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Self-Confirmed: Airtist @ Sziget – August 12th


Airtist has attended the Sziget Festival several times since it conception - the band played on one of the stages of the event in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012. And they will return to the stage this year, too, on August 12th, as their live concert schedule has self-confirmed. Airtist is a unique music project that creates the atmosphere of electronic dance music with ancient instruments and human voice. The didgeridoo, the Jew's harp and the human beatbox together create an unmatchable soundworld that is so typical to Airtist. The band don't use any electronically produced sound. Only the natural vibration of

Self-Confirmed: Haydamaky @ Sziget


An older piece of news just brought to our attention (thanks chudo_pahan): Ukrainian Cossack rock band Haydamaky will return to the stage of Sziget Festival after six years. The date of their concert is yet unspecified. The band was born in 1991, after Ukraine gained its independence from the Soviet Union. The band was known as Aktus back then, mixing Ukrainian folk music with ska and reggae. They were discovered by EMI in 2001 - it was then that the band changed its name to Haydamaki, "in honor of the eighteenth-century Haydamak rebellion against the Polish szlachta". The music of Haydamaky is inspired

Self Confirmed: Wailing Trees – August 13th @ Sziget

Wailing Trees

Another band has confirmed that it will participate at the 2015 Sziget Festival: this time it's the French roots reggae band Wailing Trees. According to the band's Facebook page, Wailing Trees will play at the Sziget Festival on the 13th of August. Nominated for the "Victoire du Reggae" in its home country, in the "Best New Artist 2014" category, and winner of the "Rototom European Reggae Contest 2014", the young and dynamic band has recently released its first album "The World Go Round" and is currently on tour to promote it. The band plays a mixture of several styles - reggae with a dash

And the Campfire Stage winners are… + Black Sun Empire self-confirmed

black sun empire

The Sziget Campfire stage winners have been announced a little while ago. If you've entered, you can check out the page and see if you've won and if you didn't, you can get an idea about what's worth checking out. In other news, another self-confirmation - Black Sun Empire. The date mentioned on Giga Tools is August 17. (thanks go to SkaPanda!)

Leningrad @ Sziget 2014


Leningrad is another name to confirm its presence at Sziget Festival 2014. Definitely not a secret for constant Sziget-goers, Leningrad have listed a Sziget 2014 date on their official Facebook page. According to the quoted source, Leningrad will be playing Sziget 2014 on August 11. A stage is also mentioned - the World Village Stage. (thanks go to chudo_pahan!)

Igor Do’urden at Sziget 2014

Igor Do'urden

Igor Do'urden is the latest name to self-confirm a presence at Sziget 2014. The DJ has confirmed the date on his official Facebook page. The quoted source mentions August 15 as the performance date. In other news, the Sziget official website says that what's been announced so far only represents 7.44% of the whole program. A meter has been put in place, which shows the percentage of the Sziget program already unveiled. So there's a whole lot to look forward to!

Henrik Freischlader Band at Sziget 2014

Henrik Freischlader band

Henrik Freischlader Band is the latest act to be added to the Sziget 2014 roster. This time, we're talking about a self-confirmation, straight from the Henrik Freischlader Band website. The Sziget Festival date is also posted on their Facebook page. What better way to promote an album called "Night Train to Budapest" than this? We can't imagine one. According to said sources, Henrik Freischlader Band will be playing on August 15. (our thanks go to SkaPanda!)

Fanfara Transilvania and Winston McAnuff self-confirmed

Winston McAnuff

Just like every year, the self-confirmed acts for Sziget 2014 start coming out way. This time the list of self-confirmations starts with Fanfara Transilvania, most certainly for the World Music Main Stage. They’ve self-confirmed their presence on the official Facebook page. According to the quoted source, they will be playing Sziget 2014 on Sunday, August 17. The second self-confirmed name is Winston McAnuff, a Jamaican reggae singer also known under the stage name Electric Dread. Facebook is also the source of this self-confirmation and the date is said to be August 17, too. (Thanks go to SkaPanda!)

LochNesz and Paddy and the Rats at Sziget 2013

azealia banks

Two new bands in the Sziget 2013 line up. Hungarian acts LochNesz and Paddy and the Rats have both self-confirmed their presence at Sziget Festival 2013. LochNesz say on their Facebook page that they will be playing Sziget 2013 on August 10 at 1 AM, while Paddy and the Rats will be on the island on the same day. Also, the official page has listed the schedule for the Colosseum stage. Check it out here. (thanks go to SkaPanda and MJ)