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Announcement: Noel Gallagher, SIA, Crystal Castles & More

Sziget just made an announcement with the fresh list of bands and artists to perform at the stages of the 2016 festival. Most of the names – like Noel Gallagher – were on yesterday’s leaked list, others are new. Some of you might be disappointed by today’s announcement, but fear not – there is still plenty of time left until the festival opens its gates, and there are plenty more exciting names to come.

March Announcement: SIA and Noel Gallagher to play on the 15th

SIA is one of the most talented Australian singers / songwriters ever, who’s 2014 hit Chandelier has reached unexpected heights. She will perform in Hungary for the first time on the 15th of August, at a yet unannounced stage.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds needs no introduction. Noel didn’t join Oasis on its Sziget 2000 performance, due to his bad relationship with his brother, so seeing him on stage this year, playing both Oasis hits and High Flying Birds originals will surely be a great occasion to see him live.

Crystal Castles is a project launched by songwriter / producer Ethan Kath in 2008. While Alice Glass left the project two years ago, Ethan kept on working on it – he recorded a new LP with a fresh voice last year, and a new one is also in the works. Crystal Castles will perform on the 16th.

Jake Bugg was the youngest Brit ever to make it to the top spot on the UK album charts, and even today he is one of the most sought-after British indie folk-rock performers. He is preparing to release his third album this year – he might show us some new materials at Sziget on the 11th.

Travis Scott is a well-known rapper / songwriter / producer, considered one of the most versatile hip-hop performers of our times. We’ll have the occasion to see him perform live on the 11th.

Molotov is one of the loudest rap-metal bands ever, with a two-decade career behind it. The Mexican band is also known for its amazing stage performances. We’ll see on the 13th.

UK drum ‘n’ bass DJ and producer Wilkinson will come to Sziget with a live set. His elegant tunes are becoming increasingly popular nowadays – he’ll have the chance to convince us on the 14th.

Excision comes to Sziget all the way from Canada. The DJ / producer is famous for his bass-centered, rock hard dubstep sound and his amazing stage visuals. We’ll see more on the 13th.

Dyro is a young DJ / producer from the Netherlands. He started his career at the age of 18, with the backing of one of the most famous DJs of history, Hardwell. His latest single was released this February – and he might have some fresh tunes to play at Sziget on the 13th.

UNKLE has a long and fruitful career behind it. The band debuted in the late 1990s and has evolved from hip-hop toward rock, house, electronica, eventually creating its unique sound. The band will play live on the 12th.

Aurora Aksnes is one of the young talents of Norway. She debuted with her first single at the age of 16, and she is preparing for the release of her first album this month. Her wonderful voice will fly around Sziget on the 16th.

Jain will arrive at Sziget with materials from her debut album Zanaka, released last year. She will perform on the 12th.

Tourist – also known as producer William Phillips from London – will show his worth on the 15th.

Oscar and the Wolf will showcase its unique neo-soul/R&B/electronica/pop sound on the 14th.

Last, but not least, Quimby, the Hungarian band well known for Sziget visitors, who will play on the 12th.

Leaked, but unconfirmed

Last night’s leak contained some names that didn’t make it in today’s announcement: Die Nerven (D), Isolation Berlin (D), Fatoni (D), Gastarbeiter DJ Set (D), Abu(CH), Palace Winter (DK).

213 thoughts on “Announcement: Noel Gallagher, SIA, Crystal Castles & More

  1. The program on sziget website says: Quimby Main Stage Tue, August 11, 7.30pm > 9.00pm

  2. @JumboJack Sziget Hungary lists August 12th as the date for Quimby. Indeed, it also lists August 11th, with stage, date and time – but I suspect that’s more likely to be leftover data from last year (when they played on the 11th).

    “Fellépés dátuma: 2016. augusztus 12.”

    I’ll just leave it like this for now, and we’ll see which one will be the correct date.

  3. Not really impressed by this announcement.

    Jain plays cool songs but no idea if she’s good live.

  4. Bastille is not bound to headline on MS, they could be A38 stuff… at least I hope so! I’m not very familiar with their work but I think they’re too weak to headline an MS spot. Both Mika and Ellie Goulding had at least 3 more or less popular albums to choose their songs from and in my opinion it’s not the case for bastille.

  5. This announcement may not be as strong as some of you expected, but the lineup now is three times better than last year already.

  6. But no big Dj and no day -1 headliner… Sia is oke but the rest.. i really hope for some big names like RHCP, Rammstein, Tiesto ir Chemical Brothers…

  7. Yes, Quimby will probabily play on 12th, and it’s a bit disappointing. They are indeed very important in Hungary, but having them subbing MS on one of the day 1-5 is hardly understandable for a non-hungarian like me. Just my point of view of course, I have seen them live last year and i liked them anyway.

  8. The main artists of A38 for that day are still to be announced. Or it will be a day off to take some energy before Muse 😀
    Half-full glass for me!

  9. Last year we hoped that Sziget didn’t tell all the names already booked when we have had march annoucement… However it was for most part the case.

    And I think some groups’ managers don’t want to negociate lately, for example I think RHCP as already announced almost all of their summer festival tour. I hope no (and can’t wait to see them at least one time at Rock Werchter) ! 🙂

    But the more time passes and less we can hope for incredible headliners in my opinion …

  10. Unfortunately for us, Sziget likes to announce late. Remember Kings of Leon last year, 2nd biggest headliner of this edition, yet announced in june.

  11. actually in 2014 the two bigger names (placebo and qotsa) fame out in the first announcements. Its just about bad organization, in my opinion…

  12. actually in 2014 the two bigger names (placebo and qotsa) came out in the first announcements. Its just about bad organization, in my opinion…

  13. No more prognostics for me, I’m always disappointed with that ! I just dream they book Gorillaz !

  14. Langoustine, yeah for me too. I will just inform myself about the trend here but no more comparisons between festivals because it just makes me feel more disappointed (as I already wrote here 2 or 3 times).

  15. After some time to analyse, I’m very excited about these new names (in order): Noel Gallagher, Crystal Castles, Unkle and Tourist.

  16. @Yelo bad organization? seriously? Sziget is more or less a perfect festival on the organization side. Maybe you can say they have a bad booking, but it always have given names this way. Late announcements would not be something new. I remember KoL last year in June but also Korn in 2014 in June ore The Prodigy late May and Prince in July in 2011. There are many more examples, so don’t be surprised.

    And c’mon guys, let’s be realistic. Prognostics with bands not even on tour like Gorillaz are useless. It’s just dreaming, so don’t expect them to be there. I can say I want Foo Fighters there but that’s not a prognostic, it’s a dream. We can expect Rammstein, The Chemical Brothers maybe Red Hot Chili Peppers and maybe Rihanna (please no) as big possible big headlining acts cos those are the band touring in August. The others were Noel and Muse and we have them. I think at least 2 of them are possible.

  17. I have never talked about the Sziget organization of the festival, which I find massive.
    I can speak a lot about the marketing they do, which I find kind of unfair (always in comparison with other festivals), and about their strategies in the lineup making (the pick of the artists is something one can like or not, even though I think that most of the people who come to read those threads and spend time suggesting – which is in my opinion the ones who care the most about the festival itself – is not-so-happy about the path that Sziget seems to follow in latest years), but not about bad organization in terms of service and stuff.

    I can tell in an well-aware way (I study those things) that if they will call one between RHCP or Rammstein they will have less income than if they would have announced them back in the days when every other festival did – because casual goers outside of Hungary just pick other festivals where those guys are goin to -, and since I think that they have a good marketing manager (since it is a top festival now) they won’t call nor RHCP nor Rammstein nor Disclosure (and it goes on and on, again).
    What I think is that Sziget Festival dont really want to “move away” from the “Hungarian festival”‘s position to a position of “truly international festival”, if they wanted to they would take more inspiration from other festials in term of lineup (if you look to great part of the lineup right now, it is filled with “Sziget exclusive”, term I use to describe DJ no one would call and little-know pop singer) and surely won’t give close to a whole day dedicated only to Hungarian’s bands (like they did last year in -1 day), since the only Hungarian band people may know outside of Hungary is Quimby, which havent played even in that day.
    And on this point I want to be clearer: I like the miscellaneous Sziget does in terms of bands and genres, and I know that Sziget is not only about music (quip they seem to use more as an apology in some occasion), but still I cant find in any dimension good, when you have to choose about the target to refer to and you decide to pick the casual-hungarian target instead of the well-aware-international target. Okay, the first target brings you more income, but Im pretty unsure about this, because many other festival does the result Sziget does without debase themself to call David Guetta or Avicii blabla, and I cant find the bigger lenght of the festival as a fair explaination.
    Their objective is just to announce in a genious way (that for sure) the 2-3 bands which will sell a shitload of tickets, losing sight on the artistic meaning that a festival should represent in musical terms: so they have been the first to announce Muse; they keep on calling Guetta, even though no festival in Europe waste cash on him except for Tomorrowland (and this should ring a bell) and it goes on and on.

    I know you can understand the things I want to say even if I cant express myself fairly good because of my limited knowledge of English. I also know that this one is an edgy position which will harshly being disapproved, but that is what I do really think about this element of the festival after 3 years Im a fan.

  18. Some Sziget FB pages say that the headliner of -1 day and the dj act for end show will come very soon in separate announcement. I hope it’s true and it will be like next week because this announcement was even worse than that bad announcement in February. So fingers crossed 🙂

  19. For the -1 Day: I dream of Metallica with Paul McCartney as a sub, I expect Rammstein, I’m prepared for Rihanna.

    For the End Show: I dream of Gorillaz, I expect The Chemical Brothers and I am prepared for Calvin Harris.


  20. I wonder, why no one thinks about Faithless. They’ve announced festivals and concerts around Sziget last week. And even more: Placebo will announce this month their 20 years tour. I know about gigs in October, but who knows… they can play at one of the festivals with which they have long story. Not to mention the Killers , who will have their non-tour dates this summer in USA

  21. @Yelo I understand you study those things but I studied those things too with a degree thesis on music festival that focused mainly on Sziget.

    First of all, I booking is not that simple. There are a lot of international festivals that belongs to multinational corporations of music like Live Nations that also do booking. And if Live Nations, for example, book a band for 2 of their festivals held in the same period of another festival that does not belong to them, they can easily book the band for both their festivals and make that band to avoid the festival that does not belong to them. So it’s not only a matter of income, it’s not only money, it’s also politic.

    Then how can you say that Sziget does not really want to move away from being an hungarian festival? Last year at Sziget there were people from 94 countries in the world. 94! I really don’t think there is another festival worldwide that is able to be that international. Not even Coachella or Glasto. C’mon, are you serious? And then I think that as they have such a huge and international audience, having hungarian bands on the Main Stage (and A38 or other major stages) can help promoting hungarian music worldwide. It’s something I like. This way I discovered bands I listen to even when I’m home like Tankcsapda, Quimby, Irie Maffia, Cloud 9+, Yonderboi, Cseh Tamás, ecc.

    And for festival-goers that choose festival only basing on the lineup this is true, but Sziget managed to create a fan-base of festival goers that go to Sziget even if they don’t like the lineup. More than half of the people that go to Sziget come back the year after. MORE THAN HALF. I know I’ll go to Sziget even next year and I still don’t know the lineup. I know a lot of people that have never been to Sziget but they want to go there because they know that Sziget is different, not because of the bands that will play. You know this is true and this is a huge victory for a festival management. We’re here, complaining every year because in the lineup there’s not the band we wanted to see, but we’re all the same people from years and we keep on going. Think about this.

  22. @Lazzy Faithless played at Sound last year, it’s more probable they play at Sziget or Volt than there. Anyway Faithless’ concert at Balaton Sound 2015 was great, even better than their Sziget concert in 2010. I’d be very very happy if they come.

  23. Every years it’s the same story in this blog; no one likes “new names” etc. But if you check the Sziget’s Facebook page for all the announcement post there are a lot of guys who said: “wow…great name” etc.
    Sziget management has understand that there are a new generation of festival-goers who get freak for Guetta, Harris, Sia, Elle Goulding etc. and some edm crap.
    Booking this artists (???) has a huge cost (Guetta is the most expensive dj at this moment). I can Imagine in 2018 Justin Bieber -1 day’s headliner (no i’m not joking, i’m only preparing you…). So we can hope that a few name can make happy the ‘old generation’. So forget edition like 2011 and similar: “winter is coming” (cit.)
    We can only hope that during Guetta will rape my ears with his shit the “sziget vibe” get more strong as usual.
    (The funny things it’s that in this blog 3/4 of users of this blog come from Italy (including me) but we communicate in English lol)

  24. I already have at least 1 must-see name/day! I don’t need more as I’ll find plenty of other stuff to do. And there’s still more than half of the lineup to be announced.

  25. For what it is worth I would love Massive Attack & PJ Harvey but realise neither are popular enough with the New Sziget (teen / young adult) demographic to get booked.

    I’m alread off to a dedicated propler music festival (NOS Alive) in July so will see a truly brilliant line-up there. I now treat Sziget as an experience festival rather than as a music festival. I am really looking forward to a week on the island not a succession of quality gigs.

    They sell lots of tickets and lots of peole return. The on-site festival organisation is perfect (apart from maybe re-entering the site) so this will be my 5th Sziget and I am franky more concerned about the weather than the line-up.

  26. @jjason are you going to NOS Alive with someone? I’ll be there too, with some friends if you want to join.
    What about the weather? I’d rather have 30+ degrees than rain but I understand that it may annoy some people.

  27. I got your point, Bender, and you know that I really like Sziget and Im saying those things with pain.
    But I still cant think that, willing or not, Sziget in the last year and in this (so far, of course) it’s not doing a brilliant job, or, better, they really can improve – of course only on the front of line-up.
    I told you I know that Sziget is not only about music, everyone tells me it’s not about music, I say this thing too. But after the 2014 edition I said this like a credit (“There was this guy, those guys, this other guy AND THIS ACCOUNTED, SZIGET IS NOT ONLY ‘BOUT MUSIC”), in the previous edition I was forced to say that Sziget was not only about music, since there were no really big names to be proud of (or at least I have no friend who likes most of the headliners from the previous edition).
    This year is half way from the ’14 and the ’15, but they dont have the excuse of the lack of touring artists.

    I know it is hard to book, but jesus christ, Sziget festival is getting really important worldwide; im not saying that bands have to ask to Sziget to perform like they do at Glasto, but still I find hard to believe that you, festival, was after RHCP for how long, 7 years? and never succeed in booking them, or KoL, or whoever was. Okay, you are indipendent, okay you have more limited budget than other major festival, but if you waste half of them in plastic names what you gonna get? What is your plan for the future? I mean, it’s about your identity man: switch the core of the target any year the main-target change and point all of your marketing on the “sziget vibe”? It could work but just for a while, in my opinion, because I can find good vibe in any place with the right people along and a little of luck, people goes to music festival especially for the music, if you make something which should be accessory your reason of being, just stop doing music festival and start a resort or an artistic festival, or whatever.
    Sziget need a more clear artistic direction, and when I say artistic I dont wanna be fascist, but I mean something different than 2,5 of the 4 major stage for EDM, one stage for Hungarian music, but also hungarian artists in any other stage et ceteram. It is ok to promote hungarian music, but in the case of Colosseum, Party Arena and some early spot of MS (Punnany Massif) it seems more you need to fill the spots more than you want to promote hungarian music.

    About the people goin back to the island without neither know the lineup. It’s cool, I know people like this too, but it is getting every year more expensive and there is no significant improvement in the way most of the people I know want things, so I dont know for how long those will go. Maybe another 10 years, maybe not. Me, I am goin to the festival mostly for the people I have known, people like you, because it is funny and because I feel in someway tied to people who appreciate good music, the Sziget Vibe is always weaker, at least on me.

    @Cesar, we’ll conquer the world, but til now, its a good way to improve my english LOL

  28. Regarding the Sziget Website, the dates for all the bands, are the next:

    Day -1 – 10 August

    Day 0 – 11 August
    Parov Stelar
    Jake Bugg
    Naughty Boy
    Rico & Sticks
    Travis Scott

    Day 1 – 12 August
    John Newman

    Day 2 – 13 August
    Sigur Ros
    Bring me The Horizon
    Roisin Murphy

    Day 3 – 14 August
    David Guetta
    Bloc Party
    Sum 41
    Oscar and the Wolf

    Day 4 – 15 August
    Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
    The Neighbourhood
    Years and Years
    Nicky Romero

    Day 5 – 16 August
    Bullet for My Valentine
    The Last Shadow Puppets
    The Lumineers
    Parway Drive
    Crystal Castles

    No date:
    Jess Glynne

  29. The line up already announced is really disappointed when you look what VOLT Festival already have (Iron Maiden, Prodigy, Wiz Khalifa, Axwell^Ingrosso..) and also Balaton Sound have good names in the EDM scene.. and than Sziget bring David Guetta, one of the the worst Dj live…

    I really really hope that they will bring some better names (Tiesto, Jack Ü and maybe Chemical Brothers as Dj´s and RHCP, Rammstein or something like this as band. I also would be agreed with Rihanna as -1 day headliner, because she is a big name und lot of people like to see her, me too.

    I do not understand what they are waiting for this year, last year Robbie Williams was announced at 2. February…

    Also Bastille as friday headliner is not acceptable for me, they have 2 songs and just 1 album now, so on friday we defenitly need a bigger headliner! (RHCP for Friday, Rammstein -1 day and Chemical Brothers End Show would be really cool imho..)

  30. Macca for day -1 would be the best thing ever for me 😀
    Still hope for Rammstein, Massive Attack, Chemical Brothers and maybe Moderat. Gorillaz is a remote possibility, i’m not even sure when they are going to relese the new album.

  31. So ilbert, you dicide to come to sziget this year ? How was rock werchter last year ? Better than sziget ?

  32. don’t know yet. werchter was excellent:) bands were much better, of course, food was worse. but I like it there also, been there twice and six times in hungary.

  33. The same guy who posted the leak says that he hopes/dreams for Eminem and Pendulum Live. Well, I don’t know if these two will be at Sziget (Eminem is at Lollapalooza and Pendulum at Ultra Music – no other dates announced for both), but I guess it would be “huge for business” to have at least one of them.

  34. Please no Eminem…

    how realistic is Rihanna? She had a occurs on 10th August in Vienna, but now it is on the 9th August… so she would be free on day -1, and she would be a big Pop headliner like Williams..

    I really hope we will get some line up information soon, because the actual line up is not really good i think…

    I miss 1 or 2 big Dj´s in the line up and also 2 good bands..

  35. Eminem would be a fullfilling of my teenager’s dream. If there is any chance, I am here hoping (way more than for RHCP).
    Pendulum are fun, but only if it’s a live show, not the DJ Set pls.

    Right here, right now, with the last quite disappointing announcement I am waiting for better news about bands. Rihanna would be a downer, at least to me: we already have Sia, if u pick 3 djs and 2 pop as headliners, well… I think it’s self-explainatory.

    IMHO no one between RHCP and Rammstein will be called, and I dont believe there will be Gorillaz nor Eminem, so chill, let’s see what do they have for us…

  36. No Rihanna, no RHCP, no Rammstein… no Chemical Brothers?.. This are one of the biggest bands are touring 2016, so they have to call one of them 😀

    What else should they bring.. Greenday or Linkin Park would be very cool but they not touring so i am very excited what they will give us…. i don’t hope for a fail line up this year..

  37. Just had a look at some artists tour dates and it appears that “The Cure” will be in Europe during Sziget :

    Radiohead will also be available :

    Also highly unlikely but Coldplay has no tour date during Sziget (even if they are supposed to stay in the US at that time) :

    Not sure why Rammstein should be crossed out, they will be available :

    And same goes for RHCP :

    @Denis too many links, your comment ended up in the “Spam”.

  38. OK, after a while Ive been listening to Crystal Castles I totally fell in love with them. Still, I knew that the main singer, Alice something, leave the band.
    How are they doing? Shift of style, only instrumental? Can someone enlight me about it? 🙂

  39. Crystal Castles has 2 members (Ethan – producer+dj and singer – Edith, used to be Alice to 2014) and one tour member who plays on drums. I saw them 4 years ago and it’s still one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Alice was so crazy, she did crowd surfing a lot. I heard that new singer – Edith isn’t that much crazy person but she’s better singer. But we have to all find out at sziget 🙂

  40. Do you really think Noel will sub Sia? It’s something I can’t understand but seems like it will happen…

  41. Is it sure that Bastille and Sia will headline the 21:30 – 23:00 spot.. A guy on facebook said that it is 100% that the RHCP will perform at Sziget this year, he said he has contacts with the band and he is 100% sure… Bastille would be a good co headliner at friday and as headliner on friday RHCP would be great 🙂

    What makes me a little bit confuse is that there are less Djs this year when you look at 2015… i hope there will be the party arena again!

    And i am sure we will get the Sziget Eye again (Ferris Wheel) because Balaton gets one this year and when you look on the Sziget Page they write that there is a new ferris wheel coming to Budapest city this spring so i think we will get a Ferris Wheel again 🙂

  42. @Daniel: I think that Sia will headline (there’s no way that Noel will play less than sub), but I think that they will put a bigger band, but most probably a DJ after Bastille.
    I also saw the ferris wheel on the Balaton promotional picture 🙂 We tried it in 2014 (got a free ticket with the Szitizen Missions and it was very nice during Madness concert.

  43. I was remembering those times (2009-2010-2011-2012) when our greatest fear were 30 Seconds To Mars to be back on the Island. Now we’re talking about Sia and Rihanna, LOL.

  44. Not this summer, since Puscifer’s project is touring, but yet, anytime anywhere they will get my money, for christ’s sake

  45. Pukkelpop announcement on wednesday. 80 names to come, some of them will be shared with Sziget, i suppose. Let’s hope 😀

  46. Radiohead impossible, they are in USA at the beginning of august and in Japan on the 20th, unlikely to see them in the middle

  47. Pendulum/Prodigy/Chase & Status surely somebody like this will play? Need more DJ’s as well, hoping for a Dimtri Vegas & Like Mike end show!

  48. prodigy are at Volt festival, so we won’t have them at Sziget. Dj will not be an issue, i’m sure we’ll have plenty

  49. Dimitri Vegas are also on Balaton Sound.. also the very very good Armin van Buuren :(..

    As big Dj´s only Hardwell, Tiesto and Jack Ü are free for Sziget.. and Calvin Harris/Afrojack..

  50. She’s playing in Italy that day.. Judging by the picture it should be a single male artist, but don’t know if it has anything to say.

  51. Deadmau5 and Infected Mushroom are free and might still be in Europe during Sziget, as they already came to the island I won’t be surprised to see them again this summer, what do you think ?

    Skrillex has also a gap in his tour during Sziget

    @Webmaster: Sure no problem I will avoid adding links in the future 😉

  52. Eminem would be great but he has no shows announced yet….
    Justin would be a joke!!!!! Please nooooooo

  53. Eminem has done quite a few once off shows, so not totally unrealistic. Especially given Pukkelpop’s announcement on Wednesday as well. Because of this it could be someone totally off the radar, but I would have thought Eminem to be more of a -1 headliner. Paul McCartney (which probably won’t be given enough time to play his sets) and Justin Bieber as well.

    My initial plan is to only attend the last 5 days, so only Eminem would make me change those plans.

  54. Looks like Eminem!! Omg that would be very… awesome and cool! I am not a very big fan of him but he is a king in the rap scene so i really would like to see him 🙂

  55. There’s a photo of Jamie XX in the Facebook comments that looks EXACTLY like the posted hidden one. Makes me not happy.

  56. Jamie would be great but he is not an headliner alone. It’s not him for sure, but I really want him for A38.

  57. @tmolvik: on Rihanna’s Facebook page and on her website there is no concert added on 11 August. Where did you see that she has a concert in Italy?

  58. The hair and jawbone in the picture posted by Sziget totally looks like it’s NOT Eminem. Same goes for Paul McCartney. Seems more like justin bieber, which by the way I find not very likey because with Sziget and Pukkelpop both announcing on wednesday this will probably be the secon headliner of Pukkelpop. And I find strange that they would book Justin Bieber after Rihanna. It’s kinda the same type of headliner. But the shape is very similar to him.
    If it’s a dj I expect something very big like hardwell or tiesto, but doesn’t look like them.
    Don’t have any other ideas, maybe they’re trolling us, and it’s the headliner of a band.

  59. @Sziget My bad.. I looked at the wrong date. Rihanna could be the one, although I would have guessed her for -1 as well.

  60. I think that some pictures of Thom Yorke from Radiohead would also fill the spot! And Chris Martin of Coldplay as well.

  61. I’d be totally fine with Justin Bieber. You can get drunk and buy some eggs at the Auchan and throw them to him. And what about fangirls? It would be amazing to make fun of them

  62. I dont think it will be a MASSIVE headliner, since Day 0 usually brought good headliners but not the one, I mean, there are the Day -1, 1 and 5 for it, usually.

    But lets take a look at the names I read anywhere:
    -Rihanna, likely (we all know she will be probably announced now or later), but she really doesnt look like the shape we have; also she has 2 dates, the 10th and the 12th according to songkick, so not likely
    -Akos, really? Headliner?
    -Eminem, nothing point at him, but the shape merely looks like him and between this sea of disappointment he looks like an anchor;
    -Blur, not touring; Damon Albarn, man, still dreaming of Gorillaz, aint ya?
    -Justin Bieber, totally not similar to the shape we have. Okay, he has a date the 20th august for V Festival, but I dont see how he can be booked for the 11th august in Hungary (‘cept in the case Pukklepop too announce him, then there are big chances…)
    -Kygo, dont think it’s him, since he has a hole between the 5 and the 20 of august which represent (I guess) his holiday. Even tho, I dont think he can headline the Sziget Festival, or not?
    -Sam Smith, not touring;
    -Jessie J, not touring;
    -The Weeknd, not similar to the shape, he has two dates the 10 and the 12 with Rihanna in Austria and Switzerland, so not likely
    -Jamie XX, doesnt look like the image and occupied between the 11 and the 14 in scandinavia;
    -Diplo with Jack U or Major Lazer, totally unlikely since they havent close dates announced, but I cant tell properly;
    -Paul McCartney, dont look similar to the shape we have, but still, why not?
    -Bruno Mars, not touring;
    -Foals, they are playing saturday at Oya… Maybe them?
    -Red Hot Chili Peppers, maybe he’s looking like Kledis… but they have a spot close to be like the whole august, so I dunno
    -Maroon 5, not touring, but they have a date in Krakow in June, maybe they do some show in Europe
    -Kalkbrenner, not likely since he already plays in Hungary;
    -Moby, not touring
    -Calvin Harris, touring in the USA, luckily;
    -Robin Schulz, already plays in Hungary;

    Looking at this names, the only ones I would bet on are: Eminem, Justin Bieber, Jack U, Paul McCartney and Foals, well also RHCP (but I would bet because of the leak we had).

    Wait for John Doe, Type 777, hinthinthint or whoever he’s.

    If he’s Justin Bieber I think I will seriously reconsider my partecipation…

  63. Would they announce a guy like Kygo in a solo announcement ? With a hype like that ? I hope no !

  64. @Yelo for me he’s the best option actually ???? I would add Stromae, but he didn’t announce any dates

  65. Okay, there’s a chance, but seriously, we have enough pop act as headliner so far, with Sia Guetta, one closing dj’s act and the fear of Bastille… The only pop act I could tollerate is Eminem, by far…

    Let’s see tomorrow or tonite if some hint/leak comes out

  66. Bastille announcement was with additional information about early evening. So for sure he won’t be a headliner. Timberlake is out too. He has no tour

  67. I read somewhere here that at the last Sziget press conference they said they try to get an artist which is not on tour, so I wouldn’t count on “on tour/not on tour” stuff for the next headliners announcements…

  68. Jamie xx playing in norway on 11 august aka day 0 so surely that rules him out, thank god! If he is announced as a headliner the festival is doomed

  69. Yes guys, M&M means Eminem, pretty sure he’ll be confirmed for both Sziget and Pukkelpop tomorrow

  70. This would totally change up my idea of the festival this year and I would apologize anyone for my bad behaviour, I swear

  71. I really hope that they will give us a good name tomorrow.. but Eminem as Day 0 headliner?? That would be sooooooo awesome it can not be real!

  72. It would be a joke, let’s hope they won’t throw away the credibility of the festival for a bunch of screaming teenagers

  73. Bieber is festival exclusive for V in europe

    But still I think it’s gonna be rihanna, which is not much better 🙁

  74. V festival’s page says about JB: “Performing exclusively at his only UK festival this summer”, so i’m not sure if they have Europe exclusive or just UK

  75. Sziget España wrote in a comment on Facebook something like this: “We love to see that the funniest thing is that we (all international promotores +30) are also in suspense!!!”

  76. I read that as “UK only exclusive”.
    I am somehow convinced it’s gonna be Justin Bieber. I think that with this last work with skrillex e co. a lot of people has stopped hating on bieber, and Sziget staff may think that a big sector of sziget population now respects him. Anyway I’d be of course very disappointed with him (but also if it’s another pop solo act or a edm dj). Doing such a great announcement for day 0 probably means there isn’t such a big name for day -1. And:
    -we already have Sia (no way she deserves headlining spot in such a festival like Sziget)
    -We have Guetta closing a normal night
    -We’ll have for sure some edm for end show
    With Rammstein, RHCP, Disclosure, Chemical Brothers, in Europe in august I think they would have announced some more of this “quality” headliners if they have chosen them. Hope I’m wrong. I feel confident for Biffy, but with the price increased and all the hype (from sziget Italy) I fell we could have had little bit more quality.

  77. I really hope it’s not him. If it’s him, it will be a picture of JB when he was younger. His face changed during time and now he doesn’t have a round face shape and the hairstyle he had as a kid.

  78. Other english websites talks of UK exclusive for all headliners (Rihanna, Bieber, Sia and Guetta).

    I guess it’s possible to see JB at Sziget this year :-S

  79. One more reason I don’t think it’s Bieber is that after the last announcement Sziget France told almost everyone who were unhappy that more (better) names will arrive soon. I don’t believe that they think that JB is better than Sia, for example.

  80. If it is Bieber i sell my pass…. because if they book a Bieber for over 1 million Euros… and bring NO good act, there should be a lot shame on Sziget!

    But i don´t hope so..
    But the marketing strategy is very good if they bring a good Day 0 and also a good day -1 headliner, they can sell a lot of 7 day passes maybe and so they can make Sziget a big experience all 7 days (and not just 5 “important” days…) Really exciting 🙂

  81. for me sziget has always been 7 days experience 🙂 I don’t need super headliner for those days to do the all week. I’m just very disappointed if they spend half of their budget in djs and artists barely able to stay on stage

  82. Yes, sure it is a full 7 days experience, but most visitors have day passes or 5 day passes.. and if they bring more known acts on day -1 and day 0, they can sell more 7 day passes for sure.. it´s not mean of us, but most people decide to go to a festival for the line up 🙂

  83. Guys you are getting me worried lol

    Anyway I still call my bet: Fatboy Slim. Even if it would be massive I would be the happiest stupid guy on earth with Eminem

  84. Or it may be RHCP, ’cause an episode of atom ant was titled “Ferocious Flea”! (never say never)

  85. it’s so sad… today we choose between Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Eminem, when other festivals got Rammstein, RHCP, Korn, Black Sabbath…

  86. Rihanna 99%. Here’s why: big pop artists like Rihanna take promo pictures before tours and press, and every promoter uses the same 2/3 pictures of the campaign to announce gigs. Then she got announced with this Anti promo pic at Pukkelpop where you can see her head tilted to the right like in the Sziget hint (of course the shape is not perfectly drawn otherwise it would be really easy to guess)

  87. Can admins confirm which type_777 is the real hint guy? Didnt John Doe say he wouldnt be back this year?

    Everything earlier pointing to eminem but as tome passes I get less confident and feel a let down is on the cards

  88. Good analyse Noeliam. I think the promo picture fit the picture on the sziget picture. They just cut her hair…

  89. I think it’s worse, if the playlist thing was true. Rihanna tomorrow, Hardwell on Bastille day and Tiesto for the End Show?

  90. All hints points to Rihanna now, inculding Sziget Italia liking her fb page some times ago. The pic fits more or less the shape, also

  91. Of course it doesn’t fit properly, the shame is just a banal sketch, otherwise it would be too easy

  92. Tiesto – Paradise
    Hardwell – Never say goodbye.

    This are the songs on the spotify playlist

  93. When you create such a big hype and you release a name which everyone with a little clue were expecting and which follows all in all the shape of the line-up…
    Much Wow, such surprise, now go and explain it to all the people waiting for Eminem or anyone but another pop headliner, since we have 3 out of 4 and two djs to be released yet.

  94. I think Hardwell & Tiesto would be really oke (I also like EDM Dj´s and i think both are oke..)

    Rihanna would be a big name, but lot of people thought of Eminem.. so it is a little bit dissapointed..

    But if it is Rihanna, I would say is oke.. because maybe Eminem as day -1 headliner? :P.. *dreaming*..

  95. David Guetta on Day 3 and 1 more DJ for the End Show are enough. Maybe another one for a subheadliner slot, as they did with Major Lazer last year, but no more DJs on the Main Stage, please.

    If Rihanna will be announced, I don’t think that we’ll have another pop / rap headliner for -1. I really hope that Day -1 and the Bastille day will save the line-up… I guess we need at least a proper rock band in the line-up, because Muse is not enough. Rammstein and RHCP would still be great for the remaining headline slots.

  96. I’ve had a feeling about Rihanna the whole time (although hoping for Eminem), but why are we suddenly so sure that it is her? If it’s because of the picture, there is one of Eminem that fits much better… Also f the Sziget Spain thing about all promoters being excited is correct, Rhanna doesn’t fit good, as she has been announced for a bunch of shows in Europe already.

    I doubt that Eminem is the one, but he’s the only one justifying the hype in here (at least out of those mentioned)..

  97. @tmolvik: John Doe (hopefully the real one) posted a hint which indicates the ANTI World Tour, that’s why we think it will be her…

  98. Ok, so that’s why. No one that can confirm if it is the correct profile? As far as I can remember he hasn’t been active this year?

    Sziget should just do an extra surprise now and announce both they day -1 and day 0 headliner.. 🙂

  99. can someone explain me why the hell are we getting rihanna closing one night, if we already have Sia (???), guetta, maybe Bastille, and the End show?
    I remember when everybody was complaining about Robbie williams, ellie goulding, avicii, garrix… oh no, sorry is the same situation 🙂
    They had a very good financial year and they’re doing the same lineup. also: Biffy clyro for Kasabian. Noel for Florence. Muse for Kings of Leon… We are lucky if we get another big band in my opinion.

  100. Haha, I don’t know why I feel that him & type_777 & hinthinthint are the same person, but I can’t prove that.

    Both day -1 and 0 headliners announcements are a good idea, because last year we knew in February already about both Robbie Williams (Day -1) and Florence (Day 0).

  101. From where do you know that they had a good financial year? 🙂
    I read the budget from 2014 to 2015 become much bigger, but Robbie Williams nearly needs 50(!!!)% of the whole line up budget…

    Would be nice to know if the budget this year also is bigger than 2015.. 🙂

  102. @Daniel: there was an article here with broken records & stuff:

    “Here are some numbers from this year’s Sziget Festival:

    * although the visitor capacity of the festival has been raised to 90,000 people, there were three days when the island was “full” – on Monday (Robbie Williams), Friday (Avicii) and Saturday (Kings of Leon)

    * the budget of the festival was grown this year due to some of the extra expenses, like with Robbie Williams’ performance, to 4.7 billion HUF (about €15 million / $16.5 million), but the event was still profitable. With the high performance of the VOLT and the Balaton Sound, the organizers can close a profitable season

    * visitors from 95 countries have attended the festival, in total numbers that exceed 441,000”

  103. selling went very good last year with 3 single days sold out (I think it’s a record of the festival) and the record for the camping tickets (there wasn’t sold out because the capacity of the camping was increased)

  104. I think this year selling also is very good, because VIP camping was sold out on the 5th of march!!! The last years it was in July/June normaly..

    The only thing i think they really can make a little bit better with there budget is a cooler main stage… it does not have look like Tomorrowland.. but a little bit more colourful and “spacier” main stage would be really cool i think.. or a new design for the main stage.. “space design” with lightining stars or something else :D.. that is the only thing i think that would Sziget makes the perfect festival 😉

  105. been to sziget the past 7 years, it looks like I am missing this one. muse being the best headliner with 3 shit albums behind them disappoints me. pop+commercial rock all the way this year 🙁

  106. If Muse are shit, then what can you say about last year’s KoL? They live only because they have 2 good songs. I couldn’t even see people sing their lyrics, except for those 2 tracks.

  107. I also think that they should make better use of the Europe Stage, and play all day there with smaller international up & coming bands.. Makes no sense to stop so early.

    As for tomorrows name I guess Rihanna seems most likely, but in that case it just means another year of hopeless PR-work and THAT is the area where Sziget really needs to improve. Especially in the announcmenet-area.

  108. I love Muse, I just don’t like their last few albums. All until Black Holes were great, amazing songs. It’s sad to see them commercialize, but still a great live band. Not too relevant though any more

  109. are you serious when you judge a live performance or a song based on how much people in the audience sing?

  110. Seems correct unfortunately.. Maybe the least suprising news of the year and they make it look like an absolute stunner.. Well I guess someone will be happy and I don’t need to buy the extension ticket from 5 to 7 days…

  111. I want to see the faces of all the people who believe in Eminem announcement tomorrow ! 😛

    I don’t regret to not buy a ticket for the moment, I will check Pukkelpop line-up. Whatever, I think I’ll go to Rock Werchter although there’s some bands missing this year.

  112. @bobo: I judge a live performance mainly based on these 2 things:

    1) The songs played live to sound similarily or even better than the studio albums (and I’m not talking about DJs)

    2) The atmosphere created during the concert.

    KoL were pretty good at 1), but man, they couldn’t create any atmosphere, they bored me. I could take a chair and wait until Use Somebody. That was the moment when the public woke up.

    Meanwhile, Muse are brilliant at both 1) and 2). Rihanna will be the same as KoL, I guess. Eminem would have been brilliant at both…

  113. The amount of hits by Rihanna is much higher than those by KoL, so I expect much more atmosphere during her concert. It depends on personal taste if you like that atmosphere, but she made so many dancefloor filling tracks that a dancing crowd seems guaranteed to me.

    @Stoney: Those songs seem to be collaborations with Dyro, who will be at Sziget this year.

  114. @Sziget I was in the first rows at KoL concert last year and it was not like you say. The atmosphere was great and we sang along also the new songs. Said that, I believe that Muse are a so much better both in studio and live. And Eminem’s concert is fun, but not “brilliant” like you imagine. I saw him at Pukkelpop 2013 and in the fast song he has a pre-recorded voice track and he raps on it. It’s more or less like singing on a playback. Fun, but not 100% live.

  115. With Arcade Fire, Radiohead, RHCP, Robert Plant, LCD Soundsystem, Cage the Elephant, Tame Impala, At the Drive-in all on tour, we get this shit instead

  116. @tool06 – Check out NOS Alive in Portugal in July as they have Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Robert Plant & Tame Impala.

    As long as rihanna puts on a proper show with a live band and dancers it will be a great fun show.

  117. Hopefully the Day -1 headliner will be WAY better than Rihanna. I really hope it won’t be some crappy pop / rap / DJ.

  118. @tool06 Arcade fire are BBK and Nos Alive Europe exclusive, Radiohead are un USA till the 8th and in Japan the 20th, RHCP have a huge hole without concerts and only Reading and Leeds at the end of the month, so does not mean they’ll be in Europe. The others are not headliners with the only exceptions of LCD Soundsystem that would be perfect for a headlining Bastille day. But I still hope that after all this pop we can get Rammstein.

  119. -Looking at Pukkelpop announcement today I think we could get Chemical Brothers, Biffy Clyro and maybe LCD Soundsystem as headliners. Outside of Uk Biffy are not usually considered headliners for big festivals, but they headlined Sziget in the past and they can do it now. With 2 of these headliners the thing will start to be good for big names (Muse+Sigur+Noel+2 good acts).

    -Anyway what I’m waiting the most is Colosseum lineup ( tale of us, loco dice, seth troxler, nina kraviz are at Pukkelpop) and some good sub or A38 act ( die antwoord, pendolum, chase and status, damian marley, wolfmother, sub focus are all at Pukkelpop). So today is not a bad day for me. I got faith.

    -RHCP tour strategy? great mystery

    -Rammstein would save the festival

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