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Bingo Players at Sziget 2013

Bingo Players is the latest name added to the Sziget 2013 line up.
The Dutch act will entertain you at the Sziget 2013 Arena on August 6, or Day Zero, if you will.

The news has been announced on the official Facebook pages.

Bingo Players

(thanks go to murczey and FAB)

10 thoughts on “Bingo Players at Sziget 2013

  1. Saw them at wireless a few weeks ago and they were so good I say them it was just one guy but as a dj set goes it was so good had everyone going for it!

  2. Not really and it probably won’t be announced. Prices are probably going to be around the same level as last year. If I remember correctly they were: (converted prices)
    Beer (0.5l): E2,10
    Large slice of pizza: E2,00
    Snacks (pita gyros, sandwiches, hotdogs etc) E2,00 – 3,00
    Meals: 7-8 euro
    Buckets of cocktail: 8-10 euro

  3. No, but you are free to try 🙂 If you hide it in your bags on arrival, they’ll probably won’t find it.

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