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First Europe Stage names + Max Cooper self-confirmed

The first Europe Stage names appear on the official site now, and they are as follows:

After 11 and 12th of August are dedicated to the Youropen Talent Festival on the Europe Stage, August 13 will be graced by a performance from Salmo.

Then, on August 14, Caparezza will be playing Sziget 2014, while August 15 will have a performance from Diodato.

Then, Aucan will be playing August 16, while Rumatera will be at the Europe Stage on August 17.

In other news, Max Cooper has self-confirmed a Sziget 2014 date, on August 14.

(thanks go to Nick and SkaPanda!)

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13 thoughts on “First Europe Stage names + Max Cooper self-confirmed

  1. Oh and btw is there a place where we can get a tattoo on the island? if yes do we have to make a reservation?

  2. @Noeliam .. yes there are two ..or they use to have two .. You can get it done almost immediately.
    A friend made one 2years ago .. cant rememeber the price.
    ..she waited for about an hour before it was hers turn.

  3. Confirmed! 1 minute ago:

    “Some new names are coming up next week! Have a great weekend….together! “

  4. hopeing for


    on the small side
    Hoping for..

    john grant
    st vincent
    django django
    alt j

  5. I don’t think Muse is touring this summer… A surprise like Coldplay maybe? for the last headliner!

    On a small side i want Klingande and Flume as Dj’s and Asaf Avidan, Capital Cities, Electric Guest, Kodaline or Manu Chao.

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