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Sziget 2016 Official Aftermovie

Sziget Festival 2016 official aftermovie

Christmas is at our doorstep, which makes summer feel like an oh-so-distant memory. But Sziget is here to bring back at least a bit of the sunshine of summers past: the official aftermovie of the 2016 Sziget Festival is here. Sziget has sure taken its sweet time to release it, but you know what they say: better late than never. Behold: Aside from this short film trying to cram seven days of Sziget feeling into eight short minutes, Sziget has also released an official Sziget Viber sticker pack that can be downloaded from here. You can also join the public Sziget

Sziget Memories: Enter Shikari Live at Sziget 2015

enter shikari For those who were unable to attend Enter Shikari's performance at Sziget 2015, or want to re-live the excitement of the concert, Sziget has uploaded the complete event to YouTube. Enjoy. Track list: 00:00 – The Appeal & The Mindsweep 04:25 – Destabilise 09:30 - Sorry You’re Not A Winner 15:05 - The Last Garrison 22:05 – Juggernauts 25:24 – Myopia 31:42 - Torn Apart 36:48 - The Paddington Frisk 38:59 - There’s A Price On Your Head 42:32 – Slipshod 45:08 - Anaesthetis 49:28 - Gandhi Mate, Gandhi The organizer has once again confirmed that the special tickets for Sziget 2016 are going on sale this month, so stay tuned. (Photo credit: WikiPedia)

Sziget 2015 Memories: Martin Garrix’s Live Set Complete

Martin Garrix @ Sziget 2015

19 year old Dutch DJ Martin Garrix was the closing act of this year's Sziget Festival. He was so much caught up in the Sziget feeling that after concluding with the End Show, he refused to accept that it was over. He concluded his show at Sziget with a 90 minute "backstage" show for his friends and the workers still there, while it was pouring. For those who were unable to attend the festival on Sunday, or want to relive the closing moments of this year's Sziget Festival, here is the complete Martin Garrix end show. About the DJ Martijn Garritsen (known by his

Record Breaking Attendance at Sziget 2015

Sziget Festival 2015

The Island of Freedom has closed its gates on Sunday night (or Monday morning, depending on how you count the days). This was the 23rd edition of the festival, and it has broken every record on daily and weekly attendance. During the week-long event the number of visitors exceeded 441,000, coming from all over the world. The top ten countries where visitors have come from includes the Netherlands, the UK, France, but also Australia, with more than 1,000 visitors coming from Down Under. But the organizers recorded visitors from Botswana, Ecuador, the Cayman Islands and Guadalupe as well - a total

Sziget fun from Alex

Now that Sziget 2009 is over, we can all remember the fun we've had here on Sziget News. Alex was the first one to send us a few pictures he took this year. Enjoy! Remember that you can send us your festival memories & pictures via email - contact (at) (replace (at) with @), using the contact section of the site or just by posting a comment. Click on "read more" to see al the pictures Alex has sent. 1031

Your Sziget Festival 2009

Sziget starts today and, as it did last year, Sziget News wants your opinions, accounts, images, videos and whatever else you think is important about this year's festival. Feel free to send anything you feel is important to contact (at), via the contact form on the site or in a comment. All your accounts will be published.

Festival Memories #7

Sziget has been over for two weeks now, but your Sziget accounts keep on coming to Keep them coming through the contact section, or via comment. Here's the latest we received, from Szigetnews friend Kevin:  Sziget was good as always, but it was better the last couple of years… Prices have gone up extremely over the last two years. Line-up was a nice 90ies-feel line-up, but we’re living 10 years later... Two friends of mine were robbed. Both were sleepinh in there tents when people came into their tents to get stuff out! That’s not your own fault! Don’t know if I’ll go again.