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DakhaBrakha self-confirmed

DakhaBrakha is the newest name to self-confirm a presence at Sziget 2015.

The Sziget 2015 date that is self-confirmed on the official Facebook page tour dates list is August 12.

(for this one we thank SkaPanda)





81 thoughts on “DakhaBrakha self-confirmed

  1. @Marcu: Yes but small bands can. Milky Chance plays both Squamish and Sziget for instance. Maybe we have to say goodbye to Mumfords (not sure though) but I would like bands like Of Monsters And Men, Brandon Flowers (or The Killers), Hot Chip, Odesza, and Angus And Julia Stone.

    Appolonia was already on the original lineup I remember them being announced between the 28 new names.

    I hope that tomorrow they will say “new names next week”.

  2. I’m more pissed about Netsky 🙁 🙁 🙁 I wanted him so bad… last names of Balaton in 25 minutes I hope there’s not gonna be a third bad news.

  3. If there is no big announcement next week I am going to be pissed off, Faithless would have been great.

  4. No Faithless is so bad, holy sh*t! With Mumford & Sons in Canada, The Chemical Brothers at Japan’s Summer Sonic, The Prodigy at Japan’s twin festival of Summer Sonic, Kasabian announcing more dates in july (T In The Park today) and Faithless at Balaton Sound, I really have no idea of the headliners we’re gonna have. Coldplay are playing Glasto, sto first part of the summer in Europe, Foo Fighters are in USA during Sziget, Muse have no dates after the 18th of July, The Libertines in the first part of the summer too, no news at all about Metallica, Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson curing a lung cancer, The National not on tour, Slipknot first part of the summer, Faith No More june-july, Slash headlining Volt as well as Motorhead, QOTSA not on tour, Nine Inch Nails not on tour, Arcade Fire not on tour. Too bad! The shadow of Sziget 2013… 🙁

  5. I concur with your concern, however, there is hope. Libertines almost confirmed at Leeds so they will do later dates. KOL and Killers have not announced very much at all yet. Seems Blur will play festivals with new album plus tickets are on sale next Friday for Hyde Park may coincide with an announcement. Chemical Brothers may still play after Florence, fingers crossed. Vaccines and Maccabees new albums not headliners but good bands. I’m hoping it’s just a case of their is some bands who will appear from nowwhere…

  6. No idea why anyone is concerned… there are so many headliners left to be announced, not to mention return of the party arena, not to mention a huge increase in the budget…

    It will be fine. Almost everyone is complaining about a specific 5-6 bands likely not playing (chemical brothers, mumford, muse, prodigy, faithless, foo fighters, metallica, ect.). There are so many awesome possibilities and so much talent beyond these acts. There are like 5-6 (major) festivals happening in Western Europe in the 2-3 weeks surrounding Sziget, and acts don’t usually just go play one festival in Europe, especially if they’re going from America. Adding to this, it’s FEBRUARY. There is almost exactly HALF A CALENDAR YEAR until Sziget, and at this point in time THE LINEUP HAS USUALLY BEEN NO WHERE CLOSE TO ITS FINAL FORM in passed years.

    Good things will come. Trust.

  7. Nobody think about Beck? Oya Festival 2015 14 August. Perfect in time and Beck is awesome. Also Metallica from 20 August will be in Europe. Probably they can add some gigs. But anyway, don’t forget that in 2011 the headliners were not so big but alla the rest was great! 2011 (30 seconds to mars, prodigy, chemical brothers, pulp, white lies :O) -1 day were almost nothing and zero day played Prince confirmed 15 days before the start.

    So, perhaps we won’t have 5 big headliners but there are a lot of great bands! Royal blood for example. Belle & Sebastian. Major Lazer. Caribou. Kasabian (they can be headliner in my opinion). Paolo Nutini. Blur could come back. Noel Callagher’s. Ben Harper. Ride (they are almost sold out every gig 2015).

    So, open your minde guys

  8. Royal Blood will be in the US supporting foo fighters 🙁
    Faithless played @sziget 5 times, that’s why they wouldn’t invite them, even is it’s a “reunion”

  9. Beck will play the 14th ate Oya Festivalen but he will also be at Way Out West (Sweden, 13-15 Aug) and Flow Festival (Finland, 14-16 Aug). He was good for -1 o 0 but we have Florence and Robbie Williams. So difficult for other days. Maybe a little chance for day 1.

  10. There’s something wrong on ACDC official website. It’s written they’re playing in Italy Aug 9 while they play in Italy July 9. I’m pretty sure they have no dates in August.

  11. Yes, they also play in Barcelona the 29th of may but on the official website it’s written 29th of july. This thing is very strange!

  12. @why the italian site says just the same: Imola 9th of August instead of July. It’s wrong. All those august dates are in july.

  13. Not too expansive this year due to this year’s budget. The problem of this year is that most of big bands are touring in the first part of the summer and that we’re again in the week between San Francisco’s Outside Lands and Japan’s Summer Sonic. Then we’re not anymore in the week of Pukkelpop, Lowlands and Frequency and the festivals in Scandinavia (Oya, Way Out West and Flow) book bands for all three festivals, so bands playing there can only play at the beginning or the end of Sziget like Florence.

  14. Hope in The bloody beetroots again.
    Last year was totally sick.
    Linkin Park, Metallica or RHCP are possible this year?
    And please DJ like Major Lazer, The chemical Brothers and Skrillex!
    No more shit like Martin “high school musical” Garrix.
    Whatever i think this year line up will be awesome…people like Passenger and Alt-j would play in the main stage past years so…HOPE 🙂

  15. Linkin Park is likely, Metallica very very difficult and RHCP we don’t really know.
    Major Lazer will probably play, The Chemical brothers it’s a 50-50 and for Skrillex I don’t think so but I would love to.
    PS: Alt-J is playing the main stage.

  16. New Lowlands names:

    Tame Impala
    Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
    Years & Years
    twenty one pilots
    Roots Manuva
    Hudson Mohawke (live)
    Todd Terje & Olson Band
    Benjamin Clementine
    courtney barnett
    Max Cooper presents Emergence
    Jack Garratt
    Curtis Harding
    Skinny Lister
    Viet Cong (band)
    JP Cooper
    The Bohicas
    While She Sleeps

    I’d take some of these but nothing new on headliners.

  17. They probably have Linkin Park too. The other headliner might be a surprise that hasn’t announced anything yet! RHCP, Coldplay… I really don’t have any idea.

    I’d love Brandon Flowers he’s gonna release his second album, and he sings some Killers song live; also, Noel Gallagher (he could play at 19h30 main stage).

  18. linkin park is nothing more than a rumour
    it’s really annoying that everyone posts it as if it was a fact

  19. Better that than being pessimistic. It’s the light of hope on the headliners rumors for me. And i’ll believe that they are coming until proven otherwise.
    But you are right.

  20. I’d be more than happy with Interpol, Tame Impala, SBTRKT, Todd Terje & Olsen Band, Courtney Barnett and POND from the Lowlands line up. I saw POND a couple of years back and it was one of the best rock shows I’ve ever seen. Reminded me of the old At the Drive-In videos.

  21. Franz Ferdinand + Sparks = FFS, a new band
    they were announced for inmusic today, so I guess they’ll be a part of tomorrow’s announcements (ie benicassim)

  22. +Linkin park has announced dates in Finland & Russia at the end of August, so finally there is something confirmed!

  23. If Stromae comes back I can only see him at 19h30 on the main stage. Same goes for Imagine Dragons with their new album.

  24. Linkin Park have also a date in Italy in september (Rock In Roma) to become official tomorrow (it was said by 2 of the biggest radios here in Italy). So now we know the tour is not July-August but August-September- The HAVE TO come to pump up the lineup in a rock way.

  25. 🙂

    If they do play the 14th at Rock n Heim I can see them play wednesday the 12. Robbie-Florence (+opening?)-Linkin Park is a great start.

  26. @rambo joe frickle

    I actually heard Sziget plans to book only dance acts for every stage and every time slot from here on out. They’ve publicly announced that their aim this year is to have no genre diversity whatsoever, and have only dance or dance-oriented musicians play all day and all night.

    ^ Now read that to yourself while replacing “dance” with “rock”, and realize your shitty elitism sounds pretty stupid when it’s reversed. Rock is dying, and it’s not because it’s any less impressive than other genres. It’s because of people like you who are unable to appreciate novelty in unique forms of musical expression. It’s because most fan bases of big rock bands are automatically associated with closed-mindedness when it comes to electronic music. When you keep in mind that the writing and musical theory inherent to a lot of electronic music is often superior to the knowledge that goes into popular rock music, you’ll realize that your mindset is just imbecilic.

    Then again, you could be a troll. And you probably don’t have the english read/writting comprehension to understand half of the words I just typed.

  27. Guys keep calm everybody 🙂
    It’s sziget forum!! Like sziget festival it’s a “no fight” zone

    However really hope in LP

  28. There’s nothing official but I don’t see how Sziget won’t book LP with the lack of (rock and not that expensive) headliners. I would take The Offspring as well, seeing that they aren’t headlining there (same position as Alt-J). Interpol would be nice but I wouldn’t be sad if they won’t come.

    The next announcement will probably be next week.

  29. Porter Robinson, Nero, Bad Religion, Gorgon City, and Modestep as well! I seriously hope that Sziget and Frequency’s lineups are as similar this year as they were last year.

  30. @ thetrootroo
    Why are you so malignant? Hmm? I love you, man! Peace!
    But your taste is …. plebeian.

  31. My taste is all-encompassing, and I can appreciate the musicality and showmanship of acts that I would never listen to personally.

    That said, I love you too fellow human, but I would have to say that it is your taste in music that could be considered pleb. My “taste” includes your “taste”, but it also includes so much more.

  32. Anyone else getting a bit pissed off with the lack of news? Seems like everyone else has headliners apart from Sziget (-1 and Day 0) don’t count.

  33. Some good names there… Limp Bizkit and Bring me The Horizon would be good subs for rock-metal.

    Dance-wise I’d take any of their NME closing set (Knife Party, Rebel Sound and Deadmau5).

    Frank Turner would be nice too.

  34. Linkin Park + Limp Bizkit + The Offspring = it will be like a rock paradise.
    Hope for 2 of them at least.

  35. To everyone panicking about the lack of announcements: the festival is still 6 months away, the organisers take their time announcing acts every year, this year is no different and there’s an increase in the budget so maybe their hands are a little more free than other years. Don’t worry, sziget will be awesome as always!! 🙂

  36. How good is the Roma tent? What kind of fun could we expect?

    PS: they’ve wrote 16 july on their website (Parno Graszt) so probably 16 august but they wouldn’t be wrong about the Roma tent I guess.

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