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Schedule up!

Just wanted to tell you guys that a schedule has been posted on the official site, detailing dates for some of the bands playing Sziget 2012. You can check it out here, although it will probably be modified quite a bit until August. Even more importantly, quite a few new bands still need to complete that lineup.

Are you happy that Blink 182 isn’t coming?

As we told you earlier today, there is a very big chance that the Blink 182 at Sziget 2010 rumor won't confirm. Some people on the site sounded quite happy about this. So we thought about having a poll here on Sziget News and see what the general opinion is, just for fun. Comments are most welcome, as they always are. [poll id="2"]

Faithless on the 11th, Besh O Drom confirmed

The official French Sziget MySpace site features some interesting information today, in terms of programmation. First of all, Faithless is confirmed to play on the 11th, and some more acts playing dates (mostly World Music Main Stage ones) are now confirmed there. (thanks, Mellowmaniac) Second of all, Besh O Drom are also mentioned as playing Sziget Festival 2010 on August 12. All this information is reflected on our Sziget 2010 lineup page.

Rodney P & Flore @ Sziget Festival 2010

A tweet on Flore's Twitter page has some interesting news - Flore Morfin will play Sziget Festival 2010 on August 14. What's even more interesting is that she will play with Rodney P, aka "The Riddim Killa" one of the most important British MC's and a member of Dub Pistols. Rodney P has worked with Flore on her album "Raw".

The Inspector Cluzo self-confirmed for Sziget Festival 2010

Thanks to our friend Mellowmaniac, we found out that French band The Inspector Cluzo are set to be part of the Sziget Festival 2010 lineup. The band will promote their new album, called "The French Bastards" and what we can hear on their MySpace page makes them quite an interesting act to see live. Especially since they've played 185 shows in 47 countries last year, so it was about time for these French guys to get to Sziget. The news is confirmed on The Inspector Cluzo official MySpace page and also on The Inspector Cluzo official website, that has a rather "interesting

The Young Punx self-confirmed for Sziget 2010

Another act has self-confirmed its presence at Sziget Festival 2010. The Young Punx are an English electronic dance music act whose  style "encompasses french house, breakbeat and drum and bass, mashed up with elements as diverse as 1980s pop music, hard rock, disco and glam rock". The band has existed since 2003 and virtuoso guitarist Guthrie Govan, as well as Massive Attack vocalist Yolanda Quertey work with them on a constant basis. They've also collaborated with Dizzee Rascal on his album Tongue N Cheek. The Young Punx are self-confirmed for this year's Sziget Festival on their MySpace page. They're set to play

Many more acts on the Hungarian site!

The official Hungarian Sziget site confirms a whole number of new acts (most of them for the World Music Main Stage, we presume). Sziget News already told you about some of them. Here they are (thanks, chudo_pahan): 08001 Amparo Sanchez Cankisou Csík zenekar és vendégei Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird Dirtmusic & Tamikrest Jaune Toujours Kries Los De Abajo Mahala Rai Banda Oi-Va-Voi Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club & Omara Portuondo Parno Graszt Rotfront Rupa & the April Fishes Shantel &  Bucovina Club Orkestar Söndörgo + Ferus Mustafov Tony Allen Where there's a link, you will be taken to the relevant post on Sziget News. Of course, the whole lineup so far can be found in our constantly updated lineup

Vive La Fete @ Sziget Festival 2010!

After having to cancel last year's appearance due to their guitarist's motorcycle accident, Belgian band Vive LA Fete will make it up to Sziget fans. They will play Sziget Festival 2010, according to the Vive La Fete MySpace page. Vive La Fete are set to play Sziget Festival 2010 on August 13. (our thanks go to Mellowmaniac)