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Ed Sheeran at Sziget 2019

Ed Sheeran will play Sziget 2019, as many had already speculated.

Well, what was until now just speculation is now 100% confirmed, in the sense that the hitmaker himself had announced the news in a video posted to the official Sziget festival YouTube channel.

You can watch the video below.

While this news may not surprise some people, we were wondering what you guys think. Is there someone among you that wantwa planning on going and this has just tipped the scales for them?

Let everyone know in a comment, below.

And dontd forget to take a look at the video, too (if you don’t believe us, that is).

Ed Sheeran will be playing SzigetNews 2019 on August 7, as expected.

9 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran at Sziget 2019

  1. It’s not really my cup of tea, but it is a massive announcement. Shawn Mendes actually turned out to be pretty good after all. I’m buying on the early bird. Not for Ed. Just for Sziget.

  2. joke as always. This is probably took a big chunk of next years money.. This dude shouldn’t be playing any bigger places than 100 capacity bars. Music industry is so strange.

  3. Poor announcement for my taste, but this rolls over the Shawn Mendes experiment of the last year that was an incredible success, upgrading the artist. So this is a worth action for Sziget MGMT.

    Now, Sheeran is worth at least 1.3-5 millions, which means he will be a top 3 bill artist. If we are lucky enough, one of the other two will be Foo Fighters or an exclusive, about the other, I bet on Coldplay. Which is a downer.

  4. Metallica has announced the European tour. Still no festival dates but the 14th of August they’ll be in Bucarest and the 16th in Vienna. No dates in Budapest. Fingers crossed.

  5. Ive bought tickets for me and my brother…for us there is no alterative festival…with such strong standards.

    Its easy to fly to budapest…al lot of cheap hotels…good trafficconditions…hot sun…nice people…great town beside…

    when 10 percent of the music is ok and good…its enough for me.

    c u there

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