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Rumors, rumors, rumors…


Our reader Paul claims to have some news on very credible sources. Part of it seems pretty plausible, so we thought we'd share them with you, just in case you've missed his comments (but this should be treated as nothing more than speculation, rumors or whatever else you want to call it). According to Paul, Skrillex will play Day -1 (he says this is 90% sure). He also says that Snoop Dogg is 99% sure for Sziget 2014, together with Babyshambles or/and Gogol Bordello - the chances are 95% for that, he claims. He also gives a 70% chance for the Bloody Beetroots and 40% for

Sziget announcement will include three names, john doe says

tribute stage

According to our friend john doe, the guy that always gets things right, the announcement coming this week will include three names. john doe has also given another hint. The hint is: sum:22 Your guess is as good as ours. It's not Blink 182, as he mentions that they are in Germany and Austria during Sziget. In other news, Irie Maffia will also be at Sziget 2014, according to the Facebook of their member Columbo. According to that source, August 17 will be their Sziget date.

Biffy Clyro hinting Sziget 2014 presence?

Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro seem to hint a return to Sziget Festival, maybe this year, according to a reply on their Twitter account. When asked by a fan if they remember their performance at Sziget, the reply was that they are coming back to see those fans real soon. You can check out the Tweet below. Could that mean that Biffy Clyro will be part of the Sziget 2014 line up? We’ll see if they’re part of the next announcements. One thing is for sure – they are around during Sziget and have dates available, so nothing is impossible. Check out the tweet below (thanks, Marcu)

RUMOR: Rammstein to headline VOLT Festival?

This is an unconfirmed, unofficial rumor, so treat it accordingly. UPDATED: Joel says that Rammstein for Volt didn't work out, but Billy Talent, Bullet For My Valentine and Parkway Drive will be announced for Volt next week. According to our reader Joel, who says he got the info from one of the VOLT organizers, Rammstein will headline VOLT Festival 2013. He gave us no other details, but it would be interesting to see this confirmed. Unfortunately, that would almost certainly exclude Rammstein from the Sziget 2013 line up. Still, it remains to be seen whether this confirms or not. Fact is that Rammstein are doing a

Metal Day guessing game

Our friend john doe, the guy that’s always right, has posted yet another clue, so you’re al free to start guessing. This is most certainly about the Metal Day, and what he says is H-U-P-S-I-N. What do you guys think that could mean? While we wait for the announcement, let’s have another guessing game! On the other hand, Superbutt have also self-confirmed on their official website.

Announcement soon! Snoop Dogg @ Sziget 2012?

Some interesting news, as well as speculations today – including a Snoop Dogg one. The Sziget Italia Facebook page says that they can’t reveal more, but that just a little more patience is needed (as you can see below). On the other hand, our friend john doe (the guy whose suggestions always tend to confirm), has hinted a few things these days. First, he said +8 :), and then he said that he doesn’t know when names will be announced, but that they will be good names. Still, the hint that got everyone going was “what's my name?”. It got us all thinking about

Bjork cancels Balaton Sound. Sziget?

As some of you may have already read, Bjork has cancelled her gig at Balaton Sound, forced by vocal cord problems. Doctors have found a polyp affecting her vocal cords, and told her to rest until she is fully recovered. August dates in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki seem to be still on, according to her Facebook page. Maybe she makes up for it by playing Sziget?

19 new names this week

According to our friend john doe, new names for this year’s Sziget are coming sooner than we might all think. He says that 19 new names are coming this week, but Foo Fighters won’t be part of this announcement (we don't know if they'll be in another one, though). We’re curious who was right about what the same john doe has hinted last week (you know, the New Order – Killer, Lamb – Lamb of God story). Who do you guys think will be announced? And btw, Heideroosjes are also listed on the Sziget Festival Nederland Facebook.

UPDATED: The Killers @ Sziget 2012?

UPDATE: John doe has also posted this picture in a comment, making us all think Lamb of God. Let's hope an official announcement does come soon. (again, this is speculation, it could confirm or not, especially since they have tour dates until July 1st in Europe; not impossible, though). Then again, as our reader no says, Lamb is also a possibility (speculations can go on and on...) UPDATE: since john doe suggests it's not New Order, we're only left with one option. So we expect The Killers to be announced pretty soon. We, of course, want to thank john doe, and