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Announcement: The Chainsmokers, Venue List @ Sziget 2017

Yesterday, as a surprise for everyone, Sziget has announced that EDM duo The Chainsmokers will take the Dan Panaitescu Main Stage on the 13th of August. Apparently, this is the only new name we can expect to be revealed this week.

The Chainsmokers are at their first visit to Sziget Festival. The rising star of EDM, as they are often credited, has broken through in 2014, when they released their first hit song “#Selfie”. Over time, they kept releasing singles and climbing among the preferences of EDM fans. This year, they finally decided to release a studio album and go on tour to support it: the Memories…Do Not Open Tour includes 40 North American locations and, apparently, Sziget Festival.

The duo has signed a three-year residency deal with Wynn Nightlife, further elevating the already glittery Las Vegas DJ scene.

For today, in turn, the team booking acts for Sziget has promised to release the detailed program schedule for the event. Indeed, the Sziget website now has the artists listed broken down by days (something we already knew, with the exception of a handful of circus & theater acts – these have finally gotten their place. Unfortunately, there is still no word on the starting time for each artist and act – this will probably be added later on. At the time of this article being penned, the organizers have listed the venues we’ll get the chance to visit:

  • Dan Panaitescu Main Stage
  • OTP Bank Stage by A38
  • Telekom Arena
  • IBIS Presents: World Music Stage
  • Colosseum
  • Europe Stage
  • Cirque du Sziget
  • Theater and Dance Tent
  • VOLT Festival Stage
  • Lightstage
  • Afro-Latin-Reggae Village
  • Campfire
  • Classic, Opera and Jazz Stage
  • Hungaricum Village
  • Luminarium
  • Magic Mirror
  • Sziget Beach – Cökxpon Chill Garden
  • Traveling Fun Fair
  • City Center

(Photo: Disney/ABC Flickr)

243 thoughts on “Announcement: The Chainsmokers, Venue List @ Sziget 2017

  1. That’s only some of the venues, blues stage, sports area, dorko snow attack etc, giant street theatre. I’d expect more
    To be added soon

  2. Bummer.
    Even more if they cut up part of the minor stages who gave atmosphere (SZIGET FEELING!!!111!1!1).
    I’m starting to wonder if the selling of the company requested a major ROI, because here I can’t see all the incomes invested. And no, I won’t believe that they paid Chainsmoker more than 400k

  3. Looking at the schedule on the official website we miss two sub headliner on the main stage. They would probably announce, at least, one of them after the ticket price increases. BTW some stages are missing.

  4. It is always said that sziget is not a “line up – festival “. Okay, i accept. But is there anyone left at this forum, whos still claiming, that this line up worth 300 euros???? Pathetic…

  5. this line is big time joke, i feel sad for the ticket holders.

    another quality side-show, though

    Purci Dance Party 2017.
    Possessed (usa)
    MACABRE (usa)
    Siberian Meat Grinder (rus)
    Death By Stereo (usa)
    Child Bite (usa)
    SYK (usa)
    Crippled Fox

    BUDAPEST @ Dürer Kert
    2017. AUGUSZTUS 7.

  6. Hope far away from the island.
    Colosseum and remaning Party arena out this week (I guess tomorrow or the day after)

  7. Maybe Placebo for one of the two 19:30 slots left. It would be nice.
    Finger crossed for a good colosseum line-up. Carl Craig is a good start.

  8. Btw, saturday 12 is the most dissapointing day for me, dont know, what would i do)

  9. Have to look better at the scheduling, but that’s not so bad in the end. At least they did a good work with the a38 in the time 22.00-night and world stage, so somehow the time of the heads is always replaced.
    The Colosseum in the last 2 years has been great (if you like techno), course we’re hyped! Also the Party Arena this year aint bad, Ryan Marciano and the other guy kinda have been a surprise to me

  10. Saturday 12 is the best!!:
    18.30 Strypes or Magnifico
    20.00 Tamikrest
    21.30 Mackelmore or Bregovic or Bad Religion
    23.45 Crystal Fighters
    1.30 Gus Gus

  11. 2 sub-headline spots left before dj”s potential for quality acts here eg biffy this year and kasabian in 2015?? Seems strange for them to leave just 2 gaps on entire main stage line up, unless they have no one booked yet aha

  12. I don’t expect any surprise for the two subs, just something like Placebo and Offspring or similar. But anyway, it wouldn’t be bad with this lineup if I’m honest

  13. Some of the times or stages are messed up. Looks like some of the Europe stage has been mixed with world music. Also why only 3 bands on day -1

  14. LOL I guess that Quimby costed more or less as Charli XCX, pretty sure. Yeah, I’m sure that the hungarian progressive rock band with minimum following outside of the country have the same identical cachet of a teen pop american idol singer who was btw meant to be the headliner of the second stage of one of the biggest festival in Europe AND the world. Yeah.

    Those are the things that actually piss me off.

  15. Does anyone think the two open spots on the mainstage could be good bands? They have Alt-J –> EDM so maybe they will have bands similar caliber to Alt-J? That would not be so bad.

    There is a lot of negativity on this forum but I think with the way they scheduled A38 in particular, I actually have a bit to see for most of the days (better than what I had hoped after the first few announcements and Clashfinder’s predictions). Almost everyday someone early is on in A38, then check out other stages for a few hours (Colosseum, Main, Europe), then A38 nights are pretty great mostly:
    Alex Clare > Andy C > Dimension
    Crystal Fighters > GusGus > Weval
    Naked + Famous > Tycho > Rone
    Flume > Cashmere Cat
    Interpol > Fritz > HVOB

    Honestly all very well curated nights, although it is missing some solid rock (it has sort of become an alternative genres stage though this year). If Telekom and Colosseum are positive surprises then I think this lineup could be OK, not great, but OK. Which is a lot better than what I was thinking after the first few announcements.

    Watsky, Bear’s Den, Leon, Oh Wonder, Jaguar Ma, Bad Religion, Mac Demarco, Allah-Las, and Nothing But Thieves are also worth checking out in my opinion, and then on Main Billy Talent, Biffy, Rudimental, Kasabian, Metronomy, White Lies, Two Door Cinema Club, and Alt-J, with two more potential headliner-level acts to come (we have Biffy and Alt-J in this spot, so….).

    I really think this lineup could be decent. I know it’s not what it was a few years ago, but it’s not as terrible as everyone is acting it is.

  16. Anyone know where Bakermat went? Wasn’t he pinned for the A38 night time?

  17. a38 isn’t a problem??

    It could be an awesome indie/alternative/rock/punk/hardcore stage, and what did they do with it?? they turned it into the 4th electronic-based pathetic stage.

  18. Wouldn’t bet against haim taking one of the available sub slots. New album coming out and in Europe august time.

  19. Only 1 hungarian act on the mainstage this year though (as compared to 3? last year)

  20. Placebo would be great coheadliners. Are Mumford and Sons too big as a band to coheadline with The Chainsmokers?

  21. @Timfcsm Ah yeah back then we had Quimby as a sub 😛 this year Punnany Massif at a 22.00 spot in the A38 (where Brains was last year).
    All in all, even though I’m missing some quality rock (exc. Biffy) and most of the headliners suck, there’s still plenty of stuff to see, and still having some hopes for the two pre-dj spots,
    2015 Kasabian before Avicii, 2014, Qotsa before Deadmouse and Placebo before Skrillex

  22. Ehm, what is that thing in the Colosseum? Why I see only Carl craig of really interesting among the new names (yeah, Cattaneo e Lumen are cool but 2015 and 2016).. where are Nina Kreviz? Sven Vath? Even Dixon back from 2015 would be welcome

  23. @Yelo: Dixon and Sven Väth will play at B My Lake after Sziget this year, Colosseum and B My Lake are both booked by the same team (Deadcode Production)

  24. Cool, so, basically, this year Sziget gave up all the interesting acts to minor festivals of its franchise to allow them to grow? Am I a sick butthurted if I start to wonder if part of the budget from the increased tickets went to finance Volt’s heads lineup? Cause now that I’m thinking on it, Linkin Park should cost more than at least 5 sziget’s heads

  25. I agree what thé F*ck sziget ? I was hoping à good prog in the coliseum ….
    Even annoucements are bad with them… They dont even have a good communication team ..what dis they do with out money ffs…
    25 years anniversary (lol)

  26. Whats your problem with colosseum? Carl Craig, Marco Bailey, Advent, Jay Lumen, Cattaneo, Matador, and two main acts is still to come… Its not bad at all

  27. Other announcement in Telekom Party Arena : Steve Aoki will host a “Dim Mak stage” (his label) with Morten and Autoerotique

  28. I’m a bit disappointed with the Colosseum lineup too. Mano le Tough will be good though. Hope the two main acts left to announce are good!

  29. Am I fool to hope for Jeff Mills or Nina Kreviz for the TBA spot on the Day -1? Someone can check their availability for me, since I cant right now?

  30. @Yelo I would love Jeff Mills too! He’s playing the 9th and 11th in Spain, and the 19th in the Netherlands!

  31. From Colosseum I like Matador (freaking clash with Kalkbrenner), Mano Le Tough, Carl Craig, Hernan Cattaneo. But yeah I’m expecting something bigger and more interesting for the 3 names TBA

  32. Nina kraviz has Europe dates in august 2 – 11 – 14.
    So she can be there for the free slot of day-1 or day 2, I hope she will actually. This year Colosseum is ok but nothing that makes you want to be there really badly or that makes you buy a ticket

  33. I can’t imagine how Sziget will sell 7 day tickets in June without announcing two good acts as the remaining coheadliners / subheadliners spots. I think that announcing Placebo and Mumford & Sons would do the trick for them. They still seem to be available on those days, ffs. Come on guys, do something!

    I really, really hope that they won’t complete the line-up with some commercial pop crap again…

  34. It seems for me Mumford & Sons are not available before Frequency, that is their first European date in August since months. Placebo played in Budapest Arena in last November with their anniversary show and they still touring with that, can’t imagine they want to come back and the concert in November wasn’t sold out. I think the possibilities are Lana Del Rey (Oya, Flow, Way Out West), Bon Iver (Haven), Mark Ronson (Lokerse), Jamiroquai (Boardmasters), Cypress Hill, MIA, The Specials (Boomtown Fair), Volbeat (Wacken), Franz Ferdinand (Rock Oz’Arénes), Pixies (Oya, Way Out West).

    @Kon4aev: Offspring are playing at another Hungarian festival in August before Sziget, so no chance

  35. LET’s hope for Jamiroquai and Cypress Hill or Pixies than. I mean, in this lineup Jamiroquai would be at least third headliner on the bill, but i wouldn’t complain much about that

  36. Halsey before chainsmokers
    Mø befor Major Lazer

    Btw can anybody explain how it is possible for the chainsmokers to fly to Budapest when they perform a gig in Las Vegas night before (10:30 p.m)

  37. I just got home to listen to the lineup of Colosseum… The Advent and Henry Saiz are the revelations. Sad I will skip Hernan Cattaneo another year, but it takes a lot to make me avoid Tycho + Rone. Other names worth the mention in my opinion are Michael Mayer (a classic in Colosseum’s line up), Carl Craig, Mano Le Tough, Jay Lumen (best hungarian dj to date), Many Reasons (but Kasabian >>>>) and Matador (but HVOB >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>)

  38. @MV

    as they don’t need a backline, or any musicianship they will just have a pretty bad jetlag… The future of “music”

  39. @sziget so you need to choose between a legendary punk rock band and awful mainstream crap rap outfit? Must be hard 🙂

  40. Telekom Arena: additions of EDX, Cosmic Gate, Thomas Jack, and Throttle is very welcome. All fairly quality EDM, especially EDX

  41. Party Arena last night is actually good (I feel weird to say that)… too bad HVOB happened

  42. Thomas Jack is a very welcome act for a stage like this, he plays chill, tech house, techno, a good set.
    The “Oliver Heldens and Friends” night is also not bad for Arena standards.
    Last night is by far the best.

  43. A very solid Telekom line-up actually… Sziget 2017 will surprise us till the end…

  44. I think the telekom Arena is the only stage agreed to the expectations.

    Mainstage no headliners
    A38 less than other years
    Coloseum still missing the big names.

    Nothing to be really happy about yet.

  45. The mainstage has headliners, but they are mostly pop or dance. The average festival goer is not usually a 15 year old girl so they may be missing their audience slightly.

  46. They need a few classics to complete the lineup. I think placebo and pixies would be a good shout

  47. Actually no, they are not headliners material, ‘cept for Kasabian, Pink and Major Lazer, the rest is just, well, not headliners material.
    I strongly disagree with the comment on the A38, the nighttime is peobably the most solid one over 4 years. The day time is convincing if you like to discover bands; thanks good they managed to put decent stuff over the MS head spots.
    Colosseum is medium, not the majestic thing it used to be in the last 2 years.
    Party Arena is probably the best since 2015.
    Europe Stage is a bummer.

  48. main stage organizer doesn’t even know who the Placebo and the Pixies are … sadness …

  49. Antiflag sub headliner would be even more bummer. Their spot is in the first slot… Same for Skepta, but since it’s kind of a thing in England I can see him more likely if I have to pick between two of those, but still I can’t see something similar to happen

  50. @fab that’s why they booking placebo ever second year.. sadly they know too much about them

  51. My list of bands that possible can play co-headline slot 13/14.08:

    Pixies (11.08 NO – SEPTEMBER).
    Franz Ferdinand (12.08 CH – 26.08 FR)
    Foals (31.07 LT – 16.08 PT)
    Iggy Pop
    Mumford & Sons (JULY – 17.08 AT).
    Cypress Hill (11.08 UK – 16.08 AT).
    Jamiroquai (12.08 UK – NOVEMBER).

    Also Placebo are available, but as it written before they had gig in Budapest last November.

  52. I’d be happy with any of that list- less into Cyprus hill and jameriqoui but is still watch them. Seen every band on the list, beat live bands are pixies and franz

  53. Maybe the band didn’t announce europe dates yet… I dream about LCD Soundsystem, but subbing Chainsmokers would mean lots of non-commited people :/

  54. sziget lineups dont tend to be themed. It could be anyone playing before chainsmokers. Think about Biffy playing before wiz

  55. Chudo list is a great quality music list… So none of that names will come to Sziget main stage… PJ Harvey Kasabian Mando Diao and White Lies only exceptions

  56. If you don’t like Party Arena / Colosseum music, the current line-up sucks at so many levels… so I pray that the remaining subs / coheadliners are some good guitar bands. I didn’t sell my Szitizen Prime tickets yet because I’m still hoping for the last surprise. And when I say “surprise”, I mean it in a GOOD way and NOT in a TERRIBLE way, because we already had MANY of those.

    I like all the acts from chudos’ list, except Cypress Hill. Even if I already saw Foals twice, I’m fine with them, as long as we won’t get any crappy pop / EDM acts to fill the rest on the Main Stage.

  57. I bet they wait until after the 31st May to announce the last 2 names. On a plus I like the a38 this year and the world music. I will likely spend most of my time on those two stages and nip to the main stage occasionally. Rest of time wondering to other stages. More than enough to do. No ones gonna be board whatever their fav music type

  58. They have to announce after May 31st if they have any chance of selling full priced tickets after the increase. And I personally think the last two names will be good names.

  59. London Grammar at festivals in Europe in and around sziget, could be a potential.

  60. well neither are the other mainstage artists are mainstage material

  61. Listen to Agoria. Nothing special. Bummer, I really needed something cool for that spot… Kolektiv Turmstrasse is really good tho!

    In anycase I was thinking that it’s 10 years since we had Pink the last time at Sziget. And Tool. And Nine Inch Nails. And The Killers.
    I mean, we are really lucky!

  62. Sadly there’s more chance of Jeremy Corbyn singing an acoustic set of Roy Orbison b sides than NIN playing.

  63. @Lv that Would be more interesting than anything on the main stage. That Tells a lot

  64. Why not Less Than Jake at Sziget I ask, WHY NOT
    Jesus christ, this year I’ll get to island still pissed off by this choices

  65. @Yelo

    easy, sziget’s booking group know nothing about music and quality. Probably it should have been easily done, but i guess sziget just didn’t reach out.

  66. I know that sounds terribly rude of me, but @Sziget News, can we get another post, maybe about the Coliseum or the fulfillment(-ish) of the line up? I cannot stand to see the faces of those two minus habens anytime I refresh the page

  67. Good news: the summer Gorillaz show in Budapest will be free (you have to win a ticket tho)

  68. I can remember someone posted an interview/article where a new organization team has been unofficially introduced. If that’s true, they absolutely haven’t visited Sziget before and totally failed at their job. Waiting for the Tribute stage, as these cover bands give me more than the current headliners (btw, are The Chainsmokers actually allowed to smoke?)

  69. @Patrick Bateman How can I win a ticket? there are literally no information on the internet…

  70. Maybe Deftones or Rise Against. They tour together in the US till mid July. We need more rock!!!

  71. @Palinko

    That US Deftones/Rise Aganist/Thrice tour is dope, with RA being the weakest link, as they didn’t put out a decent record since 2005. (Still would be better than 99,9999% of this year’s line-up)

  72. On the official facebook page, but it’s on a post about the citypass, so doesn’t seem like it’s to do with the line-up.

  73. Considering their standard when it comes to communication it can just be the last names. I mean they are just 5 (3 ms, 1 a38, 1 colosseum)

  74. Cool surprise on Thursday must something kint of jokerstars like Tankcsapda summer Budapest exclusive… lol cant wait to cringe tomorrow

  75. Yeah, to be fair, most of the announcements have been relatively low-key. Almost as if they’re embarrassed…

  76. Looking at how Sziget Italy has been blasted after the release of the Shamesmoker, they better be embarassed. It was even worse than the announcement of Justin Bieber for Pinkpop. The terrible and ironic fact is that the Chainshocker was the supposed big name on the ticket.


  77. This shows how much they know they did an awfull job. Maybe we should organise aomthing for during the sziget week what will show our dissapointment. Mayve some plates with ‘where are the headliners’ or ‘This line up is a joke’.

  78. If the 3 remaining names are big, preferred rock/alternative genre, they could save this line up from a total disaster.

    Last year the sub names of the main stage where already better as the whole line up this year I think.
    The sub names where a bit of every genre and still accessible for everyone.

    To be fair, they had a easy job with the Telekom area, two nights are filled with one label.
    Anyone who likes techno will go to any other festival, because the Colosseum has almost no big names (I think at least 25% should be big names and the other 75% is talent to discover).

    A38 has a pretty decent electronic music line up, still, I will miss the drum&base/dub step genre at night.

    I also didn’t read anything of the reggae stage or all the other small stages?

  79. The promotion fsfsf told us about should be a signal for how the selling is going bad this year? I mean, they never felt the need to do a promotion after like november, ‘cept for the sziget mission (which was cool in 2014 and that’s it for as much it matters to me).

    @Einzelganger: stay classy, it’s stll a party, no need to bring disappointment with you as long as you take part to it.

    Agree with the analisys of Lex, ‘cept for the DnB side. Okay, there’s less rappresentation, but still there’s a full night fullfilled with that. And Dubstep aint a thing anymore and Sziget is really trying to follow the flow, so TRAP and thanksfully IDM (still no Bonobo or Moderat, kappa) all over the place

  80. The hype really went down this month, in particular after they announced Chainsmokers in that way. Can’t remember a time with such a low hype about Sziget. If the next names are not something good I can’t see them selling any other ticket now that the price increases.
    Also, no Giant street theatre this year? It was super a super cool venue (and very expensive I suppose).

  81. And with the advertising for example on facebook , we can see the target audience and new direction of thé festival “join the chainsmoker, Steve Aoki, Dimitri Vegas, Nervo and much more “….

  82. I’m guessing they will still announce giant street theatre and blues stage later.

    Sziget selling out is a recent thing, it’s better when it’s not sold out, more room and better services. It was to busy last year

  83. I don’t like the competition for new ticket buyers, what about the people who bought earlier. We should be entered into the comps automatically

  84. Ben, if you need another reason not to buy stuff on preorders and day one…

    Anyway, Lion Babe is totally following the trend, so, not bad. Looks like Ella Eyre. Not what we need but for a first slot in a38 one cannot expect that much for real

  85. So, Groupama Arena was full at Depeche Mode and they would have been great electronic headliners for Sziget, but why don’t put some crappy & cheap DJs as headline acts instead?

  86. There is a reason y depeche mode doesnt headline any decent festival. They sucked when they were on the top of their carreer. Plus it.’s really awkward in 2017

  87. Surely pixies are possible for a subheadliner spot looking at there schedule they are free. That would make the subheadliner include 2 of my top 5 bands:). pj Harvey is gonna be amazing

  88. Looking at way out west which is on just before sziget we may get Lana del ray or frank ocean as sub headliners

  89. @Bdpst: Hope you were sarcastic, as DM are headlining NOS Alive, a festival that had and still has way better headliners than Sziget in the past 2-3 years at least!

  90. Rock Werchters first day is on the same level, maybe better than Sziget all-7-days headliners:
    Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, The Chainsmokers, Imagine Dragons, Lorde, Prophets of Rage.

  91. @Sziget, it was for real. I really hate them. Dont even know y. (no, im not insecure about my sexuality)

  92. Anti-flag has a clubdate in Budapest on 22th August. another band you can rule out.

  93. official warm-up event, same “quality” as the fest itself….

    ???? official warm-up party ???? 5th August!
    Line-up: RIVAL SONS (UK), Ivan & The Parazol (H), Dope Calypso (H). Venue: Budapest Park!

  94. There was no warm-up party last year, but there was an official afterparty at Budapest Park, with Slaves, Crystal Fighters and Foals. Let’s see if it will be an afterparty as well.

    Anyway, who the heck comes for the warm-up party, 5 DAYS BEFORE Sziget? Those who will go, will got bored of Budapest too, as the festival’s lineup really sucks big time and they will have to go in the city during the fest as well, not only between the warm-up & the festival itself.

  95. I lived five month in Budapest and i’m still not bored when i go back to Budapest…

    I dont expect much of the subs, so it can only be positive. Lets wait one more week.

  96. As someone said before I suppose Lana del Rey will be one of the subs. She fits the Sziget style and her schedule has a Sziget-shaped hole: Scandinavian tour until august 12 –> Krakow august 19.

    Hoping for some good band for the other sub slot btw

  97. Biffy Clyro isn’t on the poster. So I think we can still have hope for 2 more or less good names.

  98. I know some promoters from sziget italy and they told me that they are still waiting for posters and leaflets, so maybe this two names to be added are something relevant for the lineup

  99. @Miguel: we got posters, tbh, but I don’t think it’s relvant. The last year we started to spread ’em reallybsooner even tho the lineup was highly incomplete. We just need to wait and see!

    Theybreally ain’t giving a worth reason to buy the 7 days this year (‘cept the fact that the 5 days solded out) – except for Biffy Clyro and Pink there is really nothing particularly interesting

  100. Discounted tickets deadline is tomorrow, what do guys think when can we expect new names?

  101. I would expect a few more names soon. June for most of the names. July for map and a few of the smaller stages.

  102. My prediction is Lana del ray for one of the spots. Really dreaming of pixies or placebo for the other.

  103. Big wish and hope for them:
    They are on tour with a new album “Twentyears” and play
    11:08 Utrecht – Netherlands
    12.08 Lokerse Feesten -Belgium
    So…Budapest is possible…..

  104. So, all the acts on the Sziget her sister festivals are no option for Sziget itself?
    Otherwise could Pendulum be an option (on Sundays for example)?

  105. I think AIR will be ashamed of playing in a lineup like this … they are artists ..

  106. They switched the last two days of Colosseum.
    Hope they gonna release the last two three (don’t forget the colosseum tba) and put an end to this agony

  107. Limp Bizkit would be cool again, but if they’ll come to Sziget, I hope they’ll play 90 minutes this time, as in 2015 they played 1 hour only!

  108. Just noticed that courteeners have swapped with Anne Marie Saturday/ Tuesday which is annoying!

  109. So, Editors again? They’re playing at Summer Well Festival in Romania (12-13 August). They might be available for Sziget on the 13th or the 14th.

  110. Most of the lineup is now complete. We are just waiting on 2 bigger names and loads of small local bands. They just need to complete the schedule over the next few months and release the map. They seem to be well ahead of their normal releasing of names

  111. Glass Animals Main Stage august 14.
    No hype and no promo for this. It’s really not a good vibe for an anniversary edition, at the moment.

    But I’m sure on the island the situation will be different; the most I look at the lineup the most I look at the lineup the most I think this is one of my favorites undercard ever (yeah, they failed with some important names we all know but I just forgot and looked at what we have).
    So, for me as a regular szitizen, I think a festival with smaller and less crowded events will be the best for an anniversary celebration

  112. “Hey let’s make people believe something bigger than TDCC will be announced”
    “It’s Glass Animals”
    “Well, upgrade Two Door as Sub-Head”

  113. @FAB yeah, I’ve done yoga for a while and I’m also going to a therapist, so at least my money’s not going to waste ahah

  114. I think that Lana del Rey will be the last one. And they will hype the announcement, so we’ll think that it will be something cool.

  115. So they’re filling Main Stage spot with Glass Animals who play at 14:35 on 3rd stage of Rock Werchter. Sorry, this is another RW reference which doesn’t make any sense though it’s all sounds pathetic for quite a long time.

  116. Well… okay… interesting… I thought that the upgrade of Ting Tings to the MS in 2015 was a scam, but taking in consideration what’s going on this year even upgrading 2DCC to sub (which is the spot they would belong to in any other situation) sounds subpar, since the quality of the bill really needs something headliner-level for the 2 subs spot.

    I would love to know the budget’s datas for this year, because I refuse REFUSE to believe that they actually invested the money they earned by the increase of the costs

  117. Same here. Therefore is it always better to downgrade the spott than upgrade one. Since everyone is hoping for more in stead of less. It makes it a negative suprise in stead of a positive one.

    With this announcement and the earlier announcement of tdcc as 2nd act of the day, they really show bad management. Did they really thought they were getting something better? They should have known this before the release of the schedule.

    Of course its a quality line up but the recent years they had expensive acts, now not really. I also refuse to believe they used the higher prices of tickets for the Sziget line up. they probably used it for something else…..

  118. I see that the Sziget Official got blasted on the announcement post. I’m really angry and sorry for the turn that the whole edition has taken this year, because – let’s be honest – the first announcement was pretty fine with DJ Shadow, Oh Wonder, Bad Religion and 2DCC among the others. Nothing special, but it was an usual beginning, and there was a lot of hype around the 25th edition and the names touring – surely not a big crowd of pureblood headliners, but it could be a great edition in any case.
    Seems to me that after the announcement of Wiz Khalifa e Rita Ora, exception made for few names and none of them of really big importance except Biffy Clyro, they totally dropped it off, turning a normal edition (underwhelming because of the anniversary) in the most awful edition from ANY point of view ever seen to date in the history of Sziget, and probably one of the worse of the last 5 years in the whole circuit. And I say that looking at all the stuff from any possible point of view: quality, quantity, disposition of the names, budget spent and marketing communication. Every single thing looked like they knew they were in the wrong spot but they tried to play around with that, and sorry but not sorry, that’s something that a customer never deserves, even more when you raise the prices.

    Yelo out.

  119. Rita Ora swapped with Clean Bandit, so they’re now the sub for saturday. Still remains a disaster day but they’re better than a solo singer with no famous tunes.

  120. @Miguel
    Saw Clean Bandit on Pinkpop. Sorry, but their live act is very boring.
    Just 3 girls, walking around and singing like you are listening a studio recorded tape.
    In my opinion; no real entertainers playing with the public and making a show of their performance. Good for a 4PM or 6PM spot, no sub headliner.

  121. @Lex, totally agree. I’m just saying that (even if it sounds crazy) they’re a better sub than what we had before. Rita Ora is definitely nothing in the world of music

  122. I counted the acts I’m interested in and those are 31 overall, but the acts I’m REALLY INTERESTED in are only 9: Billy Talent, Biffy Clyro, Mando Diao, PJ Harvey, Bad Religion, George Ezra, 2DCC, alt-J and Interpol. That’s all. Worst Sziget ever.

  123. @Lex – I disagree, I actually saw Clean Bandit last night and thought they were excellent. I also thought they were excellent at Sziget in 2014.

    Of course this is pretty irrelevant as they aren’t a new added act so we aren’t gaining any value, but I think they will be fun in that spot.

    The whole 2DCC upgrade thing is sziget really shooting themselves in the foot. What are they playing at?

  124. Sean Paul at Lowlands.
    I think he and Lana del Rey are now likely for that spot on Main Stage, because those bookers seem to be doing everything that the rest of the world thinks is wrong

  125. Not ironic: I think that with this state of mind Lana Del Ray would be headliner, can see more likey Sean Paul, laughable

  126. I think that when it will be the next Sziget Xmas wish contest, we should all wish for a way better lineup.

  127. Wishful thinking. The line up will be shittier and shittier, 5 days tickets are already sold out, they have no reason to get better names cause people will get tickets anyway

  128. I strongly disbelieve that they will make a sold out in this edition, or that they will obtain a comparable success with the last year: Im pretty positive that at the 06/09/15 they had all the 7 and 5 days tickets sold out, some of the alternative campings, the VIP and few single days (for sure Rihanna and Muse) – today they only have the 5 days sold out

  129. The fact that the 5 day passes are sold out is saddening alone. It’s a Clear message to the management that they don’t need to deliver

  130. If they upgraded 2DCC to subheadline status, they should now downgrade The Chainsmokers as subs & put a real headliner instead.

  131. @Sziget, yeah sho, they gonna do that and 5 mins later you gonna wake up in your bed all sweaty…

    @Ben, you’re right I wasn’t checkin the data! Thanks!

  132. I think that they don’t do very well on ticket sales, as in April last year almost every camping tickets were sold out. This tine only VIP & Siesta tickets are sold out.

    On this day, last year, we already had the Sziget poster with the acts on the official Sziget Facebook page, but they didn’t post anything yet. What are they waiting for? Or if there is a bigger act to put on the remaining slot on the MS, how much do they want us to wait until we know the last name?

  133. the almighty tribute stage is announced. Quality stuff there.
    I wish there would be a hologramm stage as well. or tribute of tribute bands. Possibilities are limitless.

  134. Yeah, let’s book a Mumford cover band to twist the knife in the Szitizens wounds

  135. Just noticed that’s just one “TBA” remaining on Colosseum schedule, at 1:00-3:30 during the last night, when there’s plenty of
    appealing electronic choices on other stages. That’s simply a useless spot so I don’t expect a big name.
    A little bit sad because Colosseum did’t deserve to become a cheap venue

  136. The music box is a new stage, Lilly a replacement for blues stage, some interesting acts on it:)

  137. Is it possible Artic Monkeys will fill the gap on the mainstage?
    Last year they had The Last Shadow Puppets, so Sziget isn’t new with Alex Turner.

  138. LOL Artic Monkeys will insta headline Glasto the second after they announce a tour and you want them as sub ar Sziget?

  139. I think that we’ll get one of these:

    – Lana del Rey
    – Placebo
    – Editors
    – Sean Paul
    – Pixies?

    Fingers crossed for Placebo. Editors are also okay, but they were at Sziget last year already. Please NO Lana del Rey or Sean Paul… there is already enough pop music.

  140. The worst possibility is Lana Del Rey, so considering the bad musical tastes of main stage organizers i’ m Pretty sure is her….

  141. not that i like Lana, but she is better than any pop act in the last few years easily.

  142. I would love Queens of the Stone Age as a big surprise, but they would headline on this shitty line-up.

  143. Guy Gerber is a very very good dj. Catch him if you don’t know him.

    Anyway I’m going to Sonar these days and yesterday was the first night. I saw some artists that would have fit perfectly in A38 at 23:30. Moderat were great and still can’t figure why out they’re not coming. Nicolas Jaar live it’s been just sick. Soulwax were very fun as well. Jon Hopkins mindblowing. It’s a pity we don’t have any of them.

    I also saw DJ Shadow live that it’s actually playing the 23:30 A38 slot but I found him really boring.

  144. 1975, there’s loads of good stuff on at Sziget- make sure you catch some of the circus and dance stuff, I reccomend the opera as well. There’s always quality to watch even if it is not the biggest names. Agree that the main stage is very very poor this year

  145. The boat ticket is like the dlc for a call of duty game: expensive and futile. I really have no word for this profit’s policy

  146. I Paid 250 as I bought early, I feel like I’m getting a good deal. The main stage having no headliners that I like means I can explore the smaller stages this year. Can’t wait for most of the world music, magic mirror, classical and circus stuff for each evening. It’s more exciting that watching headliner after headliner in a massive crowd.

  147. @ben my feelings entirely, mainstage headliners not my bag but the under card is really strong for me.

    So excited about this years fest,.

  148. Foos are killing it at Glastonbury… what a shame that Sziget couldn’t get a Glasto headliner this year, as they had Florence 2 years ago and Muse last year. 🙁

  149. As a Budapest native im so much more glad that the foos will be rocking the arena tomorrow. Headlining arena/club shows over festivals. Budapest lined up decent shows over the summer.

  150. If 7 day passes sell out before 3rd July then it has sold better than last year. Also I want to see this years map

  151. Ben, who’s the last sub? Cant see that anywhere in the site.
    In any case, I can’t see that coming, they had no warning of selling out (and they usually start to claim it way soon than the actual sold out)

  152. There’s still plenty of upgrade campings…
    7 days passes never sell out before campings

  153. I can’t find anything on the website, the app or on the Facebook regarding the last MS act.

  154. I meant to say the subheadliner is all that is missing from the lineup. In the past they were announcing up to the week before the festival. Much more organised this year

  155. I wonder if that TBA slot from the Main Stage will be actually a “surprise act”, as Glastonbury usually does (this year they had The Killers, for example).

    However, with the current line-up, I think it would be a mistake if they don’t announce the last act, if it’s something cool like Placebo, for example.

  156. WTF happened to metal this year?! God how I miss the metal stage… it brought a real diversity of music and people in my opinion. I guess I’ll just have to deal with this new direction they’re going into

  157. @spyfx there is no metal stage at the fest for at least 5 years. They killed good music with the killing of the stage that is right…..

  158. @fsfsf yep dude, all these good memories from the past… the worst is the crappy reason they gave us back after the 2011’s edition: “we don’t want to compete with wacken”
    seriously?! there is room for both guys! it’s gonna be my 7th edition in a row but surely the last one

  159. Foo Fighters told.the crowd today that we won’t have to wait another 20 years to see them again in Hungary, as they’ll come back “soon”. Maybe Sziget indeed tried to get them, but the price was huge (they didn’t play since 1997 and they played today about 2 hours and 35 minutes for this reason – insane!) and every headliner at the festival plays 90 minutes only, but I feel that they might tour again with more smaller length gigs, so they can come back again soon for one of the next Sziget editions & for a smaller price. I would love to see them again.

  160. Haha, nem. 😛 99% tele volt. 😉 Best concert ever!

    Inkább Green Day koncerten volt egy kicsi, de az is elég jó volt.

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