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Bad Religion @ Budapest Park on the 18th of August

In an event completely unrelated to the Sziget Festival, punk lovers will have a reason to stick around in Budapest for an extra day: influential punk group Bad Religion will be live in concert at Budapest Park (here). The event has been confirmed on Facebook, but it is not yet present in the Budapest Park official list of events, and neither is it to find on Bad Religion’s websites (they will be at Chiemsee Summer on the 19th, so it’s plausible).

Bad Religion played at the Sziget Festival in 2013, and several times before, but this time their performance will mean an unexpected afterparty for the event, for those who miss them. Brian Baker and Jay Bentley have confirmed that the band has recently decided to return to the studio – who knows, maybe they will have something new to show on their concert in Budapest.

For those unfamiliar with the band: Bad Religion is a punk rock band with a huge influence on the development of the style since the late 1970s. Except for lead vocalist Greg Graffin all other members of the band were replaced during the years, but the band stayed active – with some interruptions, of course – for over three decades now. The band is not only important for their fans, but also for debutant bands: Brett Gurewitz’s record label Epitaph Records has helped countless such bands to gain publicity.

(Thanks, Art!)

79 thoughts on “Bad Religion @ Budapest Park on the 18th of August

  1. jesus headline dude you are so pathetic.
    Dear ops please delete that line he can sleep well.

  2. I dare to post another non-sziget event, during the fest. Also pls don’t thank me if you happen to post it for headline’s well being. so

    if you don’t want to see Florence on the 11th, this Aussie Band is playing a clubshow.

    + guests
    Pre-saLE 1.000 / doors 1.500 Ft

  3. @robert
    it’s your opinion, we have heard it once, now move on please

    i think kings of leon would be far better than most of the other possibilities. it’s true that they are not the most exciting band, but they have never been here, and they’ve got many many good songs

  4. New Lowlands names; nothing “new”

    FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks)
    James Bay
    Limp Bizkit
    The Maccabees
    De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig
    La Sra. Tomasa
    MR ZARKO & Band
    Mini Mansions

    I’d take FFS (Johnny Delusional is a great song!), Limp Bizkit, Rudimental (but already at another hungarian fest’, but so is SIGMA), Bleachers

  5. I don’t like anything by Kings of Leon post-third album but they’re very good live. They always have been.

  6. @Noeliam: Yeah someone needs to summon John Doe. I also noticed that they didn’t mention any new names, only “news”. Perhaps we won’t be getting new names but possibly some new venues or activities? It is usually explicitly said “new names tomorrow” when they intend on releasing more of the lineup.

  7. i’d love to see some new bands but yes, they always say “new bands”, not just news

    it could be a new venue or other a non-musical program

  8. @Robert: would they really designate an announcement just for city passes? and would they prime that announcement with an announcement? it seems a bit much for something that is already expected… barely qualifies as “news”… unless it includes something better than previous years?

  9. fingers crossed for a metal / hard rock stage (unlikely, though) with a handfull of names to go along with it. that would please so many people. or another headliner

  10. Rock Metal Stage? Nah, even if it would be awesome. More likely World Music Stage lineup to me. Or just a norma announcement with some more small venues. A new headliner would be great.

    Anyway have you noticed that on the new site Ellie Goulding’s name is always above Kasabian? I’m very afraid she’s a headliner..

  11. @Bender: I think it’s become common for festivals to list their “crowd drawing” artists near the top. This means that the artist will be among the first acts seen by anyone inquiring about the lineup.

    However, Ellie Goulding could not close a festival.. and they 100% know this. Her being listed higher than Kasabian is merely a tactic to spread the news that she is playing–her name is more familiar internationally than Kasabian’s is. Headliners basically fit a certain criteria: rare acts, energetic acts, party acts, loud acts, ect. Ellie is none of these, but she’ll still draw a crowd.

    She could not close out a night. She’s possible as a sub with an electronic act after her, but she will not headline, I can almost guarantee it. People fail to recognize that there is a marketing strategy in place at festivals–they want to sell as many tickets as they can and they know Ellie will do that. They also are aware she is not closing material, though! Once more headliners and subs are announced we will see her name move down the list.

  12. I don’t care if Ellie Goulding headlines as long as one of the tents has someone good on at the same time.

    Anyhow, I just want the full Colosseum line up because it’s showing major promise so far

  13. @ The Keys. Were you not there when Mika headlined? Worst thing about that was that they had fxck all elsewhere at the same time an’ all.

  14. Siriusmodeselektor just announced their tour and it has a Sziget-shaped whole in it. That would be very nice

  15. Moderat aren’t touring (as Modeselektor are touring as Siriusmodeselektor) but yeah, Apparat would be great. In fact, I’d take Apparat over just about any artist on the planet to be honest

  16. Sziget presents:
    Avicii ? Limp Bizkit ? Cro ? SOJA ? THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM ? Hollywood Undead ? Dj Marky & Stamina MC

  17. Sziget presents:
    Avicii ? Limp Bizkit ? Cro ? SOJA ? THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM ? Hollywood Undead ? Dj Marky & Stamina MC

  18. worst announcement ever. at least we already have some good nmes, so it’s not that bad. but limp bizkit and avicii, seriously? 😀

  19. We already knew that we would have some DJ “headlining”. Let’s see what day he will play.

    I’ve heard good (and bad) things about Limp Bizkit but I’m sure it’s gonna be fun.

    The Gaslight Anthem are very good and SOJA is amazing for reggae lovers 🙂

  20. Oh and new names for Lowlands!! (they’ve released some yesterday that’s weird).

    Among them Paolo Nutini.

  21. Avicii: typical sziget joke.
    Limp Bizkit: should be fun, I’ll be 13 again, but still nothing more.
    The Gaslight Anthem: This band was once awesome, sziget did the usual “we book a band 4-5 years than it should have been cool”. Never records are meh, but still should be fun.
    Hollywood Undead: Joke band, these kinda bands shouldn’t be allowed to exist.
    Alltogether good announced, doubled the watch-worthy bands in the line-up.

  22. Hahaha that’s what I thought :p
    Listen to the older stuff from SOJA (You Don’t Know Me, True Love, Here I Am…).

  23. opposed to older announcements where ZERO even close to medicore bands announced an announcement with 2 bands worth to watch is a good announcement in my book.

  24. Admins please be more active. Make a new topic about the announcement, ban ART or put an Ignore button or any kind of help to ignore his worthless hating opinions. Thank you.

  25. a forum is a place to share your opinions, if someone elses opinion not clashes with yours you accept that or try to reason your idea and not wanting to ban someone who doesn’t think the same as you. so yeah you have good mentality.

  26. @artyboy: “Alltogether good announced, doubled the watch-worthy bands in the line-up.”

    My eyes are burning, do you even english? 😀

    @the others: if you keep answering that pathetic asshole, he will stay here. we are the only ones who can ban him, by not answering him. not even once, please! (i know i did the same 😀 )

  27. dude do you knowe Hungarian or any other languages other than your mother language?
    I was in the hurry when I wrote those lines. please kill me for my sins.

  28. i believe that some of you guys are going too far with @Art. I don’t agree at all with what he says, also find him boring because I don’t like people only complaining, but he’s right: this is a place to share opinions and he can say whatever he wants.

  29. I agree with Bender. The irony is that Mikey didn’t even write his question about Art speaking English in correct English. People in glass houses and all that…

  30. no the irony here is that this is a place to share opinions but no one here gives any shits about Arts opinion. he is a blatant troll. he claims this is the best announcement only to annoy all of us, because I know for a fact there has been more rock in other announcements than in this one. he is trying to get under our skin. it is best to ignore him.

    this is not a place for sharing opinions, anyways. it’s a place to discuss sziget and the possibilities surrounding it. if your opinion is constantly “sziget is shit” then why post here?! he contributes nothing.

    although I don’t agree with insulting someone who is trying to speak their second language, I do think Art perfectly embodies someone from an ex-Soviet influenced nation–extremely critical of the rest of the world, backwards in many of their customs, and completely oblivious to their own downfalls.

    Admins, please do something about Art.


    of course it’s not grammatically correct 😉

    but you are right, the problem is not one’s grammar, sorry for that!

    everyone can express his/her opinion, but some people here are clearly just want to troll others. the sad thing is that they do succeed. this used to be a fun forum, now it’s just superannoying. the admins won’t do anything, the more comments we write the better for them 😉 it’s only us who can set this back to normal, so please…

  32. I declare that I won’t talk about/answer to Art anymore. He clearly is a troll. Don’t feed the troll.

  33. lol guys you guys are funny. Few facts, i learned:
    1. I can’t be negative because i pull down the vibe… what?
    2. when I say this was a better announcement, i still get the crap, because it wasnt a good announcement for the majority of you. WHAT?? this overrules fact #1…

  34. ^ cmon, are you really going to THAT level of impersonating? You crossed the line. All I wanted was to share good metal bends with you. See, even my bed english proves that I am real ART.

  35. ok guys I stop you just above me won the biggest douchebag award of the year. well played. I quit. Enjoy your pathetic forum

  36. this is an awful place, where people can’t have their honest opinion if it’s against the majority. be proud of this shithole you have here.

  37. @headline: FINALLY peace will be restored.

    @Art_unofficial: last thing I’ll say to you… people can have their opinion. I think the lineup this year is lacking some major components. BUT I’m not going to comment 5+ times a day in a blatant attempt to piss fellow festival-goers off. It’s not what this forum is about. It’s about constructive criticism, not hate and mindless banter about things that can’t possibly ever happen at Sziget (I recall your first post was a link to a metal/hard rock festival, suggesting Sziget should be the same).

    Good bye Art. I am glad you are defeated.

  38. Posting in my wasnt hate and personal,right? All i did was pointing out bad things and the truth. you couldnt handle it. Wonder who is the grown up?

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