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Hudaki, Klezmofobia self-confirmed for Sziget 2010

A few more interesting acts have confirmed their presence at this year's Sziget Festival via their websites or MySpace pages. First, there's Hudaki, from Nizhne Selyshe, Ukraine. Their presence is confirmed on their official website and you can check out their MySpace for a few songs. They play great traditional music, straight from the Carpathians! Then, there's Klezmofobia, a band that calls its music "New York Klezmer". Their presence is confirmed on the Klezmofobia official website. Also self confirmed on their MySpace pages are two Hungarian acts, Gyongyi Salla (for August 12) and Dalkloid Sound (August 13) (thanks, chudo_pahan)

Revelstone confirmed for the Rock Stage

Another day, another confirmation. Revelstone, a very interesting band with its HQ in Pecs, Hungary, will play the Rock Stage. They are quite a multicultural act, since the lead singer is Canadian, the guitar and bass players are Norwegians, the drummer comes from Israel, the trumpet player from Germany, the violinist from the United States and the female vocals are from Sweden. The date is confirmed on their official MySpace, where you can find more information about them.

Little Cow @ Sziget this year

Thanks to our reader Hugo Renken, we found out that Little Cow, a very interesting Hungarian band, will be at Sziget this year. It is confirmed on their MySpace page (visit it to check out their songs). They will play Sziget on August 13th, starting at 23:00 hours, on the Aranyi Aszok Stage.