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Baskerville @ Sziget again!

Some cool new names have been posted on the Sziget Italy official Facebook.

First of all, there’s Baskerville, returning to Sziget this year. Then, we have Dorian Concept, Hudson Mohawke and Overflow.

On the speculation side, our friends still hope for Foo Fighters, since they’re on the bill for PukkelPop on August 18. So are Offspring and Eminem…

32 thoughts on “Baskerville @ Sziget again!

  1. The Prodigy are still possible as well.. right? They’ve no concert dates planned for august 11th and 12th! or will there only be one electro headliner (chemical brothers)?

  2. what about My Chemical Romance and Blink 182, they are also in euro tours this summer… ?

  3. Cheers! Spotify Playlist updated.

    I’d be really happy with Foo Fighters, The Offspring and Eminem. Also, I’m desperately hoping for Mumford and Sons and another big electronic headliner …dreamin’ of Pendulum… or Daftpunk…

    Not so keen on Prodigy however, since they pretty much sucked in 2009 when they’ve literally been wiped away acoustically by Pendulum!

    Sadly, the last big announcement round included many acts for the mainstage which I personally don’t consider to fit into the Stage’s shoes….

  4. Am i the only one who doesnt give a fuck about Foo Fighters? And i wouldnt be that happy about Offspring and Eminem either.

    I hope for Mumford and Sons too tho!

  5. Dulco, it seems yes, you are. FF played in Hungary only once (1997) and we’ve been waiting for them since. They are one of the biggest rock band right now as their new album is No. 1 everywhere.

    It is just so confusing that no one knows something sure. They’ll do a lot of European festival, so there is a chance for us too. I know they’ll go back to Chicago for Lollapalooza, but Deftones will do that too, so it’s still possible.

    I’ve read here somewere that Gerendai had said something about FF and Kings of Leon. Well, until I don’t see any confirming link, I don’t belive it’s underdog.

  6. Foo Fighters will not come, as Karoly Gerendai said: Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon will not be at this year´s Sziget. Pendulum is at VOLT as well with MCR, Blink 182 canceled their shows for this year because they could not finish their new album on time.
    And I hope The Offspring really wont come.. Mumford would be amazing.

  7. so.. what possible 2 headliners leaves that for us? The Prodigy and Red Hot Chili Peppers? Radiohead maybe?

  8. You can read it somewhere in the comments on this page, I have no idea where it was, somewhere between these news. Try to check those news about rumours and stuff 🙂

    Coldplay is possible, The Kooks are possible, The Strokes and so on.

  9. “Last year Gerendai said that Muse wouldn’t come and they came!”

    That’s the kind of thing I needed to hear. 🙂

  10. I saw The Offspring at Huntepop a year ago and it was very disappointing so I hope they won’t come.. What happened with the rumours about Linkin Park??

  11. If the Foo Fighters wont come,Sziget still be cool,but without them – festival would fucked up,cause Foo Fighters are on their best spirit,than they ever was before)So still hope for them to come)

  12. If it is true that Gerendai said that FF won’t come, there are three options: 1. Sziget doesn’t want FF, 2. Sziget can’t afford FF or 3. FF doesn’t want to play at Sziget. I think the third option is the most plausible.

    Looking at this website, the Szigetfestival Facebook page and some other forums, I think FF is the band most asked for by the Sziget audience. With so many people asking for FF, I can’t imagine Sziget would not try to book them.

    It could be a matter of money, but I think not… If they were able to get a big act like Muse last year, then why not FF this year?

    Usually FF only tours in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Western-European countries. According to their page they’ve performed only seven times in other countries, namely Russia (2005), Turkey (2005 and 2000), Brazil (2001), Poland (1996), Czech Republic (1995) and Hungary (Sziget back in 1997).

    Why FF seems not so much interested in performing in the other countries is a big question. I think their management is only interested in shows in the countries where they can sell a lot: countries with many people and/or a high income. That’s why I think FF (or actually their management) doesn’t want to come to Sziget.

    This year FF will be playing in Poland for the first time since 1996. But Poland is one of the biggest countries in Europe and therefore probably interesting enough for the management. I think Hungary is not, although we all know Sziget is much more an international than a Hungarian festival. So I guess it is up to us to let FF know how big and international Sziget is and that they should come to Sziget soon.

  13. Foo Fighters in Poland? Really? I can’t see that anywhere.

    I wonder when the last announcement will be, it would be good to know the complete lineup.

  14. I think it was Sziget Italy who hinted that Foo Fighters asked for WAY too much money and that Sziget couldn’t afford to pay them…

  15. @mellowmaniac
    It could be a combination of option 2 and 3 as well. If FF (or the management) asks for WAY too much money, it could mean they only want to play in Hungary for a very high fee (but rather not).

  16. Mellowmaniac, yeah, i’ve read that hint too.

    Whatever, i still think they’re overrated.

  17. Foo Fighters are an amazing live band (everything else is a matter of taste), but I personally prefer if the organizers invest the money in many excellent smaller and medium sized bands instead of one or few very expensive headliners and then not being able to book as many international bands anymore… 😉

  18. A fan of Sziget Italia asked for a hint and he got as a reply “vroom vroom” (the noise of the car :D).

    I cant come up with anything. I thought about motorhead but theyre already in the lineup so…

  19. haha scooter are in finland on the 6th 😉 i think that would be brilliant if the played sziget

  20. anybody know about system of the down? they are touring in europe?……is it possible to come to sziget?

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