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The Lodging Poll: Where Will You Stay During Sziget 2017

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The 2017 Sziget Festival, as well as all the previous editions, is best enjoyed when moving in. At least if you don't plan on sleeping too much during its week-long events. As you probably know - or if you are at your first trip to Sziget this year, you'll find out - the space on the Island is limited (266 acres / 1 square kilometer is not that much), which means that your lodging will likely always be in hearing distance from one stage or another. Not to mention the things going on in the tents around you... Off-site lodging Sometimes people prefer

Sziget 2017 Ticket Prices Published

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Next year's Sziget Festival will be an anniversary edition - it will be the 25th time the event is organized at Budapest's Hajógyári Sziget. The tickets for the event will become available on September 25th - and now we know the prices, too. Here they are: Sziget 2017 tickets: Early bird specials 7-Day Pass - with Szitizen Prime (valid between August 9, 2017, at 6:00 AM and August 16, 2017, at 8:00 AM) €250 (for 25 hours) includes basic camping with the possibility to upgrade early move-in possible with Moving-in 3-Day Pass or Moving-in Tuesday Ticket 5-Day Pass - with Szitizen Prime (valid between August 11 and

Ticket Sales for Sziget 2017 Start on September 25th

Next year will be the 25th when the Obuda island in Budapest transforms into the Island of Freedom. Sziget will be back in 2017 with one edition that should be huge, considering that it's an anniversary one. The organizers of the event have announced that the ticket sales for next year's event will start on September 25th, at 5PM local time (GMT+1). And they announced the dates of the festival, too: between the 9th and 16th of August 2017 (once again, Wednesday to Wednesday). Mark the date, and keep an eye out for announcements! 25 years of Sziget Music events were held before

Sziget Passes to be Sold Out by the End of June

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95% of the seven-day Sziget passes the 2016 edition have been sold, and they continue to sell like hot cakes, according to the event's lead organizer, Gerendai Károly. If they continue to be this popular, all of them might be gone by the end of June. If this happens, Sziget will only be able to offer its visitors day passes from there on, Gerendai said. By comparison, for last year's event, the five and seven-day passes have been sold out by the beginning of August. Sziget passes still available for individual days Day passes are still available in large numbers, he said,

Sziget 2016 Tickets to Go on Sale in November

Sziget Festival will return next year between the 10th and the 17th of August - this we already knew. What we didn't know - and has been confirmed by Sziget's official Twitter feed - that the tickets for Sziget 2016 will become available this November. The festival's organizers haven't revealed the exact date yet. Sziget is preparing the list of performers who will be on stage during next year's event. The festival is considering the playlists of its fans, discovering new talent from around the world as we speak. In the meantime, the festival has gathered two nominations at the European Festival

Sziget Expects 400k+ Visitors This Year

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The time to purchase Sziget tickets at "early bird" rates has passed. Since August 1st, tickets and passes can only be bought at full price, the Sziget Festival website has announced a few days ago. Still, they say all those interested should buy their tickets and passes ASAP, as the ticket sales are just as fast as last year, when passes ran out a week before the start of the event. Gerendai Károly, lead organizer of the Sziget Festival, expects the number of attendees to be around last year's level. "We are preparing for the number of visitors to exceed 400,000 once

Sziget 2014 sold out! (weekly passes)

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Sziget 2014 is a premiere in the history of Budapest's island extravaganza, in the sense that it's the first time ever that the festival is sold out! In terms of weekly passes, that is. There are still daily passes available and the organizers have thought about the people which, for some reason or another, were unable to get their weekly pass. That is why 1000 weekly passes will be available at the entrance. Still, if you plan on getting one of those, you should be there on time, or you could be out of luck. All in all, fantastic news and a great

Only a few days left for early bird tickets to Sziget 2013

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If you’re planning on getting early bird Sziget 2013 tickets, you’d better act very fast, as only a few days are left to do so. May 5th is the last day early bird tickets will be available, with prices as follows: Sziget Weekly Pass (with camping) – 199 EUR (229 EUR after May 5th) Sziget 5 Days Pass (non-camping) – 169 EUR (199 EUR after May 5th) Sziget Day Ticket (regular day) – 45 EUR (49 after April 5th) Sziget Caravan Camping Ticket – 130EUR/vehicle VIP Camping Upgrade Ticket – 130 EUR Alternativa Camping Upgrade Ticket – 45 EUR All ticket details arehere and also, don’t forget to

Less than a month for early bird Sziget 2013 tickets

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Don’t forget that early bird tickets for Sziget Festival 2013 are only available until May 5th, so make sure you get yours until then. That way, you can be sure that you get the lower prices, which are as follows: Sziget Weekly Pass (with camping) - 199 EUR (229 EUR after May 5th) Sziget 5 Days Pass (non-camping) - 169 EUR (199 EUR after May 5th) Sziget Day Ticket (regular day) – 45 EUR (49 after April 5th) Sziget Caravan Camping Ticket - 130EUR/vehicle VIP Camping Upgrade Ticket - 130 EUR Alternativa Camping Upgrade Ticket - 45 EUR Check out all of the ticket details here and don’t

Sziget 2013 tickets are available!

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Good news for all Sziget fans out there who can’t wait for Sziget Festival 2013. Sziget tickets are already available through Sziget partners all over Europe. The list of these partners can be found here. Also, the central webshop on the Sziget website will open on November 7, so you will be able to get your ticket from there, too. Nothing in the Sziget 2013 lineup yet, but we’re sure things will start popping up soon enough… And don’t forget to make accommodation reservations while you’re at it, so you can get the best price.