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Festival Items – Essential List to Take with You

A festival items packing list is something you’ve probably already put in place if this won’t be your first time at Sziget. You know – by your own experience – what essential festival items you need to put in your backpack to serve you well during the event.

But if you’re not, take a quick look at the list of items below. They can be helpful in many situations – they can help you sleep, keep you from getting lost and generally make your stay at Sziget more pleasant.

And even if it’s not your first time, you might get some brilliant ideas below, together with the places where you can get them.

A tent

For when you actually want to sleep (or do other things that require privacy).

I know, I know, you can buy a basic camping kit right at the festival – but that’s isn’t the most resistant one, to say at least.

Get it right here.festival items tent

Ear plugs

festival items earplugs

One of the must-have festival items, because you want to sleep sometimes. The bass from the Main Stage or the A38, or even the noise made by the couple having fun in the next tent, can keep you awake even when all you want is a few hours of bunk time. With a pair of ear plugs, you will be able to block out the noises around you, and sleep like a baby.


Fanny pack

festival items fannypack

The best place to put all your small valuables. You can carry them around with ease, and you can even sleep with them on you (just make sure not to put anything fragile, like your glasses or your phone) in it. But this fanny pack is perfect for keeping your cash, cards and documents within reach at any time.

A head torch

festival items headtorch

For the moments when it’s dark, and you need both your hands to be free. A head torch can be an essential item when trying to find your way around your tent.

A lantern

festival items lantern

For when you’re not the only one who needs to find their way around the tent at night. A lantern might not offer the same feeling as a campfire, but when there’s no way to build one, it’s the next best thing.

A first aid kit

festival items firstaid kit

Be sure to pack any prescription meds you need to take during the festival, and add all the generics – painkillers, band-aid, disinfectant and so on. The first aid kit is also the perfect place to store your spare glasses or contacts.

Personal hygiene kit

festival items hygiene

Never leave home without your toothbrush, razor and sanitary wipes. The first two are on the essential items list, as no matter how great the festival feeling would be, you’ll still want to be well-groomed and good-smelling. The sanitary wipes can have many uses – they can double as a hand sanitizer, toilet paper, or even deodorant.


festival items sunblock

For the sunny days you’ll spend on the Sziget Beach. It’s not easy to keep your burnt skin untouched on such a crowded island. Just make sure to choose the right value sunscreen for your skin.

A hat

festival items hat

Speaking of sunny days – heat stroke is not a joke. Better keep your head covered.

A poncho

festival items poncho

Or anything else you prefer to protect yourself from rain. August is mostly sunny and dry in Hungary, but Budapest is not the Sahara – rain can happen anytime, so better have a poncho (as umbrellas are not allowed, anyway) for those moments.

A solar charger

festival items solar charger

Because power outlets can be hard to come by at a music festival. A solar charger can take care of your phone’s energy needs while you sleep and get charged while you’re partying.

An air bed

festival items airbed

Because sometimes even the sweetest sleep is disrupted by the hard floor underneath, an air bed can be great. Not to mention that having fun feels much better on a soft, bouncy surface. Besides, it can even double as a raft if the Danube decides to attend the Sziget Festival…

A disposable urinal

festival items urinal

Because even when you are in need, you shouldn’t forget the essential rules of hygiene, this resealable disposable urinal should prove extremely useful.

An essential festival items kit

festival items kit

Many of the above essential items are included in this kit – you might want to take a look.


What’s on your packing list?

A shout out to those at their second, third or umpteenth Sziget Festival: what essential items are on your packing list? What are the must pack items first time Sziget visitors should not leave home without?

9 thoughts on “Festival Items – Essential List to Take with You

  1. Tent, small matress, sleeping bag, ear plugs (from Auchan, to sleep);
    Shorts, chill pants, 1 jean, good shoes for the moshpits, converse/flip-flop during the day;
    Phone, ipod, passport and money in the locker! why bother with a phone??

  2. For videos, if you dont own a GoPro, I suppose… Also to reach the people who got lost and drunk when they have your money (it turns out not to be a great idea two years ago ’cause he lost both money and mobile, but whatever lol)

  3. most importarnt thing ever, a twine or whatever you want to keep the payment card around your neck 😀

  4. @Yelo… you’re right! but we were 6 last year so always divided in 2-3 groups who stay together so we didn’t have any problem 🙂

    @JumboJack YES! your pockets stay empty all the time! I use the Sziget one!

  5. In my experience the most useful items (besides clothes and hygiene stuff) are:
    -a poncho (it takes very little space and comes in handy if it starts raining),
    – good shoes (you stand, jump and dance a lot),
    – a roll of toilet paper (Sziget toilets usually have it but once in a while they can run out of it and then it’s priceless).

  6. Their tent was ransacked and debit cards, driving licence, go-pro, cash, watches and other personal belongs all taken. What more do you need to know. 2 hours spent looking for security staff and no support given at all. Very disappointed.

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