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Festival memories #4

Szigetnews friend Michael has sent us his account of this year’s Festival. Here it is:


“Great festival, as has been said carl cox and pendulum cancelling was a joke as
was the whole dance set up a.k.a no one knowing when anyone was on. IMO Digweed
more than made up for Cox,think there could be room for improvement dance music
wise anyway. Everything else was top notch, had to drag myself away from the
world music stage a few times it was so good. Good few of my friends had stuff
stolen, but thats not the organisers fault. Thanks to Hungary and the good
people at sziget for one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to. “

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2 thoughts on “Festival memories #4

  1. great festival, nice people, affordable food and drinks, great weather, uninspiring line-up on the main stage, but the rest was great (parov stelar, vitalic, justice,…) and party 24/7, all in all the best festival i’ve ever been to!!!

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