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Deathstars officially confirmed for Sziget 2009

More good news for all you metal fans travelling to Sziget Festival 2009! Swedish industrial goth metal band Deathstars will play Sziget Festival 2009 on August 14. (thanks go to from Hungary and Tibor).

This good news is confirmed on the official Deathstars website.

Szigetnews friend Tibor also tells us that you will also be able to catch Deathstars in concert in Budapest in October, at the Diesel, where they will play with Diary of Dreams, The Birthday Massacre and Dope Stars Inc. as support acts. This is confirmed on

17 thoughts on “Deathstars officially confirmed for Sziget 2009

  1. Who cares about Deathstars??
    That’s more and more metal concerts in Budapest this year, Fear Factory, Amorphis, NIN, August Burns Red, Down, Voivod, Arch Enemy, DevilDriver, Misery Index…

  2. Would people please have the courtesy not to criticise others taste in music. Especially given that this is a festival where you can expect to see a whole array of different genres.

  3. Sorry if I pissed some off. I was only making a comment of there clothing I don’t know these guys.. I mean other artist look gay sometimes but still rock.

  4. Interesting anecdote: the guitarplayer is the brother of Jon Nödtveidt (singer / guitarplayer of Disscetion) who killed himself in a satanistic ritual. Inoffically the bandmenber who found the dead singer sent parts of his corpse to other fellowers… As a journalist friend of mine told me: the later Dissection guys are exactly the kind of people you didn’t want to meet. Oh – Jon was also sentenced to 10 years of prison for being part of on the murder of a homosexual guy.

    The Deathstars guys seem to be much nicer! 😉

  5. I don’t speak about the festival!!
    Just the another “concert in Budapest”…

  6. Don’t suppose there’s any chance of seeing anyone like The Birthday Massacre or The Cruxshadows also appearing at Sziget given that they’re playing at M’era Luna a few days before along with The Prodigy, IAMX and Deathstars

  7. Hi

    Another question. Why are there still no Bands on monday the 17th?


  8. @Fptunes: There will be no bands on monday the 17th!

    It always caused some confusion, but the organizers always list the “day after” because there will be parties till the morning after the mainfestival ends and most people will stay until the 17th on the campingsite…

    The 17th will be the main travelday for people getting back home!

  9. @Alex: where did you get your information from? I can’t find anything about it?

    If they really play on the mainstage I’m pretty sure it will be as part of the Rock Against Racism festival..!

  10. Oh,I haven’t listened to them much but their ‘TONGUES’ blew me away! Thatz a helluva great song!

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