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Your Sziget Festival 2009

Sziget starts today and, as it did last year, Sziget News wants your opinions, accounts, images, videos and whatever else you think is important about this year's festival. Feel free to send anything you feel is important to contact (at), via the contact form on the site or in a comment. All your accounts will be published.

Festival Memories #8

Our user Emanuele has sent us her account of this year's Festival. sziget is sziget, ok!? but u must admit this one wasn’t so good respect other past years… I think everyone enjoyed their staying on the island, but if the organizer wouldn’t have said “less days for a stronger program” there wouldn’t have been so many people disapointed.. the main problem was about the main stag, i think…but i don’t want to spend other words…. maybe just one name between Metallica and Rage Against The Machine would have changed many things………

Festival Memories #7

Sziget has been over for two weeks now, but your Sziget accounts keep on coming to Keep them coming through the contact section, or via comment. Here's the latest we received, from Szigetnews friend Kevin:  Sziget was good as always, but it was better the last couple of years… Prices have gone up extremely over the last two years. Line-up was a nice 90ies-feel line-up, but we’re living 10 years later... Two friends of mine were robbed. Both were sleepinh in there tents when people came into their tents to get stuff out! That’s not your own fault! Don’t know if I’ll go again.

Festival memories #5

Our reader szigetist has shared his very enthusiastic memories with us. Here they are. "Great festival, nice people, affordable food and drinks, great weather, uninspiring line-up on the main stage, but the rest was great (parov stelar, vitalic, justice,...) and party 24/7, all in all the best festival i've ever been to!!!"

Festival memories #4

Szigetnews friend Michael has sent us his account of this year's Festival. Here it is:   "Great festival, as has been said carl cox and pendulum cancelling was a joke as was the whole dance set up a.k.a no one knowing when anyone was on. IMO Digweed more than made up for Cox,think there could be room for improvement dance music wise anyway. Everything else was top notch, had to drag myself away from the world music stage a few times it was so good. Good few of my friends had stuff stolen, but thats not the organisers fault. Thanks to Hungary and the good people at sziget

Festival memories #2

Looks like the festival wasn't that great for some of our readers. Here's Niall Cleary's opinion: " what a load of rubbish!!!pendulum and carl cox cancelling, justice playin at 12 pm, campsites un-safe and the mood at this years festival was nothing on previous years..yes maiden rocked and REM surprised but seriously the organizers have to take a long hard look at improving next years line-up. apparently 5 days meant a stronger line-up...not convinced at all...wont be telling any stories of praise upon returning home" Our reader gianpiero wants the festival to return to its usual 7-day format, and also wants "a

Festival memories

Our reader Jane sent us her impressions of this year's Sziget Festival. "I had a BRILLIANT time at Sziget 2008.! Even though I had my camera stolen while I was trying to get close to the stage with balloon flowers for The Kooks! I will definately be going again next year. If anyone has any pictures of my balloon flowers I would love to see them. Thanks so much all at Sziget!!!!!"