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Sziget Festival on MTV Live HD

MTV Live HD will be broadcasting some Sziget Festival 2011 gigs, in case you want to remember the wonderful Sziget mood. Included so far are Sziget Festival performances from White Lies, La Roux, Interpol, as well as Kasabian (pictured). If you are lucky enough to live in a country in which MTV Live HD is available – you can check out the list of countries here – you can enjoy some of last year’s performances again. According to the schedule (PDF file), things will start off this Sunday with White Lies, at 22:00 CET. Also, you will be able to see La Roux (on

Big dates update + a few new names

The official Hungarian website has updated the program page and there are some interesting things in it if you look carefully, as well as some new names. Let's start with the new names, shall we? First of all, on the Europe Stage, two new bands have been added: KILLO KILLO Banda and The Broken Beats. KILLO KILLO Banda will play on August 12, while The Broken Beats will play Sziget on August 10. On the A38-Wan2 stage, two new acts have been added: Electrelane (on August 11) and Watchaclan (August 13), both very interesting from what we could hear on their respective sites. Now,

30 Seconds to Mars, Calvin Harris, Nina Hagen & more confirmed!

More interesting acts have just been confirmed on the official Sziget site, through a press release. Probably the most important for a lot of you would be 30 Seconds to Mars. This will be good news for a lot of people that wanted them very much to play this year's Sziget Festival. Metal fans will be happy to hear about Fear Factory and Kamelot. German legend Nina Hagen will also be at Sziget Festival 2010, and also Calvin Harris. Major Lazer and Young Punx, that Sziget News already told you about, are now officially confirmed. So is the rumor about Charlie Winston, that we were

Two more main stage dates

Thanks to our friend Mellowmaniac, we know two more main stage dates for this year's Sziget Festival. You can already see them in the updated lineup page. So, K.I.Z. will play the Sziget 2010 Main Stage on August 12 (according to their website and MySpace page). Mellowmaniac also found out from Subsonica's management that they will play the Main Stage on August 14.

Easy Star All-Stars in the Sziget Festival 2010 lineup

Another interesting name for this year's Sziget Festival, that we know about from our friend Mellowmaniac. Easy Star All-Stars, a very interesting New York-based reggae band, is set to play Sziget Festival 2010, according to their agency's website and MySpace page. Easy Star All-Stars usually do cover albums in a reggae / dub style. Their Pink Floyd cover album is probably their most famous work to date. According to their agency, they will play Sziget Festival 2010 on August 11.

Surbahar for Sziget 2010

Today seems to be a very good day for self-confirmations of artists for the Sziget Festival 2010 lineup. After The Picturebooks, that we told you about earlier today, another act is now self-confirmed. From Bulgaria, there's Surbahar, a very well known artist who has has been producing music inspired by the Indian culture while still diving into a maze of sounds filtering in from all around the world. Surbahar has already played Sziget in 1998, 1999, 2001, 2005, 2006 and 2007. Surbahar's presence is self-confirmed on the official MySpace, for the Cokxpon Cafe Theatre. (thanks, CertainVZR !)

The Inspector Cluzo self-confirmed for Sziget Festival 2010

Thanks to our friend Mellowmaniac, we found out that French band The Inspector Cluzo are set to be part of the Sziget Festival 2010 lineup. The band will promote their new album, called "The French Bastards" and what we can hear on their MySpace page makes them quite an interesting act to see live. Especially since they've played 185 shows in 47 countries last year, so it was about time for these French guys to get to Sziget. The news is confirmed on The Inspector Cluzo official MySpace page and also on The Inspector Cluzo official website, that has a rather "interesting

The Young Punx self-confirmed for Sziget 2010

Another act has self-confirmed its presence at Sziget Festival 2010. The Young Punx are an English electronic dance music act whose  style "encompasses french house, breakbeat and drum and bass, mashed up with elements as diverse as 1980s pop music, hard rock, disco and glam rock". The band has existed since 2003 and virtuoso guitarist Guthrie Govan, as well as Massive Attack vocalist Yolanda Quertey work with them on a constant basis. They've also collaborated with Dizzee Rascal on his album Tongue N Cheek. The Young Punx are self-confirmed for this year's Sziget Festival on their MySpace page. They're set to play

Another officially confirmed act: Baskerville

The official Dutch site lists another new and very interesting act for this year's Sziget line-up. We're talking about Dutch band Baskerville, set to play the Meduza stage this year. According to our friend Zmeer, "This is a very interesting project from 2 producers from Haarlem, The Netherlands, who are bringing a sound influenced by electro, hiphop, funk and rock. In April their first single "Ready To Blow" feat. Bob Rogers will be released." More details about them can be found on the Baskerville official website.