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Sziget 2014 lineup poll results

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The Sziget 2014 lineup poll results are here for you. We're posting them a bit later than usual, as Sziget 2014 is in full swing already. So, as you take a little break from partying, here's what you guys thought about the Sziget 2014 lineup. By the looks of it, it's no wonder the tickets have sold so well this year. Out of 636 voters, 30.66% have thought that the Sziget 2014 lineup was very good, while 23.74% have ranked it as excellent. 21.07% think Sziget 2014's lineup is Good, while 12.89% thoght it was "Not bad". The two very negative options, Bad and Very

Vote in the Sziget 2014 lineup poll right now!

sziget 2016 lineup poll

The Sziget 2014 lineup poll is here! Like we do around this time every year, we're starting a Sziget 2014 lineup poll, where you can vote and check everyone else's opinion about the lineup of everyone's favorite festival. And just like every year, the poll, which starts right now, will be available to vote in right until Sziget 2014 starts. That means it will close on August 11, at midnight. With the Sziget 2014 lineup close to being final, we thought it would be a pretty good idea for you to be able to have your say on what this year's festival will be like. And

Are you happy that Blink 182 isn’t coming?

As we told you earlier today, there is a very big chance that the Blink 182 at Sziget 2010 rumor won't confirm. Some people on the site sounded quite happy about this. So we thought about having a poll here on Sziget News and see what the general opinion is, just for fun. Comments are most welcome, as they always are. [poll id="2"]

Who would you like to see at Sziget Festival 2009?

Szigetnews reader Kevin had quite an interesting proposal, in order to make the organizers more aware of what the people that go to Sziget every year want. Here's what he suggested: Let's do a little survey. Everyone give 3 names that you want to see at sziget the most (and that are possible at sziget dates). I'll start. My first name is Metallica, I know that they said that their European tour is over before Sziget but they don't have any plans for that time so I still have some hope. My second name is Limp Bizkit- I don't know why, I

Kultur Shock live

There's still no news about who the last act playing on the Main Stage on August 15th will be and whether there will be one. Until we find out exactly who that will be, you can watch a video of a very interesting band playing Sziget Festival this year, Kultur Shock. The band will play Sziget on August 13th, at the A38 Stage, starting at 23:00 hours. What about you? Who would you like as the last name on the Main Stage? [szigetnews]j25ZHE4CwAs[/szigetnews]

Your opinions on the line-up

  We've had the poll on the site for a few days now, and 330 visitors voted. The results were a bit surprising. Out of 330 votes, 163 visitors (49%) thought this year's Sziget line-up could have been better, while 18% (60 voters) think it's good and 16% (52 voters) think it's very good. On the other hand, 38 visitors (12%) found nothing interesting in the line-up. Only 5% of the voters (17 visitors) say that the line-up exceeded their expectations. This is why we're asking you what it is you think it's missing. Which act would have been a good addition

What do you think about the line-up?

Since the line-up is final (maybe there will be minor modifications, but nothing important), Szigetnews would like to know what you think about it. So please use the poll below to tell everyone what you think about it. What do you think about this year's Sziget line-up? It exceeded my expectations Very good Good Could have been better Nothing interesting