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And the Campfire Stage winners are… + Black Sun Empire self-confirmed

The Sziget Campfire stage winners have been announced a little while ago.

If you’ve entered, you can check out the page and see if you’ve won and if you didn’t, you can get an idea about what’s worth checking out.

In other news, another self-confirmation – Black Sun Empire.

The date mentioned on Giga Tools is August 17.

(thanks go to SkaPanda!)

60 thoughts on “And the Campfire Stage winners are… + Black Sun Empire self-confirmed

  1. Sziget Italia said they’re translating the press release with the new names for tomorrow. So the new names are almost out. Now I guess john doe or Blast can give us some hints 🙂

  2. Ahh yeah, Black sun Empire!!! More Dnb: Mefjus, Teddy Killerz, Neosignal, Memtrix, Joe Ford, Rockwell, Carvar & Clock etc

    And this time on a stage where the music can play on normal a volume. Dont get me wrong noisia is one of the greatest DnB artist, but their performance on Sziget last year was crappy due to the low volume restrictions after 3am.

  3. So we got something like Royal Blood, Nutini, The Kills or Kelis, Paul Kalkbrenner?, bloody beetroots?

  4. K*l*s could be Killers as well. their tour schedule is more adapted for Sziget dates, so just guessing 🙂

  5. its gonna be f** kelis 🙁 she plays pukkelpop, the kills arent touring in august 🙁

  6. Madness ? The Bloody Beetroots ? Kelis ? Leningrad ? Band of Skulls ? Triggerfinger ? Deniz Koyu ? Thomas Gold ? Quentin Mosimann ? Black Sun Empire ? INVSN

  7. Have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much today because the line up so far is pretty good but that announcement is terrible. Think the budget has been completely wiped with day -1 & 0.

  8. Bloody Beetroots is a great announcement. Rest is totally ‘meh’… That said, it’s a stellar lineup already, so whatever else comes is a bonus.

  9. @ Joe. you must be kidding. Madness, The Bloody Beetroots, Leningrad, Band of Skulls, Triggerfinger and INVSN are all great!

  10. Shit announcement. Who cares about kelis and madness?

    But yes, the lineup is already worth the money.

  11. ^ You certainly don’t, but me and many others do. Just shut up if you don’t like it. AWESOME NEWS TODAY!

  12. Madness are not headliners. They play the 16th before The Prodigy.
    The Bloody Beetroots play the 12th, this means they are in A38 Stage. 12th’ll the best day for sure!
    Kelis will play the 15th. This means on the Main Stage we have her, CeeLo Green and Manic Street Preachers. None of this is big enough to headline. Can we still hope for another headliner?

  13. I don’t think there will be a new headliner for the friday. Ce Loo, Kelis, and MSP could all be a co-head, and if we would get a headliner, one of them would have to play at around 3pm.

    So I think most probably Kelis will headline, but who knows…

  14. @ Bender – Where did you see dates/times for Madness/Kelis? Potentially 2/3 more announcements before it starts. Headliner for the

  15. @ Bender – Where did you see dates/times for Madness/Kelis? Potentially 2/3 more announcements before it starts. Headliner for the 15th is still possible but going by the past few festivals it would be no suprise if one of the above got bumped to headline (Mika last year)

  16. Anyway if one of them will be the “forced headliner” of this year I think it’ll be CeeLo Green. Sziget puts the headliners first in the announcements and this time Kelis is only the third name. Before here there were Bloody Beetroots and Madness that are non-headliners for sure, while CeeLo Green was the second name in Blink 182 announcement.

  17. Ops, I missed that Die Fantastischen Vier play on the Main Stage so we’re full for the 15th. Weakest day.

  18. @Noeliam I saw Bloody Beetroots Live (not dj set) and I can say it has been one of the best concerts of my life! They deserve a Main stage spot! Pogo and moshpit for one hour!

  19. @ marcu
    The Bloody Beetroots are great, but everytime they played at sziget or balaton they have been in A38 or smaller stage. I think their music works better in the A38 environment

  20. The Bloody Beetroots! Hell Yeah! Having to tear myself away from their gig at A38 to catch Motorhead on the metal stage was the most torn I ever felt at Sziget. Incredible live! 😀

    (Lemmy didn’t disappoint tho’ 😉 )

  21. Just listened to their album HIDE and it’s really amazing!!! They’ll be on the A-38 after Deadmau5 I guess? if there’s that clash i’ll kill myself!

  22. Surely Manic Street Preachers would be the Friday headliner?

    Sziget’s facebook posted that more is to be announced, can’t believe how awesome day -1 and day 0 are shaping up to be.

    Thursday looks terrible

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