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Festival memories #2

Looks like the festival wasn’t that great for some of our readers. Here’s Niall Cleary’s opinion:

” what a load of rubbish!!!pendulum and carl cox cancelling, justice playin at 12 pm, campsites un-safe and the mood at this years festival was nothing on previous years..yes maiden rocked and REM surprised but seriously the organizers have to take a long hard look at improving next years line-up. apparently 5 days meant a stronger line-up…not convinced at all…wont be telling any stories of praise upon returning home”

Our reader gianpiero wants the festival to return to its usual 7-day format, and also wants “a better programme”

How about you? Szigetnews is still waiting for this year’s festival stories, pics and videos from you – post them as comments or use the contact section.

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3 thoughts on “Festival memories #2

  1. i agree with Niall
    + the underground music stage (last year called the master card tent or something) disappeared! instead there was this commercial Burn-stage

    i think this was my last visit of sziget

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