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Surbahar for Sziget 2010

Today seems to be a very good day for self-confirmations of artists for the Sziget Festival 2010 lineup. After The Picturebooks, that we told you about earlier today, another act is now self-confirmed. From Bulgaria, there's Surbahar, a very well known artist who has has been producing music inspired by the Indian culture while still diving into a maze of sounds filtering in from all around the world. Surbahar has already played Sziget in 1998, 1999, 2001, 2005, 2006 and 2007. Surbahar's presence is self-confirmed on the official MySpace, for the Cokxpon Cafe Theatre. (thanks, CertainVZR !)

The Inspector Cluzo self-confirmed for Sziget Festival 2010

Thanks to our friend Mellowmaniac, we found out that French band The Inspector Cluzo are set to be part of the Sziget Festival 2010 lineup. The band will promote their new album, called "The French Bastards" and what we can hear on their MySpace page makes them quite an interesting act to see live. Especially since they've played 185 shows in 47 countries last year, so it was about time for these French guys to get to Sziget. The news is confirmed on The Inspector Cluzo official MySpace page and also on The Inspector Cluzo official website, that has a rather "interesting

Vive La Fete @ Sziget Festival 2010!

After having to cancel last year's appearance due to their guitarist's motorcycle accident, Belgian band Vive LA Fete will make it up to Sziget fans. They will play Sziget Festival 2010, according to the Vive La Fete MySpace page. Vive La Fete are set to play Sziget Festival 2010 on August 13. (our thanks go to Mellowmaniac)

Rupa & The April Fishes @ Sziget Festival 2010

Here's a good Sunday news for all of you - another self-confirmed name. Rupa & The April Fishes are self-confirmed on their official MySpace page to play Sziget Festival 2010. (our thanks got chudo_pahan) Check out the songs they have on their MySpace, if you don't know this San Francisco-based act. They are quite interesting. Rupa & The April Fishes are set to play Sziget Festival 2010 on August 14.

Two more headliners, probably…

UPDATE: The Italian Sziget office wrote to us to correct the information below. Here's the information we received: The information about the about the headliners were their own considerations; they are not facts but their own speculations. The same thing goes for the things on 0 day, these are rumors that are going on on their forum. Again, not facts. And, more importantly, these rumors do not come from the Italian Sziget Office but from their users. We do hope this makes things clearer. UPDATE: Kasabian will be playing on the 15th, too, according to the official Kasabian MySpace. Our friend Sumo has some news from the admin

Muse, Iron Maiden Kasabian, Billy Talent & much more @ Sziget 2010

(this post is updated constantly) The first official line-up announcement has just been posted on the official Hungarian website. The first two very important names are ones that we all suspected - Muse and Iron Maiden!!! Next come more important names:  Kasabian, Billy Talent, The Specials and Gorrillaz Sound System. Happy hardcore band Enter Shikari and Infected Mushroom (that Sziget News found out about some time ago) will also be there. Then, Faithless, Danko Jones, the Hives and The Toy Dolls and Bad Religion (both of the last two names were announced here). Also at Sziget will be Ska-P, that have been at Sziget before, and

Hudaki, Klezmofobia self-confirmed for Sziget 2010

A few more interesting acts have confirmed their presence at this year's Sziget Festival via their websites or MySpace pages. First, there's Hudaki, from Nizhne Selyshe, Ukraine. Their presence is confirmed on their official website and you can check out their MySpace for a few songs. They play great traditional music, straight from the Carpathians! Then, there's Klezmofobia, a band that calls its music "New York Klezmer". Their presence is confirmed on the Klezmofobia official website. Also self confirmed on their MySpace pages are two Hungarian acts, Gyongyi Salla (for August 12) and Dalkloid Sound (August 13) (thanks, chudo_pahan)

08001 at Sziget Festival 2010, too

After playing Sziget 2009, it seems that 08001 will be at Sziget this year, too. This wonderful news is confirmed on the 08001 official website (thanks, Fantomas). In case you don't know who 08001 are, we'll just tell you that they are quite a very interesting project, combining the inspiration of a line-up of artists from all around the world, that meet in Barcelona to create their music. 08001 live shows mix the performances of a large number of artists with a visual screen show. 08001 are set to play Sziget Festival 2010 on August 15.