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Announcement: Kings of Leon @ Sziget 2015 (Main Stage)

Sziget Festival has just announced the next band to play the Main Stage of the event: Nashville rock band Kings of Leon.

“We have been trying to lure the band for years, and now, after a negotiation marathon, we finally did it,” Gerendai Károly said, “because – as they are not in Europe at that time and they usually have just a handful of gigs in the summer – we had to get them to fly over the ocean just for us.”

Judging by the comments at our previous posts, Kings of Leon will be an act that divides: some of our visitors expressed their contempt with the band, others would rather see some other major rock name (especially Muse) to take the stage.

Here is a taste of what to expect at the Main Stage of Sziget on the 15th of August:

I think there are still many names to be announced, so stay tuned.

Me and my twisted mind (István)

In other news, Snoop Dogg’s website has seemingly confirmed the artist to perform at Sziget on the same date. But, as @rambo joe frickle pointed out (thanks!), the dates coincide perfectly with those of Awolnation, so it’s more likely to be an error rather than a self-confirmation. We’ll keep an eye out for further announcements about this topic, but you should not have high hopes for such an announcement just yet.

214 thoughts on “Announcement: Kings of Leon @ Sziget 2015 (Main Stage)

  1. Not a big fan but happy to see them on the line-up, we totally needed a rock band.

  2. I think now we just need a real non-dj headliner after ellie. We can’t expect anything else I suppose.

  3. They could better throw that money in to the blender, Give us some good guitar shredding action instead!

  4. Who knows, Sziget doesn’t have much rap tradition (except for Snoop Dogg in 2012) but this is a strange year. I wouldn’t expect anything big anyway

  5. I know, but last year Outkast, Macklemore is kind of rap. This year just Tyler, but i am happy for it.

  6. Why the heck are you complaining about kol? Do you prefer “artists” like martin garix or ellie goulding??

  7. Because kol have a boring live act compared with acts like Muse , Linkin Park etc

  8. Just different styles of performing, not boring at all in my opinion. they don’t run or jump on the stage but they create very good atmosphere at their shows.
    It’s obvious that if you hate them you were bored at their gigs 🙂 eg: I almost fell asleep at arctic monkeys, even if there’s a lot of people and press saying they are one of best live bands (especially in 2013/2014)

  9. Mainstage:
    12 Gogol Bordello/The Script/Alt-J
    13 The Maccabees/Foals/Ellie Goulding
    14 Awolnation/Marina and the Diamonds/Kasabian/Avicii
    15 Hollywood Undead/Kings of Leon/Major Lazer
    16 Limp Bizkit/Martin Garrix

    So that’s still 5 names to go
    12 opener/2nd
    13 opener/2nd or headliner
    15 opener/2nd
    16 2 names for opener/2nd/co headline spot

  10. @ robert. Lol, saw Muse last weekend in germany. Boring as hell, stopped 15 minutes before the end and they had 0,0 interaction. Never muse for me again

  11. Muse was intresting until 2006, Linkin park never, or 90’s. I saw KOL in 2004, that was good, but the band nowadays is boring.

  12. my tips:

    12th: 2nd
    13th: headliner
    15th: opener
    16th: co-headliner, opener

  13. KoL is another disappointment.. Muse / Chemical Brothers / Foo Fighters / Linkin Park would be much cooler headliners. But what worries me more is the lack of guitar orientated undercard acts. There are a lot cool rock/metal/punk bands touring during the Sziget dates in Europe. Thinking of Eagles of Death Metal, Refused, Marmozets, Madball, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Trivium, Nightwish, Moonspell, Band of Skulls, Hatebreed, Danko Jones, Coheed and Cambria, Architects…. so much out there. But NO.. only crappy headliners and Electric, dance en pop music. 🙁

  14. @dropkick, well then you’re very unlucky. Saw them in 2013 in amsterdam. Best concert i’ve ever seen. And i’ve seen a lot of (rock) concerts mate. Muse would be a great addition. especially with the energetic croud of sziget.

  15. Muse are great live, Kings of Leon are very good, Arctic Monkeys are decent but not much better. I’d rather watch Arctic Monkeys any day though because I like their tunes more!

  16. Another awful headliner. When we have some MUSIC here? Not this sleeping melodies…

  17. IMHO

    10 august:
    *Winner of Hungarian Talent Show
    *Irie Maffia
    *Robbie Williams
    —I think they will follow the last year pattern, more or less: Anthem’s author (Ivan & The Parazol) + Random band (Leningrad) + Hungarian Band (Tunksapda) + Big name (Blink 182).
    So I guess another undercard name here.

    11 august:
    *Gentlemen & The Evolution
    *Florence + The Machine
    —Assuming Florence will play at night (and that’s such a shame), I guess that a band like Quimby will play late in the sunset, meanwhile Gentlemen will have no problem to play during the morning, due to the reggae they play. Maybe they will open, I don’t know, but I don’t expect a big band to play the 11th.
    Assuming Florence won’t play at night, there’s a big possibly scenarios then open in front of us: big names, mainly.

    12 august:
    *Gogol Bordello
    *Alt J
    *The Script
    *??? (Opening Party)
    —12 august means Opening Party, and Opening Party means electronic act. If they keep the tradition warm, as I told infinite times, I would give my soul to Satan to hear Chemical Brothers, otherwise I got no techno name (BECAUSE THEY PUT THEM ALL EVERYWHERE), excluding people like Tiesto or Hardwel who will play in similar-to-sziget festivals in Hungary in July and the fact that they cost as hell.

    13 august:
    *The Maccabees
    *Ellie Goulding
    —I hope with all my strenght that they will give a good headliner over here, like Muse or Linkin Park (even if I hate both of them for the music they make nowadays), also cause it risks to became the soft music day on the Main Stage and that could be a little annoying, at least to me.

    14 august:
    *Marina & The Diamonds
    —Nothing to say but who the hell are Marina & The Diamonds and why the hell they let Awolnation and Marina play in the Main Stage while Paloma Faith and Interpol are in the A38? Dammit.

    15 august:
    *Hollywood Undead
    *Kings of Leon
    *Major Lazer
    —As told down here, I guess that Punnany Massif will open the day. As told in other thread the fact that Major Lazer will play in the Main Stage totally upset me, but that’s an opinion.

    16 august:
    *Limp Bizkit
    *Martin Garrix
    —I got no clue of who could play this day, but I’m sure that the Garrix’s Show will be (if possible) worst than the Calvin Harris’ Show last year – and that’s a big thing to say.

    If my analysis is correct, we have still 6 names to be released; among them we’ll find Punnany Massif for sure (I bet they will play the 15th) and two headliner: my shots are Chems and Muse, and yes I’m a dreamer (but I’m not the only one)

  18. As we say in Scotland “what a bunch of fecking moaners”are you lot ever happy!!!then don’t go I think they have done ok not the best but could be far worse! Yes lovely to see muse, foos, noel Gallagher and even if you could sziget the wombats for me???????? this year I think to many DJ’s and rap but there is plenty of other things to do and see. See you soon sziget can’t wait yet again third year for me love it????????????????????????????????????????

  19. I’m not sure, but it seems that there’s only one rap act in the whole lineup, till now.

  20. Is the opening party with electronic act on the mainstage on day 0 or day 1?
    Last year both days had an electronic headliner so can’t tell from that. And is this something oficial (does sziget also call it the opening party?) I can’t find much info about it from previous years.

  21. Last year Deadmau5’s concert was described as the opening party (day 0). It was supposed to be big like the end show with fireworks and stuff but none of that happened. They didn’t mention anything about an opening party this year but it would have been nice to continue it (with The Chemicals of course).

    And yeah only Tyler as for rap acts but one can expect Kendrick Lamar to play the sunday.

  22. Opening Party last year was given to Deadmau5, so it’s Day 1 – it was specified in the phamplet they give you at the entrance, even if it was disregarded

  23. Deadmau5 played the opening party last year in day 0.
    This year there will NOT be opening party. Nobody was speaking about that until this time.

  24. For me this is the best line up since 2008. Every edition i only wanted to see like 3 bands. No i have too many 🙂 Hope the next announcement will suck otherwise i have too many bands playing the same time. I don’t know about you guys but i will enjoy myself with many drèher beer in stomach 😀

  25. All the good bands play at A38. Will see some headliners at mainstage but most of the week i have to spend in A38. Will be good fun anyway. And i think you will enjoy your sziget anyway. Like someone posted before. The fun stories happen in between bands or at night.

  26. Yes it’s still daytime at the beginning of the 19:30 set and by the time they play there’s the sunset and they play the lasts songs in complete darkness.

  27. Ok I wonder wheter Kings of Leon or Major Lazer will close the saturday.
    Sziget made a special announcement for Kings of Leon calling them headliner, but on the other side, an electronic act after a rockband would make more sense.

  28. Who know’s, where will be playing Enter Shikari? If on mainstage, Sziget can booked Architects for sure and make happy some metal/hardcore fans like me here very happy.

  29. Finge… it’s Kings then Major Laser look at the Sziget Italia or Sziget 2015 fb page.

  30. Interestingly, on the Sziget 2015 event page, Alt-J are listed before The Script. I’d be quite happy if Alt-J headlined, hoping it’s accurate. Worth noting that on the same page, both Kings of Leon and Alesso are listed before Major Lazer, but you’d expect them to be an exception as they’re just the act playing after the headliner and not the actual headliner.

  31. There could still be room for 3 headliners when you look at the website. It’s Robbie Williams/Kings of Leon/Avicii/Florence/Garrix now. Ellie is listed after Garrix and Alt-J and The Script are listed as 11nd and 12th.
    I think we can be happy with maybe 1 or 2 big names but these are the things that give me hope haha.

  32. I honestly believe that Alt-J (unless The Script do), Avicii, Major Lazer and Garrix are locked in as ending their night. The only debatable one is Ellie Goulding which could go either way. There’s a possibility of someone quite big being on before Garrix but not a massive headline band. I reckon it will be, at best, The Offspring.

  33. I agree Eddie, but it won’t be The Offspring. They already have 5 dates during sziget so adding another one would mean that they will have to play 6 dates in 7 days with at least 4 days in a row. Can’t see that happening.

  34. … Seriously, they have to do one thing.
    They must book Skrillex ! So, because Diplo will be here too (Major Lazer), they’ll play Jack Ü songs !

  35. Architects is playing another Hungarian festival, also the biggest cliché band ever next to August Burns Red & Parkway Drive.

  36. I saw Underworld at Primavera Sound last Saturday. Sick! One of the best electro gigs of my whole life!

  37. They ll announce chemical brothers and kendrick lamar and you have your headliners
    Robbie Williams, Florence, Kasabian, Kendrick Lamar, chems, KOL, avicii and Martin “bullshit” Garrix.
    Not the worst headliners ever but one of the most boring (not for chems obviously).

    Major Lazer, Knife Party, Limp Bizkit, Goran Bregovic, infected mushroom, Enter shikari and gaslight anthem will save Sziget.

  38. If Kendrick Lamar and Chemical Brothers will be announced it may be the best line up we can wish for, cause to see Muse and LP sounds not probably to me

  39. maybe kendrick 🙂 chemicals just tooooo hard at this point. But it’d be ace.

    LP are clearly not available on sziget week, otherwise rock’n’heim wouldn’t have changed date for them, and they would have been sziget’s first choice.
    Muse’s plans for august are not known, but I’m afraid they’re too expensive now Cause they’re not in the middle of their festival tour. And sziget just spent a lot to move Kings of Leon (maybe they did it because it was cheaper than Muse).

  40. personally I really don’t care about another headliner (exept for chems or a great rock band, both impossible). It’s an entire week so I don’t need to spent all the evenings at the main. I’d prefer some good undercard rock band for the afternoon at the main, to dance or sing and have fun

  41. i’d really love to see Simple Plan, they play the 19th August at Strand Festival. I know that they are one of the biggest acts of Strand, but maybe…

  42. @ Bender I totally agree with you, I was at Primavera last Saturday too, and Underworld totally blew my mind away. Best electro gig ever !!!

  43. Sziget Italia just said they will be on air on italian radio from 15 to 18 and promised some news for the fans

  44. @JumboJack no mention about news. It just says “stay tuned cos we talk about sziget and we have something for fans”, so somebody it’s gonna win tickets

  45. Underworld last chance of a killer dance act at sziget! (if chems are really out of the game)

  46. I don’t buy that Underworld and Chemical Brothers are the only two possibilities of headliner-sized dance acts that are actually worth getting excited about. Portishead are playing a couple of dates in July and Faithless are touring all the way up until Sziget in Europe. I’d prefer both to Underworld personally.

  47. Must say I’m quite surprised that anyone would consider Alt-J a headliner at a festival like Sziget.. That’s just insane..

  48. Faithless playing balaton sound, out of the game.
    Portishead personally boring for me, usually listen to them only while I’m giving a massage to my girlfriend, personal taste

  49. @TM: people need to start realizing the headliner slots are more and more about popularity. not really anything to do with how critically acclaimed an act is, or how good their live show / interaction with the audience is.

    radio plays, radio plays, radio plays… alt-j has a ton of those all over the world, and that, good szitizens, equals a headliner slot whether we like it or not. same can be said of ellie goulding.

  50. Ok…. Kings of Leon I’m okay with… a step in the right direction certainly.

    If there are more headliner spots to fill, who do we think is realistically going to fill them?

  51. @TM Alt-J co-headlined Primavera Sound, headline Pukkelpop, headline Best Kept Secret, headline Latitude and Longitude, headline Northside, fulfill arenas all over Europe. They’ll headline if Sziget don’t find something bigger. If they find sth bigger they’ll sub.

  52. @Bender: I feel like sziget will not try to find something “bigger” for a day that already has Alt-J and the Script. The most we can hope for is an electronic act to close the main stage at night.

    I would assume they will be trying to find big acts for the Sunday and the Ellie Goulding night. All other nights do, in reality, have a headliner-sized act.

    At most, I think we have an opening party electronic act (wishful thinking), a headliner for after Ellie Goulding (maybe electronic, maybe not), and someone for before Martin Garrix on the Sunday, probably a rap act like Kendrick.

    So three remaining…. I’d say one rap, one rock, one electronic.

  53. Guys I think you’re saying something not totally right . Speaking about headlining: latest year Placebo was headliner of the day even if Skrillex was more famous, more radio played more blablabla (it is sadly a fact). Fact is that the analysis of the audience is the more important thing a festival has to do in the choice of the headliners, because they send a signal to the people who could buy a ticket: “Hey, we got a bunch of pop artist, you 16 teenager why don’t you ask your parents to let come?”; “Hey, we got a super aggressive crowd of Death Metal bands, metalheads what are you waiting for?” and it goes on this way.

    Sziget with the years passing has sold always more and more tickets, changing his status from a alternative festival to a main / popular festival (people have to deal with this): the line up had to change because of those reasons, IMHO.

    So, going back in topic, may Alt-J headline? Maybe, they got a huge success those years. May Ellie Goulding or The Script headline? I seriously doubt, for the same reason last year shows like the ones of Lily Allen and Bastille was 1) not the best of their days 2) not the more followed gigs, and reason is not only “there was bigger names”, but the fact that people doesn’t appreciate them so much.
    Same stuff with Ellie and The Script: fine but not best – comparing Ellie Goulding to Florence + The Machine? You must be nuts, they want to sell also the daily ticket, they can’t afford a sold out in one day and a not-so-well selling another day.

    In the end, to whom’s gonna reply telling “Macklemore was a headliner too, he had just one album as Goulding did”, I would invite those to remember how famous was back in those days track like And We Danced or Can’t Hold Us or Thrift Shop.

  54. My thinking is that, at the very most, there will be a headliner after Ellie and someone reasonably big but not a huge headliner before Garrix. The rest filled with typical Sziget small main stage acts

  55. Also, did someone forget about Limp Bizkit? They are not exactly the last of the class..

  56. For sure they ain’t, nowadays; but if someone tell “they wont’ look for a cool act since they got Alt J and The Script” I might say the same for Garrix’s thing and Bizkit, no?

  57. @Yelo: Limp Bizkit aren’t headliner material when you look at the other days.

    Monday – Robbie Williams, clearly a headliner. This day is also traditionally very limited in terms of big names

    Tuesday – Also limited in names, but we have Florence and Gentleman on the main stage.

    Wednesday – first real day of the festival. The Script, Alt-J, Gogol Bordello on the main, probably one more to come, whether opener or headliner (even though Alt-J or The Script could fill the roll)

    Thursday – Ellie Goulding, Foals on the main stage.

    Friday – Avicii, Kasabian on the main stage (both headliners imo)

    Saturday – Kings of Leon, Major Lazer, Hollywood Undead on the main stage (this day is done imo— Hollywood Undead -> Kings of Leon -> Major Lazer to close it out).

    Sunday – Limp Bizkit, Martin Garrix on the main stage.

    So, in my opinion, Thursday and Sunday are really missing something. When you consider that Interpol and Paloma Faith, two main stagers, were put in the A38 for the Thursday, it really seems that there is more TBA for the main stage. Every other day has an actual headliner that is worthy of a headlining position. Monday has Robbie, Tuesday has Florence, Wednesday has Alt-J and The Script, Friday has Kasabian and Avicii, Saturday has Kings of Leon and Major Lazer.

    I think we’ll be getting at least two more big names, possibly three more. Also interesting to note that Friday and Saturday both have a big headlining act (Kasabian and Kings of Leon), followed by a big electronic closer (Avicii and Major Lazer), so I think we’ll get the same for Sunday (_____ and Martin Garrix).

    But yah, Ellie day needs either an actual headliner to save it, or a renowned electronic closing act after Ellie. There is CLEARLY two holes in this lineup, and they are on Thursday and Sunday, respectively, now that Saturday’s headliner is sorted.

  58. I don’t expect Sziget to categorize them as more than a co-headliner (I would guess The Script is headlining alone), but something is wrong if we should consider them one. There are plenty of smaller bands that have headlined different festivals because of messups, but a headliner at a festival of Sziget’s size (Pukkelpop also for that matter), should be more of an stadium band (or DJ if EDM).

    Unfortunately I agree to the fact that the trend is towards looking at Spotify plays when deciding who to headline, and you end up with a bunch of one hit wonders or an extremely introvert band like Alt-J. I understand that people like them, but when we talk about them in the same sentences as Foo Fighters, Muse, Kanye etc, we’re setting the bar too low. For the record, I’m one of those that is not particularly unhappy about this years line-up, but neither Alt-J nor Ellie Goulding should headline a major festival.

    The sad truth is that within few years you won’t have many “statium bands left”. All is about that one formatted hit that sounds like everyone else. I like EDM, but when all artists that can handle a music instruments or at least sing starts to try sounding like them we’re having a problem.

  59. I don’t care if Ellie headlines and they get a big headliner on the Sunday. If they got someone really good on the Thursday and then they clashed with Interpol I’d be gutted. I hope they save all their pennies and chuck them at the Saturday and Sunday line up.

    I’m genuinely happy with the Wed-Fri as long as Alt-J headline the Wed and NOT The Script.

    Wednesday- I’d happily wander around for a while, check out Gogol Bordello, go and see Boban i Marko on the World Stage, watch Alt-J as a headliner and then check out SBTRKT, Gui Boratto and Michael Mayer at night. It’s not acts I love, but plenty that I like.

    Thursday- More than happy with Maccabees and Foals, Interpol as headliner clashing with Ellie Goulding and then Dixon and a bit of Hospitality in the A38 at night.

    Friday- Content enough to watch The Subways, Gaslight Anthem, Dropkick Murphys and Kasabian. Wouldn’t be my choice of bands at all but it’s easily the best day for the people I’m coming with. Will probably check out Marcel Dettmann and Function at night too.

    Saturday- Happy enough to watch Kings of Leon, don’t mind Major Lazer and Nero, Vitalic I’d like to see, might check out Ellen Allien. Before Kings of Leon I have nothing, zero, nada, zilch.

    Sunday- I’ll watch Limp Bizkit for the three or four tracks everyone likes, Jose Gonzalez maybe, C2C I might check out. The only act I’d be genuinely interested in seeing that day is Damian Lazarus but if he’s on at 3am on the last night I doubt I’ll have the legs.

  60. I think people are a little harsh at times regarding the overall headline picture. It’s a 5 day festival, they’re going to have days when the ‘headliner’ isn’t huge realistically. It’s important they have three big days though like most festivals too. At the moment there’s only the Friday and Saturday with big, big bands on at the end of the day (and for some reason they’ve also stuck on their biggest eletronic acts on then too which is a bit weird)

  61. I think they are trying to style the Friday, Saturday, Sunday as an actual festival lineup, big names with a big closer on each night, with the other days getting the back seat when it comes to the lineup. Monday, Tuesday… not too much… Wednesday, Thursday… a bit more… Friday, Saturday, Sunday, big days with big acts.

    That makes the most sense to me for a 7-day festival. You hit hardest at the end, with the first four days almost serving as a warm up and an opportunity to explore the other things that the festival has on offer.

  62. So, explain me the day 0 in the last year: Ska P, QOTSA, Antiflag and Deadmau5. While end day was Triggerfinger, Kooks, Outkas and Calvin Harris.
    No I don’t find logic, they just got “lucky” with days

  63. Really want to see Marmozets at Sziget, not sure it’s possible, but…

  64. @Yelo, although Day 0 was indeed huge last year, you don’t get much bigger than Outkast in to Calvin Harris

  65. As everybody knows the first two days are sort of a warm up. Probably the typical festival goer is not very happy with this years choices for days -1 and 0 but I think that sziget has done his job well. Robbie Williams is definitely a big headliner, played every stadium in the world etc. Florence is an impressive performer, one of the best female headliners out there. With the lack of rock bands for August 2015 I think this 2 days are more than ok. In a festival of 5 (more) days a night with alt j and the script coheadlining is not a problem. The problem (at the moment) is obviously Ellie’s day, which needs a real headliner, someone to bring energy. And Sunday just seems a joke. Ok they want to make this thing of the end show, but find someone who deserves to be on the main that night. Limp bizkit are not bigger than foals at the moment.

  66. @Cupi not bigget but way better 😉 At least for me but maybe I’m too old 🙂

  67. Robbie williams, Florence + the machine, the script, Ellie goulding, avicii, Kings of leon: OMFG How much pussy will we have this year?!
    24/7 boner

  68. it’s funny that in 2015 still radio plays mean popularity. also it’s not sziget’s fault, but the audience. The music culture is probably in all time low nowadays in the internet world, it should be the opposite.

  69. Exept for the 10 headlining size bands in the world today, 80% of the people don’t really listen to rock bands anymore. Rock is no more in music charts. Also, as a consequence of this fact those few big rock bands remaining ask for millions dollars to play. It’s sad but sziget have to accommodate people’s taste if wants to stay alive. Not sayin anyone has to be happy with that, just how it goes

    Oh and look at one thing, currently the biggest rock bands are made by men in retirement age. We are not living a rock age. That’s the music of our time. Pop singers. Pop bands. Various electronic.

    We should stop complaining and stop comparing the lineups of the past, those were different times with totally different audience and musicians around 🙂

  70. i was pretty sceptical towards KOL. just listened to a few of their albums and live performances, and now i think it’s going to be great

  71. Last announcement last year was June 20, so two weeks away, if they do the same again. That announcement was Korn, NoFX, Angel Haze and the Boss Hose. I think the set times were announced the June 27, on the Sziget Italia Facebook page.

    The Europe stage was announced later than this year (June 18).

    June 6 was the last announcement with a lot of acts- Madness, Bloody Beetroots, Kelis + 8 others.

    Blink, CeeLo Green etc. were on 29 April. I’d have been well miffed if Blink had been announced for Day -1 that late and I’d bought a 5-day ticket and all my flights and stuff.

    In 2013, the set times went up July 9, last major announcement 23 May inc. Nick Cave and Franz Ferdinand, though they announced The Fratellis and Babylon Circus on July 31 (seriously, why bother making people wait over two months for that!?)

    So my thinking is that in around two weeks we’ll have a minor announcement with four or five acts, including an opener for Wednesday, opener or close for Thursday, opener for Saturday and hopefully a sub-headliner for Sunday. The tents are practically done, maybe one act on A38 TBA and minor/unknown DJs on Telekom and Colosseum.

    Can people stop living in hope for more? I’ve made the effort to go through the timelines to get all this information. The line up is pretty much complete. They’ve announced a lot of headline-sized bands now, even if they’re not ones most of us would have chosen. I guess the disappointment for me is the day time undercard, but I know there are people on here that are happy enough with it.

  72. Thursday’s and Saturday’s missing bands are hungarian bands. We already know Irie Maffia (Monday) and Quimby (Tuesday). There’s only Punanny Massif to be integrated to the main stage and all others will hopefully be international acts.

    There were gaps but it’s a good thing to go and grab something to eat or go to the Toi-Toi. There are a lot of crowd movement and except for huge artists I don’t remember lots of people staying even after the sub-headliner slot.

  73. I only asked because when I went there were no gaps on the Main Stage. Just four bands a day straight up, all in the same time slots. Weird that it changed last year

  74. Ah, thank you! So 4 TBA on Main Stage in the main 5 days but we know one is Punnany Massif

  75. If I clearly understand, we have no more bands for Main Stage? Only hungarian?

  76. No, we have four bands more + Punnany Massif. I guess Punnany will play at saturday.


    16.30 – Hollywood U.
    18:00 – Punnany
    19:30 – Major Lazer
    21:30 – KOL

  77. @rambo joe frickle : think it’s KoL -> Major. As Sziget Italy gave us that hint

  78. I think that was not an order. KOL is bigger act, than ML, and the most expensive act wouldn’t play at 19:30. it would be ridiculous.

  79. @rambo- I think you’re wrong. The set times are the same, and Major Lazer need the dark for their light show. The Chemical Brothers are playing after Foo Fighters at Werchter, Deadmau5 played after Queens of the Stone Age last year at Sziget etc etc. Electronic acts play last.

  80. off topic: I saw avicii’s set in morocco few days ago, nothing special but he played some good old house, little techno, some knife party and obviously his own tracks. I can say it was not boring and not obvious as other edm djs who only play the same current big room tracks. Cool way to end the day if it has to be with a dj

  81. I know sziget said that A38 is 99% complete but A38 had 8 acts per day last year, this year we got 3 days with 7 acts and 2 days with 6, thursday is probably full with the hospitality night.

  82. @Finge: Latest year we didn’t have the Party Arena. I guess they did it and I suppose (hope!) Asaf Avidan will play in A38, so I think he was the 1% left, when they told about the 99%

  83. “KOL has been announced as a headliner for Sziget Festival Official in Budapest, Hungary.” – from the official KOL Facebook page.
    KOL has got 11 million likes, ML has 1,5 millions.
    This is the only evening (saturday), when there willn’t be electro headliner. The other nights: EG, Avicii, MArtin Garrix. So there is no way for ML i think.

  84. @Eddie: we’re still making theories. In my opinion C2C-> Telekom Arena As.Av->A38

    Still I guess that Main Stage loves the one hit singers this year, so we’ll see

  85. @Rambo Joe:
    1) Ellie Goulding isn’t a electro headliner, this because she’s not an electro-singer (it would be like saying that Lady Gaga’s electro singer), and also ’cause she’s hardly will be an headliner
    2) To let play Major Lazer during the day would be like make play the Slayer with no drums.

  86. @yelo: Agree.. Major Lazer needs to finish this day, if not they could just as well booked someone else. As mentioned RW always let the electronic gigs go last because half of their shows are linked to special effects.

    I’ve only been to Sxiget once before (last year) but without any Telekom/Party Arena. How many acts should we expect there every day? It’s only booked like 2-3 now, is that all? And if only 3 acts or so, when do they usually start playing there? After main stage or earlier?

    Wonder why they removed the “ticker” on their website showing how much was left. It was there until the end last year.

  87. Don’t wanna start a flame, but Electro pop isn’t really what we’re talking about when we talk about Avicii or Garrix. It is a totally different kind of performance. Another example: Lily Allen and Calvin Harris last year AND Major Lazer played in the daylight, I saw that video too, but it was a semi-closed stage: that doesn’t mean a lot, I know, but you know, playing a gig that point on the visual a lot during a hot and lightly sunshine I think is not a big deal.

  88. 1) Asaf Avidan is definitely Main Stage, it got announced somewhere.
    2) Sziget Italia seems to be more reliable that the actual main Sziget page, and they have Major Lazer listed above Kings of Leon. It doesn’t matter who is bigger, DJs play last in the vast majority of cases. There’s no point moaning about it, Kings of Leon in the sunset will be quite cool and there’s absolutely nothing during the day for me on Saturday so I’m quite happy they’re on earlier.
    3) That doesn’t mean Kings of Leon aren’t a headliner. I think it’s been requested by the management of Kings of Leon that if they’re going to be playing below Major Lazer they want their own announcement with a clear indication that they’re headlining. They are the only band in the main five days that Sziget has announced as a headliner, every other act has had questions around it (apart from Garrix as Closing Party obviously). Kings of Leon will have a 90 minute set, just like Major Lazer.
    4) Whether Ellie Goulding is closing her day or not, she’s going to get a 90 minute set that most headliners would get, so the argument about whether she’s going to headline or not is essentially void. She’s clearly considered to be as big as Kasabian, Alt-J etc. by the organisers and you’re going to have to accept it.
    5) C2C could arguably play on any of a. the Main Stage, b. the A38 or c. the Telekom Arena. I’d say the latter two are more likely, and most like A38 as they did say the tent was 99% full just before they announced C2C, but I may be wrong.

  89. Sziget is not RW. Main stage closes at 23:00. RW’s main stage closea at 02:00. unnecessary to compare. Sziget needs real headliners too, not only Djs or electro shitty acts. This is fact. The slot at 19:30 is not a headliner slot. It’s a sub-headliner slot. So this is it.

  90. I take your argument, but unlike every other festival that ends at 11pm, Sziget gives the same set time to their last two bands, meaning that there’s a difference. Sziget had Outkast playing at 19 30 last year and they headlined literally every other festival they played (that I saw, anyway). It doesn’t really make a big difference to me in reality, I’ll probably watch both of them anyway.

  91. Sziget official homepage (better believe than Sziget Italia) in front page:
    1st row: RW, KOL, Avicii
    2nd row: Florence, Garrix
    3rd row: Ellie, Kasabian, ML, LB

    Program page, daily schedule, saturday
    1st row: KOL, Alesso
    2nd: ML, Paloma F.

  92. “The slot at 19:30 is not a headliner slot. It’s a sub-headliner slot.”
    man… so you think Deadmau5 headlined over QOTSA? Skrillex headlined over placebo and Calvin Harris headlined over Outkast last year? Man, do you really think only dj’s were headliners?
    This thing it’s called “HAVING HEADLINERS WITH A DJ AFTER THEM” and sells twice the tickets without spending twice the money 🙂 a lot of festivals do this

  93. Do you people really think that an order on a promotional logo means something about the hour bands’ gonna play?

  94. That ordering has very little to do with where they are on the line up, so that argument is deeply flawed. For starters, Paloma and Alesso aren’t even on the Main Stage.

    This is all Sziget’s fault for being the only festival in existence that doesn’t give you a proper line up poster!

  95. @rambo joe frickle : There’s nothing on KOL facebook page, where did you see that announcement?

  96. well, this is the great problem with sziget. gerendai said years ago, the the sziget is an unique, because every bands can play full set. I think it is a false attitude. I don’t want see the band, who plays at 16:30 over 70 minutes. ithink there is a wrong schedule in sziget.

    if i would be gerendai:


  97. I don’t think you’re getting the point Rambo. We’re not saying Kings of Leon are bigger than Major Lazer, or Placebo, or Queens of the Stone Age. We’re saying it doesn’t matter. You can be called a headliner on your website, you can be announced a headliner, you can be at the top of a poster, and you can still be playing before a DJ/electronic act. It’s the way of the festival circuit now. It wasn’t ten years ago, but it is now. Just accept it. There’s no way Outkast would have played second fiddle last year. They headlined everything they played, including Sziget.

  98. I think is a wrong direction. i’ve gone to sziget since 1995. every f***** year, but there is a huge problem, why should a dj finish the day in main stage every day? dj’s should play their set after 11pm. Sziget problems that the festival in the city, and the main stage closes at 11pm.

  99. @rambo joe
    Why dont you STFU? Sziget main stage has always planned the mainstage in this way. If there is a Dj they will play after headliners.
    I don’t know if you have a relationship with someone of KOL (come on KoL better QOTSA?) but please close your mouth!!!

  100. Of the problems with the Sziget line up this year, Kings of Leon playing at 7 30 is the least of my worries. I don’t think it’s any different to the previous two though. I know people keep saying last year was great, but Wednesday-Friday was terrible at the night time was non-existent compared to this year.

  101. Eddie: it was a Dutch poster. Other country, other order…
    i hope there will be no more shitty electro every night. that’s it

  102. You know… Last year I took an house 3km far from the festival: I was able to hear the A38 play during night, If I got focused.
    It is bad because true big names plays til 11.00, it is good because you got the chance to visit one of the best city in the Eastern Europe: this one is one more reason why you can call the Sziget Festival a Cultural Festival more than a Music Festival.

    You want music? You go to Glastonbury (or Pukklepop or whatever you like the most), you want good vibe, art, good people and also music? You came to Sziget.
    And I know it has been repeated over and over, but damn, seems like part of you never learn: sziget is not only music!

  103. @rambo, show me the different version then, because every version I’ve seen looks exactly the same…

  104. I think it’s another mood Eddie, but you got my pov, I’m sure 🙂

    I don’t wanna argue with anybody, I mean, in the end if we are in this page talking about sziget it means that in a couple of month we’ll be in the same spot havin’ a good time. No flame, put flowers in your guns, buddies

  105. Yelo, I understand that, but Sziget was the only chance for me, for hungarians to see good bands. Sonic Youth was a headliner in 1996, Foo Fighters was a headliner in 1997. i can list it til dawn.

  106. Rambo, 1) as someone said before times has changed for music, you just can’t compare. 2) sziget doesn’t really have to satisfy your wishes about bands, I think a lot of people is happy with this year’s lineup, in Hungary too 🙂

  107. Rambo, I got your position. Think of me: I’m Italian, the best “festival” out there is Rock in Rome, which means that every concert you attend will cost you 40€.
    And yet I would be older to have the chance to watch live like Sonic Youth ’96 or Tool ’09.

    I’m happy anyway, Infected Mushrooms for example is a very big deal for me.

  108. Well, knowing that I would go to Sziget I didn’t care at all about lineup and costs, but sometime the Rock In Rome page flash in my Facebook’s Wall and I see stuff like Alt-J at 40 €

  109. yes, +2,50euro commision, +9eur delivery (or +2,50 if you print at home) is 45/50 euro only to see alt j in a field. Italy is the worst for concerts 🙂
    I’m not expert in currency, but I have some Hungarian friends who told me that 65/55 euro for a sziget daily ticket is actually an high price for them, but 219 euros in early bird for a holiday week full of concerts and activities is mooore than good in my opinion. So even if there’s not every year a band that you like, I think that on music side you are quite lucky to have this thing in budapest 🙂

  110. Electronic music should be banned at least from the main. This new crap that even rock festivals pulls that crap is mindblowing and sad at the same time. Giving a 18 year old boy playing his laptop closing a fest is a joke. Music is going downhill.

  111. Art : I’m really not into edm, and I agree that djs are not for main stage (and headliners it’s just absurd) but since I like to inform myself about different music cultures I have to say that Garrix is appreciated because he’s one of the few who always mix live. So no laptop. Jjust to be correct 🙂

  112. I can’t stand Garrix’s music but I’d rather watch him than sit through another dreary Metallica set

  113. So the consensus seems to be that we have minimum 1, maximum of 3 medium to large sized acts remaining?

  114. No one that knows about the Telekom/Party Arena? Will it only be 2-3 acts there every day? If not, there should be quite a few announcements there left.

    I know that it’s not announcements that people are waiting for, but as I like to listen up on everything, have the list of bands for the Blues/Irish stage and Tribute Stage been published (Thought I had read it somewhere, but nothing on the Sziget site)

  115. The Script listed before Alt-J on last Sziget post. This makes me sad. No headliner for me on the first night.

  116. @Yelo Festivals in Italy are slowly (so slowly) growing, Think of Home Festival, for example, where you get Paul Kalkbrenner, Franz Ferdinand and Sparks, Interpol, Alpha Blondy, Negrita, Aucan & many more for 40€ and four days with camping. Last time PK came in Rome cost 50€ alone, there is 40€ with all the others. And a daily ticket cost 13.5€, so you can watch PK or both Interpol and FFS for less than 14€!

  117. Yeah, I know about the Home Festival in Treviso, and I find that great. Fact is however that Treviso is pratically near Austria and so it is hardly reachable for most of the italians: to me it makes no differences to reach Sziget or to reach Home Festival, got it? And I neither live in the south of Italy.

    I hope the festival culture will raise soon even in Italy, but for now only Sziget for me

  118. @yelo @bender, this year’s lineup at Home Festival is very good, lot of international artists, every kind of music! I’m very happy this festival is growing!
    Yelo I know Italy is very long to cover if you live in the center or south, but since Treviso is near venice you could do a 4 days festival for 40euros and then spend some days to visit Venice (and also treviso, which is a wonderful city). Low cost september holiday done 🙂

  119. Rock in Roma:
    Linkin Park+alt J+ Interpol+ Chemical brother: 150€
    Frequency festival: 150 €
    Why in Italy are we so dumbass ? Bring back heiniken jammin festival!!! The last chance for the future we have is home festival…

  120. No new names this week I guess. No news at all – buzz around the festival is completely gone.
    If they want to sell more tickets they better hurry up with the remaining program or people will make other plans for the summer.

  121. @Finge: seriously, no idea what they’re thinking with the program this year.

    i’m personally not too upset with the lineup, but the complete lack of transparency from a festival this size worries me. like, if you have more remaining, at least tell us. conversely, if announcements are done, tell us. it’s funny because it seems like this is an attempt at avoiding bad press and panic, but really they’re just destroying any positive public relations they’ve garnered up to this point. a bit of honesty and transparency goes a long way, especially from a festival whose attendees know it’s not all about the music.

  122. I’m really scared about this line-up. It’s my first time. Don’t let me down sziget festival. I don’t expect more big names. I want only some small names like MS MR, CHVRCHES, JESSIE WARE, CARIBOU or THE WAR ON DRUGS.

  123. Wow! Some people on here are some of the most impatient people I’ve ever came across. Not only that most of you seem to waste your time and everyone’s time moaning about things. I hope this is not what the majority of people who go to Sziget are like as this is my 1st year going to Sziget and I really don’t want to be spending a week with people who like nothing more than a good moan.

    I’ve been to Werchter 3 times, Pukklepop once, Southside once, IOW once, Ynot last year and again this year and a couple of other smaller UK based festivals. All of these focus way more on music then anything else and I suggest that for the people moaning about the current Sziget line up, you should really go to one of these.

    To be honest I can’t see that the line up is that bad. It has good variety, a fair few well known acts, some decent little known acts and with the promise of more to come. Yes we all wish for our favourite bands to suddenly appear on the line up but no festival is going to keep everyone happy.

    The reason I decided to get Sziget tickets this year is because 1 I really wanted to go to Budapest, 2 I wanted to combine a festival with a holiday, 3 I wanted to go to a festival where I have time to relax, 4 I wanted to see a different kind of festival compared to what I’ve been to before.

    I’m really looking forward to Sziget and the bands I see will be all the more enjoyable because I won’t be on my feet all day and therefore my feet and back won’t be aching.

    I also feel that they communicate enough. Its still 2 months away so I expect the communication to increase as it gets closer. I only want them to communicate when there’s a line up announcement, tickets running low, new merchandise and when the map and other logistical things are added. No need for any more.

    The other thing that has made me laugh is the heated discussion about what is a headliner or not. I mean chill out. For what its worth I understand headliners to be the biggest act in terms of sales per stage, per day regardless of what time they are on. If Sziget want to call headliners something else then that’s up to them, it is their festival after all.

    Rant over. Peace out.

  124. @Jamie : That’s the right attitude! I have been to a few festivals around the world and Sziget is so much more than music. Everyone is really friendly and the vibe is unique, which is why I keep coming back every year. Furthermore, Budapest is an incredible city. You’ll have a ball!

  125. Reeno I am glad someone else here is embracing Sziget for what it is. I can’t wait.

  126. I understand that Sziget isn’t just about music, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy my first edition regardless of whether the lineup improves in the next two months.

    But still, there is a certain point at which a festival should come forward and be transparent. The concern on this forum is coming mostly from the fact that usually by this time Sziget has announced their full line up. So there are questions to be answered for those of us who want to enjoy a good program (I actually think the program is pretty good so far). We have better headliners than Pukkelpop which is 100% line-up fueled, and although Pukkelpop has a pretty great under and middle card this year. there’s a lot I want to see at Sziget.

    But for some, especially those who have never been before, the decision to go is at least somewhat based on the lineup. You even have people like Art on this forum who have been to Sziget and do not see or experience the Sziget vibe, so they insist that the lineup must be good for them to attend.

    So, while Sziget is much more about the general atmosphere, a lineup is still the deciding factor for many, whether you like it or not. Sziget is, after all, Europe’s Best Major Festival of 2014, and had a stunning lineup last year, so people’s expectations are set high. I can say that for me, it was last year’s lineup that finally pushed me to go to Sziget. The Sziget vibe + the best lineup is Europe during August is what got Sziget it’s Best Festival award last year, so why not try to replicate last year?

    Just saying, there’s more to it. A big festival should have transparency for their patrons, especially when there are so many options for summer festivals. People want to know, and Sziget isn’t telling them.

    With that said, I’m with you guys 100%. I’m down for Sziget for what it is, regardless of the lineup. But condemning others for wanting a better lineup is sort of backwards. People come to Sziget for different reasons, so let them.

  127. Plus, the more people standing all day at the Main Stage watching the program they so wanted, the more space there is for the rest of us who want to experience the island as a whole. Yes?

  128. I’m a Wednesday headliner and two acts on Sunday, including either a headliner or a sub headliner, away from happiness. I don’t think I’ll get that, but you never know. Of the acts on the line up, I’m happy with; Interpol, Alt-J, Dixon, Gui Borrato, Michael Mayer, Damian Lazarus, Foals, Maccabees, Jose Gonzalez, Vitalic and Boban i Marko (clashes may alter this). I’m content enough with Kasabian and Kings of Leon as headliners (at 7 30) too.

    It’s not terrible by any stretch, but the reality is that I currently have zero bands to watch at 9 30 apart from Interpol (assuming that The Script and Interpol are headlining their respective days on their stages), which is a bit crazy really. This could be saved by an electronic act late on the Wednesday (not likely) or an act before the closing party on the Sunday (I don’t mind a big act on a bit earlier, and then I’ll go and watch PASO on the World Stage).

  129. @thetrootroo- They announced their last ‘major’ acts on June 20 last year. Only four bands, inc. Korn and NOFX. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got maybe 5 or 6 next Thursday and then the full programme (relatively unknown acts and stage times) a week or so later. I’d be shocked if there was more than 5 or 6 internationally established acts TBA (even including underground ones).

    I wouldn’t say there was really much of a difference to their usual communication and line up announcements. It’s always rubbish the way they do it and they don’t learn/care/realise the problem. Last year they announced Blink-182 in like May. A Day -1 act in May! I’d have booked my flights for the Tuesday by then and would have been well annoyed.

  130. Yeah, they never do it properly. I never said this year was any different, but it’s the first year I’m going and therefore the first year I’m realizing how shitty their way of releasing the program really is.

    Luckily I’m locked in, so the lineup has no bearing on my decision. But I feel bad for the people who are wondering when/if to book flights/hotels/tickets. As you said, Blink 182 was announced in May last year, so you never know, and that’s the biggest problem with Sziget, from my very short lived experience so far.

  131. For day 1-5 we still miss 5 mainstage acts including 2 for day 5. Telekom Arena currently 1-3 acts a day, Colosseum has 1 or 2 acts a day.

    Still a lot TBA.

  132. @Finge how do you know that? The Main Stage, sure. 5 TBA, but we know at least two will be small bands as they always have a few small ones.

    The Colosseum though? This year’s line up already has a better line up than last year. Last year it was 1 or 2 decent sized acts per day. This year there’s 2 every day apart from Sunday, and Sziget does to tend to wind down with the big acts on the Sunday. I’d say it was done and dusted.

    Telekom is similar really. Assuming there’s no day time line up, it won’t start until midnight-1am. There’s only room for three acts a day, and given that Alesso would have taken a chunk of the budget, I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of it was filled with minor acts.

  133. All I was saying about the line up is that we know there’s more names to be announced and just because some people don’t like the current line up others will be more than happy and also there will be people like myself who would ideally like to see a few more acts that I like but then that’s in an ideal world and we don’t live in an ideal world so I’m just going to make the most of whatever there is at Sziget.

    Communication wise I don’t see the problem. It’s my first time at Sziget but as far as I can see they have already stated how much of the program is complete, they have been open about how hard they have found it to book acts this year, you couldn’t get clearer information about camping and have gave very clear advise on how to get there. They also update people when certain areas of the festival are selling out and usually tell people roughly when they will make the next announcement. I suppose the communication thing is a bit like the line up some people will like the amount of communication and others wont, some won’t be too bothered either way.

  134. I don’t think there’s an issue with their communication about the camping sales. In fact, it’s very good.

    The issue is with the programme announcements. They may have stated how much of the programme was announced up to a point, but once they started to announce the smaller stages, rather than updating the percentage to reflect the truth, they just didn’t put the smaller bands on the main website which conned people in to thinking more was going to be announced than will be. In fact, there are people on this site that are still in denial about how much is to come.

    At no point have they said they were aiming for a more electronic focused line up this year. That’s only become apparent as time has gone on. For me personally that means there’s more acts I want to see, but for many others there is frustration as they expected more rock bands like there have been in previous years. The idea that no guitar bands were available when Noel Gallagher, The Offspring, War on Drugs, Tame Impala etc. are all in Europe during Sziget doesn’t really work. They may still announce a couple, and people mind end up happy. It’s just weird to announce all the acts from one genre early and then announce all your guitar acts late (they did it last year too, Korn, NOFX and Blink-182 were all announced late on).

    I’m hoping for an announcement this week to wrap up the line up, and then set times not long after. I’m looking forward to it and I’ll look forward to it more if they can snap up a couple of day time acts for me.

  135. I visited Pinkpop yesterday. Muse was just perfect. But some other acts that are able to fill the main stage are for sure elbow and george ezra. I was suprised by his voice. Nit something to buy a ticket for like muse of course but nice during day time 🙂 just thinking for the organisation 😉 should be enough names available i guess to fill the stage… just be patient and im sure sziget is not going to let us down 🙂

  136. It is obvious they have really big problems in the organization of the line up this year, they announced just 6 bands in the last month and a half, meanwhile they got all the minus stages and the Colosseum (that is considered a major stage) half empty.
    So that’s it, for the ones who didn’t recognize it yet.

    AND that’s not a problem. Issues may be, when they comes they comes, and even if we’re all are consumers, we can deal with that because everyone of us is sure that Sziget can’t afford an organizative flop (which is different from a line-up flop: this one is subjective).

    So, what’s the matter? They got issues, fair enough, we all know in the deep that they will figure out something to make things go for good, so what?
    Well, there’s a matter and some of us already underlined the fact: transparency is a damn big deal in a business like festivals. People may not have the right to decide who will play, but people have the right to know who’s gonna play, or when they are gonna be announced. It is no use to hide behind a finger and pretend that everything is good after all, cause it ain’t.
    The line up is good or not, it depends on taste, for me is so-so, for example. But even if in the last year they announced more or less in this days the last 4 bands (angel haze, the bosshoss, korn and nofx), right now this year we still have a fist of names on the main stage, more than half the colosseum, part of the telekom arena, all the petofi, all the irish TBA and still we have any clue about the fact that those stage are all the main ones and there won’t be any other one (even if we all think that there won’t be news about that). Other problem is the disappoint of most of the people by the fact that most of the “big names” aren’t even that big, ‘cept for Kings of Leon and Avicii/Garrix (who ain’t either that critical acclaimed) – and I want to remember to those who will come up saying that critical acclaiming isn’t an important data nowaday that even last year it wasn’t, but we had famous band who was also criticall acclaimed, so, what’s the point?

    I guess it’s ok to not be that pissed off screaming in front of our laptop for that is no use, but don’t come out saying that anything is fine, they’re doing great and lalalala, this is not to act properly for the money we are paying for this.

  137. I’d like to add something. It’s a 7 days festival so don’t expect a huge headliner each day. Imagine all these acts fit in 3 days, we’d have:

    Friday: Robbie Williams//Florence + The Machine//Limp Bizkit//The Script//Gogol Bordello//The Maccabees.
    C2C//Enter Shikari//The Subways//Jungle//Infected Mushroom//SOJA//Dixon//Function.

    Saturday: Avicii//Kasabian//Alt-J//Major Lazer//Gentleman //Awolnation//Knife Party//Gaslight Anthem//Future Islands//Passenger//SBTRKT//Asaf Avidan//Marcel Dettman//Alesso

    Sunday: Martin Garrix//Kings Of Leon//Ellie Goulding//Interpol//Foals//Hollywood Undead//Nero//Dropkick Murphy//Beatsteaks//Milky Chance//Sigma//Selah Sue//Michael Mayer//Vitalic.

    + Many more. but it’s this in one week: more time to relax, to enjoy other activities and of course less clashes. This lineup in 3 days is good. 3 huge headliners, 3 good electronic acts and thirds acts like Florence, Limp Bizkit and Alt-J.

    Anyway I hope we’re gonna have something new this thurday!

  138. Fresh news: I was right. Kings of Leon will play at 21.30. Sziget Official answered a question in official facebbok page.

  139. Where did you see that? That means ML will play at 19h30! Not bad but I would have prefered the opposite.

  140. Honestly don’t understand what the fuss is about on this entire website with people whining about the line up, yes its average in comparison to most BUT pretty much nobody remotely good are touring this year and there are plenty of other festivals you can go to that have your much beloved Muse or whatever. This will be my first time here and I only came because of last years previously good line up and the fact its cheaper to pay for a ticket and see an alright festival than it is to book 7 nights in a Budapest hotel, which may I add are also dirt cheap. Straight after this festival I am travelling to Pukkelpop and straight after that Rock en Seine so chances are any acts left to be announced I’ll see anyway at the others. Now quit the bitchin’ and enjoy the sun and music home dogs.

  141. @tony_el_tigre: as i’ve said before, the lineup doesn’t really bother me too much. but seriously? you’re hitting up pukkelpop and rock en seine, and have the financial / life style means to do that, and you’re telling others not to complain?

    for many this is their entire summer vacation, or a good chunk of it at least. i don’t think you can really be any sort of authority on who can complain about a lineup when you clearly are part of the minority that can afford to hit up festival after festival all summer. luckily sziget is part of a big euro trip for me, so i’m not bothered. but for those who have all their eggs in the sziget basket, and for those who bought a ticket because they were expecting a line up like last year’s, let them complain. the lineup isn’t amazing, certainly not the best festival in europe – worthy.

    so, to put it to you straight, the fuss is about a lineup that’s lacking, coming from people who were counting on sziget to step it up again this year. you can’t tell people not to complain just because you are yourself in a position where complaining isn’t a reality. yah, you get to see all the acts at all the festivals… not everyone else does. judging people by your own standards, especially when they are beyond the means of most, is sort of stuck up… haha.

  142. thetrootroo you officially become one of my favs on this website. Wanna have a drink complaining of Ellie Goulding during her gig? lol

    I’m waiting for this edition from the 18th of august of the passed year, so what can people say?

  143. Official: Punnany Massif will play aug 15.
    So, there is only one slot left on main stage that day.

  144. If we assume ML will play the main stage on the 15th, then I guess all slots are taken (ML, KoL, HU, PM)?

  145. @Yelo: don’t know if that’s sarcasm, but I’ll actually be pretending to watch Ellie with my girlfriend (she’s a fan). So if you wanna come pretend with me over a beer, then sure!!

  146. @the trootroo: not sarchastic at all! I convinced my girlfriend to not attend for that gig, so if there’s gonna be something convincing on the island during her show I’ll be somewhere else, but If it won’t be I’ll find a way to grab a beer and support you in your mission 😀

  147. Well that’s not a big problem though, it’s mainly the mid-week, not the weekend, that needs improvement. Tue-Thu has not much to offer any of the days, while I actually feel that the weekend (especially Friday/Saturday) is quite good. Sunday obviously misses some acts, but Passenger, Limp Bizkit, Garrix and van Doorn are ok enough until now.

  148. Apologies we’re they’re due. @rambo, sorry for saying you were wrong about KoL!

  149. everybody should his girlfriend to ellie’s gig, that’s a fact. Personally I’l do it. And after that “love me like you do” back to the tent and I’ll love her harder than ever…

  150. LOL
    My music’s taste tells me that to get a boner after a Goulding’s show is gonna be harder than anybody couldn’t think

  151. lol
    to have problems getting a boner after you’ve just seen a lot of excited girls dancing and singing could be a serious medical issue, Contact your doctor as soon as possible

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