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Circus and Theater Acts at Sziget 2017

As the organizers and fans of Sziget Festival keep reminding us, the event is not just a music festival. Aside from its musicians and DJs performing and mixing on its various stages, each year it invites a series of circus and theater acts to keep the Sziget spirit alive. This year, the lineup of these acts is quite impressive, gathering performers and artists from all over the world.

Sziget 2017 circus and theater acts

August 10

Animal Religion: Indomador (Spain)

In Indomador, the main character Quim discovers his animal instinct and transforms the stage into an “animalarium”. The show mixes acrobatics and transgenic bodies with ritual dances and a series of other surprising things on stage.

CCN Créteil et Val-de-Marne / Cie Käfig: Pixel (France)

A performance that fuses dance and interactive video, the real world and the digital one in an amazing adventure where different worlds collide.

Cirque Alfonse: Barbu (Canada)

A taste of the Montréal circus from the turn of the (last) century mixed with the tunes of electro-trad music.

Limbo (Australia)

Halfway between Heaven and Hell, there is a place called Limbo, where – apparently – the souls stop for one last party before ascending (or descending). At least this is what this crazy mix of cabaret, acrobatics, and circus suggests.

Machine du Cirque (Canada)

Machine du Cirque tells the story of five boys who think they are left alone in the world and leave on a journey to find company. They are quite easily distracted, though…

Mr. Banana Show: Banan’o’Rama (Canada)

An interactive one-man comedy show by Pierrick St-Pierre, AKA Mr. Banana.

August 11

Compagnie Dyptik: D-Construction (France)

A powerful hip-hop stage performance with an oriental spin on the sound, featuring six dancers and a scaffold that has an important part in the show.

Compagnie 7273: Tarab (Switzerland)

A performance featuring ten dancers focusing on the unity of humanity, with an oriental twist on different musical styles, like funk, R&B, and rock.

August 12

Cie Thor: Anima Ardens (Belgium)

Another dance performance, this time featuring 11 dancers moving in harmony under the spell of complete nudity.

Sharon Fridman: Hasta dónde? (Spain)

A contemporary dance duet featuring Richard Mascherin, Beñat Urretabizkaia, choreographed by Israeli artist Sharon Fridman. (The video is from one of his older works, Carlos & Me)

Timothy and the Things: Waiting for Schrödinger (Hungary)

An on-stage dance performance inspired by Schrödinger’s famous thought experiment involving a cat, choreographed by László Fülöp, co-founder of the troupe.

August 13

SOHARÓZA: Taboo Collection by HALAS Dóra – NAGY Fruzsina (Hungary)

An artistic performance that fuses a fashion show with a musical performance. During the show – featuring 24 singing models – the artists try to focus the audience’s attention on sensitive topics like menstruation, selfie death, and others people usually don’t discuss at the dinner table.

Mumusic Circus: Amigoo (Spain)

A non-verbal, musical depiction of the life of a man and a woman, featuring dance, acrobatics, delirium, and disparateness.

August 14

Cie Diagn’Art: Banlieue (Senegal)

Dance performance inspired by the childhood of dancer/choreographer Alioune Diagne who grew up in the banlieues (outskirts) of a Senegalese city. (The video shows one of the troupe’s 2013 performances)

August 15

Molnár Csaba/ Lander Patrick: Bewitched Love / OHM (Hungary / Portugal)

Bewitched Love uniquely combines dance and text with the sole purpose of entertaining the audience. OHM, in turn, asks the audience to partake in a ritual which nobody knows where will lead.

No date announced

Liesel Zink: The Stance (Australia)

Hungarian and Australian dancers will perform The Stance, this political and physically demanding act of self-expression.

The Black Blues Brothers (Kenya)

Blues, tricks, acrobatics, circus, entertainment, and some more blues.

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23 thoughts on “Circus and Theater Acts at Sziget 2017

  1. ”As the organizers and fans of Sziget Festival keep reminding us, the event is not just a music festival”
    Shitty excuse for a shitty lineup

  2. It’s weird ’cause festival is not only about music, but the Official Pages on FB never sponsorize the single acts on the circus’ stage or dance’s stage et cetera.
    Me, by my experience, never actually felt the need to visit one of those venue, actually…

  3. Reading & Leeds will have a line-up announcement & stage splits tomorrow at 10 AM UK time.

  4. QOTSA posted a pic with “Coming Twentyfive” on Facebook. If that’s the name of their future album and IF it’s also a sign that they will play at the 25th Sziget, it would be great!

  5. Stop fanboying, why should they do such a thing for Sziget. Sziget in band’s business pov is just a festival as any other ones around.

    Also, Ive watched Sohn and Biffly Clyro live this week in Chicago, and those should really be must see namea for Sziget. But yeah, Rita Ora

  6. What is also interesting is that Reading & Leeds start on the 25th of August and they announce the line-up tomorrow… it would be awesome if they come to Europe after Outside Lands immediately, to reach the 25th Sziget too!

  7. Reading/Leeds have surpassed themselves as the worst lineup in Europe this summer, sziget looks good in comparison!

  8. @Mt
    are you serious? sziget is pathetic compared to the full reading lineup
    It was in bad shape until this announcement. The Pit/Lock Stage is looking pretty good (not as good as it used to i can agree on that)

  9. @Fffsf I think I might just be bitter as it is my local festival and it used to be an annual certainty, now I don’t even know 85% of the bands and they ask for a lot of money. Slam dunk is better than going to pit/ lock up

  10. yeah slam dunk is definately better for sure, but would be awesome to have stage like that sziget half as good/quality.
    So jealous of you for Crime in Stereo @SlamDunk, my only band I haven’t seen in my “all-time favorites list”

  11. @Rocal about 10-12k, but it’s the whole place, there are places in the back where you don’t have a sight to the stage.

  12. @Fsfsf thanks. It seemed a lot less than that when Foals played last year but I’m not sure if it was sold out. It was the best show of the week for me!

  13. did we have a poster this time last year?
    I think they are waiting to drop it because they’re actually aware of the fact the lineup looks so poor now. It sells better if you don’t show any lineup

  14. Nope, they posted it in June only, when The Chems were announced already! This year will be the same, we’ll get the poster when the other 2 headliners will be already announced, I guess.

    I think that maybe the Sziget 2017 map is coming soon.

  15. we already have poster

    It is heavily advertised in Budapest. Names are in alphabetical arrangement, there is also a poster just for pink

  16. hey, do anyone know if the citypasses will be for sale this year? if so, when would you recogn?

  17. The full World Music Stage program:

    Goran Bregovic Wedding And Funeral Orchestra
    Roy Paci & Aretuska
    The Klezmatics
    Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra
    Bixiga 70
    Besh O Drom
    Lajkó Félix feat. Óperentzia
    Orchestre National de Barbès
    Parno Graszt
    Zoufris Maracas
    Jewish Monkeys
    Gaye Su Akyol
    Marta Ren & The Groovelvets
    Orkesta Mendoza
    La Gapette
    Chico Trujillo
    Kerekes Band
    The Langan Band
    La Caravane Passe
    Bohemian Betyars
    Kosta Kostov
    DJ Panko
    DJ Vino Dilo

    Chico Trujillo, Orkesta Mendoza, Hanggai, Tamikrest, Dakhabrakha, Mokoomba, Gaye Su Akyol, Bohemian Betyars, Bixiga 70, La Gapette, Zoufris Maracas and Lajkó Félix are all very good additions for me

  18. Loads of great names. Be interesting to see who the headliners are. Love Dhakabraka, goren and makooba.

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