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Balthazar Confirmed for A38. Sziget 2015 Lineup Complete

Although the last spot on the Sziget 2015 lineup is not filled yet in the official timeline, the organizers of the festival have announced through the event’s Facebook page that Balthazar is the last name they announce for this year. The exact time of their performance has not yet been announced.

We are also happy to announce Balthazar on the A38 Stage and with this final announcement the Sziget music line-up is now complete! Hundreds of acts from all over the world, different genres and there is much more beyond music: theater, dance, circus and many more waiting for the most international festival audience! See you Szitizens in 26 days!


The band’s tour schedule does not contain the Sziget date yet.

Balthazar is an indie / pop / rock group from Belgium, consisting of Maarten Devoldere, Jinte Deprez, Patricia Vanneste, with Simon Casier and Michiel Balcaen later joining the group. Balthazar has been formed in 2004. In the following years they have performed at a series of talent shows, followed by the release of their first EP called “Balthazar”. The band has released three albums, Applause, Rats and Thin Walls, and this year they have also released a new single called “Bunker”

Balthazar has quite a busy schedule this summer, performing at a series of festivals from Italy to Poland.

With the addition of Balthazar all the empty spots on the festival’s lineup are gone. The 10PM slot on Thursday (13th) is still “to be announced” at the official Sziget lineup, so there might be some further modifications under way. (Fingers crossed) they might even fix some clashing start times…

(Photo: WikiPedia)

111 thoughts on “Balthazar Confirmed for A38. Sziget 2015 Lineup Complete

  1. Postponing Balthazar (I’m listening again to all the bands playing and I’m still at Tuesday), I got few question still:
    – Infected Mushroom will play a live set or a dj set? I think the live set, cos they only play 1 hour, but ya know more maybe
    – They said that most of the stage will be moved from where they have been, any suggestion?
    – Will they still make the party between the third and fourth act (or te second and the third) like the last year?


  2. I have never listened to Balthazar but I have a question for Captain_Chunk. Are you coming to Sziget at all?
    If yes – why throw money away since none of the bands is to your liking?
    If not, why are you still being difficult on here?

  3. Yelo: I asked sziget italy about Main stage parties and they told me “wait and see 🙂 but there will be something for sure” so maybe not every day, but I think we’ll have some party. Probably the ones that look better in the aftermovie (balloons as everywhere, and maybe color party? guessing).

    I really don’t know in which way they can move the stages, but there aren’t so many places for main stage and a38 (especially if it’s a bigger a38 as they said). The smaller ones can be switched for example

  4. @Raeno have 10-11 bands on Sziget which i like, buy my ticket very early and didn’t explain that line-up will be so boring for me

  5. Captain_Chunk ok, so you’re coming then. Mind sharing those bands on here? I am always keen on listening to something different from my taste.

  6. I’m currently looking like:

    Gogol Bordello, The Horrors, walk around for 2.5 hours, Alt-J/Boban i Marko (I’ll decide on the day), Gui Boratto, Michael Mayer, maybe (probably not) SBTRKT (I like SBTRKT, but probably not enough to stay up so late)

    Maccabees, walk around for 2 hours, Foals, Ellie Goulding/Balthazar (need to listen to them to decide), Interpol, Dixon

    Subways, Kasabian, Gaslight Anthem, Dropkick Murphys/Function (depending on how packed the Dropkicks tent is), Marcel Dettmann

    Major Lazer, Kings of Leon, Vitalic, Ellen Allien/Nero (maybe a mix of both)

    Jose Gonzalez, Rudimental, Limp Bizkit, PASO (if I stay), Damian Lazarus (if I stay). The lack of a headliner I like on the Sunday may cause me to leave the festival early

  7. Tnx, Miguel, I’m so curious right now.

    Anyway, I finished my schedule, cause today I had a free-day. It follows:

    – Irie Maffia, Main Stage, 19.30-21.00
    – Robbie Williams, Main Stage, 21.30-23.00
    – Apollonia, Colosseum, 00.00-02.00

    – Joe Bel, Europe Stage, 15.00-15.45
    – Gentlemen & the Evolution, Main Stage 16.00-17.15
    – Asaf Avidan, Main Stage, 17.45-19.00
    – Selah Sue, A38, 20.15-21.00
    – Florence + The Machine, Main Stage, 21.30-23.00
    – Jungle, A38, 23.45-01.00
    – Infected Mushroom, A38, 01.30-02.30

    – Elephant and the Moon, Europe Stage, 13.00-13.45
    – Gogol Bordello, Main Stage, 16.00-17.15
    – The Script, Main Stage, 19.30-21.00
    – Alt J, Main Stage, 21.30-23.00
    – Oliver Heldens, Telekom, 23.30-01.00
    – Jaguar Skills, Telekom, 01.00-02.30
    – SBTRKT + Ludmilla, A38, 03.00-06.00

    Maybe a trip to Budapest
    – MO, A38, 18.30-19.45
    – Ella Eyre, A38, 20.15-21.30
    – Interpol, A38, 23.45-01.00
    – Hospitality Party, A38, 01.30-04.00
    – Dixon, Colosseum, 04.30-06.00

    – Awolnation, Main Stage, 16.00-17.15
    – The Subways, A38, 18.30-19.30
    – Kasabian, Main Stage, 19.45-21.00
    – Avicii, Main Stage, 21.30-23.00
    – Dropkick Murphys, A38, 23.45-01.00
    – Gramatik, A38, 01.30-02.30
    – Knife Party + Chris.SU, A38, 03.00-06.00

    – Fast Animals and Slow Kids, Europe Stage, 14.00-14.45
    – Splendid, Europe Stage, 15.30-16.30
    – Hollywood Undead, Main Stage, 17.45-19.00
    – Major Lazer, Main Stage, 19.30-21.00
    – Kings of Leon, Main Stage, 21.30-23.00
    – Paloma Faith, A38, 23.45-01.00
    – Ellen Allien, Colosseum, 01.15-2.00
    – Nero, A38, 02.15-03.00
    – DJ Marky & Stamina MC, 03.00-06.00

    – Rudimental, Main Stage, 17.45-19.00
    – Limp Bizkit, Main Stage, 19.30-21.00
    – Passenger, A38, 22.00-23.15
    – Milky Chance, A38, 23.45-01.00
    – C2C, A38, 01.30-02.30
    – Sigma + Ian Autorun, A38, 03.00-06.00

    After this week I’ll need another week to rest…

  8. @raeno
    Robbie Williams, Kasabian, Enter Shikari, Interpol, The Gaslight Anthem, Foals, Halestorm, The Horrors, Limp Bizkit, Tyler The Creator. In my fav list on Sziget.
    Can you tell me your fav list?

  9. Netsky mentioned in an interview at Balaton sound that sziget is in his top 3 festivals and he can’t wait to come back.
    He is in Bratislava august 15 so missed chance for the organization?

  10. @captain_chunk Interpol and Foals from your list, maybe the Horrors and Limp Bizkit too. Then Future islands & Florence (though they clash), Dakha Brakha, Rudimental, Major Lazer, Lo stato sociale, Peterfi Bori, Fuerza Bruta theatre, Alt-j, crazy hairdressers Sienta la cabeza, Kwabs, all Kompakt djs and SBTRKT if I manage to stay awake without getting too drunk.

    @Eddie looks like we’ll see each other more often than not

  11. @Vortix

    No there are not enough very big acts like last year!

    Maybe the RW day but not sure…

  12. Looks like 11th, 14th and 15th are selling a lot, even more than Robbie Williams’ day. Read that on a post of Sziget Italia a while ago, don’t know where exactly if on the page, in the Sziget Italia official event or in a group. Anyway Sziget Italia is certainly the most complete and open page of Sziget official pages in relating with szitizens’ questions and doubts, a lot more than Sziget Festival Official.

  13. I guess one between Saeeed, becoming Insane or End of the Road from Infected Mushroom! 😀

  14. Fire and LSF – Kasabian obviously!

    then Give it up – Knife Party and Where do i belong – Infected Mushroom.

  15. I would add only:
    Wonderlust king – Gogol bordello
    and all Gui Boratto

    And I have also to admit that I saw Avicii’s set at T in the park on streaming, and I enjoyed it. A part from his hits (maybe some people hate them) he put some good tracks on (such as “The Aston Shuffle – Tear it down” ID Remix by Axtone Records) anyway I found the entire setlist is here, just press play.

  16. only thing I hate of some of these super known djs is that in some cases they don’t mix even tracks that are very easy to mix. Maybe they’re lazy, don’t know

  17. That Avicii T in the Park set was annoying as hell. What on earth was he doing with his hands!?

  18. Nice to get some tips in here, as I have a few days where I don’t find much to fill the days with music wise. Still a few weeks left to listen to everything that has been announced (and which is available on Spotify), but my list looks like this so far;

    10TH AUGUST (Arrive at BUD 19.30, sp excited so see if I’ll make RW)

    – Robbie Williams, Main Stage, 21.30-23.00

    11TH AUGUST (Only Kensington is a must, so a “quiet” day)

    – Babylon Circus, A38, 16.45-18.00
    – Middlemist Red, Petofi Volt, 18.15-18.30
    – Kensington, A38, 18.30-19.45
    – Florence + The Machine, Main Stage, 21.30-23.00
    – Yellow Claw, A38, 03.00-?

    12TH AUGUST (Few highlights but clashes between Firkin/Jaguar Skills and Script/Che Sudaka is annoying. Anyone who know how Jaguar is live?)

    – Gogol Bordello, Main Stage, 16.00-17.15
    – Halestorm, A38, 18.30-19.45
    – The Script, Main Stage, 19.45-21.00 (or Che Sudaka)
    – Soja, A38, 21.00-21.30
    – Firkin, Blues/Irish, 00.30-01.00
    – Jaguar Skills, Telekom, 01.00-02.30
    – Arty, Telekom, 02.30-04.00

    13TH AUGUST (Most boring day of the week. Maybe a sightseeing day)

    – Kadebostany, A38, 16.45-18.00
    – Parno Graszt, World Willage, 18.15-19.30
    – Ella Eyre, A38, 20.15-21.30
    – Ellie Goulding, Main Stage, 21.30-23.00
    – Interpol, A38, 23.45-01.00
    – W&W, Telekom, A38, 01.00-02.30

    14TH AUGUST (Decent day on the main stages and probably a late night)
    – Awolnation, Main Stage, 16.00-17.15
    – Dotan, A38, 17.15-17.45
    – Marina & The Diamonds, Main Stage, 17.45-19.00
    – Avicii, Main Stage, 21.30-23.00 (or Gaslight Anthem)
    – Dropkick Murphys, A38, 23.45-01.00
    – Stadium X, Telekom, 01.00-01.30
    – Blasterjaxx, Telekom, 01.30-03.00
    – Knife Party, A38, 03.00-06.00 (or Sidney Samson/Necc Party)

    15TH AUGUST (Definately the best day with many clashes, so could have shared with the earlier weekdays)
    – Hollywood Undead, Main Stage, 17.45-19.00
    – Major Lazer, Main Stage, 19.30-21.00
    – Beatsteaks, A38, 21.00-21.30
    – Kings of Leon, Main Stage, 21.30-23.00 (or Goran Bregovic/Foxes)
    – Paloma Faith, A38, 23.45-01.00
    – Alesso, Telekom, 01.00-01.30
    – Nero, A38, 01.30-03.00
    – Bassjackers, 03.00-04.00

    16TH AUGUST (Dumbest clash of the week with Passenger/Garrix)

    – Delafé y Las Flores, Europe Stage, 17.00-17.45
    – Rudimental, Main Stage, 17.45-19.00
    – HK & Les Saltimbanks, World Village, 19.00-17.30
    – Limp Bizkit, Main Stage, 19.30-21.00
    – Martin Garrix, Main Stage 21.30-22-00
    – Passenger, A38, 22.00-23.15
    – Nervo, A38, 01.00-02.30
    – C2C – 01.30-02.30

    Usually this changes a lot the last days before any festival as I get to see the quality in more unknown music as well, but this is my initial at least. A new set up of the scenes might also result in me totally discarding this,

    Also the Necc Party makes me a bit unsure, as I wagely remember that I attended a awsome party with only 90’s music last year, and concluded that it had to be that one. Anyone that can confirm or know what else it could be (was at the Petofi Volt scene)?

  19. @Eddie: ahah I don’t remember, don’t know if I looked at his hands. Definitely he’s not interested in mixing, that’s a fact. But personally I liked the selection of tracks. I’ll live it like a kasabian afterparty, I don’t expect anything like particular skills, there are other Djs for that. I’m just talking about having fun 🙂

  20. Balloon Party: Monday 10 August, 7 PM
    Bubble Blowing Party: Tuesday 11 August, 7 PM
    Flag Party: Wednesday 12 August, 7 PM
    Confetti Party: Thursday 13 August, 7 PM
    Maracas Party: Friday 14 August, 7 PM
    Colour Party: Saturday 15 August, 7 PM
    End Show: Sunday 16 August, 9.30 PM

    All of that on the main stage.

  21. I listened a piece of that avici “live set”, wish I didn’t.
    And in all seriousness, why would anyone go crazy, when a dude plays prerecorded songs with playback vocals on his laptop and “live mixing” it? Music Culture is so fxcked up nowadays.

    also those parties…
    I miss air guitar party, tomato throwing party, cosplay party, water gun party, etc
    When you think they already reached all time low, they are still here to amaze!

  22. The map sucks. Colosseum is on the far side of the site so it’s going to be a right pain getting back in to Budapest after the better DJs. The World Stage looks to have moved too? I like the old place for that

  23. @Eddie it’s almost the same place for Colloseum. Before it was near main stage. And the only one stage at the same place is main stage. I mean since I was at sziget first time

  24. World Stage has moved to Sziget Circus place (where Metal Stage was in 2011, rip 🙁 ) and Party Arena is just back where it was. Main and A38 were moved a little bit on the right and the Magic Mirror is where Meduza was in 2011. Looks like no more ferries big wheel.
    I don’t like this new map at all. No more color distinction between the 3 areas.

  25. I was expecting for nothing but make the Colosseum nearer to the the Main Stage-A38 area, so it would be easier to switch in the night when arists clashed. I guess it’s not a stupid idea, supposing (for absurd) that I want to watch a show at the Europe Stage and later go to attend a gig in the Colosseum, I have to walk for like 20 minutes, it’s logistic and logic.

    The only thing they made that really matter, at least to me, instead, was to move the Coxxpon Chillout to the beach, so now, to relax between two gig one has to walk the hell out of himself.

    They didn’t have problem only in the lineup this year. Disappointed.

    About the other changes, well, someone told that A38 and MS would be moved somewhere else but it doesn’t seems to me. Don’t care for the World Stage since they succeed in finding a way to clash the Kings of Leon and Goran Bregovic, that seem to be the two biggest act on each stage (for sure Goran for the World Stage).

    I dunno.

  26. I last went in 2013 and the Colosseum was right next to the A38 then. The Colosseum has moved, the World Stage has moved, the Wine Village has disappeared :-(. Not going to hate on it as I’m sure there are reasons, it’s just inconvenient for me!

  27. @Danny & @Eddie:
    Wine village seems to be a part of Hungarikum village now (no.43).

    If I understand facebook posting right:
    Question: Ugye a fröccsfalu nem lett szám?zve a Hungarikum faluval együtt a túloldalra? Boldoggá tenne a válasz .)
    Answer: a fröccskert marad ahol eddig, a hungarikum falu költözik, a 43-as számú helyre, ez egy sokkal hangulatosabb helyszín, mint ahol eddig volt.

  28. Wine Garden was my favorite place, I’m so disappointed 🙁

    I like fröccs so much 😀 and it was great to chill out, meet people and wait for a main stage gig.

  29. Balloon Party: 10 august, 19.00 uur
    Bubble Blowing Party: 11 august, 19.00 uur
    Flag Party: 12 august, 19.00 uur
    Confetti Party: 13 august, 19.00 uur
    Maracas Party:14 august, 19.00 uur
    Colour Party: 15 august, 19.00 uur
    End Show: zondag 16 August

    All add mainstage

  30. What the translator gives me on the wine garden is, “remains where so far”, which implies that its staying in the same spot. Only now probably with a view on the main stage since they’ve expanded the area for that

  31. A question for the sziget regulars:
    it seems to me that the showers for the free camping are just two. The one near the Arena, and the one near the World Stage. While the other showers on the map are inside the exclusive camping areas. Is it correct?

    As it’s my first time at sziget I don’t know if I got it right, map is not so clear. Thanks

  32. Last years I never found good dancefloors after the programm with indie and rockmusic…does anyoneone have a good info for me? Thanks!!!

  33. @Michael 7th sziget for me this year and I never found a queue that made me wait for more than 5 mins to have a shower. Of course if you want to have showers in the morning you’ll wait a lot, but if you do it in the afternoon, from 4pm, you’ll have it fast 😉

  34. +1, never waited more than 15 minutes. There IS a rock bar after-program but I really can’t remember where is it. I guess you just have to search deeper 😀

  35. +1 for the showers,
    and I recommend to you to go watch Tesco Disco (thursday VOLT petofi stage 1am i think).

  36. @tom last year I found a shower hidden between what is now the “dance and theater stage” (N°53 en the map) and the “classical and jazz stage” (N°49). Never waited more than 5min in the queue but off course you have to go there in the afternoon to get a decent queue

  37. I took tesco in my timetable…thx…any other super hint? Ps…I take a watergun with me… 🙂

  38. The organization shuffled the program again.
    Telekom arena on the 12th is now 23:30-1:00 Arty, 1:00-2:30 Oliver Heldens 2:30-4:00 Jaguar Skills.
    Before it was 23:30-1:00 Oliver Heldens, 1:00-2:30 Jaguar Skills 2:30-4:00 Arty.

  39. That’s pretty cool I guess. Means Michael Mayer and Jaguar Skills don’t clash (even though SBTRKT and Jaguar Skills now clash). No idea what I’ll be doing that night but will probably catch some of all three of them now

  40. Very difficult for me…i’ll listen 30 min/1 hour of Jaguar Skills then i’ll go to the A38 to see SBTRKT… 1 great DJ vs 1 great artist…

  41. Really hatin’ ’em… since Telekom Arena and A38 are a little distant one from each other I think I’ll skip Jaguar Skills… Damn, for once artists don’t crash…

  42. SBTRKT for sure. Can’t wait to see him!

    Anyway no news about the map released days ago. Szigetnews gone again :/

  43. I’ve seen both live. Jaguar Skills you could watch for like half an hour and have seen his show basically. He plays tracks for like 1-2 minutes with his own distinct style. The last time I saw him I watched him for 20 minutes, enjoyed it, was happy to go watch someone else.

    SBTRKT can be a bit hit and miss, but his set lists have been great recently. He’s played Hold On and Pharoahs early on, Wildfire just past half way and then he’s been playing a Radiohead cover (and a good one too, either Weird Fishes or Lotus Flower) later on. I’ll watch Michael Mayer until the start of Jaguar Skills, 20 mins or so of Jaguar Skills and then all of SBTRKT. However, I reckon Jaguar Skills is easily as good live as SBTRKT, if not better. It’s just that SBTRKT has been playing tracks I like early in his sets.

  44. So seems like no Sziget Eye on the island this year, can someone confirm? Only thing I’ve seen is somebody asking about Sziget eye (under the maps’s post) and Sziget official answering “Erzsébet Square, Budapest” which is the address of a ferries wheel in the city of budapest. So that’s the only one I suppose

  45. @eddie Is he playing most of his own music or more of the popular floorfillers/hits that you often see in his youtube-clips?

  46. When I saw him it was all basically covers (well, his own edits of other tracks), I wasn’t aware he even did much of his own music

  47. He has released something under his own name, but I don’t really like it, so that’s sounds good.

  48. Based on my (reasonably extensive) knowledge of electronic music I think I can summarise pretty much every electronic act on the line up for those not sure on who to see.

    Gui Boratto- techno/house producer. Will play a live set of made largely of tracks off his latest album I imagine, I think live he uses mainly his laptop and a mixer.

    Michael Mayer- house/techno DJ. Definite underground sound. Proper DJ.

    Oliver Heldens- EDM ‘DJ’, see Martin Garrix. Not for me, will be a big room sound with plenty of tracks you’ll recognise I imagine.

    Jaguar Skills- really interesting blend of drum and bass/dubstep and just about anything else really. He has a really distinctive sound and mixes using a turntable.

    SBTRKT- Is live which is a him and one other guy, who sings a bit as well as playing stuff. It’s more of a band type feel than a lot of other electronic artists despite it only being two of them, there’s a drum kit etc.

    Dixon- proper DJ, mainly house with a touch of techno. He plays a lot of stuff with a psychedelic edge and expect tracks to twist and turn and come in at around 8-10 minutes each.

    Hospitality- all drum and bass DJs who will have an MC apart from Camo & Krooked who have a more mainstream and varied sound.

    Avicii- EDM crap.

    Gramatik- a more slow paced funk paced electronic act. Not for me but a bit more reputable.

    Knife Party- big room dubstep essentially, the tent will be rocking I imagine but I really hate Pendulum so will avoid at all costs!

    Function/Marcel Dettmann- dark Berlin techno DJs. Loud, thudding, relentless.

    Vitalic- I guess electro? Had crossover success when he wasn’t trying so hard to achieve crossover success. Would have been great to have seen him eight years ago but he’ll still be decent enough.

    Ellen Allien- trancey house/techno DJ. Proper DJ.

    Nero- Big room dubstep again, but I much prefer Nero. Good live show.

    Rudimental- drum and bass with a poppy edge, full live band and a number of vocalists. Should be a decent Sunday afternoon act.

    C2C- turntable DJs of some talent from what I can tell. Disappointing that they clash with Damian Lazarus.

    Damian Lazarus- a proper DJ, will play a mix of underground house and just about anything else I imagine, particularly given his extended set time.

    Sigma- Drum and bass duo, never seen them.

    Nervo- EDM crap.

    Alesso- EDM crap.

    Sidney Samson- electro house.

    W&W- trance and electro house- more of a big room sound.

  49. Anything I’ve labelled EDM crap + Martix Garrix = people who barely DJ and spend most of their time making hand gestures, trying to look cool and playing a pre-prepared set. If you go and see all of these DJs you will probably hear a few currently popular tracks 10-15 times across the week.

  50. I really don’t like Oliver Heldens at all, but I have to say that he’s not really into the EDM team. Yes he will definitely play some remixes of the more popular tracks of the moment, but great part of his set is deep and house. Not properly pre-fabbricated edm show like “melody + put your fu*kin hands up + drop” like Garrix & Co. And I have to admit that Heldens got some mixing skills. But as I said I really can’t stand his genre ahah, it’s just to give some correct infos

    Also, Sigma will play live with a proper band. So it’s not only the two producers but some other musician and vocalists

    Anyway, very good report on the electronic side

  51. Oliver heldens is “future house”; a mix between deep house music and EDM.

    I don’t know why everybody spit on EDM, it’s just a music to make party…nothing more.
    I prefer EDM than Miss kitin or seth troxler: they have talent but their shows makes me want to go to sleep.

  52. I don’t spit on EDM, I just think there’s not a lot of art and originality in using a formula which impresses people (easy to impress) always with the same thing: “melody/sing-along + are you f*ckin ready to have the time of your liiiiiveee + Drop + fireworks” ahahah! Let’s say this: there’s no culture in nowadays edm, is a spring break stereotype made for GoPro, selfie sticks and social networks. And I’m totally ok with that, everybody can do whatever he wants. I’m ok if there’s an end show, it’s like a great party, I think I’ll have fun. I’m ok with the party arena, the name says it all. But if we are talking about music we can’t compare this kind of edm with actual music performances or real dj sets 🙂

  53. You’re right on one point: actually all EDM looks the same, even the dj’s names are similar (bassjackers and blasterjaxx)…
    When I listen BlasterJaxx I have the impression of being in a fairground in the bumper cars.
    But when you play in front of 40,000 people, the music becomes much simpler.

    I think in all music styles, there is a repetitive aspect but what I like to sziget is that you can switch from one style to another.

  54. I can understand the point between “real rock band” and EDM act, but, you just cant compare these two. Yes, you can, but its pointless.

    IN my point of view, Sziget as many others are FESTivals, there peolple are having fun, and EDM like Eddie descripes, yes its simple for “DJ, but god damn if people are loving it, and having a plast, why not?

    And I think coment like “tent will be rocking I imagine but I really hate Pendulum so will avoid at all costs!” is kind of stupid, cos if tent is rocking, theres good atmosphere and wibe, why avoid it just for principle?

    I really loved killers, muse etc as final act, but Guetta and Harris = different but very doog end show partys so far.

    Haters will hate, but Sziget is for loving, so i hope everyone who are coming will enjoy their trip and having fun, maybe even find something new points of view music-wise, and at leqast meet some great people, come on, its the one of the greatest place of the worls, island of freedom – home a far away from home 🙂

    Enjoy your festival people, see you at Zen Cafe, i Will buy you beer, cheers 8y)

  55. Excited now:). Not long till it all kicks off in sunny Budapest. Let’s get this forum buzzing again. Did anyone see the dancing with drones video posted by official- looks amazing. When are people arriving in Budapest. I’m there from the 6th, your find me hitting the culture, spas and Ruin bars before the 10th

  56. @Ben: You could go to the cinetrip sparty the 8th. I was there in 2012 it was great.

  57. Alright, can anyone tell me which acts from the circus are a total MUST? I’ve seen some names here and there but I did not remember them.

  58. To be fair I haven’t criticised Sziget for having EDM acts. The dance line up is really diverse and has something for anyone who’s in to electronic music. EDM sells tickets and it’s fair enough that they’ve booked quite a few guys from that ‘genre’. I just personally dislike the music. Just because it creates a good party, doesn’t mean it stimulates me in the way other music does. The crowd at Colosseum will be much more my kind of crowd than the EDM crowd. Knife Party clash with someone I want to see (I don’t remember who) so I won’t be watching them. I went to see them at a festival before when no one else was on, so it’s not like I’d completely refuse to watch them, but if there’s any viable alternative I’ll take it!

  59. The circus stage last year was
    One of my two
    Hits. We watched the headline circus and it rocked. I’m planning to do the same this year and make the headliner circus a
    Must see, may drift in earlier In the day as well.

    The other surprise hit was the opera
    So I’m gonna try and see that as well.

    The luminarium is worth a visit.

    The world
    Music area
    Used to be amazing but I’m not sure it will have the same atmosphere where they have moved it to as there no longer a hill to chill out on.

  60. @ SzigetLover : I’ve never compared rock bands to edm acts, and I never said Sziget shouldn’t have edm or any other genre of music ahah. I said that I’ll enjoy the end party and maybe some other edm act. I was just saying my opinion about contemporary edm, which I think became too relevant in music industry nowadays despite having no originality or culture 🙂

  61. Fair enough 🙂 Maybe i didnt comment directly to your comments, but summed too much previous comments and “whining” about everything. I hope and believe that everyone gonna have great and amazinf week, see you there you all!

  62. i wouldn’t ban edm from the whole festival, but they shouldn’t ever play the main stage. i really don’t care how many sheep people like them. a festival should stand up and protect real live music, not just follow the commercial trends. you will never see avicii or guetta headline glastonbury or coachella.

  63. I think that EDM is not a threat for “real music”. It is evolution.
    The problem is that they (they = people in general) care less then they do in real music about technicism and ability, so if we want the “standard big name” for “real music” nowadays we think about Imagine Dragons, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Blur and it goes on: people who has good musical skills and does a good show which doesn’t depend only on visual effect. Instead, if we think about the “standard big name” for EDM we think about David Guetta, Calvin Harris, the “new” Tiesto – maybe some of ’em are good producer, but they are bad showmen (and I repeat, visual effect doesn’t count) and most of them plays pre-fabricated music (my mind goes to Garrix).

    The real problem, as always, is the lack of interesting by the people, this time in hearing good music who sends true messages and gives true vibes, other than the only drop of the bass.

    Thinking of the Sziget this year, and the EDM querelle, we got some good and some bad situations:
    – Very very good are those band who plays EDM by live, like Rudimental, Sigma, partially Gramatik or Infected Mushrooms. This kind of miscellaneous should be the true innovation in music, IMHO.
    – Good DJs with their live set, and I think of course to Trance/Deep House producer like Apollonia, Dixon or Ellen Allien, but also to the Hospitality Party, Dj Marky or C2C
    – Bad situation with the Party Arena which has monopolized the “Big Room / House Situation” with DJs like Nervo or Blasterjaxx. The only good producer I found in there are Oliver Heldens and W&W which seems to me have a little capacity in producing House (nothing really impressing, tho)
    – Tremendous situation on the Main Stage with Major Lazer (I respect Diplo as a producer, but their shows seems so… plastic, to me), even worse thinking about Avicii and Garrix: to me they are the true problems of music nowaday, a real cancer.

    Of course, everything is IMHO

  64. good monday everybody. Yeah, avicii or guetta wold never headline coachella or glasto, that’s why those festivals keep having such credibility. The fact is that Djing is becoming a very popular thing, if we talck about edm. It’s not underground anymore, like techno etc. A lot of people = a lot of money for the organizers.

    Anyway, I’ve come here to ask something totally different 🙂 some weeks ago I remember I read somewhere on sziget’s website or facebook page that on the island where there are proper bathrooms thare are also proper sinks. With drinkable water, so you can fill your bottles etc.. can someone confirm this? Are there on the island this points where you can drink and fill your bottles with water without buying water at the bars/restaurants?

  65. Tiesto headlined Coachella when I went and he’s not far off these days.

    Anyway, my only complaint with the electronic music at Sziget this year is that the big dance main stage names are all poppy. Faithless, Underworld, Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy all touring this year and they couldn’t even get one of them? Avicii and Martin Garrix should be an either/or situation. Book one of them, you don’t need both. What you have in reality is two guys who play exactly the same type of music in exactly the same way filling two headline slots. It’s just uninspiring. Major Lazer at least are a different style, even if they’re still quite mainstream (and if you read up about Diplo’s relationship with MIA it’s pretty disgraceful that he’s producing mainstream music really).

  66. Last time Tiesto played is gig at Coachella was in 2010 if I remember well and Headliner was Jay Z, Muse and Gorillaz. It is actually true that he was one of the major artist, of course. And anyway, what he was in 2010 is not NOT NOT NOT what he is nowaday, Trance and Big Room are different stuff.

    Also, funny fact: Garrix won’t perform Coachella, he will go there as a visitor (just saying how different are stuff between those two festivals), instead they will have AC/DC, Jack White and Drake as headliners (and ‘cept for AC/DC, I’m not that much excited about it). Also, always to speak the truth, most of the sub-headliner of Coachella will perform at Sziget this year; just few names: Interpol, Alesso, Nero, alt-J, SBTRKT, Tyler the Creator, Florence + the Machine, Marina & The Diamonds. There will also perform, on the same level: Tame Impala, Alabama Shakes, Steely Dan, Caribou, Bad Religion, War on Drugs, Brand New, Madeon, Stromae, Kygo.

    In conclusion: this year Sziget didn’t call small name at all (maybe they did compared to the last year), they just aren’t the good names.
    Let’s image:
    Asaf Avidan -> Tame Impala
    The Script -> Caribou
    The Horrors -> War on Drugs
    The Ting Tings -> Brand New
    Ellie Goulding -> Stromae
    Marina & The Diamonds -> Bad Religion
    Martin Garrix -> Chemical Brothers
    For sure now we would talk about one of the best edition of sziget, assuming it is only line up (and it ain’t).

  67. Tiesto did close the main stage at Coachella that year. I was there so I should probably know 😉

  68. Tiesto did not headline -_- The headliner is not always the last performer on the stage. Take a look at Benicassim, or other places, where the weather is very hot (like Exit, Coachella), there could be more bands playing after the headliner.

  69. At the same time as Tiesto there was the Dead Weather, Devo and 2manydjs on other stages, so it’s not like there was a lack of choice. The clashes at that festival were insane. That line up was easily the best I’ve ever seen.

    I saw part or all of Devo, 2manydjs, Muse, MGMT, Faith No More, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, The Temper Trap, Portugal. the Man, Porcupine Tree and Frank Turner on that day alone and missed The xx, Hot Chip, Flying Lotus, Major Lazer and David Guetta.

    On the Friday I saw Vampire Weekend, Deadmau5, The Specials, LCD Soundsystem, Them Crooked Vultures, Yeasayer, Benny Benassi and missed Public Image Ltd, Jay Z and Fever Ray.

    But it was the Sunday that was really special; Gorillaz, Thom Yorke, Phoenix, Orbital, Miike Snow, Jonsi and Rusko. The best day of music I’ve seen at a festival and I missed Florence, Sunny Day Real Estate, Infected Mushroom, Plastikman, Julian Casablancas, Pavement and Sly Stone. Absolute madness!

  70. @drone- were Avicii or Garrix announced as headliners? I’ve never seen them described as such. The only three acts I’ve seen announced as headliners this year are Robbie, Florence and Kings of Leon, and those are the three on the top line on the website. I don’t think Sziget books ‘headliners’ on all seven days. They don’t label them as headliners and there doesn’t appear to be an ordered poster this year to make it clear what they’re actually thinking.

  71. IMHO, looking for an headliner for each day, we can choose it from the last two act of the day.
    So I guess:
    Robbie Williams
    Florence + The Machine
    Ellie Goulding
    Kings of Leon
    Martin Garrix.

    There could be some question about Ellie Goulding or Foals, Avicii or Kasabian, but not for other stuff. I guess that the confusional way with which Sziget choose artists make impossible to them to select 7 headliners.

  72. @Eddie

    who was talking about sziget headliners? you said tiesto headlined coachella, which is simply not true. coachella always announces its 3 headliners, tiesto was not one of them


    I agree, maybe limp bizkit is meant to be a headliner too (though i don’t know which option is worse, but the bizkit/garrix combo really is a shame)

  73. I don’t think that Bizkit are a shame. For sure they are old nowaday and they don’t make a succesfull track from years, but they are still story.

    Even so, they don’t headline: Garrix is growing so fast he will be consider at the same level of Harris, Hardwell, Guetta (blabla) in a year or so. He’s headlining, sadly.

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