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Balaton Sound 2018: The Chainsmokers, David Guetta & others

Balaton Sound, Sziget Festival’s little EDM sister, has just made its first announcement of the year with its first performers. The vast majority of these performers need no introduction:

  • The Chainsmokers
  • David Guetta
  • Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
  • Martin Garrix
  • DJ Snake
  • Jonas Blue
  • Nervo
  • Timmy Trumpet
  • Ty Dolla $ign
  • W&W

Next year’s Balaton Sound will be a five-day event that takes place between the 4th and 8th of July in Zamádi, Hungary. As the lineup announced so far shows, this is an event focused mostly on EDM, perfect for a party on the Balaton beach (which is often referred to as “the Hungarian seaside”). Later in the day, Balaton Sound will start its 72-hour early-bird ticket sale. Here are the prices:

  • 5-Day Pass: €175 (full: €235)
  • VIP 5-Day Pass: €305 (full: €315)
  • 4-Day Pass: €145 (full: €210)
  • VIP 4-Day Pass: €280 (full: €290)
  • 3-Day Pass (July 4-5-6): €133 (full: €193)
  • 3-Day Pass (July 6-7-8): €133 (full: €193)
  • VIP 3-Day Pass (for both timeframes): €263 (full: €273)
  • Day tickets: €59 (full: €65)
  • VIP Day tickets: €135 (full: €145)
  • VOLT Festival – Balaton Sound combined 5-Day Pass: €263 (full: €350)

VIP tickets include quick entry through VIP entrances, access to the Grand VIP Stand, party at the VIP Area with a separate bar, but don’t include camping. Information about the costs of camping at Balaton Sound 2018 is available here. The festival also has all-inclusive packages covering passes and accommodation at the festival grounds for early-bird prices between €766 and €920 (€933 and €1046 at full price) here.

Balaton Sound is among the biggest outdoor electronic music festivals in Central and Eastern Europe. This year, it has celebrated its 10th anniversary with performers like Afrojack, Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, DJ Tiësto, and many others, and has attracted over 150,000 attendees.

68 thoughts on “Balaton Sound 2018: The Chainsmokers, David Guetta & others

  1. I think that it’s clear that we’ll get some names from SummerWell & Electric Castle, as EC announce their names on Monday.

  2. Prodigy, 30 seconds to Mars, placebo, macklamore? Can we bet how many of these kinda trash they’ll repeat in 18?

  3. I think Sziget may announce another big headliner of the august circuit (like did in 2016 with Muse) or Arcade Fire that are around those days. The first announcements of Balaton Sound (all 5 headiners) and Volt (Iron Maiden and Depeche Mode) were very strong, I’m starting to expect something big from Sziget too.

  4. I thought the undercard last year was really strong. I don’t want them to spend all the money on a few big bands and have a poor undercard. Although saying that the price has gone up massively this year again so maybe they can do both. With new owners organising from the start it is chance to change things up a little. I think they need another medium size stage/ possibly outside that plays a variety of music. Expand and relocate the Europe stage, with a few larger bands on very late. 12.30 and 2.00. So bands continue after the main stage. A nightly indie disco would be good as well.

  5. “A nightly indie disco would be good as well.”

    I totally recommend Tesco Disco! He plays every year!

  6. Yeah, see Tesco disco every year and it’s a great party. Need something like that every night

  7. My thoughts:

    1. Prodigy
    2. I think they will add something heavy like Rammstein or Slipknot or Marilyn Manson. That would be great.
    3. Tiesto or Calvin Harris for the end show. Hope for Tiesto.
    4. Really want to see some rap on Sziget. Probably european, but well recognized. Like Looptroop or Dope D.O.D.
    5. Imagine Dragons
    6. Ed Sheeran
    7. 30 seconds to Mars or Placebo
    8. Nightwish
    9. Stone Sour

  8. Would point my finger for Gorillaz U2/Ed Sheeran as 2 of the biggest headliner, if I had to make a wild guess about it. But I ave no intel to say if U2 or Ed Sheeran are already out of the potential names list

  9. Gorillaz won’t be on the lineup, they are in Europe in june/july, I’m sure they’ll be at Summer Sonic in Japan that week.

    I think they’ll announce Arcade Fire or another headliner that has still not announced the euro tour.

  10. @ben why are saying the the price is increase thi year? 275€ is tha same than the last year till 31 dec. Or I’m mistaling?

  11. @ Bender <3

    Oya announced Patti Smith, Sleaford Mods, Chelsea Wolfe, Likke Ly; Way out West announced Likke Ly and Mura Masa (between the others).
    My guess is Mura Masa headliner in A38, Likke Li early in the main and Patti Smith somewhere in the A38

  12. One day 250€ yes but later the prices were the same than this edition. Anyway, I hope the names will be much better

  13. We have already been on this point: earlier they cost more, later, they cost less. Unique real thing is that they havent offered NOTHING more since 2014 and the price increased of almost 100 € + lineup went down to waste.

    Just to compare: Werchter has Gorillaz, Pearl Jam, Nick Cave and QOTSA and rumors speak of The National, The Killers, The Cure, Depeche Mode and Arctic Monkeys on their way. Just saying

  14. @yelo but i bet werchter doesnt have a tribute stage and hanging umbrellas so the comparison is waaay off:)

  15. @Yelo Oya and Way Out West did’ nt share any act with Sziget last year (except Major Lazer) why should they do it this year?

  16. Well, in 2015 Oya shared 2 headliners (Florence and Alt J) and Future Islands. Same goes for Way Out West, plus Ellie Goulding.

    In 2016 Way Out West shared M83, The Last Shadow Puppets, CHVRCHES, Fidlar, Aurora and Sia.

    So yeah, I can see some correlation – even more considering the last year of Sziget a very big mistake (like it or not)

  17. Electric Castle announced Wolf Alice, The Horrors, London Grammar, Damian Marley + others.

    SummerWell has The Kooks & Cigarettes after Sex. Let’s see if some of these will be at Sziget too.

  18. Headliner shows>>>>Festival dates.

    Also announced for summer headliners in Budapest, Lenny Kravitz, Billy Idol, Stone sour

  19. @Patrick Bateman on bandsintown. I’ve already seen Arcade Fire 3 times but I would have loved to see them at Sziget. This is very bad.

    Anyway tomorrow we’ll finally know something more. Whoever will be the headliner or the biggest name of tomorrow, I just hope it’s quality in the music genre he/she/they play. About the undercard, Sziget offers something good every year so I’m not worried about it.

  20. @ Fsfsf I just really hoped AF and QOTSA could show up at Sziget. Plus I think AF are much better at festivals than solo shows, but both bands are doing Prague as well so I won’t miss them.

  21. F*cking sh*t ARCADE FIRE!

    Let’s hope for some good stuff tomorrow! @Bender made a good point… as long as it’s quality music, it’s just the first announcement 🙂

    Not worried neither for the undercard! Would love Wolf Alice and Damian Marley!

  22. Queens of the Stone Age is better at an arena, cause Josh won’t be able to bitch about not being a headliner

  23. Let’s see how many crap DJs are left, as Sound took some. I expect the worst now, but I hope for a surprise for my tastes. 😀

  24. although i don’t like either of the today’s announcement, I§m so happy thath quality music come to Budapest as headliners and not sziget. Sziget can have crappy artists, overpriced tickets and brainless audience who go for the “feeling’. enjoy it.

  25. Bruh, that festival brings you the best part of GDP from tourism in your country, you really are a close minded one.

    I dislike the prices that really got out of the hungarian’s average budget (even mine, and I’m Italian) as well, but from here to actually desire that the festival flops at lineup… It’s not like you don’t deserve Sziget (as somebody unhappily said years ago), it’s more like you don’t deserve an internet connection.

  26. said people would bring the gdp even if the line-up was quality. It’s not my problem that their musical standards are so so low.

    Also, if they wouldn’t have come for years they’d already opened the eyes of the organizers that they need to focus on quality, but no they come whatever shitty artist they book for ridicolous prices. so bothe parties to blame here.

  27. Lol, guys. I really want to see Tiesto, Imagine Dragons and Prodigy tomorrow to laugh at your comments.
    For 3 years I’m reading this forum I try to understand what is on Fsfsf mind, but I can’t do that. It seems that you just like complaining about things. I don’t see other points to write the same negative things about Sziget.
    I really enjoy the direction Sziget is choosing. My only big problem is lack of big rock headliners. And I would also add a bit more of not mainstream rap (but I understand, it is my preference, I’m in minority). Other things are great to me.
    Couple of big pop headliners – fine,
    Dance arena – great
    Dubstep/trap at A38 if you want smth harder – excellent
    Many new indie bands – awesome
    International stuff from balkan music to latin – super
    Beautiful city nearby
    Nice territory
    Great shows

    Last year I missed Sziget (lineup wasn’t really convincing to me), but I couldn’t find any other festival that is better.
    Of course, there are some with awesome lineup, but basically are just stages in the middle of nowhere. Or they don’t have a place, where I can dance my butt off at night.

    So definitely coming this year 🙂

  28. @Vlad thanks for confirming me the fact there will be always someone buying ticket to music festival, where music is the less important thing. based on Yelo’s analogy, thanks for boosting my country’s GDP.

  29. LOL it’s not analogy, it is the truth. If you’d stop a second from your rants you would notice that without Sziget tourism in Hungary would be limitated to danubius area of Budapest for a weekend for people who is tired to go to Paris or Berlin. Sad to say that, but that’s the truth, Hungary has little to nothing to offer to tourist compared to rest to Europe (even though, I have to say that IMHO is second only to Kracow in the East). Festivals are the only thing that would force me to come to Hungary more than the time I did in 2012 with my parents on holiday, and they are doing great, generally speaking.

    I wish we had half of the festival circuit you have in Hungary. Pretty sure that the average italian would be pissed off like you are, because the average italian is the closest thing to the average hungarian in term of closed mindset, but damn, I would save shittones of money on trips.

  30. Wow! Massive data! Even 0.7 points below the average increase, really worth the mention. Without considering that 40-50k people that averagely spends 700 € in a week makes on its own more than 30millions of euro, and we both know that it’s not just 45k on average, and we both know that the average is not 700 €, and we both know that there is not only Sziget as a festival in hungary, and we both know that people that goes to the island don’t stay all the week in the island.

    Now, forgive me, I have to go to look at my shit to put it together. Cya

  31. yes Hungary’s would be dead in tourism without sziget. Even worse, with a good line-up sziget. I want too much I guess.

  32. Yelo you should get your facts straight about hungarian tourism. The reason why fsfsf is complaining is that he/she is hungarian, and we hungarians really like complaining

  33. I’ve seen Arcade Fire 3 times, twice in a festival (Primavera Sound) and once in their solo concert (Rock In Roma) and confirm that they are better in a festival environment, so @camper to me is right. And they’re concert usually is no longer then a headline spot concert, so 1h and 30/40 mins.

    @Vlad lol. You have to understand that for fsfsf everything that’s not in his taste is sh*t. Everything. Music, people, festivals, what else?. Generally people with less brain do exactly this: consider sh*t everything they don’t like and always complain. And I won’t apologize for this sentence because he just called everyone of us going to Sziget “brainless”. But you know what? We got to a point where we love him just the way he is. This forum would be empty without his constant negativity, his pointless observations in the majority of time and his complaining about the lineup of a festival he really doesn’t want to attend. He’s like a vegan complaining about the menu of a steackhouse. The funny part is that surely I’m closer to his music taste than yours as I grew up listening to thrash and heavy metal and one of my favorite music genre in the latest years is post rock, but I surely appreciate more comments and attitudes like yours.

    @fsfsf tell me how brainless I am again, please <3

  34. that’s one thing, but saying huge things like this is just waaay off.

    It’s like you say there can’t be a football World Cup without Italy, whooops….
    so yeah we can be personal, won’t change the fact that the line-up sucks every year. see you tomorrow.

  35. @Bender

    Just wrote that I don’t like all the announcements of today, but still happy about them as the y are qwuality artists. Why can’t we draw a line between quality and personal taste… is that so hard?

  36. Announcement postponed to wednesday…i’m very happy Arcade Fire are out of the games, they’re a waste of money imo…

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