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Die Ärzte, Hadouken! & more for Sziget 2013 (unofficial)

UPDATE: according to one of our friends, that has seen the info on a Sziget Facebook group (and wishes to remain anonymous), the full announcement includes four more names (for a total of 11) and will be made tomorrow afternoon, if everything goes according to plan. The info, he says, has been deleted since. A new batch of names for Sziget 2013 has made its appearance on Fesztivalok Varosa, a website that was never wrong when it came to Sziget announcements. According to them, the new batch of names to be announced is as follows: Die Ärzte (D) Azealia Banks (US) Boyz Noise (D) Deichkind (D) Hadouken!

Sziget 2012 over – Day 5 pictures

Sziget 2012 is now history. It was an edition that turned out pretty good, especially since, as our lineup poll said, too, the lineup wasn't to everyone's expectations. As always, the last day had something sad in it, but that didn't mean there weren't some great performances. Everybody had tons of fun with bands like Mando Diao and The Killers - on the Main Stage, Goran Bregovic and his Wedding and Funeral Orchestra, Fanfara Ciocarlia, Leningrad or Rotfront on the World Music Stage, or Karen Caroll at the Blues Pub. Not to mention Amon Amarth and Magnetic Man at the Arena. Another Sziget wraps up,

Snoop Dogg announces “reincarnation” as Snoop Lion

We told you a few days ago about one of this year’s Sziget stars - Snoop Dogg’s new single and future album. It was supposed to be released under the pseudonym Snoop Lion and be a reggae album. Well, it would seem that things go much further than just a new reggae album. Snoop Dogg has decided to go all the way, and was christened Snoop Lion by a Rastafarian priest when going to Jamaica. He has decided to "bury" Snoop Dogg and become Snoop Lion. We don't know if this is permanent, but we'll all see, won't we? If you don’t believe us,

Snoop Dogg’s (or Snoop Lion’s) new single

Snoop Dogg, one of Sziget 2012’s headliners, has released a new single, off his future album, called Reincarnated. Nothing new so far. Except for the fact that the single (called “La La La”) is under the pseudonym Snoop Lion. And there’s more: it’s a reggae song and it’s produced by Major Lazer. It will be interesting to see how this new music will sound on the Sziget 2012 Main Stage. Anyway, you can listen to the new track below and tell everyone what you think.

Two more Sziget 2012 playlists

UPDATE: 566 tracks in lambo's playlist, actually. UPDATE: lambo also has a Spotify playlist, including 392 tracks. Check it out here. We wrote, a few days ag, about the Sziget 2012 playlist our friend Dreher has created on Spotify. Some of you told us that Spotify was not available in their countries and, at the same time, we were told that other playlist were being created. So why not check them out, too? There’s a Deezer one, created by BeMayer. It includes 288 tracks by tons of artists playing Sziget 2012. the_belette has created a playlist on GrooveShark. It includes 95 songs. They’re both well worth checking

The best British acts of Sziget 2012…

…at least in the Virgin blog’s view. In case you still need to discover some of the acts playing Sziget 2012, the Virgin blog features a very interesting article. It’s a presentation of some of the best British acts playing Sziget 2012, and you might want to check it out. Among the artists they recommend are Anna Calvi and The Stone Roses. You can check it out right here.

Tankcsapda @ Sziget 2012

Another name is confirmed, and this time it’s one that usually plays Sziget. We’re talking about legendary Hungarian band Tankcsapda, set to play the Main Stage on August 9, according to the official Sziget site for the UK. The site lists them as playing on Thursday at 19:45, right before Korn. That same site has Friendly Fires moved to the A38, on the same day. (thanks, Balint!)

More Hungarian names

A lot of new Hungarian names have self-confirmed their presence at Sziget 2012. Most of them are names that are known to the Sziget fans. Still, good to know. We’re talking about Zagar – their presence is mentioned on their website. August 12 is the date. Then, Jay Lumen’s MySpace mentions Sziget on August 9. Chris Ronsson also mentions Sziget on August 9 on his Facebook, while Igor Do’urden will be at Sziget on August 10. Last but not least, Sikztah will also play Sziget 2012 on August 10. (thanks go to Rascal!)