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David Guetta confirmed for Sziget 2013 on official Sziget UK site

UPDATE: The Island of Freedom, Sziget Beach and Color Party, as well as the End Show are detailed, respectively, here, here and here.

UPDATE: another post details the press conference today – apart from Sziget Eye being bigger, it must be mentioned that swimming will be possible this year.

UPDATE: As announced on the official Facebook page, David Guetta will be part of Sziget’s End Show, a “final act of the one week of fun. So, on Sunday, on the Main Stage, Sziget will end with a very exciting show full of fireworks, pyrotechnics, laser shows and other special effects. The music during the show will be played by one of the best-known DJ-producers nowadays, David Guetta.”

This means David Guetta will play on August 11.

The same source includes information on the visual part of Sziget 2013, which will play a very important role in this year’s festival, and the new venues coming with it, Disco Park and Freak Park.


The official Sziget Festival UK site features some interesting info in its Main Stage line up page – David Guetta is listed for Sziget Festival 2013!

The name is listed along with other artists names that are already confirmed for this year, like Blur or Die Arzte, as you can see in the screenshot.

david guetta sziget 2013

Since David Guetta is on tour this summer, this can certainly be treated like a confirmation.

We’re wondering if it’s part of a bigger list of artists to be announced in the next few days.

(thanks, Hungry!)

22 thoughts on “David Guetta confirmed for Sziget 2013 on official Sziget UK site

  1. OMG!! That’s very poor!!
    As well maybe Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas and you have a nice trashpop festival!!
    I’m so happy that i’ve no tickets for this year!
    Very bad line-up!

  2. There was a press conference this afternoon.. david guetta will be part of a spectacular endshow with visuals and pyrotechnich.. but there is also good news; there comes a beach and it will be possible to swim in the donau!:)

  3. “One of the most important parts of this concept will be the End Show, for the first time. As its name states it will be the final act of the one week of fun. So on Sunday, on the Main Stage, Sziget will end with a very exciting show full of fireworks, pyrotechnic and other special effects and laser show. The music during the show will be played on stage by the best-known DJ-producer nowadays, David Guetta.”

  4. You can all complain that David Guetta is too pop and everything, but you know once you are at the mainstage, with 15.000 other people dancing to the very easy-on-the-ear of Guetta, fireworks, visuals and such all over the place, you will enjoy it. I have never been to a Guetta concert, nor do I play his music while being at home, but I can imagine that his music/show can be very entertaining during a festival. Although I do think that Guetta would suit Balaton Sound more than Sziget.

  5. I don’t like him but he will bring people to Sziget. A lot of people

    But he is an expansive headliner…

  6. I think it’s becoming clear that sziget doesn’t focus on big headliner this year. They are investing large sums of cash in infrastructure, night-time entertainment and non-music shows/events.

    I like this trend.

  7. Why is everybody complaining about this act? :S

    i thing its fucking awesome
    Thumbs up for the organisers.
    this year wil be awesome 😀

  8. This is very poor they are gradually turning Sziget into a dance festival they already got rid of metal last year it’ll be world music next then the whole lot will become one big dj set. Dance music costs the organisers less and is easier to manage. Real music fans wont be wanted at Sziget before too long

  9. “Alrighty then… ”

    Last year I said sziget 2013 will be my last edition, no regrets : I’m gonna say goodbye to the place where I lived my best moments of my life, with fucking Guetta…

    What a waste of money.

    Do the sziget organisation really read us ? What about the votes we made ?

    ‘Still waiting for Foals, Alt-J, Youth Lagoon, Beach House, Nero, Pretty Lights, Sub Focus, Knife Party & Gramatik.


  10. I still hope that a decent band will play before guetta…or during guetta…But I don’t get it. First I thought that this end show is about the show only, but then came guetta. Do they want to sell guetta with some fireworks, calling it the finale?? I’m soo disappointed 🙁

  11. Stop whining you people, as if this is a new ‘trend’ to go towards dance music. Last year there was LMFAO and Snoop Dogg, this year its Guetta.

  12. Please remember, that in 2011 the “End Show” was White Lies 🙂
    I like this band, but like a headliner David Guetta is better, I think.

  13. And guys, why are you focused only on David Guetta gig?
    There are so many good news today!
    New Stages like Irish Pub Stage and Tribute Stage, new venues like Sziget-beach and other.

    David Guetta is only 1h 30 min of week of fun!
    There are so many free slots on Main Stage, A38, Arena!
    There will be a lot of great bands, but you focused only on this Guetta…

  14. the show will be good but guetta is not my type as a headliner.. let’s wait for the next announcement!

  15. So the closing show is on August 11th, but the festival continues on August 12th? Can anyone confirm this so i can take it into account for my flights

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