Maybe this means we’ll get a decent lineup on the Main Stage for Day -1?

  86. Last year Day -1 had Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg, Skunk Anansie, Die Antwoord and Chemical Brothers on Main Stage.

  87. I dont think they have much better than this for this years line up. After the reactions of the first announcement they knew people were not happy. They need to sell tickets… If they wanted or were able to turn that, they would have come with something bigger.

    They didnt so dont dream too much, this line up might be even worse than 2015…

  88. Einzelganger, based on what you can tell that the selling on the ticket is behind this year? They sold more premium package at day 0 this year than anytime and I think that they will sold out in may or what this year too, honestly.

  89. I actually think it’s the opposite: they’ve sold more tickets than expected (probably due to the 25th anniversary).

    I work in the music industry in Canada (so it might be different than Europe), maybe I can provide some insight. Three things to note…
    1) bands, especially bigger acts, have the next year of their life planned out (maybe more), in general. There is pretty much no major act that is still booking gigs for the summer right now. 2) Sziget therefore likely knows the entire lineup, and their job is to now strategically release it in a way that will make them the most money on ticket sales.
    3) No matter the event, no matter the quality of the announcement, there will ALWAYS be a surge in ticket sales when new names are released. In fact, studies have shown that people are more likely to purchase a ticket after even a Facebook post giving a DATE for the next announcement.

    Sziget is a business. They want to make money, and they want to maximize their profits. If sales are going well (which I think they are, I agree with Yelo), then why release major headliners so early? Especially when festivals happening the same week/weekend haven’t really released much competition. They are likely to start releasing major names later on, when ticket sales begin to slow down, and when ticket prices have gone up. Big names attract those on the fence, not those who already know they’re planning to attend.

    Anyways, that’s just my two cents. I don’t think this year’s lineup is going to be nearly as disappointing as we are all making it out to be. It makes no sense from a business perspective, especially considering this is the 25th anniversary and Sziget is now trying to expand globally… people will always refer to previous editions of Sziget Budapest to determine if they wish to attend newer editions in other parts of the world…. just like Lollapalooza Berlin/Paris wouldn’t sell tickets if Lolla Chicago had a shit lineup in previous years.

  90. @Sztigma
    You have a valid point by saying “They are likely to start releasing major names later on, when ticket sales begin to slow down, and when ticket prices have gone up”
    But in this case we’re in a bit of trouble cause next price rise will happen only after May, 31st

  91. Good point. Even without a pricing switch though, it’s still an intelligent decision to save the bigger names for when ticket sales start slowing down. I think ticket sales, maybe up until this most recent announcement, have been better than expected.

    This is all speculation of course. I just think there are several valid reasons a festival would wait to release their bigger names.

  92. Maybe also a contract with an artist which hasnt released his tour yet and dont want to give an anticipation of his shows, too

  93. Sziget official posted on facebook “Kasabian will be headliners at Sziget”.
    They didn’t say the same thing for Major Lazer for example. In the last few years I remember they saying something similar (so explicit) only for Kings of Leon.

    I agree with @Sztigma saying that the bigger acts will be released later (march-april-may) for financial reasons.
    I also think they will make great hype on day-1 and day0 headliners announcements

  94. I think there will be a decent sub- or co-headliner alongside Kasabian (although the fact they’re headlining R&L, and that Sziget has high British attendance numbers, gives justification to Sziget’s decision to have them headline a day).

    On another note, do we consider Gorillaz impossible? Blur has played Sziget many times, and one would think Damien has a working relationship with the management team, they just released a new single (with an album on the way), and rumors of a tour are floating around. What a crazy and welcomed surprise that would be.

    But more realistically, who do we think will be announced as headliners? If we follow Sziget’s usual formula of having a mixed bag of sub-, co-, and main headliners (pop, rock, EDM, indie, ect.), who are the main possibilities?

  95. Gorillaz would be a contender if they were playing festivals, but they said that they were not.

    Mumford and Sons
    The XX
    Biffy Clyro
    White Lies
    The National
    Pendulum Live
    Lana De Rey
    Red Hot Chili Peppers*

    I’d say that all of them can coheadline, except for Eminem and Red Hot who would be outright headliners.
    I discounted bands like Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters who most probably won’t be in Europe in August.

  96. Sziget has a simple mindset: Korn are touring in august, Korn are in the lineup.
    I agree with Noeliam about his list, and all of the names, ‘cept Lana del Rey (and partially Alt J) would do the trick!
    Also, I can say that is not about the names but about their positioning: as long as we get proper sub headliners I think we can call it a good lineup. It’s stupid focusing on headliners, when we all know the trend so far used (3 djs, 2 pops)

  97. I think we also have a shot at any name other than Muse in R&Ls lineup. There’s really isn’t a lot of big acts in Europe during August it seems, so Sziget probably had to take what it could get. But, Sziget responded to the hate in 2015 by booking KOL even though they weren’t in Europe during August I don’t think (last ditch effort… they must have spent a lot of money on that last minute booking). I think we can expect something similar if announcements continue to provoke disappointment.

    Would seriously love to see some good electronic music, not EDM. Gramatik was such a great time in A38 in 2015 (even though the sound was whack)… Really wish we could get something like Pretty Lights, Netsky, Griz, ect. Would love to get Deadmau5 back too. If they book a ton of electronic music like last year, I’m hoping that portion of the lineup strays away from EDM and starts showcasing some legitimate talent.

  98. Some months ago wrote that The Rolling Stones were strongly rumored to play at Rock in Vienna (2-5 june). In the following weeks some organizers and insiders from allover europe started dropping the news that they were in contact with the stones. So the euro tour is probably coming.

    Rock in Vienna though just revealed the disastrous final headliners (I think the festival’s gonna fail) and no Stones on the lineup.
    I’m hoping they’re doing just few dates, in places they rarely visited and Sziget pays good money to have them

  99. You’d really pick the only band has been at sziget every 2 years, i cant understand this for real….

  100. @Fsfsf: now I understand why you hate on everything that’s been announced for Sziget in the last 4 years. Your taste is so distant from the festival.
    Literally the 80% of that lineup makes me laugh (no offence, I’m not saying my taste is better, just very different).

    Offspring being the biggest act on that lineup is just representative of the rest of the bands there: mostly non-more-relevant very theatrical punk and metal bands like Pennywise, Propagandhi, Ignite, etc..
    Of course 1 or 2 of them I wouldn’t mind being in an afternoon spot to have some fun and moshpit, but you can find some amateur metal bands as good as this ones at Europe stage.

    My friend, Sziget just is not for you in terms of music, stop hating. You better look for some 90’s teen rock vibe festival like this

  101. Miguel you either have no idea of punk and hardcore or just plan stupid…. these bands are more releváns Than anything at sziget can be. Also noone wants sziget be like that I just wanted to stage thát quality bands are tour ing in august from those 2-3 cold easily fit szigets lineup.. also your europe stage nonesense are another level!!?

  102. None of those bands are “relevant”, unless you like punk or hardcore. Have Heart is my favorite band of all time, so I’m not some pop-loving twat like you’d like to believe.

    I still don’t think any single band aside from The Offspring (the only truly relevant band on the bill) would ever appear at Sziget. Punk music is overall one of the least appealing genres to a trained ear. It’s unpleasant to listen to most of the time (unless you’ve built an appreciation for it). Sziget is trying to appeal to as many people as possible, so it’s a no brainer to not book big punk acts that only appeal to a specific group of people. At least pop and rock are all-encompassing, even if you’ve never heard of an act you can still enjoy the music.

    Furthermore, most of those bands are old as hell and are off the radar. You seriously think they are “relevant” in the music world? You’re so backwards, dude!

  103. Your favorite band is have heart and you are coming to sziget from Canada and defending it… how just how???

  104. Sztigma, Bad Religion is more releva t (and obviously better) than any of these bands, and sziget still booked them.

    Also I want fidlar back, they were amazing lasr year

  105. The Offspring’s already playing another festival in hungary in august that’s why i didn’t count them! I had my first moshpit with Anti-Fag in 2014, they’re a lot of fun! How many people coming have been there in 2014? From my +150 persons group I’d say 15 TOP, 10%!

    Have a nice monday everyone.

  106. Offspring are playing at Fezen, an event not organized by the Sziget group, so i’d say there’s still a chance for them to be at sziget

  107. I think there is more chance that Sziget has changed its policy and will from now on book international acts for multiple festivals, than for Fezen to share The Offspring with Sziget. The Fezen organisers would be very dumb if they didn’t include a clause in the contract with their headliner that they have exclusivity for Hungary during the summer. Still I think it’s very unlikely that Sziget has booked more international acts for multiple festivals, as for the moment Fritz Kalkbrenner is the only exception to the rule.

  108. D V V B S last year should have been at both Sziget and Balaton… it’s not new to share bands between festivals, especially DJs that have less problems to tour usually

  109. @fsfsf: Many reasons. I have an appreciation for music in general, and can see outside my own personal tastes. I know Sziget isn’t a punk/hardcore festival, so outside of a few punk/hardcore/metal bands, I don’t expect Sziget to have a good punk/hardcore lineup. Why anyone would expect Sziget to have such a lineup is beyond comprehension to me. Someone saying I’m, in essence, not allowed to enjoy or defend Sziget as a festival, just because Have Heart is my favourite band, is also beyond comprehension to me. I’m also not closed-minded towards music, no matter the genre. I had never heard of Kasabian, for example, because they aren’t a thing AT ALL in North America, but I went and saw their set in 2015 and they are now in heavy rotation on my playlists. Robbie Williams is another example. I would never listen to his music and still wouldn’t, but his set in 2015 was one of the most entertaining things I’ve seen in the last 5 years, and I go to a lot of concerts.

    So, long story short, I use Sziget to discover new music and also to scratch a couple sets off my bucket list. Keep an open mind and maybe you will enjoy the festival for what it is, instead of hating it for what it isn’t.

  110. I don’t expect them to be a punk/hardcore/metal festival, but I expect them, to book a few bands in that genre, just for for the case of the them saying it’s “multi-genre” festival. My problem is that they are always recycling bands, and also the fact that electronic music gaining more space every year. It’s as unaccesable to me as punk/hardcore for the others, with the expectation that punk/hardcore music has soul/meaning, while electronic music is only a business of how to get more money in the short period of time with the smallest effort. You saying those bands I pointed out are old, please tell me how many of the current sziget line-up will be relevant or hell even remembered in 10 years? the answer is probably none. that’s the problem, not the fact i don’t get what I like at sziget, it’s business, quick money making, without quality. This also the problem with the current generation’s listening habits, they have the biggest ever opportunity to discover and what the selling/streaming charts have? the awful pop music that played on the radio anbd forced on everyone… soo sad.

  111. The fact that quite a few bands on the lineup have already survived longer than 10 years shows they are relevant. Kasabian have a new album out soon as well. I think the lineup so far is diverse and interesting. I’m a 90s indie kid so im hoping for some old indie but everyone has their own tastes. I don’t do the dance music so I head to the wonderful world music stage or one of the smaller stages when that happens. Not sure what people are arguing about yet anyway, we only have 3 headliners announced so far, 4 more to go. They have only announced about a third of the main stage and a38. Possibly half of the international bands, if you remember that quite a few names will be Hungarian bands. Bring on the next announcement:). This will be my 8th sziget and it’s been a joy to see if grow and it’s identify stand out more and more. I tell my friends that is like a VIP festival as you hardly queue for anything

  112. Sztigma, Kasabian are only a thing in England (plus maybe Italy), meaning they aren’t a thing here either

  113. How I wish that A38’s night and Colosseum’s lineup were totally stolen from Sonar’s lineup! Totally brilliant!

  114. Sorry for double posting, but I wanted to say 2 things:

    1) Where Rudimental have gone? They were included in the first post of the second announcement (which have been deleted few secs after they posted it), can we expect them too? (2015 intensifies)

    2) Talkin’ about the metal(-ish) side Sziget has, I’ve noticed that few good bands have been announced during August that can be announced by Sziget in the future; just few names that can be considered likely: Korn, The Amity Affliction, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, Megadeth. Sure thing all of them (‘cept for The Amity Affliction) could be a good headliner or sub headliner in any metal-themed festival, but I can see them sub-headline or takin 17.45 MS spot, in any case. What do you think about?

  115. @fsfsf: you fail to recognize that electronic music is becoming more popular everywhere, and it doesn’t only include DJs. The fact you can make such an ignorant statement like “all electronic music has no soul/meaning and is only a business” shows everyone what kind of closed-minded person you are. I’d accept “all EDM has no soul/meaning” because it is truly cookie-cutter music. But there are a ton of electronic musicians who have 100 times more musical talent and knowledge in their pinky finger than any band on that list you sent (they are composers, essentially). That is indisputably, objectively true, whether you like it or not. Also, Bad Religion (legendary punk band) has been announced, there is a chance for more punk/hardcore/metal (I’m personally hoping for August Burns Red for a metalcore band), Korn is in the area, ect. And those bands are relevant 10 years later TO YOU, because YOU FOLLOW THE SCENE. There is bias in every single one of your statements.

    @Yelo: just give me that 6 hour Seth Troxler and Tiga set in Colosseum, Justice on Main, Hopkins and Prydz in A38, and I’ll be happy 🙂

  116. Oh damn. Thanks for that! Will be a nice finale to the festival.

    I actually understand your argument completely, and I think a lot of people share your point of view. But, at the end of the day, some of those “laptop musicians” (a very misinformed label altogether) are among the most talented musicians on the tour circuit right now. Just because the medium through which music is made has evolved over time doesn’t make them any less talented.

    If you’re a guitarist in a band, you write your songs (or maybe someone else in the band does), you go into the studio, you play your chords and your riffs, and the rest is usually up to the producer. Electronic musicians (the good ones, at least) take a song from concept to final project. They worry about mixing, mastering, writing the drums, bass lines, lead riffs, vocal chops (or vocals, if they sing, which many do). The main different (and the reason they get so much hate) is that the live show is not actually a live performance. But that’s because they themselves have made everything from beginning to end, there is no way to perform it live in most cases (a lot of exceptions to that though, see: Griz, Gramatik, Pretty Lights, Bonobo, ect., who all utilize live instruments in their performances)

    Anyways, I understand that it’s different and not for everyone, but to say it’s “laptop music” or that it lacks talent in any way is being plain ignorant, regardless of your musical tastes.

  117. @yelo: such a killer lineup Sonar has every year mate, isn’t it?
    for now we share DJ Shadow (brilliant) and Cashmere Cat (good) with them. But I think also Moderat are to be confirmed (they play every festival in august), super good.

    And looking at who played Sziget in the past and who is around in august I have good feelings about Eric Prydz, Dixon, Vitalic, Dettman, Nina Kraviz.
    Hoping for more of them of course

  118. also, i don’t judge their composer/producer value, they can fantastic songwriters, I judge the “live presence” in that genre, as for me live music is played on instruments, and pushing buttons and jumping behind the turntable is not.

  119. @Miguel: If Sziget is going to follow the 2015 template then Dixon, Vitalic, and Dettman are all even more likely as they all played Colosseum that year.

  120. @BDPST: Thise leave out Megadeth (unlikely IMO) and The Amity Affliction, tho. Still unbalanced I know, but it’s a thing.

    @fffsf. Usually the more valuable electronic acts are the ones with no one moving, with just one or few artists focused on their job and anyone in the venue quiet to listen.
    Electronic music can be Major Lazer and David Guetta or Apparat and Bonobo: to not make a difference between is to be musically unbred, i’m sorry.

    From Sonar I would love to take:
    Eric Prydz, Nina Kreviz, Clark, The Black Madonna, Carl Craig, Lena Willikens, Marcel Dettman, Vitalic and Seth Troxler for the Colosseum
    Daphni (or Caribou, or how ever he wants to call himself), HVOB, Jon Hopkins, Soulwax, Moderat and Little Dragon for the A38
    Justice and Anderson .Paak for the Main Stage.

    Add to them Aphex Twin, Dixon, Pendulum, James Blake, Joe Gottard, Foreign Beggars, Bonobo, Andy C, Dubfire, Carl Cox, Angerfist, Maya James Coles, SOHN and Maribou State and we’re good, so they can focus on the instrumental part and Party Arena lol
    (btw, they are all touring, if someone which has decisional power is reading it, he should listen to me)

  121. If Carl Cox, Justice, and Prydz all get announced for Sziget, I will eat a pair of my socks on the last day of the festival.

  122. Justice have american gig on 30 july so probably gonna do american leg (lollapalooza chicago, outside lands, osheaga)

  123. BTW, Kings of Leon has announced a gig in Romania for June. By August, they will be on tour in the US, so they are unlikely to play at Sziget 2017.

  124. I have some news!
    1) Mac DeMarco will play on the 14th of August.
    2) Crystal Fighters will play on the 9th of August (I asked if the date is right). So that means they will play on Main Stage instead of A38 Stage or A38 Stage will be opened on Day -1…

  125. Crystal fighters on the main stage on day -1 is great. An extra day of a38 would be even better. I remember when a38 and world music were only open for 5 days. Moving to 6 days felt like a big deal, imagine if we have all stages for all7 days:)

  126. Weren’t Crystal Fighters announced for A38? If we had it open on day -1 it would be surreal! Already a good day with Billy Talent and them!
    @camper to who did you ask about it?

  127. Yep, from Sziget Italy press release:
    La gigantesca tenda dell’A38 invece vedrà salire sul palco gli Interpol, The Pretty Reckless, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Flume, Crystal Fighters, i Jagwar Ma, Charli XCX, Danny Brown.

  128. @Noeliam I sent a message to Crystal Fighters’ official facebook page and they answered that the date is right 🙂

  129. So nice! So confirmation for 9th and for A38!
    Billy Talent seem to be a sub, also playing the 9th so I’d say we’ll have a rock headliner there, and A38 open!

  130. I did the same, before your answer:

    “Hi Akram, It’s the first date of the festival. We will be confirming the performance date closer to the show. CFHQ x”

  131. Rudimental issue: in the very first tweet they were on the list, and there was no Flume. Post was deleted after few minutes, and the definitive one came.

    Now they’ve been added for Lolla Berlin. I think they’ll be at Sziget too, but for some marketing strategy they decided not to include them in this announcement

  132. Soooo “2015 intensifies” is the motto… again, Im fine cause Rudimental are spectacular by live and in 2015 they totally nailed it, but I hope they wont take a major spot on Main Stage!

    Havent understood about Crystal Fighters: so it aint sure they gonna play the 9th?

  133. Anyone have any idea who could play the after party at Budapest park this year? It was probably the highlight for me last year

  134. Rudimental is awesome live… I personally think they belong on Main Stage, same time slot as 2015 (I think 17:45, so not too major at all), because that set was great. Certainly an act that is made better by sunshine and good weather.

    How many headliners do we think we have? I read someone say we have 3/7 headliners…. who are they if so? To me, Kasabian is the only real headliner that has been announced. DV&LM could be considered headliners as well, but they’re really just a closing show. We’ll still get a semi-large act before them. Last year, The Lumineers and The Last Shadow Puppets played before Hardwell, so there is definitely still hope for the main stage on the final day.

  135. Kasabian is headliner (they specifically said that).
    They didn’t say anything about the 2 others but they will probably close the main after a biggish act. I really hope for someone like The National or Tame Impala (size-wise) before them, rather than Two Door Cinema Club or Billy Talent.

  136. This is totally off topic, but hey whatever… Sztigma, have you ever been to Governor’s Ball in NY? I’ve seen this year Tool will headline and I will be in NJ at the time so I was planning to be there 🙂

  137. @Yelo: I have actually, but only for one day in 2013. to see Guns N’ Roses. Pretty awesome festival in some aspects, though it really is focused on music and not much else. It does feel a bit underwhelming compared to festivals like Osheaga, Lolla, ect., although the lineup is absolutely stellar every year (IMO). I have a lot of friends who go every year, though, so lots of anecdotal info…

    – Great lineup, plus the festival started as a “no overlapping set times” festival, and although they’ve added more stages since inception, big clashes are apparently very limited (impressive considering the depth of the bill most years).
    – On an island. You’re close to Manhattan, it’s walking distance to Central Park, ect., but you still feel separated from the buzz of the big city, which I like in a festival. Lots of green space around the stages.
    – They advertise it on the site, but their food and beer offerings are actually out of this world. They have tons of craft beer and truly gourmet food, so if that’s your thing, you’re literally not going to find a better festival for it.
    – Amazing lineup, every year. Lots of after parties, ect. in the city as well, from what I’ve heard. I went to see Dillon Francis in the city after Guns N’ Roses and I don’t even think he was playing that day of the festival.

    Bummers (this from my personal experience there):
    – Crowded as hell at the main stage, much worse than Sziget in 2015 when I was there. And Americans are not as kind about personal space… they’re sort of pushy… not to generalize, but it’s true.
    – People generally not as nice… lots of NYC’ers. I don’t know if you’ve been to NYC before but if you have you’ll understand what I mean.
    – Not a whole lot to do outside of music. But with a bill like that, and few clashes, who cares?!

    I’d say go, but I go to pretty much every music festival I can, and live concerts take up the majority of my disposable income, so I’m a bit biased.

  138. That’s what I wanted to hear!
    I wanted to go only for Tool (cant blame I guess) but I saw other names on the bill that day like Franz Ferdinand, Cage the Elephant and Royal Blood so I think it’s a must do right now…
    It will end my grand tour of two months, that means that the day after I will travel for a shitload of hours and that worries me a bit but I guess it will be worth the sacrifice!

    Man you really put in me some hype

  139. The Chainsmokers are announced for 2 European festivals in the end of June, so it seems to be their kick-off. It’s possible they could last till Sziget and i’m pretty sure they’ll be booked then cause they certainly fit the current bill.

  140. I’d say Lollapalooza Berlin announcement puts Foo Fighters back on the “possibility” list.

  141. at the drive-in, would make me buy a day ticket, as it’s almost impossible to have an ATDI clubshow here in Budapest.

  142. Okay, I listened to all the bands announced on the Lightstage, and I can tell that everyone of them is f*cking awesome!
    I strongly suggest to anybody to give ’em a try (most of them don’t even sing in italian, and I guess that’s a plus to not-italian people)

    Please don’t use the f-word, it sends your comments into moderation!

  143. First 3 are awesome,
    – Altre di B are an indie rock band with a very typical style IMO
    – Anudo is an electronic trio, dont really know much about them but at first sight I fell in love with them (dont know how they will fit in the atmosphere of Alternativa area at lunchtime, but okay)
    – Moseek took part to X Factor the last year and they totally nailed it, even if they didn’t make it, they have THE stage presence
    – Pinguini Tattici Nucleari are quite famous in the underground indie italian scene (which is, by my point of view, declining) – they are the only band in the announcement which sings in italian in every song, so I dont know how pleasing they can be for a foreigner
    – Twee are unknown to me, but yet, found 2 videos on youtube, not that bad, for sure not Teapot Industries, tho

  144. Yah, I think Foo Fighters are definitely possible again, although it wouldn’t be a stretch to say they’re coming back over just for Lolla Berlin, as they have a relationship with the brand (unlike Sziget). Fingers crossed for At The Drive In too.

    @Yelo: What does your grand tour consist of? If you find yourself in Toronto or Montreal, let me know and I could show you around a bit (I’m back and forth between the two cities pretty frequently). Also, Phantogram is great live even if you don’t dig their music (was forced to see them a few years ago and I was grooving pretty hard within 10 minutes), Gryffin and Eden are also very good if you like musically-driven electronic music. Just to give you a few more options on that day. Tool, Franz Ferdinand, and Royal Blood is a pretty amazing combo anyways though!

  145. @Sztigma: it’s a 2 months tour among the US, but mainly it’s mideast and southwest, but I’ll be 10 days in Chicago and 14 in NYC at realtives’ home, kinda far tho!
    I’ve seen the whole lineup of Gov’s today and I think that the Tool’s day is the best, Cage the Elephant, FF and Royal Blood are must watch, also Eden, Phantogram, the Orwells, Parquet Courts and Skepta are good names… totally worth 105+Fees bucks 😀

    Comin’ back to the topic, Foo would be an huge addiction to the game, I’ve heard enough people that would buy a ticket just for a band or an artist; mainly RHCP, Foo Fighters and Eminem.
    If they hit the right mainstream artists, they can easily raise the value of the festival; if they bill headliners that “I wouldnt pay for, but since they are there and Im there I will give ’em a chance”, they won’t do a big thing, IMO.

  146. *Northeast, I meant, sorry ahaha
    Anyway, if you find a chance to show up I will be really happy to meet you IRL, or also we can find a chance to meet at Sziget: Noeliam tries every year to group some people from this site 🙂

  147. A few names from Balaton’s announcement tomorrow if anyone is interested: Tiesto, Jason Derulo, Example, Marshmello, Afrojack, Sigma, Netsky

  148. Mystic, you really surprise me. You are a good person, you give a sense to this blog.

    Happy to see Marshmello is at Balaton and not in A38

  149. Aaaaaand we don’t have Netsky this year either…
    Good news for Balaton AND for Sziget (I kinda feared Marshmello, and all the names but Netsky and Example ain’t big loss)
    Thanks Mystic, it’s nice to have an insider!

  150. Google translatie of an italian site:

    Sziget Festival 2017: The first names of LightStage
    February 2, 2017 – Alberto Baldassarri
    Sziget Festival 2017: The first names of LightStage
    We are pleased to announce the return of even LightStage for Sziget 2017, a stage entirely produced by Alternative Events Sziget and Italy. Our project to export abroad Italian music continues and more and more enriched.

    The first group of five names is in itself a guarantee. They will play on our stage made of wood and lights the Tactical Nuclear Penguin, the Twee, the Anudo, the Moseek and Other B, but many other names will be added to the list.

    4 of 5 band announced in past years attended, and in some cases exceeded the selections of Sziget Sound Fest & Home, already treading the Europe Stage and we are very happy to see them go, satisfied that our bet has become a solid reality. The selections of Sziget Sound Fest & Home are still open and will be until February

  151. Mystic meg, do you have any idea when we will have a new announcement for Sziget? Early februari or the end?

  152. Mystic thanks for your presence in any case, I think it means a lot to any of us here to have this kind of news. Keeps alive the debate, and that’s a good thing (for sure better than reading the flame).

    About the announcement, as I said yesterday, only sad for Netsky and partially for Example and DJ Wire, but I think that there are bigger fish in the sea Sziget can take this year for the A38’s nights

  153. Altre di B, ANUDO, MOSEEK, Pinguini Tattici Nucleari and Twee i primi nomi.
    On the Italian/ LightStage

  154. @Yelo: No chance I’ll make it to Governor’s Ball this year, but a meet-up at Sziget sounds cool! Planning to meet up with a bunch of people that I met in 2015 as well. Does anyone here spend much time outside the festival grounds?

    I think Mystic Meg (or someone) said earlier on another post that (s)he expected the next announcement on Feb. 14th or 25th (pretty specific so it had to be insider info, whoever it was that said it).

  155. @Sztigma, usually get outside the insland just for the Auchan for the booze and shit i forgot home, but this year I’ll be in the island the day -2, dunno if it may help 😉
    In any case, last year I remember Noeliam met up with Bender and probably other at the Lightstage at Day 0 (correct me if I’m wrong!!!); we can meet before the MS schedule starts to chill with some good food and nice band on the ground of Alternativa, maybe

  156. Well the new Balaton Sound’s names are very good considering they are for Balaton Sound. Jamie Jones and Sasha would have been brilliant for Colosseum and Netsky is a great loss for A38. But everybody’s nightmare, marshmello, is finally out of the games.

  157. Have you seen Rock Werchter lineup? They are adding new quality names every week. This is what I call great lineup 🙂

  158. The question is, why don’t you go there? Sziget is not a line up festival. Since 20 years every year guys like you make always the same question. Boring

  159. Yeah, I already bought the tickets, dont worry.
    The only thing which is boring is Sziget lineup, and Ive been to Sziget 6 times.

  160. some time ago, on this site, somebody said that Thirty Seconds to Mars would have headlined Sziget this year. At the time they had no tour news out, but now they just announced they’re gonna tour with Muse this summer, so this turns out to be quite a reliable rumor

  161. If they tour along with Muse u take the both of them, like Rancid and Green Day, Radiohead and James Blake and SOAD and Prophets, and I can’t see Muse being again headliner (that would be lame tho)

  162. We will hear more news in the coming weeks. Many more names they told us on facebook. maybe the colosseum or world stage?

    I hope we will hear the first real headliner too (or what we will all agree as headliner)…

  163. Dimensions (30 ago – 3 sep) has announced new names, among those: Jeff Mills, Moderat, Theo Parrish, Floating Points, Nina Kraviz, Daphni, Ben UFO, Joy Orbison and Marcel Dettmann.

    Colosseum this year deserves two stages active both 24 hours a day

  164. Wait for B My Lake names first… also Balaton has lots of techno to announce.
    I’d count on Moderat though (A38), and hopefully Maceo Plex/ Floating Points/ Nina Kraviz/ Daphni for Collosseum.

  165. Electric Castle (Romania) will announce new names on the 15th of February. I expect Sziget also making a move next week or on the 25th again. 😀

  166. Inmusic festival (zagreb) has arcade fire, kasabian, kings of leon & alt-j for 53 €


  167. I think London Grammar will be at Sziget for sure because they cancelled their summer tour in 2014 due to singer illness (Clean Bandit replaced them at Sziget then) so they owe something to the island 🙂

  168. Metallica announced a north american tour.. but from some romanian source i heard they will come to bucharest maybe this year .. so .. 😀 would be nice to see them at sziget 😀

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