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Lord Sassafras, Amadou & Mariam and Woven Hand @ Sziget 2009

The French Sziget site and their Facebook lists another interesting act listed to play Sziget Festival this year - Lord Sassafras. He will play the Roma Tent and is an emblematic character that plays a mix of world music, rock and ethno-techno influences, that he calls "Global Style". More details on his MySpace. UPDATE: also listed on the French site are Amadou et Mariam, a very interesting duo from Mali, that have been around for more than thirty years. Well worth checking out, this is their website. Another announced act (on the French site as well), are Woven Hand, a band that

Who would you like to see at Sziget Festival 2009?

Szigetnews reader Kevin had quite an interesting proposal, in order to make the organizers more aware of what the people that go to Sziget every year want. Here's what he suggested: Let's do a little survey. Everyone give 3 names that you want to see at sziget the most (and that are possible at sziget dates). I'll start. My first name is Metallica, I know that they said that their European tour is over before Sziget but they don't have any plans for that time so I still have some hope. My second name is Limp Bizkit- I don't know why, I

No Hammerworld this year…

The French Sziget Festival official site's stages page only confirms something we all heard in the last few weeks. There will be no metal, or Hammer stage, as it was called, at this year's Sziget Festival. The stage where Avantasia performed in 2008 and bands like Within Temptation, Napalm Death or Hammerfall made their fans happy two years ago will be no more. What do you guys think about this? Is it a good decision? Will it make some people pass on this year's Sziget Festival?

More reggae for Sziget 2009: Tiken Jah Fakoly confirmed

More good news for reggae fans coming to Sziget Festival 2009 - Tiken Jah Fakoly, one of the important artists of African reggae music, has confirmed his presence at the Festival. Tiken Jah Fakoly comes from the Ivory Coast and his music speaks about the injustices done to the people of his country and to people all over Africa. He has been living in exile, especially in Mali, for the last few years and has been declared persona non grata in Senegal for criticizing president Abdoulaye Wade. Tiken Jah's presence at this year's Sziget Festival is officially confirmed on his MySpace.

Guano Apes at Sziget Festival 2009?

We've said it before, and we'll say it as many times as possible - the Szigetnews readers are the best. This time it's Szigetnews reader Mussi that found some very interesting rumors on the Guano Apes message boards. We all knew the band has reunited for a few festival appearances this summer, but what you didn't know is that there are quite a few chances for Sziget Festival to be among these appearances.The news comes from a user's friend, that organizes concerts in Budapest, apparently. Guano Apes have already confirmed Nova Rock and Benatska Noc Festivals. We'll keep you posted as we

Fanfara lui Craciun @ Sziget Festival 2009

We have another confirmed act for this year's Sziget Festival. Fanfara lui Craciun, a very interesting brass band coming from Zece Prajini, a Romanian village close to the Moldavian border, is playing Sziget Festival 2009 on August 16 at 4:00 PM, most certainly at the World Music Stage. Their presence at this year's Sziget Festival is officially confirmed on thier MySpace page.

Less than a month until the festival

Is your backpack ready? Have you bought the tickets? Have you thought about the acts you really want to see? Are these acts overlapping? And if so, which ones and who are you going to choose? How about accommodation? Is staying on the festival grounds in the tent better than living in the city? Szigetnews wants to know what you think about all of this and more! So feel free to post a comment and tell everybody!

Budapest mayor doesn’t think Sziget should use location for free

Budapest Mayor Gabor Demszky has vetoed the Budapest Assembly cityscape comitee's decision made last month to allow the Sziget Festival to use public areas free of charge for three years, according to Committee chairman Attila Ughy has said that the agreement was signed with the festival, and the city could be sued if anyone attempts to break it. Still, the mayor's decision does not affect this year's event. Ughy also said that the Mayor's letter did not clearly state whether Demszky objected to the three-year permit or whether his decision also extended to the upcoming Sziget festival. The Mayor's office answered that