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Bastille live at Sziget 2014 – full show

The full Bastille show at Sziget 2014 is now available to watch online.

Thanks to the Sziget organizers, you can check out Bastille’s performance at this year’s festival in full.

Whether you’ve missed them, weren’t able to get to Sziget, or you just want to remember how good it was, you can do so by clicking the play button below.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the full Bastille show below!

7 thoughts on “Bastille live at Sziget 2014 – full show

  1. Blur were announced on December 15th for Sziget 2013 but this year we had to wait until late January for the first names… Some festivals happening in June have already announced a few acts as Foo Fighters and Slipknot. Btw expect FF doing lots of european festivals next summer… who knows 😉

  2. I think Sziget organizers will do their max to get Foo Fighters if FF is touring in August in Europe:
    – Hungarian fans really want to see FF
    – Sziget tried several times to bring them

  3. Is Sziget rich enough to bring both FF and Muse (my dream)?
    I hope Noel Gallagher as a sub-headliner (before an electronic act why not)… and if Flume and M83 are announced for the A38 i’ll buy the ticket right away!!

  4. I’ve just read on Festileaks rumours about Linkin Park being tied to Lowlands and Pukklepop (and Germany before that). Is that a kind of band Sziget would book? and how are they live?

  5. Foo Fighters are in Europe in June so I think it’s very difficult to have them. Hope to see Muse back to the Island after 2010!

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