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Artists in Romania in August 2018

A new year has come – unfortunately, with no new participants to Sziget Festival announced by the organizers. But life doesn’t stop because of this delay. Neighboring Romania has its own – growing – festival scene with events being announced and performers being booked across the year. And some of them happen right in time to also make it to Sziget’s lineup this year.

We’ve already covered the lineup Electric Castle has announced so far in this article so we won’t do it again, especially since the festival hasn’t announced any new names yet. But there are three other events (aside from Untold) taking place in Romania in August that might be worthy of a bit more attention.

ArtMania Festival (July 27-28, Sibiu, Romania)

Names announced so far: Steven Wilson, Leprous, Rome, Zeal & Ardor, Distorted Harmony

ArtMania is a festival taking place in Sibiu, Romania, since 2006, usually inviting rock and metal bands to perform in the city’s “Large Square”. In the past, it has been headlined by bands like Nightwish, HIM, Opeth, Anathema, Tiamat, and Within Temptation.

It doesn’t limit itself to music, though – it touches many other aspects of gothic metal and other metal genres, including visual arts, literature, screenings, and other attractions.

Summer Well (August 11-12, Bucharest, Romania)

Names announced so far: The Kooks, Cigarettes After Sex, Rationale

Summer Well is a relative newcomer – it was first organized in 2011 with headliners like Placebo, Bastille, and The National. Over the years, it has hosted performers like Kasabian, The Chemical Brothers, and Interpol, among others.

Awake Festival (August 17-19, Teleki Estate, Gornesti, Romania)

Names announced so far: Wilkinson (live), Milky Chance, The Subways, The Parlotones, Fink, Subcarpati, Mihail, Satra B.E.N.Z., DJ Shiver, DJ Sauce, DJ Antenna, Detour

Artists in Romania

An event that’s once again about more than just music yet with a great lineup – last year, it was headlined by artists like Rag’n’Bone Man, Tom Odell, and Modestep, among others. Its attendees will get the chance to explore the Teleki Castle, an 18th-century baroque dwelling for the (obviously) Teleki family, the first public library in Romania, and many others.

106 thoughts on “Artists in Romania in August 2018

  1. Dear Sziget, do not book forgotten bands from de 00’s and fill the rest up with EDM.
    Sincerely everyone who already pre-ordered.

  2. Rolling Stones tour announcement is coming (10 english+4 european dates, one of them is Warsawa)

  3. That would heal a lot…but when you know…that this hype is coming every year here in the forum…than you have a big smile…when you read those posts….

  4. That’s cool, it means that we’ll have The Rolling Stones tribute band on the Tribute Stage once again. 😀

  5. The only logical reason for this waiting time should be an announcement of Eminem & the Arctic Monkeys all together…

  6. @sziget

    no, 99% they have an awful line-up booked and desperately trying to book something mediocore in a hurry.

  7. guys don’t be always pessimists. this year will be very good. When Sziget Italia fb is relaxed it means that good news are coming and this year they appear so confident.

  8. Seems weird to be waiting this long following a delay, doesn’t it? Not much coming from Sziget in terms of news. Just seems strange. Not expecting to be blown away (thats for Primavera to do), but jeez, we should be hearing something…

  9. yeah the last like 10 years made us full optimists. Expect the worst and maybe they’ll surprsise us. They don’t have the credit for it yet.

  10. Rumor has it new names gonna be released real soon and it will be a huge load of names.

    I expect at least 30-40 names and several headliners; sziget is nowadays the most expensive festival in the circuit straight after Roskilde, which on its hand is in Denmark (waaaay different cost of life, out there). They may have quantity, but I think that this year there are a lot of interesting quality bands around (for sure more headliners than in the last 2-3 years), although I don’t know how many are touring in August; also the hiatus of Glastonbury is free space that festival has given to competitors to acclaim as a big one in the circuit, and some as Mad Cool, Werchter are not waiting for a second chance here. I hope Sziget will jump on the same boat and spend well the (massive) budget that has gathered in time from new ownership and the ticket sale (since I don’t believe that last year they spent all the budget after that thing thay dared to call a lineup)

  11. A guy who works for a band that will play this summer at a festival where Arctic Monkeys will also play said that AM will be touring Europe, but he doesn’t know if they will still be around in August as well.

    Source: Arctic Monkeys Reddit. His account is a throwaway one, he just came there to assure people that the band will be on tour. He also deleted his comment where he said that he works for another band.

    I would love AM at Sziget… they tried to bring them in 2014, but the band was available for VOLT only, so maybe this year is the moment to have them for the first time at Sziget. Let’s see what happens…

  12. I think Yelo was talking about some replies by the Sziget Italia page:

    Sziget was asked by someone where is the line-up & they answered that she doesn’t have to wait so much & that she’ll like it.

    Furthermore, 5 days ago they posted the Sziget 2016 anthem and they mentioned that in that year the festival was sold out faster than ever. They also said that they hope that it will repeat this year, but they would like it to sell out even quicker.

    Someone replied within a comment that the festival is late with names and Sziget Italia said “No, because until a few years ago we communicated only in March / April ???? this month we take out the bombs ????”.

    Now I hope that Google Translate didn’t fool me. 😀

  13. “????” are two emoticons: 🙂 & ;). Seems that it doesn’t write them if you copy and paste them.

  14. @orange_tent

    Id take this as a rumour only but being as pathetic as it is, it could be real. We are talking about sziget.

  15. I almost did a heart attack, but they wrote that those artists are only rumoured. Maybe they are following us, hahaha.

    Please NO Britney.

  16. phew sziget could have hit bigtime with him for the 7654th time in Hungary within 3 years. Missed opportunity.

  17. John Newman is always a nice open-air day time party, where you, your friends, your girlfriend can just have some good vibes. So it is a pity.

  18. Axwell & Ingrosso are the only potential EDM headliner not at Balaton…
    Maybe Kygo could play as well! He’s at Frequency. But too big for A38 and too small to headline main stage.

  19. Sziget France also tells everyone on Facebook that first names will arrive this month & they expect to perform better than last year.

  20. Lil pump – Pstereo Festival 2018 – Trondheim, Norway
    ????August 16-18, 2018

  21. Was really an Eminem fan when I was a kid, not sure about his recent music (last 10 years, lol) and live performance. Would take him as a big pop headliner, though.

  22. @Bateman, that was Lil Peep lol. I just loosing the trak after all this white trash as well, tho.
    Eminem would fit as headliner, full period, like RW in 2015: they would not care of other pop/rap announcement, he’s just too big

  23. Hey I’m new in this forum, hello!
    I’m going to buy the tickets for Sziget festival with my friends and I ask you if in your opinion we must wait still long time for the line up and if Arctic in your opinion will play sziget this year.

  24. @Spotify yes it’s possible cause they played at Volt 2 years ago and Sziget use to have the same artists for both festival in different year. And it looks this year they will have string line up

  25. The line up announcements have gone old school. I remember them announcing headliners the week before the festival (prince for example). I used to buy tickets at the gate when the festival was smaller as it never sold out a few years ago. It’s only the last few years it’s become a true 7 day festival. Can’t wait to see who they have planned this year. May change my mind about not coming if it’s amazing as the Sziget is one of my favourite places on Earth.

  26. On a side note- the new all points east festival in London looks amazing , lcd sound system, beck, yeah yeah yeajhs, the xx, Björk, etc

  27. Sziget was probably waiting for Am to start planning the tour. Maybe they postponed the announcement because of them.

  28. At least they will be cheaper to book since they’re not touring to promote a new record.

  29. Firefly festival is in the US and it is in the middle of June. They are heavily rumoured for Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, which is in the middle of July. I really hope they will still be around betwen 8 and 15 August. 😀

    Until now most band who were in Europe in June didn’t stay in August as well, but some bands that started touring in Europe in July remained in August too. Fingers crossed, I think they are the best surprise that we can get this year…

  30. No one could ever rationally complain if Sziget gets Arctic Monkeys. On the whole lineup maybe but not about AM!
    No one 🙂

  31. Are we really started worshipping a band who had a good (their only) debut album 12 years ago?

  32. Their first 3 albums were great, the 4th was OK and maybe the 5th is a little bit dissapointing as they went full mainstream there, but it also has some quality songs, so they’re the best band available in the summer.

  33. First was awesome second was weird but okay third was awesome fourth was GOAT fifth is 10/10 but waaay too poppy

  34. from fb
    ” We will announce the first artists as soon as we can! We already know the names and we promise, it’ll be awesome! It’s worth the wait! “

  35. Fessesfff: you don’t have any credibility stop bullshiting 🙂

    ANY festival would be happy to get AM!

  36. I’m really hyped with those Facebook comments, I think it’s because of the Arctic Monkeys, but they “were excited” about Iggy Azalea & other acts like that last year, so you never know with Sziget what “excited” really means.

  37. Something in between “too old” and “too contemporary”.
    I think he likes one band 😀

  38. ok
    old cult bands renuited recently (let’s say past 3 years) /released new albums would be fun to watch not just as nostalgia factor, but for the fact they are still kicking high level (not narrowing it to possible summer touring plans):
    Glassjaw, Refused, At the Drive-in, Thrice, Hopesfall, American Football, Thursday, Jawbreaker

    Current/ active bands:
    Code Orange, Circa Survive, Kindling, Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Cloakroom, Jeff Rosenstock, Converge…

    The list could be endless, but there is no reason to continue.

  39. why is there a thing as sziget material? they always promote they are multi-genre festival, yet they don’t even have decent guitar based artists for years. Every good festival has it’s lock-up stage/Shelter etc.

  40. also Refused ATDI American Football, Julien Baker could easily play at a38, as they play festivals everywhere….

  41. Well hopefully Julien Baker gets announced and we’ll watch it together around a beer.

    What do you like to do at Sziget if you don’t assist to the concerts?

  42. I don’t go to sziget if there is no concerts I”m interested in. I can do the sziget “thing” at any village fair for free.

    sorry, but Julien Baker will be announced if ever at sziget will be after her 3rd consecutive bad albums and not in her prime. that’s the reality. sadly. But if it changes I’m in for the beer!

  43. Ok @fs, in this case you can complain only when Sziget will comunicate the middlecards and you are not speaking about headliner.s so is useless to complain about AM if hopefully they will arrive. I really hope they will play

  44. x: what band would you like to see Fsfsf ?
    Fsfsf: Julien Baker
    x: wow,Julien Baker!
    Fsfsf: mmm Julien Baker isn’t that good…

    Fsfsf you are fantastic…

  45. You read the lines badly…

    Julien Baker is perfect now.

    And sziget will probably book her late when she is not her prime anymore like they tend to do with every artists…

  46. its wonderful how one person can destroy this page. is there any way to ban him and make this a good forum again? 🙂

  47. The sound of the A 38 is too bad for rock/metal band, no power.
    It’s my 9th sziget and i always hate the sound of this tent. I would like see Converge at sziget but in the A 38 it would be only noise.

  48. @infinity

    Yes sziget can do it. They just need to book quality bands. That easy. I will be a happy camper…

  49. lol. what place is good for rock/metal/punk then? mb problem in sound, but place, autmosphere is the perfect. i mean hard, hursh, heavy bands are not that good on big open spaces, and in the middle of the day. its good in small clubs, rly, “cbgb” style

  50. There is no such thing as sziget-material, that was clear the moment the festival started booking stuff like Robbie Williams, and Sia. sziget is a Multi genre festival and will probably focus on 3~6 big names and than fill up the rest with the money left over.

  51. No one said it wasn’t multi genre, saying sziget material is not about genre.
    Also, the artists you mentioned were signs of Sziget’s decline

  52. Nothing really, I just thought that you thought that I said that Sziget material was about genre, whereas I think (based on earlier and better lineups) said thing should consist of high quality alternative music not B category pop crap like these days

  53. The line-up is going downhill for almost 10 years now, for me sziget-material are the acts that look like they’re having a great time. I still enjoy Sziget but I’m less invested in the line-up than before I really like discovering new bands and some bands of the last year’s have surprised me. (Kraftklub for example)

  54. I know someone who works for the sziget and it/she/he told me that this year there will be a wonderful line up. we’ll see what happens

  55. Well its possible, even years are usually good. Also Muse comes to BP at even years

  56. @Fsfsf you always complain, the bands you want are impossible so you will still complain … what the f**k are you doing in this forum? are you a troll? Create a forum ‘I hate sziget’ instead … your messages are only disturbance to civil conversations

  57. @Fsfsf you always complain, the bands you want are impossible so you will still complain … what the fu**k are you doing in this forum? are you a troll? Create a forum ‘I hate sziget’ instead … your messages are only disturbance to civil conversations

  58. Dude calm dowm omg… get a doctor or drink beer. You misunderstood what I said, I explained and you throw out this. Feel sad for you…

  59. All my comments are constructive critisism (somehow here people can’t seem to understand the meaning of negative critisism) and yet you were the one who were swearing and raging… look inside yourself before judging someone else because that someone is eager to have a great festival and not accepting medicority…

  60. Haha, no… I just know some tricks to see their Italian, French & the other Facebook pages. 🙂 I’m not Hungarian either, but I can speak it, as I’m from Transylvania. 😛

  61. ”Live Nation have announced dates for the European leg of U2’s eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour. Opening in Berlin on August 31st, the shows include UK, Germany, France Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Ireland and Holland”… No chance

  62. Judas Priest is confirmed playing in Germany and Holland on 2, 6 and 8 august.
    Kraftklub is touring east Germany on 8, 9 august

  63. You are right i used bad phrasing, i meant they have been critically acclaimed, especially with their return, but don’t have they youtube views to be considered by sziget. As we all know thats the important factor…

  64. They had pj Harvey last year. Won the mercury prize several times. Plus lots of their world music is critically acclaimed. I’m sure the dance stuff is also award winning if your into that stuff. You may need to be more specific about what type of music is missing. I do agree that there is sometimes a lack of small to middle critically acclaimed rock and metal bands. Although the Europe stage had some great
    People last year

  65. I’ve seen LCD Soundsystem twice in their reunion tour and they are a great live band! I’ll already see them again at Sonar, but another double with Sziget would be more than appreciated!

  66. Sziget 2017 wins the best line up at the European Festival Awards.

    Well that deserves a little announcement like David Guetta because he’s best of the best and Sziget 2018 will win the best line up instantly.

    lol, are they high or what?

  67. That line up of the year award is wow… cant breath right know… even the nomination was a joke but winning it… officially no reason for the management to put into a minimum effort…

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