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iLL SkiLL Squad Sziget documentary in the works (video)

As you may remember, iLL SkiLL Squad performed at Sziget last year. Now, they’re working on a documentary that shows their experience at Sziget 2012. As we found out from them, the documentary will be a short one – around 15 minutes. It will cover the whole Sziget journey: the Vice train where a few of them were DJ-ing and the whole week at Sziget, both performing every day as well as partying. Basically, this documentary shows the Sziget experience through the eyes of iLL SkiLL Squad, which could be a pretty cool perspective on things. They are are planning to release it around June/July

Watch the Sziget 2012 Aftermovie!

Miss Sziget 2012? Well, this could do a bit to ease your pain. The Sziget 2012 aftermovie is ready and posted. That’s right. over 7 minutes, as a conclusion to this summer’s week of fun. And who knows, maybe you can spot each other in it. Anyway, the organizers have posted it and you can watch it below, too. Enjoy!

Sziget 2012 photo memories

Sziget 2014

Here are some of our photo memories from Sziget 2012. The pictures are also in this Facebook photo album, so feel free to tag yourself if we've caught you on camera! Enjoy!

Sziget 2012 over – Day 5 pictures

Sziget 2012 is now history. It was an edition that turned out pretty good, especially since, as our lineup poll said, too, the lineup wasn't to everyone's expectations. As always, the last day had something sad in it, but that didn't mean there weren't some great performances. Everybody had tons of fun with bands like Mando Diao and The Killers - on the Main Stage, Goran Bregovic and his Wedding and Funeral Orchestra, Fanfara Ciocarlia, Leningrad or Rotfront on the World Music Stage, or Karen Caroll at the Blues Pub. Not to mention Amon Amarth and Magnetic Man at the Arena. Another Sziget wraps up,

Sziget 2012 Day 4 pictures

sziget 2013 line up

A great day 4 at Sziget 2012, with performances by the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, Sum 41 and Snoop Dogg at the Main Stage. Those choosing to go to the World Music Stage had a night to remember, with The Pogues playing an incredible set there. It was all tons of fun on the island, even if the weather was colder than everybody is used to during Sziget Festival. Cold's probably better than way too hot, isn't it? Either way, today is the last day. After today, Sziget Festival 2012 wraps things up and we all go home, waiting for next year. So, we

Sziget 2012 Day 3 pictures on Facebook

August 10 was a full day at Sziget 2012, with performances by acts such as The XX and The Stone Roses on the Sziget main stage. The A38 had a lot to offer, too. Those that decided to go there could see Agnes Obel playing a superb show, as well as move along with Bebel Gilberto and her band. We also got to the Giant Street Theatre, were Compagnie Pipotal was doing its usual performance of their show Basculoscopia. Just remember that, due to the noise from the Main Stage, it starts at 11 pm every night, not 10 pm, as the Sziget

Sziget 2012 YouTube video streaming August 11

August 11 brings some more great performances The concerts can be watched live on the official Sziget YouTube channel. Here’s the schedule: 5:15 PM Sergent Garcia OTP Bank World Music Stage   6:00 PM Two Door Cinema Club Pop-Rock Main Stage   6:00 PM Carbonfools A38 Stage   7:45 PM SUM 41 Pop-Rock Main Stage   7:45 PM Molotov OTP Bank World Music Stage   7:50 PM Fink A38 Stage   9:40 PM Katzenjammer A38 Stage

Day 1 pictures & Sziget 2012 video streaming on August 9


In case you missed the first "real" day of Sziget 2012, you should know that there were quite a few things to see, starting with the incredible Amsterdam Klezmer Band at the OTP World Music Party Stage, or Anna Calvi,  dEUS and Ministry at the A38. And if you chose the  Main Stage, you had no reason to be disappointed, with Placebo and Hurts just two of the names playing. A great Sziget day, indeed. Check out some pictures from it in the gallery at the bottom of this article. On the other hand, if you're watching Sziget from home, on YouTube, here's