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Die Ärzte, Hadouken! & more for Sziget 2013 (unofficial)

UPDATE: according to one of our friends, that has seen the info on a Sziget Facebook group (and wishes to remain anonymous), the full announcement includes four more names (for a total of 11) and will be made tomorrow afternoon, if everything goes according to plan. The info, he says, has been deleted since.

A new batch of names for Sziget 2013 has made its appearance on Fesztivalok Varosa, a website that was never wrong when it came to Sziget announcements.

According to them, the new batch of names to be announced is as follows:

  • Die Ärzte (D)
  • Azealia Banks (US)
  • Boyz Noise (D)
  • Deichkind (D)
  • Hadouken! (UK)
  • Nicky Romero (NL)
  • Seeed (D)

We were telling you a little bit ago that the organizers have promised new names in a Facebook comment, so it seems that these will be those names.

There was also an announcement video (that some of our readers have seen), and which was deleted.

Whether the information was leaked unintentionally or not, who knows? It’s good to have it anyway.

(Thanks go to our reader Yohann)

28 thoughts on “Die Ärzte, Hadouken! & more for Sziget 2013 (unofficial)

  1. Well… if this announcement is confirmed, it looks more like a Rock Am Ring / Hurricane festival announcement…

    German targeting!

  2. Hmmmm,

    If Rock am Ring and Hurricane hadn’t already announced the likes of Rammstein, Arctic Monkeys, Sigur Ros, Green Day, Bring Me the Horizon, Parkway Drive, Bullet for My Valentine …

    you may have had a point 🙂

  3. @Crazyfrog

    Yeah, I gotta say I think you’re right – maybe the organisers think the Germans have more cash for festival tickets!

  4. SOAD are touring Europe right at the time of sziget! Will be very disappointed if they aren’t booked!!

  5. Rammstein
    The Knife
    Lamb of God
    Nick Cave

  6. Surely, there’s a good chance that SOAD will be booked? They are playing FM4 and Sziget shared several headliners with FM4 last year.

  7. If four names are to be added, a headliners surely will be part of it.
    Because Die Ärtze can’t be a headliners according to me (except in Germany where it is a big name).

    Maybe a co headliner

  8. hope for SOAD… If not, i’ll be so disappointed.
    If yes, i think it will be the best headliner of Sziget for years.

  9. Twitter quote:

    szigetfest ?@szigetfest

    Some new names will arrive very soon! Don’t expect any new Main Stage headliner 😉

  10. So basically the above names plus a couple more undercard acts to be announced some time soon ……. Oh, this is getting so painful! 🙁

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