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Electrelane cancelled!

The official Sziget site announces that Electrelane is cancelled, “due to unfortunate technical reasons”.

(thanks, sofia)

Also, Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 have been moved to the A38/WAN2. The date remains August 10.



8 thoughts on “Electrelane cancelled!

  1. good news for Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77, but I hope they will play to 23h ( as did the past years the Gorillaz Soundsystem )

  2. I’m waiting for the announcement that Amy W is not coming to sziget… Who will replace her? It’s a big name, i’m expecting a big name instead…

  3. Dude you really think a band like RHCP would replace A. Winehouse? I don’t want to be an asshole but in a certain way all those just impossible wishlists irritate me.

    Just like the people that keep saying that they hope the Foo fighters will come. NOT THEY WON’T COME AND WE ALLREADY KNOW THAT FOR 2 MONTHS.

  4. dEUS don’t have a gig yet on 13 aug, but play the 9th in Spain and the 15th in France.

    To be honest, I think Kate Nash or Kaiser Chiefs will probably just headline the 13th. And one of the bands on another stage will be bumped to main stage… Deftones, Triggerfinger or Goran Bregovic for example.

  5. a dutch paper wrote amy winehouse won’t perform anywhere maybe for several years according to a source close to her management.

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