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Babylon Circus at Sziget 2013

Babylon Circus seems to be one of the two names missing from the puzzle, that will be part of the announcement.

The ska act has a Sziget 2013 date posted on Bands in Town for August 11.

We wonder who the other name will be.

(thanks go to Don Bartolome)

18 thoughts on “Babylon Circus at Sziget 2013

  1. So the one band that was close to rock/metal has been replaced by either a ska or hiphop act, nothing like catering for ALL tastes is there!!

  2. Just been on YouTube to see wot there like ? Won’t be watching this pile of shite .hope its not wutang either . Mainstage has gone so downhill

  3. Sorry auke watched about ten mins of that and its not for me will wonder off and find something better . And the crowd seemed as interested as I was

  4. BC was on almost every FREE festival in The Netherlands last year.. another gipsy/east european sound with some ska in it. Definitely not mainstage material.

    @Mark: crowd at Pinkpop is the most boring crowd ever! Fits the festival 😉

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